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<whitequark> awygle: your stuff is fine actually, I'll just work with you on it until I can do post-commit review
<awygle> mk, if you say so. i know you're busy, don't wanna make it worse.
<cr1901_modern> >I'll probably fix this soon.
<cr1901_modern> Yea I should probably actually do that
<awygle> cool, thats what i expected it did. and do you know if sby's "multiclock on" is the same thing?
<cr1901_modern> yes, should be
<awygle> mk great, thank you
<cr1901_modern> Anyways, clk2fflogic adds $ff cells and edge trigger logic. $ffs are flip-flops _implicitly_ clocked by $global_clock (so they have an 1 input and 1 output port, instead of 2 inputs, 1 output).
<awygle> well i guess i'll try and get the existing asyncfifo tested under formal with multiclock somehow....
<awygle> adding the option should be easy, not sure what changes need to be made to the fifo model (or a new one written)
<cr1901_modern> I don't remember how global_clock works in nmigen
<awygle> nor i
<awygle> but everything there is to know should be in the formal platform, presumably
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<Ultrasauce> more onboarding docs would definitely be an appreciated addition
<awygle> What does that look like specifically?
<awygle> A tutorial? Conceptual docs? Best practices?
<awygle> (OK, all of the above, but what first lol)
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<Degi> Is it possible to set termination resistors on the ecp5 for the differential pairs in nmigen?
<Degi> Found it, with Attrs(DIFFRESISTOR=100)
<Degi> Oh no, it says "no enum named PIOB.DIFFRESISTOR"
<daveshah> Sounds like you might be applying the constraint to the negative rather than positive side?
<Degi> Nvm, I forgot to add IO_TYPE="LVDS"
<Degi> Now I have a neat 110 ohms there, nice
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<Degi> What does an ", line 396, in add_defs assert defs[sig] is self AssertionError" mean
<whitequark> a bug in nmigen
<Degi> And somehow now I get an assertion failure for is_string from nextpnr.h:362 (but the log looks fine)
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<whitequark> you cn report that to nextpnr developers
<whitequark> it shoul at least result in a better error
<daveshah> It's been noted
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<awygle> o/
<awygle> whitequark: so you've talked about documentation a fair bit but is there a structure you had in mind? should i just write e.g. "" and drop it in doc/ ?
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<whitequark> awygle: no
<whitequark> sorry, can't discuss this right now
<awygle> mk, no rush
<whitequark> when will i be able? when i can afford food again
<awygle> oof. yes, obviously correct priorities.
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