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<_whitenotifier-3> [nmigen] jfng opened issue #335: Records with zero-width fields used as module ports break Yosys -
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<Degi> What does assert defs[sig] is self in line 396 mean? The stack trace doesn't reference any line in my program besides the one where build is called.
<awygle> probably that you've assigned to the output of an Instance, iirc
<Degi> Thanks
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<Degi> Why do I get a "YosysError: ERROR: Multiple edge sensitive events found for this signal!" when I rename the clock domain of a module (which exclusively uses m.d.sync internally)?
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<ZirconiumX> Degi: that's generally caused by clock domain conflicts
<Degi> Like when I try to write a signal from multiple domains?
<ZirconiumX> Multiple *writes* causes a different error
<ZirconiumX> But this might be multiple reads from different clock domains
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<Degi> Hm isn't it okay to read a signal from a different domain?
<ZirconiumX> Right, so I talked to some people in #yosys
<ZirconiumX> Essentially it means you've generated an incredibly wacky Yosys process
<Degi> Hm yeah I'll maybe look into the rtlil
<Degi> Thanks
<mwk> look for a process with multiple edge triggers
<ZirconiumX> (hi mwk)
<mwk> meow
<Degi> It's the .il file, right? How do I recognize a process with multiple triggers there?
<mwk> also if you have asynchronous reset, there's a chance it's causing the problem (it shouldn't, but something could be botched)
<Degi> Hm I don't think that I have any resets yet
<mwk> look for a process with multiple "sync posedge ..." or "sync negedge ..." lines
<ZirconiumX> It would be nice if more detail was given...
<mwk> (or send me the .il file, I could take a look)
<Degi> Here's the .il
<Degi> Hm oh, I think thats outdated
<ZirconiumX> At line 180/182 there's a cell with multiple syncs
<mwk> no, sync init doesn't count
<Degi> I think that's an outdated IL, when nmigen throws that error, it doesn't make any il
<mwk> yep, yosys -p proc accepts this file just fine
<mwk> hrm
<mwk> that's... bad
<Degi> Yes nmigen doesn't make any build directory
<ZirconiumX> Degi: Are you using nmigen.back.verilog?
<Degi> What's that
<ZirconiumX> How are you writing your files?
<Degi> Hm I have the python script which at the end calls FPGA.ECP55GEVNPlatform().build(DDRTest(), do_program=True, nextpnr_opts="--timing-allow-fail") where the platform is from nmigen-boards
<ZirconiumX> Well, first off, nmigen *does* create a build directory
<Degi> It usually does, but not this time
<ZirconiumX> But anyway
<ZirconiumX> Can you add this snippet for me
<whitequark> if verilog conversion fails the build directory won't get created
<whitequark> so Degi is right
<ZirconiumX> from nmigen.back import rtlil; with open("", "w") as f: f.write(rtlil.convert(DDRTest()))
<ZirconiumX> (I think that's correct?)
<Degi> Hm I think I'll make a MCVE first
<whitequark> yep, that should show the problem here
<whitequark> the MCVE in this case will be mostly for yourself
<whitequark> this is a known issue & unfortunately rather challenging to fix
<Degi> Hm okay
<whitequark> #6
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<Degi> Oh yes now the IL has a sync posedge on clk and rx_ck
<Degi> *rx_clk
<whitequark> in general you want to avoid multiclock as much as possible
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<Degi> Hm I have a DDR receiver which may work at a slightly different frequency than the FPGA itself
<whitequark> right ok, that is a good reason usually
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<whitequark> so you want an elastic buffer between the IO and the rest of the design, right?
<Degi> Hm yes, thought of an async fifo
<whitequark> an elastic buffer is a FIFO that can also compensate for frequency drifts by adding or skipping dummy entries
<whitequark> so it's a bit more complex but same idea
<Degi> I have located the offending signal, though I'm unsure why its causing a problem yet
<Degi> Meh I just moved it to the comb domain now it doesnt complain
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