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<anuejn> what do you think about having a convention of defining the signals of a nmigen module as class variables?
<anuejn> is there anything stupid in doing so?
<ZirconiumX> Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but don't we do that already?
<anuejn> well till now i always used instance variables
<anuejn> ah but i made some fuckup in my head
<anuejn> if i have `class A: x = 10`
<anuejn> inst = A()
<anuejn> inst.x = 20
<anuejn> when i refer to inst.x now, am i refering to a instance variable x, which is shadowing the class variable x?
<vup> anuejn: yes I think thats how that works
<vup> also I think one of the main problems with using class variables is Signals whose properties (like width) depends on constructor arguments
<anuejn> well, we could just declare the type in the class variable to express the intent that this is a public facing signal
<anuejn> but you are right, that this is not ideal
<anuejn> since we also dont have "rich" signal types atm, which could express direction or size
<vup> yeah, currently I don't really see a benefit compared to adding a docstring, which seems a bit clearer to me
<awygle> If you use class variables you'll get the same instance of the variable each time you elaborate an instance of the module
<awygle> Which is almost certainly not what you want and may break nmigen? Idk haven't tried it
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