<q3k> kc8apf: also, if you were at CCC, you could've just found a JTAG dongle on https://events.ccc.de/congress/2017/wiki/index.php/Dating#Hacker_seeks_Hardware :P
<q3k> (i love the dating pages on the CCC wikis)
<kc8apf> hahah
<kc8apf> I found enough bits and bobs to hack something together
<kc8apf> I just don't know how to use the ISP interface on this part
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<rqou> kc8apf: try azonenberg's jtaghal?
<rqou> i don't know if it works or not though
<rqou> azonenberg_work: ^ can you help out here?
<azonenberg_work> I never implemented flash access for pic32
<azonenberg_work> i have support for executing arbitrary mips instructions over jtag though
<azonenberg_work> if you dont mind feeding in hex opcodes you could bodge it together
<azonenberg_work> i have no support for their 2-wire icsp protoocl
<rqou> azonenberg_work: no, for xc2c64a
<kc8apf> I don't see any read support for xc2c64a in jtaghal
<kc8apf> I see verification durring programming
<kc8apf> might be able to hack it
<rqou> lol all our tools are broken
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<rqou> "bring your own programming algorithm" strikes again
<kc8apf> bah. jtaghal doesn't build on macos
<azonenberg_work> kc8apf: so far no mac users have tried using it
<azonenberg_work> so not surprising :p
<azonenberg_work> Pull requests to improve mac support will be gladly accepted
<kc8apf> a few quick hacks to use BSD-style tc{get,set}attrs
<azonenberg_work> So it's logtools that's the problem?
<rqou> in general your logtools/xptools are the _worst_ offenders
<kc8apf> xptools/UART.cpp
<q3k> azonenberg_work: looking at logtools - you might be intersted in glog if you haven't seen it yet
<rqou> it seems the accuvote tsx is so popular to hack that i really need to go write a "one click firmware reflash" for it
<rqou> I've been helping prof. alex halderman and co pwn one for more than an hour lol
<azonenberg_work> q3k: looks like it has a decent feature set but mine does a few things it doesnt
<azonenberg_work> like per-class/function trace capability
<azonenberg_work> colors to warning/error messages going to a console
<azonenberg_work> indentation
<azonenberg_work> (the latter i use heavily)
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<q3k> azonenberg_work: glog iirc has per file logging
<q3k> azonenberg_work: at least it did internally
<q3k> azonenberg_work: no colors and indentation tho
<kc8apf> wtf. I managed to get jtaghal to build but d2xx reports type=0 for the only interface (a 232H)
<q3k> azonenberg_work: yeah, it does, --vmodule=foo=42 sets 42 level verbosity on foo.cpp/foo.h
<q3k> azonenberg_work: also wildcard support
<kc8apf> giving up on this
<rqou> lol i think we bricked one
<azonenberg_work> kc8apf: what ft232h?
<azonenberg_work> is it the default vid/pid?
<azonenberg_work> if so, you might have the uart driver attached
<azonenberg_work> on linux i find i usually have to rmmod ftdi_sio to get d2xx to recognize the jtag
<azonenberg_work> the workaround is to do what i did on my own DIY ftdi dongles, program the eeprom to 0403:8028 instead of 0403:6010
<azonenberg_work> Which is a non-uart PID that i use for my jtag dongles
<azonenberg_work> that lets me attach d2xx right off the bat rather than haivng to muck around with detaching the uart driver
<kc8apf> I've given up caring for now
<rqou> kc8apf, felix_ where did you go?
<kc8apf> I went over to HHV to solder a badge before they closed
<rqou> kc8apf, felix_: food?
<rqou> i am right outside the voting machine village
<kc8apf> I'm down by the bar near the escalators
<rqou> kc8apf: I don't see you?
<kc8apf> Nor I, you
<kc8apf> Between Mr Chow and the bar. Opposite pronto
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<rqou> kc8apf: where did you go? still want to get food?
<kc8apf> Got messaged by a friend. Trying to track them down.
<kc8apf> You're on your own
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<rqou> random: why are furries such good engineers?
<rqou> (context is the dcfurs badge)
<ym> Computing with dissipative solitons
<ym> Seems like all the FPGA stuff can be maid on non-linear waves.
<ym> I wonder what would be the geometry of copper wire coil able to accommodate a couple of millions of ordered solitons.
<ym> s/maid/made/
<rqou> ok, for future hacker cons i definitely need to start making a checklist of what to pack
<rqou> including stuff that classically everybody forgets
<rqou> like usb-db9 adapters and jtag adapters
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<f003brv> Hi
<rqou> hi f003brv
<f003brv> I've been reading and learning.
<rqou> you're unlikely to get good replies during hacker summer camp :P
<f003brv> Ah I see
<f003brv> What is hacker summer camp lol?
<rqou> BSidesLV/BlackHat+DefCon
<f003brv> Oh yeah defcon
<f003brv> I'm on the East Coast now so the West Coast life slips my mind at times
<f003brv> Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know that I'm still interested in the tasks. I don't have access to my Windows comp atm
<f003brv> so I haven't gotten to the FPGA stuff yet and I'm not sure if the Webpack ISE works on Mac or not
<rqou> it does not
<rqou> f003brv: if you don't need iMPACT (the programmer tool) to be able to actually talk to hardware, i recommend installing the linux version under xhyve
<f003brv> All good. I'm just learning and having fun. Are there openfpga tools for Spartan 6 that work on Mac?
<f003brv> I don't need the programmer for the papilio
<f003brv> it's just a mini usb since there is an ftdi chip
<rqou> lol nobody tests macos here
<f003brv> ah I see
<rqou> e.g. see logs from earlier :P
<f003brv> well linux is fine too. I'll have access to both Linux and Windows next week
<rqou> we mostly treat it as a *nix
<f003brv> word
<rqou> that being said we do accept patches fixing mac
<f003brv> Nice
<f003brv> well yeah I mostly wanted to give a status update
<f003brv> I don't want you guys thinking I disappeared lol
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<azonenberg_work> rqou: so in the latest episode of "crazy things happening near seattle"
<azonenberg_work> Some guy hijacked/stole an empty airliner at SEA
<azonenberg_work> Took it for a joyride then plowed into the ground during either a failed landing attempt, stunt gone wrong, or deliberate suicide
<azonenberg_work> I was out on an off-duty hike with a few SAR folks and one of us got a phone call "hey, a plane just crashed near here"
<azonenberg_work> we were all expecting to get called out to search for survivors/remains/plane parts but it sounds like the local authorities have it covered
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<travis-ci> whitequark/Glasgow#20 (master - 66aa942 : whitequark): The build passed.
<rqou> azonenberg_work: oh yeah i heard about that
<rqou> anyways, if you don't feel like doing defcon from home, do you want to help me investigate the possibility of making a "malicious" sympetrum badge?
<rqou> zomgwat
<rqou> the sympetrum v3 badge is a 6 layer board
<rqou> how?!
<rqou> ugh, it's 5 signal layers, 1 power layer
<rqou> heh, i really like how the sympetrum badge looks, but engineering-wise it seems like quite a hack
<rqou> i suppose that's just called badgelife? :P
<rqou> oh and apparently the v3 and v2 badges aren't compatible
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<G33KatWork> rqou: sorry! head over toes in the ctf
<G33KatWork> need to fight for that first place :)
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<q3k> G33KatWork: shouldn't that be easy, considering there's like 40 million people playing in your team right now? :P
<azonenberg_work> rqou: 5S1P
<azonenberg_work> that is a stackup that shouldnt even exist :p
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<rqou> G33KatWork: ah ok. let's find some time to at least say hi?
<rqou> azonenberg_work: [02:42] (rqou) heh, i really like how the sympetrum badge looks, but engineering-wise it seems like quite a hack
<mithro> Morning everyone
<cr1901> Morning (UGT)
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<mithro> cr1901: When you have a moment, love to chat!
<cr1901> mithro: Uh-oh... :P (I'm here)
<ZipCPU> Heheh
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<gruetzkopf> rqou: so what's that i hear about a BRCM founder being arrested in vegas?
<pie_> wat
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<pie_> inb4 mind control satellites
<rqou> gruetzkopf: did not hear about it
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<q3k> mwk: oh, you're already here :D
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<rqou> hey azonenberg_work are you familiar with the armv5te jtag protocol?
<azonenberg_work> No
<azonenberg_work> I've implemented ADIv5.1 which is what armv7 usually uses
<azonenberg_work> And i implemented detection of the arm926 jtag IDCODE but didn't go further than that
<rqou> well since you're still slightly more familiar with it than me, want to help me with something?
<rqou> azonenberg_work: i want to make a "one-click" accuvote tsx pwner
<G33KatWork> rqou: heading to the ctf area
<G33KatWork> i'll be on our table for a while
<G33KatWork> team sauercloud
<rqou> G33KatWork: dunno where that is sorry
<G33KatWork> challenge area
<rqou> currently trying to line up for skytalks
<G33KatWork> i don't know where *that* is :D
<gruetzkopf> the sauercloud logo is brilliant
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