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<q3k> can't wait for the cryptocurrency miners to drive up fpga dev board prices
<q3k> just what we need
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<sorear> This is good actually because if it’s economical on FPGAs they’ll go to ASICs soon
<sorear> Bitcoin was popular on fpgas for a while
<implr> and on their way they'll buy a ton of those boards and then dump them on ebay
<implr> and after that we buy them for cheap
<cr1901_modern> Butterfly Labs rigs were very high quality FPGA miners :)
<implr> no problems here imo
<sorear> What if we convince them Vivado is backdoored and will steal their ‘crypto’ and they should contribute to nextpnr?
<implr> meh, it would be easier and actually realistic to fix their (presumably) shitty rtl for money
<implr> and spend that on nextpnr dev
<zkms> findom them for money to fund reverse-engineering the Xilinx bitstream formats
<sorear> What % of TSMC’s capacity is miners these days
<cr1901_modern> Too much?
<kc8apf> I'm getting messages from people who only want FPGAs without hard CPUs in them to prevent the NSA from snooping on them
<kc8apf> coming out of defcon, I have no idea if they have a rational concern or not
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<balrog> implr: you're familiar with the GPU miners that deduct mining fees? lol
<balrog> I think claymore miner was known to do that
<balrog> people would use it because even accounting for the fees it would provide hashrates better than the competition by like 5-20%
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<sorear> which large FPGAs don't have hard CPUs in them? the microsemi documentation is pretty clear that their configuration process is handled by a non-user-programmable hard CPU, and I assume this is fairly typical on the high end
<kc8apf> sorear: pretty sure that isn't the case on Virtex7
<awygle> What kind of filter do I need for PM2.5 particles?
<qu1j0t3> kc8apf: people like that might want to look at Talos
<kc8apf> qu1j0t3: or any Power9 system really
* qu1j0t3 nods
<awygle> surely in some ways that's the Hardest CPU
<qu1j0t3> well apparently there's a way to trust it through licensing, but i only hear this 2nd hand from a Talos owner
<qu1j0t3> it should be a promising market segment, however
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<kc8apf> awygle: P9 has a ridiculous number of small support processors inside the chip package
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<awygle> azonenberg_work: what kind of filter can I get for the smoke (PM2.5) that is bike compatible?
<azonenberg_work> awygle: Filter is easy, the respirator it mounts to is the harder part
<azonenberg_work> Filter wise, you want an [N|P][95|100] rating
<azonenberg_work> N = particle protection but not oil resistant, P = also protects against oil-based (paint) aerosols
<azonenberg_work> 95 means 95% of particulates >300 nm are blocked
<azonenberg_work> 100 means 99.9% are blocked
<azonenberg_work> N95 is typically the cheap disposable paper stuff
<azonenberg_work> although you can get N95 cartridges for nice respirators, I generally use P100 which is basically a hepa filter (N100 exists but is harder to find, so I go with P100 even if oil aerosol is not a concern)
<azonenberg_work> Disposables generally lack exhalation valves, which makes them hard to use with eye protection since it fogs u
<azonenberg_work> up*
<azonenberg_work> A full face respirator will probably not work too well with a bike helmet
<azonenberg_work> Let me try my half-face with the bike helmet right now while i'm thinking about it
<azonenberg_work> i've been working remote b/c everyone was out of the office for defcon but me
<azonenberg_work> but soon i will have to go to the office
<rqou> azonenberg_work: did you at least get a lot of sheetrocking done during hacker summer camp?
<azonenberg_work> rqou: The ball pit is done, taped and mudded, and will be sanded tomorrow
<azonenberg_work> The stairwell is about 90% done, i still have to do the central wall between the upward and downward facing stairs
<azonenberg_work> otherwise rocked, taped, and mudded
<azonenberg_work> Today we did a good chunk of the second floor hallway
<rqou> wait that's it?
<s1dev> awygle, it seems to me that more people would be wearing masks and stuff considering this happens every year (?)
<azonenberg_work> rqou: well i'm working
<awygle> I think it's been worse the last two years. I don't really remember it happening even close to this bad before then.
<azonenberg_work> with help from the catgirls we got most of the stairwell done last weekend, since then we were doing the closet and hall
<azonenberg_work> awygle: https://i.imgur.com/oBaGy13.jpg
<rqou> lol the catgirls?
<rqou> you mean monochroma?
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<azonenberg_work> and lain, but yes
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<azonenberg_work> awygle: that is my 3M 6300 half-face respirator, https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/H-1111/Reusable-Respirators/3M-6300-Half-Face-Respirator-Large
<s1dev> sample size of two :P
<awygle> wow that's cheap as hell
<azonenberg_work> It comes in several sizes... experimentally, ally takes a medium and I take a large
<rqou> azonenberg_work: now post pics of the full mask :P
<azonenberg_work> You will need a pair of 3M P100 filters for it, I use model 2097 which also has an activated carbon layer for light organic vapor relief
<azonenberg_work> That level of protection considered "nuisance level" and wont protect against high levels (you need a full carbon cartridge for that) but given all the other crap in smoke i figure it cant hurt
<awygle> azonenberg_work: okay now recommend one for my cat :-P
<azonenberg_work> Lol, that i cant do
<rqou> lol
<azonenberg_work> anyway I also have a 3M 6800? series full face respirator
<sorear> ally and monochroma are the same person y/n?
<azonenberg_work> that i wear more frequently these days since it also keeps dust out of your eyes
<azonenberg_work> sorear: no
<azonenberg_work> monochroma = local friend, ally = $wife
<awygle> actually he's fine except when I come home and he greets me and I have hella smoke on my clothes :-/ poor asthma-cat
<azonenberg_work> awygle: But i would not recommend cycling in a full face because it would be difficult to wear a helmet with
<awygle> yeah no half is fine. I gotta shave tho probably?
<azonenberg_work> The smoke doesnt irritate my eyes significantly at this level, so I'd just wear my usual safety glasses for impact protection
<azonenberg_work> And yes, clean shaving is mandatory per OSHA regs
<awygle> also per, like, physics.
<azonenberg_work> for any respirator other than a SCBA that encloses your entire head (i.e. does not seal against the face)
<azonenberg_work> Side note, if you get the 2097 filters since they block organic vapors you can use acetone, IPA, etc to perform a cheap version of the OSHA fit test
<azonenberg_work> pour a bit of it onto a paper towel, hold it up near your face
<rqou> um...
<awygle> I probably will not bother in the present circumstances. I rode with nothing today, it sucked but I was and am fine
<azonenberg_work> Move around, smile, frown, cough, look side to side, up and down
<rqou> i don't think osha would like that
<azonenberg_work> if you smell it, test fails
<rqou> aren't you "supposed to" use isoamyl acetate?
<azonenberg_work> Yes, but IPA is relatively harmless at low levels for momentary exposure and a lot easier to find
<azonenberg_work> just an alcohol prep pad would work fine
<azonenberg_work> if you cant smell it, the mask fits
<azonenberg_work> Any strong perfume would work too, ally has a strong gingerbread-scented hand sanitizer that you cant smell at all with a properly fitting respirator
<azonenberg_work> The other thing you can do is remove the filters, cover the intake ports with your hand, and inhale slightly
<azonenberg_work> If it doesn't suck against your face, you fail
<azonenberg_work> repeat with the exhaust port covered and exhale
<rqou> i usually just do that
<azonenberg_work> if it doesn't pressurize the facepiece a bit, you fail
<azonenberg_work> Per OSHA you do that every time you put on a respirator, then do a full fit test annually
<azonenberg_work> awygle: If you fail the fit test, adjust the straps and try again... also try a different facepiece size
<azonenberg_work> There is no standard to sizing, or uniformity between manufacturers
<rqou> i do the pressure test every time and don't bother with a banana ester test
<azonenberg_work> I take a large in 3M 6000 series but that doesnt mean i take a large for any other brand
<awygle> mmm fake banana flavor
<rqou> yup
<rqou> actually
* awygle stirs the banana pot
<rqou> azonenberg_work: i find that my respirator pressure-tests just fine, but after some time it really hurts my jaw
<rqou> does that mean it's too tight?
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<azonenberg_mobil> awygle: so are you going to get one but just not bother shaving? or not get one
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<awygle> I meant the fit test. I'll get one and shave but probably not bother with the ipa
<cr1901_modern> Are we seriously going there again?!
<cr1901_modern> >mmm fake banana flavor
<awygle> I can look like a 12 year old for a week
<rqou> azonenberg_mobil: i find that my respirator pressure-tests just fine, but after some time it really hurts my jaw. does that mean it's too tight?
<azonenberg_mobil> oh, yeah. the quick habd over portleak test is realistically adequate
<azonenberg_mobil> for most uses
<azonenberg_mobil> rqou: that does seem to suggest that. if you have to excessively tighten to pass fit test you might want to try another size
<rqou> the thing is that it's _not_ excessively tightening
<azonenberg_mobil> you can force almost any facepiece to fit if you yank enough on the straps
<azonenberg_mobil> also top to bottom strap balancing
<azonenberg_mobil> can be tweaked. maybe backoff on the bottom
* awygle is a dwarf and I'm digging a hole
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<lain> diggy diggy hole
<lain> I miss old Yogscast.
<gruetzko-> now that's a name i haven't heard in a while
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<qu1j0t3> cr1901_modern: LOL
<qu1j0t3> cr1901_modern: soon it'll earna place in the topic
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<kc8apf> fwiw I found the North 7700 half-mask (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007IA9SIA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) to fit me better than the 3M
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<awygle> hmm, anybody know of an ARM system that's beefy enough that it's capable of actually compiling substantial programs in reasonable time?
<etrig> does cavium thunderx count?
<awygle> i found some windows laptops and a bunch of rumors about servers but nothing concrete
<etrig> c1.large.arm at packet.net
<awygle> oo, dope
<awygle> thanks etrig
<qu1j0t3> just use more of them? :)
* awygle ponders a compile farm of raspberry pi 3 compute modules....
<awygle> ... na
<awygle> i've never heard of packet.net before
<awygle> they seem very cool but as usual with cloud stuff i want a simple "here is what using our system actually looks like" description and can't find one
<azonenberg_work> awygle: big xeon + qemu? :p
<awygle> azonenberg_work: if i wanted qemu i'd just use my desktop :p
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<awygle> idk maybe qemu would be fine, i have no idea how good it is
<Miyu> just cross-compile it?
* Miyu has painful memories of compiling code on RPi systems
<awygle> cross-compiling is what i'm doing right now, but it's a PITA, i was just wondering what it might take to get set up to compile natively
<awygle> sounds like "pay packet.net some money" is probably sufficient which is all i wanted to know
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<rqou> awygle: tegra?
<q3k> awygle: packet.net is pretty cool
<q3k> awygle: i can give you access to an ARM machine there for an hour
<q3k> awygle: if you can't be arsed to sigh up
<q3k> but that's aarch64, not sure if you want that or actual ARM :)
<q3k> although you can run ARM/armv7 in userspace still
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<awygle> rqou: tegra's not a bad idea on the dev board side
<awygle> q3k: thanks! i'll just sign up though :) and yeah i want ARM32 but userspace is fine
<q3k> scaleway also has arm boxen iirc
<q3k> but not much so they often go out of stock
<q3k> and it's armv7 not armv7
<q3k> *armv7 not armv8
<q3k> but fairly underpowered
<q3k> like rpi3 grade iirc
<awygle> the only listed version on scaleway is armv8
<awygle> and arm64
<awygle> but i'll poke aroudn more
<awygle> cr1901_modern: that compilation result is on the i7-6700?
<cr1901_modern> yes lol
<cr1901_modern> I was just saying that John Regehr did my computer shopping for me :)
<awygle> ah, so bragging :) totally legit
<awygle> that softiron box is interesting too, thanks for the link
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<awygle> q3k: so i'm confused by packet.net's pricing. they list hourly pricing, but they're dedicated machines, aren't they? are you expected to spin them up and down frequently, or pay 12$/day for a 0.50$/hr machine, or something else?
<q3k> it's dedicated machines priced hourly
<q3k> you can spin them up and down as fast as you want
<q3k> that's the whole selling point of packet.net
<awygle> huh, that _is_ cool. wonder how long it takes to spin up a new one.
<q3k> 5 minutes
<q3k> ish
<awygle> interesting
<cr1901_modern> q3k: There's a catch though... you have to reinstall your OS (and rsync your crap back) every time you want to bring your machine back up
<q3k> cr1901_modern: of course
<cr1901_modern> Just taking the machine offline will still get you charged
<q3k> cr1901_modern: that's not a problem for my usecase though
<q3k> cr1901_modern: when I used them for anything automated I CM them anyway
<awygle> what is your use case?
<awygle> (if you don't mind the question)
<cr1901_modern> CM?
<q3k> well, there's more than one
<q3k> cr1901_modern: configuration management
<cr1901_modern> oh like ansible or something?
<q3k> the one that happens most often is spinning up a bunch to run AFL
<awygle> ansible/chef/puppet
<q3k> cr1901_modern: yes, although fuck ansible
<cr1901_modern> I should prob learn how to use that
<cr1901_modern> ?
<q3k> ansible is one step above bash and is absolutely terrible
<awygle> q3k: preferred alternative? i had more-or-less landed on ansible as the least-worst
<q3k> i mean, they're all trash
<q3k> salt is probably the least trash
<q3k> chef if you can handle the ruby and the server/client infrastructure
* cr1901_modern avoids chef
<q3k> generally the idea of CM is really stupid when you think about it. it's a hack.
<q3k> proper solution would be to run nix.
<awygle> which, i note, packet.net supports
<whitequark> nix is a hack too
<q3k> i generally try to limit mutable system state to a minimum.
<awygle> (rant about nix and guix being hacks goes here)
<cr1901_modern> I just _cannot_ get used to "every application has a different environment"
<cr1901_modern> It's weird to me (not bad. Just weird)
<q3k> you get used to it
<q3k> whitequark: sure, but it's the best hack we have so far
<q3k> whitequark: next step: get rid of POSIX and C
<awygle> i have deeply mixed feelings about getting rid of POSIX
<awygle> given that it's terrible but there is _absolutely no alternative_
<whitequark> winapi?
<whitequark> reactos? :P
<awygle> #ReplacePOSIXWithWine
<q3k> whitequark: no, they all share the same problem
<q3k> whitequark: local filesystem, local users, no proper separation by default
<q3k> whitequark: NT is probably the closest to being properly designed here
<awygle> oh, your problems are security problems
<q3k> i mean, security issues stem from poor design in general
<cr1901_modern> or changing priorities
<awygle> true, it is (encouraging | horrifying) how often i, as someone who basically does not care about security at all, find myself arguing side by side with security folks because the secure design is obviously superior in many other ways too (or the superior design is obviously more secure)
<cr1901_modern> whitequark: I can't remember... do you have a GH repo for ansible that deploys stuff like your .profile and friends?
<cr1901_modern> If not, nevermind
<awygle> cr1901_modern: are you thinking of https://github.com/whitequark/infra-server ?
<cr1901_modern> yes thanks
<cr1901_modern> git commit -m "I don't like cowsay."
<q3k> the sort of research I like to see into operating systems and systems in general is Urbit & co
<q3k> as long as you can separate the work from the nazi^Wartist :V
* cr1901_modern can't
<balrog> LOL
<cr1901_modern> and also Urbit is unbelievably pretentious even without the Nazis
<balrog> yeah, pretentiousness like that turns me off
<q3k> oh yeah, but I don't mind pretentiousness if it brings interesting ideas to the table
<whitequark> urbit doesn't though
<whitequark> hoon is one of the stupidest things i've seen called "research"
<qu1j0t3> cr1901_modern: +1
<cr1901_modern> is hoon meant to be readable by mortals?
<awygle> googling for whitequark's ansible thing has somehow lead to me reading about s6 and nosh as systemd alternatives....
<whitequark> i haven't had many problems figuring it out
<q3k> although urbit does seem to have jumped the shark with its' tie-in to ethereum
<q3k> i was last interested in it at least 5 years ago
<qu1j0t3> LC fiasco killed any possible interest i could have in it
<awygle> all urbit ever provoked in me was that feeling of "i'm almost positive this is bullshit but i don't have the energy to really pick it apart" that is all too common in tech
<qu1j0t3> & what cr1901_modern said
<whitequark> i put some time into it way before everyone knew it was made by a nazi
<awygle> later revelations did not make me sorry to have taken that position
<qu1j0t3> awygle: Haha, well put
<whitequark> and it was a total waste of time
<whitequark> just like reading moldbug's blog
* awygle types that into google, remember's he's at work, hesitates
<whitequark> moldbug is the nazi who made urbit
<awygle> oh
<cr1901_modern> Maybe if I put some time into it I'd be able to read hoon too. But I'm sure I could use my time more productively
<whitequark> the blog is exactly what you'd expect from the author of hoon if he started writing about politics
* awygle doesn't even know what hoon is
<cr1901_modern> He's also _really_ big on IQ distribution
<whitequark> the computational kernel of urbit
* awygle is just as happy
<qu1j0t3> computational phrenology
<awygle> i'm surprised no one has popped up due to some irc alert thing yet tbh
<whitequark> it feels like trying to read very bad fanfiction after taking 4mg of olanzapine
* qu1j0t3 snorts
<awygle> related-ish, do we even have ops in this channel? i don't know how irc actually works...
<whitequark> qu1j0t3: what, is that comparison actually relatable
<qu1j0t3> no but the humour
<cr1901_modern> https://urbit.org/docs/hoon/examples/ Yea, I'm sorry, this is like reading brainfuck while high and blindfolded
<whitequark> no no, "high" doesn't really cut it
<qu1j0t3> awygle: let's hope we don't need any
<awygle> wow, what if go fuck yourself
<awygle> what a ridiculous syntax
* cr1901_modern snickers
<whitequark> i specifically tried to figure out something in algebra that i didn't understand while high on either mdma or thc
<whitequark> that doesn't even come close to trying to understand hoon
<awygle> i have not taken enough drugs to have a more than binary high/not-high scale
<cr1901_modern> I'm boring so I don't really do drugs
* awygle is also boring
* qu1j0t3 is boring too
<qu1j0t3> but then when whitequark is your bar
<whitequark> although it tends to vary by person, most of the issue of trying to get things done while high is just that it's distracting
<whitequark> but take a neuroleptic and it starts to actively interfere with your thinking
<cr1901_modern> whitequark: We have this fellow in another chat who asks questions they ponder when they're high (by their own admission). Gems like "Can the Super Nintendo run Linux"?
<cr1901_modern> "Can the Sega Saturn be a bitcoin miner"
<awygle> i mean, probably, to both
<whitequark> the answer to the both questions is yes
<whitequark> "but you'll need a coprocessor"
<awygle> it's been a long time since college but the primary effect of thc on me was to make me even worse at people than i already am
* cr1901_modern whines that doesn't count T_T, but yea...
<awygle> so most of my thoughts were things like "who is this person, why are they doing this, how can i get out of this situation"
<awygle> rather than fun esoterica about vintage video game consoles
<awygle> presumably, i tried the wrong drugs
<whitequark> you probably tried weed
<whitequark> whereas i can't stand smoking things so i did a solid-liquid extraction first
<awygle> i tried weed several times and it sucked every time. i enjoyed brownies though.
<whitequark> right, cooking exists
<awygle> smoking is the worst, i can't believe people smoke cigarettes for fun
<whitequark> but it's harder than a solid-liquid extraction :p
<awygle> whitequark: i made my roomates do it :p
<awygle> or they made me let them do it after i broke a bowl and spilled flour all over the floor trying to cook onion rings while drunk at 2am
<awygle> you choose what to believe
<whitequark> lucky, you can get drunk
<awygle> yeah i remember that's not a thing for you although i don't recall why. you're not missing much tbh, i stopped getting drunk-drunk like five years ago and don't regret it
<whitequark> i have no idea why, i can consume any amount of alcohol and the only effect i get is slightly improved myopia
<awygle> also, i used to weigh 220 pounds, dropped to 210 when i stopped drinking soda, and to 200 when i almost entirely stopped drinking beer/wine
<awygle> as well as experiencing substantial financial benefits
* cr1901_modern forgot what he was doing before peering into the aby- err, ##openfpga
<qu1j0t3> careful cr1901_modern we stare back
* awygle jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
<whitequark> lol
<cr1901_modern> Idk whether I should feel proud or ashamed I know what "jiiiii" means
<cr1901_modern> Prob both
<zkms> じーー
<azonenberg_work> qu1j0t3: lol
<azonenberg_work> When you let Nietzsche on IRC...
<azonenberg_work> awygle: yeah i cant understand the draw of smoking
<azonenberg_work> like, i get why people smoke *once they're addicted*
<azonenberg_work> but what the heck would make you start in the first place?
<awygle> i guess there used to be peer pressure to do it
<azonenberg_work> Having just spent the better part of a year decontaminating a house that *still* smells like smoke in one corner that hasnt been fully cleaned
<azonenberg_work> i never want to smell a cigarette again
<azonenberg_work> heck, smoke is one of the reasons i'm never thrilled about going to defcon
<zkms> azonenberg_work: iktf!!
<azonenberg_work> i mean its pretty thoroughly deconned now
<azonenberg_work> but that's only because we basically replaced every exposed surface :p
<azonenberg_work> The subfloors still have to be deconned around the fireplace
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: same reason people start drinking :]
<azonenberg_work> whitequark: which i also dont understand :p
<balrog> azonenberg_work: just how bad is defcon smoke-wise?
<azonenberg_work> We got some amazake kitkats at the weeb aisle in the local grocery store
<azonenberg_work> i took half a bite and had to spit it out
<azonenberg_work> it tasted like chocolate that had been left in a basement to go moldy for six months
<azonenberg_work> Not sure if i was tasting the ETOH or some fermentation byproducts (they're only 0.8% ABV so the taste SHOULD not be that strong)
<azonenberg_work> i can't eat beer-based sauces etc either
<azonenberg_work> balrog: the casinos are structured so its almost impossible to get anywhere without walking through/very close to a gaming floor
<azonenberg_work> And the gaming floors are... very smokey
<azonenberg_work> seems like every third person at a slot machine is smoking
<azonenberg_work> to the point that i get a sore throat after a day or so at the con
<awygle> everything in vegas smells terrible, smoke is only one reason why
<awygle> wow i just got a 40% increase in speed for this UDP program just by changing some SMP affinities
<azonenberg_work> awygle: lol yes
<azonenberg_work> Honestly, i'm not sure i see myself going back to defcon
<azonenberg_work> massively crowded, lots of so-so talks
<azonenberg_work> hard to find seating at any of the good stuff
<balrog> I'm hoping to return to REcon next year
<azonenberg_work> smokey, full of general vegas shenangans
<balrog> I heard about the hotel room bs
<balrog> that's not good PR :(
<azonenberg_work> the hotel security barging into rooms is just the icing on the cake
<awygle> yeah fuck that shit
* qu1j0t3 heard about it too
<balrog> I was at HOPE this year... really wish the event staff/volunteers handled the shit that happened better
<azonenberg_work> And just think, last year i was talking about boobytrapping rooms to catch evil maid attacks
<azonenberg_work> i did it a year too early
<azonenberg_work> i had UV dye sprinkled all over the place
<balrog> looool
<azonenberg_work> a laptop with a fake US gov asset tag on it
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: wire a photoflash cap to a fake soldering iron
<balrog> someone said they were confiscating soldering irons!?
<whitequark> unforgettable experience
<azonenberg_work> a bunch of business cards from interesting people
<whitequark> truly unforgettable
<azonenberg_work> This was a purely passive attempt to see if people were touching anything
<zkms> some people at defcon apparently left cameras running in their hotel rooms and have footage of the searches
<zkms> complete with audio lol
<azonenberg_work> But i also was talking about wiring one of those little explosive party popper charges to a mouse trap
<azonenberg_work> and a tripwire on the door
<azonenberg_work> Harmless, but will get their attention and send a clear message "I know you're coming and I was expecting you"
<azonenberg_work> The thought was, if i had a DnD on the door, hotel staff wouldn't enter
<azonenberg_work> and thus the only people who came in would be up to no good
* awygle chuckles sadly
<azonenberg_work> But now the false positive rate will be through the roof
<azonenberg_work> So passive stuff like UV dye wont work, except to detect if they were rummaging through your suitcase or something
<azonenberg_work> You basically need full A/V recording
<azonenberg_work> Hang a "under audio and video surveillance" sign on the wall to avoid any concerns about consent
<whitequark> actually, you can probably do just the sign
<azonenberg_work> you mean without an actual camera?
<whitequark> yes
<kc8apf> awygle: if you want on-premises ARM: https://www.asacomputers.com/Cavium-ThunderX-ARM.html
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<azonenberg_work> kc8apf: shiny
<azonenberg_work> looks like a nice beefy arm but i'm not sure what i'd do with it
<azonenberg_work> given that most of the heavy compute i do these days is fpga compiles :p
<azonenberg_work> maybe once nextpnr is useable for 7 series... ;)
<kc8apf> *mumble mumble*
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<azonenberg_work> kc8apf: i didn't hit ^S :p
<kc8apf> I've gotta get slides ready for ORconf. Hopefully things will calm down post wedding
<azonenberg_work> whose wedding? yours?
<kc8apf> yep
<azonenberg_work> Enjoy
<prpplague> i wish i could attend ORConf
<kc8apf> prpplague: cost?
<prpplague> kc8apf: yea
<prpplague> kc8apf: work probably would pay, but it's a bit excess to ask for
<kc8apf> yeah. airfare is pretty steep
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<awygle> i tried to swing it with work but they didn't go for it
<prpplague> i just checked, it's actually come down a bit
<prpplague> down to $1800
<awygle> hm, i have this weird behavior where my UDP link starts at like, 70 MB/s (could be math problems), then drops to 55 MB/s, then the second time i run it drops to 50 MB/s. wonder what resource is leaking(?)
<prpplague> tinyfpga: oh! i just noticed you got a nice article on sparkfun's blog!
<prpplague> tinyfpga: awesome!
<tinyfpga> prpplague: they started stocking the TinyFPGA BX and AX2 since last Friday and sold out :)
<tinyfpga> prpplague: working on getting them more units to stock
<prpplague> tinyfpga: nice
<prpplague> tinyfpga: you doing the assembly yourself?
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<prpplague> kc8apf: dfw->lhr->hel->gdn , $1800 and 26 hours
<tinyfpga> prpplague: ohh no, I have it done in China
<prpplague> tinyfpga: ahh
<tinyfpga> prpplague: I don’t have the time or money to run my own pp machine
<tinyfpga> prpplague: when I do have the money or time, not sure if it will be worthwhile to get my own machine...it would require significant volume to make sense
<prpplague> hehe, yea it is a time consuming operation
<prpplague> tinyfpga: yea, to do it right, you need to invest about $12k
<prpplague> tinyfpga: oven, stencil press, pnp, ultrasonic cleaner, x-ray
<awygle> the PnP is the only thing in there that's like... prohibitively expensive
<prpplague> awygle: meh, $3500 plus shipping
<awygle> well, x-ray, but you probably don't need to do that _every_ time and you can get a local dentist's help to figure out your initial yield problems
<prpplague> awygle: yea, i just purchased an old dental x-ray machine, and got a new digital imager
<awygle> i would like to experiment with non-stencil paste deposition, a la https://www.xanfab.com/ 's solder paste jet printing
<awygle> #someday
<prpplague> awygle: hehe
<prpplague> awygle: yea, i have a solder paste dispenser system
<prpplague> awygle: hand/manual
<awygle> prpplague: oh really? cool
<prpplague> awygle: i mostly use stencil though
<prpplague> awygle: i have this one they discuss here - http://dangerousprototypes.com/blog/2013/02/07/workshop-video-54/
<prpplague> awygle: it's really good for one-off prototype builds
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<tinyfpga> prpplague: I would need a machine that can do 0.4mm pitch BGA and 0402 (maybe even 0201) parts reliably
<prpplague> tinyfpga: yea, something like what i have covers that easily
<tinyfpga> Getting the boards assembled in China is cheap...and then they will package and run the functional test on them for me as wel
<tinyfpga> if I want to manufacture myself I’ll have to start hiring people
<prpplague> tinyfpga: yea, if you arent doing prototypes and small runs all the time, it's not worth it
<pie_> i think the ground of my laptop is ?ac coupled? to something....
<pie_> but im too lazy to try measuring it right now and im not fond of shocking myself for fun
<pie_> :p
<pie_> (hooray for plastic frames i guess)
<whitequark> pie_: it is
<whitequark> you have two x capacitors from ground to hot and neutral
<whitequark> this makes it easier to pass emi requirements
<whitequark> if you disassemble the power supply and rip that shit out it'll stop
<pie_> i just keep shocking myself touching the vga outer thingy (whats this called?) with my thigh or something :p
<whitequark> well that or use a grounded socket
<whitequark> but better just rip it out
<whitequark> what dumb fuck thought this is acceptable in the first plac
<pie_> pretty ure im using a grounded socket...givven that im in the eu and all
<pie_> oh yeah i know how you know all about fucked up wiring heh...
<pie_> or at least, the twitter thread :p
<pie_> this is how people become extremists :D
<pie_> so...given that you say a grounded socket should solve this, and that i seem to have a proper lenovo brand power adapter, not some chinese knockoff..
<pie_> not to say that a lenovo adapter would necessarily be the better of the two :p
<kc8apf> prpplague: ugh. that's a horrible flight route
<implr> 01:18 < prpplague> kc8apf: dfw->lhr->hel->gdn , $1800 and 26 hours
<implr> consider flying to WAW, you'll get much more options
<implr> and then taking a train to Gdańsk, which shouldn't be more than $50
<kc8apf> I saw a flight for SFO->BER(?)->GDN for $2500ish