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<kc8apf> rqou: roadtrip is a bit long
<kc8apf> highly recommend the flight instead
<kc8apf> McCarren is always weird. I used to fly there twice a month or so. Flying out on Sunday evening was always being the only mildly prepared person in the TSA line. Nearly everyone else either had never flown before, was drunk, or was outraged that they lost a bunch gambling.
<qu1j0t3> hhahahhahahah
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<prpplague> kc8apf: hehe
<kc8apf> I wish it wasn't true. TSA looked relieved when I took out my laptop, took off my shoes, and went through without an issue.
<prpplague> hehe
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<prpplague> implr: based on the part number, that's a downgraded performance part
<prpplague> implr: certainly not the list price of $2600.00
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<sorear> not the first time this fact has come up here
<prpplague> sorear: please don't confuse the conversation with facts and fake news
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<awygle> Moving absolutely sucks.
<awygle> Turns out my movers dont exist
<Lord_Nightmare> so they took the money and vanished?
<awygle> Yep. Always pay with credit cards, kids.
<awygle> Also do more homework than i did lol
<awygle> Not the end of the world, i just ended up doing way more heavy lifting today than id planned
<Lord_Nightmare> )or insist on max of half up front, in which case you only lose half your money)
<awygle> I only paid a deposit, which was roughly half
<awygle> Also i did a chargeback so i lost nothing but time in the end
<awygle> Veering the conversation sharply to tge k
<awygle> *the left, does anyone have a good bpf resource to recommend?
<rqou> lol awygle you should try what my parents did
<rqou> go to home despot, grab one of the people looking for jobs out in front, pay them to sit in a car for an hour and a half and move some heavy shit for like 15 minutes
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<azonenberg_work> awygle: this is why i used a guy i knew personally for the move
<azonenberg_work> i know where he lives :p
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<openfpga-github> [Glasgow] whitequark pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/whitequark/Glasgow/commit/ae5cbc1d81f39dfa423d3fd879f7f627fd1091af
<openfpga-github> Glasgow/master ae5cbc1 whitequark: applet.rgb_grabber: implement.
<travis-ci> whitequark/Glasgow#21 (master - ae5cbc1 : whitequark): The build passed.
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<lain> anyone know where to find 50ohm coax for less than a lot of money? :x
<lain> ideally something with <10dB/100ft loss at ~1 GHz
<lain> context: putting up a discone antenna for wideband receive, have an LNA directly on the antenna, distribution amp inside the house to split it off to all the various receivers... but need cabling to get it inside
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<whitequark> lain: wifi coax?
<whitequark> ah, 100ft
<whitequark> probably not
<lain> far as I can tell, I want something like Belden 9913, which is around $1.14/ft or more depending on vendor
<lain> maybe I'll just move the SDRs so they're closer to the coax entry point
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<lain> well
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<q3k> whitequark: nice gba thingamajig
<q3k> whitequark: how difficult was it to get the timing to fit on the up5k?
<whitequark> q3k: not very
<q3k> whitequark: so what's your fclk?
<whitequark> 30 MHz, since the Cypress chip can output 30 and 48 and UP5K pretty much never clears 48
<q3k> that's pretty nice.
<whitequark> Fmax around 40 MHz
<q3k> i was doing some dumb vga on the up5k earlier (draw a red square in the middle of the screen), barely made it to 25
<whitequark> *huh*
<q3k> but that was a terrible nonpipelined design
<whitequark> so I have a pretty stupid design for video capture
<whitequark> on each dck edge (dck is at around 6 MHz) it latches the pixel data
<q3k> i'll try with a newer nextpnr - but last time, it did 50Mhz+ on the HX1K easily, and 24.87MHz on the UP5k
<whitequark> then shifts it out into the FIFO in packets of 3 bytes
<q3k> yeah, that sounds simple enough to be fast
<whitequark> and that's handled by an FSM that also keeps track of rows and columns
<q3k> whitequark: oh yeah, new nextpnr does 30MHz according to icetime (and 19MHz according to internal nextpnr timing measurement)
<whitequark> hm
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<q3k> i did some basic pipelining of the biggest arith checks for sprite drawing and it got much faster, obviously
<q3k> but yeah, still an improvement on the PnR side ^^
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<grantsmith> lain: sounds like a fun project. You may want to ask in ##hamradio. The idea to put the SDR(s) as close to the antenna as possible is a good one though. Possibly then have them connected to something like rasb pi slightly further away then just run ethernet from there.
<zkms> ethernet fronthaul
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<rqou> azonenberg_work: herp derp disable otr?
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<jn__> ?OTRv23?
<jn__> (heh, some clients still reply to that)
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<rqou> problem with returning to work after hacker summer camp: all your brain's caches are now cold :P
<azonenberg_work> Sooo um, the full version of the starshipraider io card might have to be 6 layers
<azonenberg_work> its a tiny board but even the 2-channel one is DENSE
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<gruetzko-> hm
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<azonenberg_work> That's the output and tristate logic for two channels
<azonenberg_work> Two WLCSPs and two tiny uDFNs per channel
<azonenberg_work> Trying to fit in 1.5mm x however long i need :p
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<azonenberg_work> So yeah there is no way i am going to do the full io board in a sane-sized pcb unless i go 6L
<azonenberg_work> The 2-channel board is fine
<azonenberg_work> But the full thing will be 6L with ViP
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<gruetzko-> Hmm.
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