<balrog> HOPE had 10gbps core and it was more than enough
<balrog> they had good distribution
<rqou> yeah I'm surprised how bad the defcon network is
<q3k> rqou: uhm
<q3k> rqou: CCC had 400gbps on the edge last year
<q3k> but yeah, this is absolute baby grade
<q3k> rqou: peak internet traffic at ccc was around 40gbps iirc
<rqou> i meant edge in the sense of "the user side"
<rqou> i know uplink was like 400gbps
<q3k> yeah, 10gbps at the yoloclo
<q3k> iirc we brought a 2x10gbe machine and did saturate both links last year
<rqou> 10gbps at the tables too
<q3k> yeah, but only if you pulled the fibre yourself
<q3k> early on so that fire inspection would pass
<q3k> standard switches were 1gbe uplinked
<rqou> the table near openfpga was 10g?
<q3k> you got lucky then
<rqou> i was using the second port on the switch with a DAC cable
<q3k> not that you can really saturate that from a normal machine anyway
<rqou> yeah, my flaky-ass nehalem with a connectx2 just kept crashing
<q3k> on most laptops a simple nc-like tcp client/server peaks at around 4gbps
<rqou> anyways, i probably got lucky because there was a wifi AP on that switch
<q3k> but yeah defcon is so underwhelming
<q3k> rqou: just checked
<q3k> rqou: https://twitter.com/iMeluny/status/1028791829024534528 says 9TB of traffic total
<q3k> rqou: meanwhile at 34c3 our box alone pulled in at least 29T of data from the internet
<q3k> rqou: how quaint
<rqou> O_o doing what?
<q3k> uhm, copying ubuntu isos from the internet
<q3k> i think we just pulled everything we could find from open FTPs
<q3k> but i guess some of them were also on the congress block
<rqou> I was finding most of the congress ftps were super flaky last year
<q3k> they're always flaky
<q3k> because FTP is a terrible protocol
<q3k> and all implementations are shite
<q3k> and they were never meant to handle more than 100mbps of traffic :P
<rqou> yeah that's about how much bandwidth i was getting
<q3k> but it's mostly really about concurrent access
<q3k> when you've got hundreds of people trying to download multiple files at once it all breaks down
<q3k> it'll queue up and then outright reject any other control connections
<felix_> only 400mbit/s uplink o_O at least that explains why the internet connections was rather bad...
<q3k> there's literally a faster internet connection at the warsaw hackerspace than at defcon
<felix_> the gulash programming night in germany had 120gbit/s uplink for maybe 1,5k people ;P yes, 120 gigabit, not megabit
<q3k> yeah
<cr1901_modern> >because FTP is a terrible protocol
<cr1901_modern> I very much emotionally resent this remark even if it's technically true
<rqou> G33KatWork: ping?
<rqou> felix_, kc8apf, esden_cloud: anybody still around vegas?
<felix_> i'm currently at the las vegas airport waiting for the flight to sfo (which will be about 1,5h late...)
<kc8apf> Nope. Drove back yesterday
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<G33KatWork> rqou: pong. at the ctf afterparty
<rqou> G33KatWork: how long will you be there? i failed to find you the entire time lol
<G33KatWork> a while I guess
<G33KatWork> do you know where to go?
<rqou> no
<rqou> I'm currently eating at the Caesars forum food court, maybe I'll look for you in a bit
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<rqou> azonenberg_work: ping?
<azonenberg_work> rqou: ack
<azonenberg_work> Just finished scheamtic capture on the starshipraider v0.2 io cell
<rqou> O_o
<rqou> fancy
<azonenberg_work> a few ferrites are my secret weapon
<rqou> wat
<rqou> ooooh you're relying on them to saturate aren't you?
<rqou> wait
<rqou> no
<azonenberg_work> No
<azonenberg_work> i'm not
<rqou> hmm
<azonenberg_work> i'm using them to split the AC and DC paths
<rqou> lol how boring :P
<azonenberg_work> ferrite on one side, cap on the other
<azonenberg_work> then all the fun protection stuff on the DC path where it wont touch the fast edges
<rqou> did you see my message late last night?
<azonenberg_work> i saw you link to some adc
<azonenberg_work> but didnt look at it in detail
<azonenberg_work> top image here btw
<azonenberg_work> is what i'm doing w/ the ferrites
<rqou> ok, open it and read the title completely
<rqou> and then tell me what you think about possibly adding it to hashtag badgelife :P
<gruetzkopf> rqou: only with external funding :D
<rqou> lol
<azonenberg_work> so you want brainwave cat ears hanging around your neck?
<azonenberg_work> :p
<rqou> lol not quite :P
<rqou> just led cat ears on a headband (hopefully more comfortable to wear)
<rqou> gruetzkopf: i mean, it's not _that_ bad
<azonenberg_work> gruetzkopf: you want a fun adc to use on a badge
<rqou> hmm, exercise (for whitequark?): detect drunkenness with a shitty diy eeg of this type
<azonenberg_work> nice little 68-VQFN, so will fit on a pretty small badget
<azonenberg_work> badge*
<rqou> lol oscilloscope badge?
<gruetzkopf> k$+ badge :D
<azonenberg_work> of course, the big FPGA you need for the 8 lane JESD204 interface wont fit so easily...
<azonenberg_work> And yeah its about 2 kUSD a pop iirc
<rqou> so that makes for a $5k-$10k badge?
<rqou> cash only of course :P :P
<azonenberg_work> lol
<rqou> and if you manage to actually sell ~20, then you can walk around vegas with $200k cash, what could go wrong? :P :P :P
<azonenberg_work> hey, if you're lucky at the casino
<azonenberg_work> you might have enough left over for a pack of M&Ms at the airport
<rqou> looooooool
<rqou> azonenberg_work is a high roller :P
<azonenberg_work> rqou: is that what you call it when somebody is rolling a second joint after smoking the first?
<azonenberg_work> :p
<rqou> looooooooooool
<rqou> wtf azonenberg_work
<rqou> hmm, further exercise for whitequark or somebody: detect if somebody is high via a shitty eeg
<rqou> led cat ear modes: relaxed, alert, drunk, high :P :P
<rqou> i think that covers most of the mental states of hackers?
<azonenberg_work> lol
<azonenberg_work> what about "exhausted" or "needs more club mate"?
<rqou> ok, we can see if we can distinguish "exhausted"
<rqou> as for the second, this is vegas not germany :P
* gruetzkopf comntemplates registering Badgelife Ltd.
<azonenberg_work> "needs more caffeine"?
<rqou> gruetzkopf: in the us?
<rqou> either way i think you will make some people unhappy with that
<gruetzkopf> uk
<gruetzkopf> 12GBP, am citizen, easy enough :D
<rqou> ah, in the uk
<gruetzkopf> it's literally web form+paypal
<rqou> that's probably fine, brexit will make them irrelevant anyways :P :P :P :P :P
<gruetzkopf> and that's why i'm keeping both ;)
<rqou> actually, i wonder why the ads1299 hasn't made its way into more hobby projects
<rqou> it's not a new part any more, and there's openbci
<rqou> but i would have expected a lot more people to mess with it
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<gruetzkopf> it's not that bad
<gruetzkopf> but it's more than the bom cost of my current, eurocard filling, commercial project :D
<rqou> yeah well not everything can be just a shitty set of leds :P
<gruetzkopf> hey, at least i package them with phototransistors
<rqou> i was mostly talking about the shitty addon system
<rqou> other random question: does anybody know how to actually source electroluminescent paint?
<rqou> (yes, if i can get everything i want to do to actually work, i think i'll end up with the most unusual "badge"life yet)
<gruetzkopf> rqou: do not use yourself as EL electrode.
<rqou> lol
<rqou> yeah, isolation will probably be important
<rqou> fortunately i only have to go for "good enough to not die"
<rqou> since i know for sure i cannot get something "proper" in the form factor i want
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<qu1j0t3> pie__: nice pdf thx
ayjay_t has joined ##openfpga
<q3k> pie__: this series of slides is great in general
<q3k> pie__: best resource i've found so far to teach myself basics of mechanical engineering as a total outsider
<q3k> pie__: this is the book about mechanical accuracy and precision engineering
<mithro> Morning
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<pie__> gruetzkopf, you mean El Electrode *mexican music* pew pew
<pie__> q3k, cool thanks
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<qu1j0t3> q3k: thanks for the link, relevant to my interests, thanks also for pie__ 's link
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<pie__> on nixos: awesome i didnt know there were integration tests like that https://grahamc.com/blog/an-epyc-nixos-build-farm
<pie__> qu1j0t3, ^
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<noopwafe1> hi I heard this is anime chat
<noopwafe1> (hello to those of you I met during summer camp)
<qu1j0t3> well, um, not _principally_
<cr1901_modern> I imagine that was a joke
<qu1j0t3> one never knows on irc
<noopwafe1> well, you have to implement your display logic on something, and then you need a toolchain, so I guess FPGA RE is cool too
<rqou> god i hate McCarran airport
<sorear> hiiiii
<noopwafe1> not enjoying your last chance to be surrounded by bleeping slot machines?
<noopwafe1> (but yes, a joke. I am also at mccarran waiting for my flight but thought I would drop in here and start idling.)
<qu1j0t3> wait, there are slot machines _in_ the airport?
<tnt> qu1j0t3: of course
<tnt> qu1j0t3: it's vegas ... there is slot machines everywhere.
<qu1j0t3> oh. didn't make the connection. so to speak
<noopwafe1> was sitting at my gate and there were slot machines on all sides I could see
<qu1j0t3> gotta squeeze that erry last cent out
<rqou> noopwafe1: which gate?
<rqou> noopwafe1: if you're in terminal 3, come say hi to me at the burger king?
<rqou> also, interesting tsa experience: bag goes into scanner, 100% blue because full of electronics, flagged for extra inspection
<rqou> guy opens it, sees my extra defcon badge, asks me "did you go to defcon," and then gives up inspecting the rest :P
<rqou> wow, a clusterfuck at the expediting position at the burger king
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<rqou> the person is just standing there staring at the monitor and slowly shuffling things around
<rqou> there's a ticket on their monitor with a prep time so far of 19 minutes
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[X-Scale] is now known as X-Scale
<rqou> their average prep time is like 11 minutes wtf
<fouric> the "fast" in "fast food" is relative to the average FPGA design synthesis process
<rqou> nah, this is definitely worse than usual
<rqou> ok, the person is expediting my order now
<rqou> apparently it's complicated because i was a smartass who used the self order kiosk and then added extra bacon
<noopwafe1> rqou: alas, T1 (via detroit), but it was great talking to you whike I could!
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<rqou> hmm i kinda feel sorry for the person at the burger king who has to deal with the barrage of unhappy hackers and tourists
<Ultrasauce> i imagine most service industry folks in vegas have seen some shit
<rqou> probably
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<felix_> hm, i did't dislike the las vegas airport o_O i mean i didn't particularly like it either, but i didn;t find it really bad
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<rqou> felix_: sure, mccarran isn't the worst airport in the world, but I'd still rather have done the roadtrip
<rqou> at least today nobody seemed to be receiving any "it's not gay if it's tsa" treatment
<implr> rqou: there's a TOTALLY SAFE FREE WIFI ssid near our gate
<implr> which is a pineapple serving a rickroll
<rqou> lolol
<rqou> implr: are you on United 1800?
<rqou> lol i see the ssid
<rqou> implr where are you? I'm standing in the group 4 line
<implr> rqou: yeah, like I said yesterday
<implr> sitting near the windows with a laptop
<implr> I'll join you in a sec
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<rqou> yeah lol I don't see/recognize you
<rqou> "i have people skills damnit"
<q3k> ./usr/local/diamond/3.10_x64/bin/lin64/libz.so: ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, stripped
<q3k> hmmmmmm
<shapr> q3k: whatcha doin?
<shapr> q3k: next you use nm to see if it's what it claims to be?
<q3k> getting diamond to work under nix
<shapr> oh, interesting
<cr1901_modern> nixos?
<q3k> yes
<shapr> maybe I'll have time to install nix this weekend
<shapr> would certainly make my FPGA dev setup easier
<q3k> yeah, that's what i'm doing it for
<shapr> azonenberg_work: could you put project status into the channel topic? https://github.com/azonenberg/openfpga/wiki
<azonenberg_work> shapr: how about we have people update that status first?
<azonenberg_work> right now its way out of date
<shapr> that's a much better idea
<rqou> got a seat right next to implr; now we can be buddies :P
<q3k> implr is fun to hang around with ^^
<implr> :3
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