<mithro> daveshah: Your probably asleep - but I just discovered that you can use a single LC cell to route a signal both onto and off the carry chain.... See Figure D in https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1ZG3eqAp7NrDsf6Ra6zHrVOJyxxCmblpOPVFW8NpE4aQ/edit
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<rqou> is it just me or does the layout of McCarran International Airport _suck_?
<sorear> impressive, telling chrome to zoom in on a google docs drawing makes the drawing *smaller*
<awygle> wow
<awygle> mithro: i don't think you actually get to ignore that middle input in that case
<mithro> awygle: Well, that is kind of what I'm asking I guess
<awygle> in fact the way you've drawn it you actually pass the blue signal through, because the purple signals cancel out. unless i'm completely misunderstanding.
<mithro> sorear suggested Figure C2
<sorear> ok, I was a little bit confused earlier, I thought "carry enable" referred to the in3 selector mux
<mithro> The carry calculates In2+In1+cin > 1, right?
<mithro> I believe Figure A2 is how you would use the LC cell as an adder?
<sorear> anywhere that you're feeding constant 0,1 for in1,in2 that's a no-op and can/should be elided?
<awygle> oh wait, "carry >1"
<awygle> is that really the function? a strict greater than?
<awygle> if so, then yes, you can do what you're describing.
<awygle> that block on _actual_ lattice docs is always just drawn as a trapezoid with no further explanation, i kind of assumed it was a 3-bit XOR or something
<sorear> oh, "fcin" in the diagram refers to the special bottom-of-CLB mux that allows adjacent CLBs to either cascade or be independent
<sorear> i'm fairly certain it's a 3-input majority gate
<azonenberg_work> rqou: the layout is intended to funnel you past as many slot machines as possible :p
<rqou> azonenberg_work: seems like it :P
<rqou> this is actually my first time ever landing there as i normally drive to Vegas
<awygle> denver still worst airport imo. or washington dulles
<rqou> I've heard Seoul is pretty bad but I've never been there
<sorear> is there a lattice doc with a diagram of the ecp5 pfu in at least as much detail as https://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/user_guides/ug474_7Series_CLB.pdf#page=19 ?
<rqou> the academic machxo slide deck?
<mithro> sorear: majority gate?
<mithro> assign CO = (I0 && I1) || ((I0 || I1) && CI);
<mithro> awygle / sorear: I want to write this stuff down with diagrams I can understand as I'll forget it all next week :-P
<mithro> awygle / sorear: I don't think it makes sense to ever use the carry without the LUT?
<sorear> if you only need the carry-out or MSB of an addition (e.g. if you're actually implementing a comparator), you don't need to populate the lower-order LUTs, not that it would hurt
* prpplague looks in at the discussion
<prpplague> <awygle> denver still worst airport imo. or washington dulles
<prpplague> awygle: no, no, no, try charles de gaulle airport
<prpplague> awygle: i've flown into third world country airports before and de gaulle is still top of my list of the worst airport on the face of the planet
<awygle> I should have specified us airports
<zkms> CDG is weirdly hellish
<zkms> KDEN is actually not that bad (besides the creepy horse statue, that is legitimately hellish) but then again i used to live around Denver so i am severely biased
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<rqou> so azonenberg_work, going to miss partying with your cow-orkers? :P :P :P
<azonenberg_work> nope
<azonenberg_work> dont miss it at all :p
<rqou> lol
<rqou> can you ping monochroma and ask if they will be here?
<azonenberg_work> Given that she was here yesterday and said nothing about it
<azonenberg_work> i'm assuming no
<rqou> ok
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<whitequark> prpplague: try VKO
<whitequark> at least in CDG you don't have to be stuck overnight with an entire platoon of soldiers and no air conditioning
<whitequark> Ask Me How I Know
<rqou> whitequark how do you always have the most "unique" airport experiences?
<whitequark> and you've only heard the ones i publicly describe, too :p
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<felix_> meh, the frankfurt airport got locked down before we could board the plane to denver and then to vegas :/
<pie_> felix_, ugh, why
<felix_> and our plane left without us :(
<felix_> the lockdown is probably due to some unattended baggage
<pie_> ugh
<felix_> ah, only google showed the flight as alredy departed; the airplane hotline said that the plane is still here
<felix_> if i had known this, i could have slept a few hours more... ;P
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<mithro> whitequark: Low priority ping - when you have a moment I'd love to chat about a couple of things
<mithro> awygle: I added a description to that diagram describing what the carry block does...
<whitequark> mithro: pong
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<felix_> aand our flight got cancelled *sigh*
<rqou> wait felix_ are you coming to defcon?!
<felix_> yep
<rqou> did you manage to get me a teapot? :P
<felix_> well, if we get rebooked to some other flight ;P
<felix_> i asked you if i should get one, but i haven't gotten a response
<felix_> so, no, i didn't order one
<rqou> ah must have missed that
<felix_> meh :/
<rqou> order one for me before CCC?
<felix_> i can do that. poke me again later
<rqou> also, Vegas is ridiculously pedestrian unfriendly. strongly do not recommend flying in and ending up without a car
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<rqou> whee, first time having a fancy special badge (bsideslv): https://photos.app.goo.gl/yVE92cLmqeLGbHpe7
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<prpplague> whitequark: hehe, yea, i bet VKO is indeed a rough airport
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<Ultrasauce> marcan u goose nobody complies with the lgpl
<marcan> nobody doing embedded development you mean
<marcan> it's so fucking easy on a PC, just don't build statically
<Ultrasauce> or mobile
<marcan> android has solibs too
<awygle> what's the Official Security Word for attacks that rely on things like sending you email from "ceo@mozila.com" or "ceo@altrea.com"?
<awygle> "i made a thing that looks like another thing"
<cpresser> social engineering?
<rqou> ceo fraud specifically?
<pie_> but static builds are best builds :(
<pie_> who the fk wants to deal with dynamic loading
<pie_> even better if your static builds arent 50, 500, or 5000mb xD
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<felix_> rqou: hmm, i do have a drivers license, but not with me and i haven't driven a car for a loong time
<awygle> Wikipedia calls it "typosquatting" which is a terrible name
<felix_> and my rebooked flight will be tomorrow :/
<rqou> felix_: you can suffer in the 100°F heat like me :P
<sorear> impersonation?
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<azonenberg_work> awygle: typosquatting is when you make misspelled domains and hope somebody hits them
<azonenberg_work> i would consider that different from phishing using visually similar (but unlikely to be typed by accident) domain names
<azonenberg_work> e.g. substituting Cyrillic characters for similar-looking Roman ones
<rqou> azonenberg_work: what about bitflip squatting? :P
<azonenberg_work> i'd consider that a form of typosquatting
<azonenberg_work> just a machine error vs a human
<azonenberg_work> the point is, you lie in wait and hope somebody hits it
<azonenberg_work> which is a different tactic from sending someone an incorrect url and hoping they click
<qu1j0t3> azonenberg_work: i would call the latter "homographs" but i don't know if that's the infosec term.
<azonenberg_work> Yeah
<sorear> mithro: any restrictions on which 4 tiles
<whitequark> qu1j0t3: the technical term is homoglyph
<whitequark> homoglyph attacks
<qu1j0t3> ah ok
<qu1j0t3> yeah was wondering
<qu1j0t3> i'm a typographer and we call them glyphs, but wasn't sure if the jargon escaped
<rqou> an actual typographer or a font CVE hunter? :P
<qu1j0t3> former. i don't do infosec
<rqou> as a typographer, how do you feel about "Sans Bullshit Sans"? :P
<qu1j0t3> i decided not to click :)
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<pie_> azonenberg_work, <pie_> on topic for azonenbergs screen protcol whatever it was thing? https://blog.securitycompass.com/security-advisory-regarding-crestron-tsw-xx60-touch-panel-devices-9f1a71a926a5?gi=c4fe16e25154
<pie_> unrelated, azonenberg_work, dumb question; would there be any security advantage to implementing hardware security modules on something generic like fpgas (so stuff could get routed differently etc, so you couldnt actually target a specific internal component), say to protect against supply chain attacks?
<pie_> or would disadvantages outweigh whatever benefits im presuming? like not having whatever security features stuff like this usually has for a chip
<azonenberg_work> i know at least bloomberg has an FPGA-based HSM but its not ofr supply chain reasons
<azonenberg_work> they just wanted custom features
<azonenberg_work> they made a pretty standard virtex6 + PCIe board then wrapped in the 3M antitamper mesh that ibm uses in their HSMs
<pie_> hm
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