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<ZombieChicken> Hello
<ZombieChicken> Is there and open toolchain for the Spartan 8?
<ZombieChicken> I seem to recall someone was working on it
<rqou> spartan 8?
<ZombieChicken> THink that's it. It's a Xilinix FPGA
<ZombieChicken> Spartan 6
<rqou> ah, spartan 6
<ZombieChicken> sry
<rqou> tl;dr it's a clusterfuck
<ZombieChicken> in what way? No one is sure how it works, or it's just a horrible design?
<rqou> no fully working toolchain, expect to do a bunch of archeology
<sorear> there are at least two independent incomplete projects
<ZombieChicken> how incomplete?
<ZombieChicken> As in 'entirely unusable'?
<sorear> AFAIK it's not an _especially_ terrible design, but it's EOL (spartan 7 is completely different), so the only value in working on s6 now would be to recover the sunk cost in s6 boards
<sorear> AFAIK yes
<ZombieChicken> hmm
<ZombieChicken> Reason I ask it that's the FPGA on the Novena board
<ZombieChicken> and that one bit of hardware is the only thing I know of that isn't open
<sorear> there's an active project right now for the artix-7, which is closely related to spartan-7 and unrelated to spartan-6
<ZombieChicken> How hard is it to replace one FPGA with another FPGA, assuming one is fine replacing the code running on said FPGA?
<sorear> they're most likely not the same size and have power/ground balls in different places
<ZombieChicken> but replacing one with another in a circuit shouldn't be too bad?
<sorear> desoldering the s6 from your novena and replacing it with an s7 doesn't sound like something that will work
<sorear> if you're talking about editing the design files and then getting someone to make the new version, that's easier
<ZombieChicken> I don't have a Novena atm. I'm just pondering if replacing it in the circuit and getting a PCB made
<rqou> I've been told that the novena is very expensive to actually manufacture
<ZombieChicken> I think the board alone runs $550
<ZombieChicken> but I odn't know of anything else that would really compare to it wrt openness
<sorear> talos, although different market
<ZombieChicken> Talos?
<ZombieChicken> Was that that POWER system from a while back?
<sorear> yes
<ZombieChicken> yeah. Fairly sure that project is entirely dead
<ZombieChicken> last I heard anyways
<ZombieChicken> they never got their 3 million to build the boards, and just started to license the PCI tech they developed
<sorear> Talos I died because it turned out that the market for $17k desktops that only run linux isn't as big as expected
<sorear> there's a Talos II now which is cheaper and slower
<ZombieChicken> Nice to know they're trying again
<ZombieChicken> sorear: Thanks for pointing that out. I see it's an actual product, which is pretty awesome
<ZombieChicken> with and 18 core option, too
<s1dev> why would the market even bother with a powerpc option with no real benefit?
<sorear> the who?
<sorear> why does the market provide more than one kind of food? it's all edible
<ZombieChicken> Some of us have concerns about x86's security, for one
<sorear> of course the advantages of IBM over Intel for some users have nothing to do with any hypothetical advantage of powerpc over x86
<ZombieChicken> plus options are almost always good. For one, it gives Intel a reason to actually try to make a decent CPU
<sorear> that's more relevant to AMD than IBM
<sorear> you'll notice that Intel is actually doing things to compete with Ryzen, but completely ignoring POWER9 because it's irrelevant to intel's market
<sorear> there are other markets where POWER9 is important, but they aren't large enough for Intel to base strategic decisions on
<ZombieChicken> and here I thought Intel was trying to become the One True CPU maker
<sorear> deployed ARM cores outnumber x86 cores by *several orders of magnitude*
<s1dev> ~4-5 years ago with ARM it was a PITA because stuff like NEON wasn't well supported
<sorear> never forget that
<ZombieChicken> Yeah. I'm glad to see all these high-powered ARM desktops all over the market
<sorear> there's no market for desktops
<sorear> show me an intel phone or smartwatch
<sorear> intel had their chance to take the emerging market, and missed it completely
<s1dev> ZombieChicken, define high powered?
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<rqou> azonenberg_work: ping?
<azonenberg_work> rqou: ack
<azonenberg_work> Busy night of sheetrocking w/ ally and the catgirls
<rqou> the catgirls?
<rqou> so what's the current status?
<rqou> of the sheetrock
<azonenberg_work> rqou: The "ball pit" (bedroom adjoining the stairwell) has ceiling and two walls sheetrocked plus one coat of tape and mud
<azonenberg_work> Stairwell has ceiling and walls sheetrocked plus one coat of tape and mud
<azonenberg_work> we got halfway through the pillar at the top of the stairs
<azonenberg_work> before deciding it was too late and we should sleep
<azonenberg_work> Plan for tomorrow is to do the rest of the pillar, remainder of the ball pit, and probably the ball pit closet
<azonenberg_work> then if time permits probably move out into the hallway
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<rqou> wait, so this isn't even close to half done?!
<azonenberg_work> We havent touched the first floor at all
<rqou> what about upstairs?
<azonenberg_work> this is the upstairs only
<azonenberg_work> one bedroom plus the stairwell, over the front door, etc is done
<rqou> ah, so haven't touched downstairs at all
<azonenberg_work> Yeah
<azonenberg_work> The ball pit was the one room the movers didnt dump stuff in
<azonenberg_work> So we did it first
<rqou> wtf i doubt you'll even be done by the end of the month
<azonenberg_work> We're probably going to try to sand it, do more mud, then paint it fairly soon
<azonenberg_work> Before we've sheetrocked a ton of other stuff
<azonenberg_work> Because if that room is finished (electrical and all) we can stuff it to the brim with boxes
<azonenberg_work> And then have space to maneuver around the rest of the house
<azonenberg_work> Right now its like playing one of those little 3x3 grid puzzles
<azonenberg_work> there's nowhere to work without moving things out of another room
<rqou> inb4 "oh i needed to extend my hotel stay and now again don't have $$$"
<azonenberg_work> There is a very real chance we will have to extend it
<azonenberg_work> But i'm not going to rush things and do shoddy work just to get it done fast
<rqou> remind me again how "end of may" was supposed to work?
<azonenberg_work> We were supposed to have done half as much stuff :p
<azonenberg_work> all the insulation, basement waterproofing, etc was never planned for
<azonenberg_work> We probably still would have slipped the deadline but not by nearly as much
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<rqou> so azonenberg_work, do you think you want to do hashtag badgelife for next year?
<rqou> (which requires beating my estimate of 2025 for you to finish your friggin house)
<azonenberg_work> Lol
<azonenberg_work> It will be done when it's done
<azonenberg_work> And when it's done enough to move into, then i have to start all of the lab upgrades and of course renovate the rooms we didn't do yet (laundry room, kitchen, bathrooms)
<azonenberg_work> I'm gonna be doing infrastructure work for the next couple of years for sure
<rqou> at this point i don't think you can even say you do fpgas anymore
<rqou> it seems you just do unending home improvement
<azonenberg_work> I sent out two starshipraider-related boards to fab this week
<azonenberg_work> and i have another nearing completion of schematic
<azonenberg_work> just have to pick out a few passives
<azonenberg_work> (i.e. netlist done but not all values)
<azonenberg_work> But finishing the house is a necessary prerequisite to a lot of the longer term stuff
<azonenberg_work> Being a nomad bouncing from one rental/apartment/dorm to another doesn't play well with the level of infrastructure and lab capabilities that i am trying to develop
<rqou> doesn't seem like finishing the house should block doing things like hashtag badgelife :P
<azonenberg_work> Well, building my own badge is plausible but i dont see selling one
<azonenberg_work> Because that means scaling and budgeting and all kinds of things i dont like :p
<rqou> nah, i wasn't going to bother selling too many
<rqou> e.g. make a batch of 50 and sell them cash only and don't report it :P :P
<azonenberg_work> i dont mean tax side of things
<azonenberg_work> i'm talking about volume manufacture, dealing with assembly houses
<azonenberg_work> etc
<azonenberg_work> as opposed to oshparking one, soldering it up in the basement, and calling it done
<azonenberg_work> I'm not in the EE world for money, i do it for fun
<azonenberg_work> the business side of things is annoying :p
<rqou> is badgelife not fun?
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<azonenberg_work> Making a badge would be fun
<azonenberg_work> making 50 would not be
<rqou> ok, what if we made one and then you handed off the bitchwork of making 50 to me? :P
<azonenberg_work> That i might consider
<azonenberg_work> But now i need to sleep :p
<rqou> yeah me too
<rqou> random (or maybe not so random *wink*) cool part of the day: ADS1299
<rqou> azonenberg_work: ^
<rqou> ugh unfortunately suuuuuper expensive
<gruetzkopf> eeg adc..
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<rqou> wow defcon NOC is much much worse than CCC (cc G33KatWork)
<rqou> only 400mbps uplink wtf
<jn__> what's your RTT to
<rqou> not currently on the wifi
<rqou> anyways, defcon networking core was _at most_ 10gbps
<jn__> :\
<rqou> whereas ccc has 10gbps available on the _edge_