<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal] azonenberg pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/fNtK3
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal/master 1e36c8c Andrew Zonenberg: Initial implementation of STM32 read protection. Can set and query status, but not clear it yet.
<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal-apps] azonenberg pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/fNtKs
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal-apps/master 2ea21cb Andrew Zonenberg: jtagclient can now set read protection on LockableDevice's
<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal-cmake] azonenberg pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/fNtKn
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal-cmake/master e6eab5d Andrew Zonenberg: Updated to latest submodules
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<rqou> woo oshstencils order is here
<rqou> now it's just waiting for oshpark
<rqou> hmm, the bottom stencil isn't mirrored the way i expect
<rqou> oh well
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<rqou> hmm, the edges don't get cut very accurately either
<rqou> i guess that doesn't matter
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<rqou> azonenberg: ping?
<azonenberg> rqou: back
<rqou> how's your goddamn house? :P :P
<azonenberg> rqou: no progress today, we made several trips moving stuff but didnt spend any time there working
<azonenberg> it was a packing/moving day
<rqou> is your sheetrock here yet?
<azonenberg> I did find a problem yesterday that has to be fixed though
<azonenberg> Some of the 2-gang boxes for electrical outlets are 3/4" offset and not the 1/2" offset that i thought, so they'd stick out of the sheetrock
<azonenberg> So i have to re-hang those boxes 1/4" further into the wall
<rqou> wtf
<rqou> seriously how are you perpetually having problems?
<azonenberg> the lights and switches are fine, as is the data boxes
<azonenberg> This was just me derping and not measuring
<azonenberg> re sheetrock, no
<azonenberg> last i heard was probably next week
<rqou> "probably?"
<azonenberg> They dont have a confirmed ETA yet
<gruetzkopf> how?!
<gruetzkopf> that's stuff that's easily available within hours over here
<azonenberg> gruetzkopf: so the issue is delivery
<azonenberg> not the materials
<azonenberg> i guess they only have one truck with a crane on it
<azonenberg> the bigger issue is that there was a screwup with the order and the vendor didnt even know we wanted the merchandise for two weeks
<azonenberg> we found out the day it was supposed to come when it didnt show up
<gruetzkopf> ouch
<azonenberg> rqou: re "how do we keep having problems" welcome to construction
<azonenberg> lol
<azonenberg> this is the dirty reality, not the pretty picture they show in home improvement shows
<rqou> how about this procedure:
<rqou> 1) acquire money
<rqou> 2) exchange money for goods and services
<rqou> 3) construction is completed!
<azonenberg> Instructions unclear, now $300K in debt to a mortgage company
<rqou> ok, to clarify
<jn__> rqou: <insert story about BER airport here>
<rqou> 2a) exchange money for goods and services from "teh illegalz"
<rqou> jn__: i actually am not familiar with that
<jn__> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Brandenburg_Airport it has been under construction for seriously long, and the current estimate is that it will open in 2020
<jn__> >After almost 15 years of planning, construction began in 2006.
<rqou> that's actually not too unusual in the US :P
<rqou> huh, actually that is a bit worse than normal
<rqou> azonenberg: btw, are my PMs to you working?
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<azonenberg> https://github.com/azonenberg/pcb-checklist/ btw, now on github
<rqou> nice
<rqou> did you add felix_'s fiducial thing?
<azonenberg> yeah
<azonenberg> this is the newest, most up to date edition
<azonenberg> but i'll take comments as issues or PRs
<cr1901_modern> azonenberg: GFM supports actual checkboxes. Any chance for an "interactive" version that can be stuck in a repository and checked off as ppl go along?
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<azonenberg> cr1901_modern: make an issue for it or submit a PR
<azonenberg> dont have time to look into it right now but sounds cool
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<azonenberg> Got it, thanks - will look when i get back from training
<azonenberg> about to get to sleep, work tomorrow then sar training for the weekend
<cr1901_modern> azonenberg: Cool have fun. And thanks for a heads up you'll be a few days :P
<cr1901_modern> I have a bunch of PRs waiting I haven't heard back on
<cr1901_modern> (not just you, but in general)
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<qu1j0t3> kc8apf: point well taken, but the precision on that cheap rig is only up to 0.05mm anyway.
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<rqou> https://twitter.com/byuu_san/status/1017742887818354688?s=19 <-- increasingly of the opinion that UIs should be either browsers or "just give me a GL/VK context and then go away plz"
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<daveshah> in many ways browsers are the decent cross-platform GUI framework that never happened...
<awygle> and the cross-platform VM
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<awygle> ("decent" being debatable it has been elided)
<rqou> i strongly agree, but some people (e.g. whitequark) also strongly disagree
<awygle> the problem is that we don't treat them like VMs or GUI toolkits so you end up with N copies
<awygle> (well okay there are other problems but that's a good starting point)
<rqou> well, if you can avoid creating extra CVEs, you can implement kernel-mode identical page merging
<rqou> you can push for at-one-point-in-time Mozilla's goal of extending the web platform enough that you only actually need one browser
<rqou> you can go way back in time and push for the xulrunner model again
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<pie_> mozilla used to be cool, what happened
<rqou> i don't know what happened
<pie_> qu1j0t3, i lold
<rqou> the limited answer i managed to get out of my housemate was "you won't believe how much engineering effort was sunk into FxOS"
<rqou> but then again I'm also currently working for a "used to be cool, what happened" company
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<qu1j0t3> pie_: so did I :)
<sorear> would like to understand why modern browsers use *so much* meory
<sorear> the answer clearly has nothing to do with Javascript or browser-grade JS implementations because node.js runs fine in 10MB
<sorear> so it must(?) be something to do with the DOM or rendering, subjects I don't know much about
<pie_> this bad boy can fit so much virtual memory allocations in it
<pie_> so, i just had a chat with one of the researchers who's office is next to mine, and apparently our government/prime minister has decided that fundamental research is pointless.
<pie_> (or something)
<sorear> i think all governments think that to some degree
<sorear> if you can't use it to make bombs what even is the point
<pie_> apparently they took funding power away from the academy of sciences and made some ministry of innovation
<pie_> or at least, thats what i heard, im not good at keeping up with this stuff (i dont really try either...i have enough problems)
<qu1j0t3> pie_: that's a widespread problem, and also decades-old. Mention it to mietek, it's a frequent topic we discuss :)
<pie_> why does everything just keep getting worseeeee
<mietek> just in case I forgot to be depressed
<qu1j0t3> pie_: it was already worse.
<pie_> mietek, oh hey, didnt notice you in here
<qu1j0t3> pie_: i think a lot of the current "things are awful" is not actually things getting worse, but people finding out about things for the first time.
* mietek resumes lurking
<pie_> qu1j0t3, well no. at least it was the academy of sciences allocating funding or something
<qu1j0t3> pie_: Yes, that's familiar
<qu1j0t3> also i totally forgot mietek was actually in here LOL
<pie_> ugh im getting more angsty because the physics institute is already weak here in some regards, but its got the research institute right next to it, to thats probably has some positive consequences
<pie_> but now if the research institute is coming under pressure
<qu1j0t3> the people who really care and fight this may end up being forced to quit
<pie_> well, wrt it could be that i just didnt know about it, since im only now beginning to move around in those circles
<pie_> also most of the research institute's IT infra department quit recently
<pie_> and im like, wuuuuuut
<pie_> (the place isnt huge, but still)
<pie_> (its big enough for that to sound like a possibly serious issue to me)
<qu1j0t3> it usually comes down to something like, "we'll fund things that are ```close to market''' or can be quickly converted into industry partnerships, or shit like this
<pie_> yeah
<qu1j0t3> pie_: of course this metric is utterly meaningless when applied to basic/pure/fundamental research
<pie_> but you know what AI, MACHINE LEARNING, probably :p
<pie_> if you really want to put a benefit on basic research, its the intellectual infrastructure it provides
<pie_> (probably)
<qu1j0t3> yeah history proves its value
<qu1j0t3> so these ideological changes are both harmful and incorrect
<pie_> GUT THE INTELLECTUALS or i dunno
<pie_> brb, if my internet still works in the office
<pie_> meh </rant> sorry
<sorear> folks finding out about stuff for the first time, goalposts being moved, mass innumeracy
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<pie_> back
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<pie_> make sure your mouth isnt full when you open this https://i.imgur.com/aXbWPfO.jpg
<qu1j0t3> ew no
<qu1j0t3> i never need to see that face
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<rqou> so this is a new experience:
<rqou> at $WORK i went and downloaded $TOOL to test something out
<rqou> and in their "please register to download" form i gave them my work email
<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal] azonenberg pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/fNqxb
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal/master 41e3ba6 Andrew Zonenberg: Continued work on STM32 lock detection support
<rqou> and apparently an actual real life human noticed and sent me a non-automated email asking if they can sell me stuff
<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal-apps] azonenberg pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/fNqxN
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal-apps/master a7f08a4 Andrew Zonenberg: Added unlock command
<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal-cmake] azonenberg pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/fNqxx
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal-cmake/master 4a2838e Andrew Zonenberg: Updated to latest submodules
<daveshah> rqou: I think I've had emails from actual humans at Lattice's agent in the UK because of downloading their stuff
<daveshah> Was before I started doing any open fpga stuff though...
<rqou> that's a bit more unusual
<rqou> in this case i work for $BIG_COMPANY that is owned by $GINORMOUS_COMPANY
<daveshah> I don't know if they were automated, but I had two accounts with two email addresses and both got emails but with about 4 or 5 hours in between
<daveshah> Maybe it was automated and just slow
<rqou> this one seems to actually be non-automated
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<azonenberg> rqou: i got an email from a sales rep at lecroy followed by a phone call
<azonenberg> when i rfq'd a package of scope+options that cost about $50k :p
<azonenberg> The $15K scope rated an automated email with the attached quote but no phone call
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<balrog> azonenberg: ahahah
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<awygle> azonenberg: SAN check - if i have a bidirectional transmission line with asymmetric drive strengths, where should series termination go?
<awygle> near the strong driver, near the weak driver, or someplace else?