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<pie_> is azonenberg technically a professor of EE
<Zorix> you have to have a wizard beard for that
<pie_> can i be a professor of EE just because i have a wizard beard
<pie_> well i mean its getting there...i should probably shave sometime
<qu1j0t3> he has a "virtual" wizard beard
<qu1j0t3> you can see it in UV light
<Zorix> umm.. i dont think i would have shared that
<Zorix> heh
<Zorix> but..good to know
<qu1j0t3> LOL
<qu1j0t3> i, uh.. that was completely unintentional
<qu1j0t3> i think i'll just leave irc for a few days
<Zorix> hehe
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<pie_> uhhhhhhh
<sorear> what am i missing
* jn__ expects a pun or something
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<rqou> azonenberg: ping?
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<pie_> rqou, call something in project chibi buheee
<rqou> why?
<rqou> alternately, pie_ go and reverse engineer your own things :P
<pie_> thats the wrong spelling and i dont know how to spell it
<pie_> p
<pie_> :P
<pie_> or not mispelled...idk
<pie_> meme driven reversing
<sorear> I feel like someone is trying to create a Misaka situation
<pie_> memes, the muse of the millenium
<cr1901_modern> Misaka?
<pie_> sorear, you'll have to explain that
<cr1901_modern> The railgun girl?
<pie_> pew pew
* cr1901_modern is watching Evangelion right now. On episode 19, may binge watch the rest tonight
<pie_> (i still havent watched the series, but all the memes)
<pie_> well anyway. back to poking ASTs with a dull stick till i fall asleep
<sorear> cr1901_modern: yes, there was also a markdown parser that got named that as part of an elaborate misogynistic prank, can’t find a reference right now
<cr1901_modern> sorear: Well, I don't know any projects named after Railgun girl
<cr1901_modern> I just know that "back in the day" she was very popular character
<cr1901_modern> I never actually finished either Railgun or Index
<cr1901_modern> >Well, I don't know any projects named after Railgun girl
<cr1901_modern> (doesn't mean they don't exist of course, I'm just surprised I never heard of it :P)
<pie_> get off my lawn
<sorear> That one
<pie_> oh crap...i just realized im going to reach a point (probably already passed it) where im not some clueless youngest kid in a technical irc channel
<pie_> just clueless dude
<pie_> and then hopefully less clueless old dude
<pie_> and i cant say xyz is older than me
<cr1901_modern> sorear: Oh for fuck's sake ._.
<cr1901_modern> Yea, that name change was 100% deliberate
<cr1901_modern> it wasn't clever or funny
<pie_> "belonging to an Anime (adult comics) character " i guessssss one would say that. sometimes on the internet i forget how anime is a circlejerk of typically unacceptable stuff
<rqou> oh i remember this incident
<rqou> but i didn't realize that the name made one of the original authors quit open source
<rqou> i remember thinking back when this incident originally happened that people were just being silly and blowing things out of proportion
<cr1901_modern> Okay so Eva report: By episode 15, you know something is very wrong, episode 18 ends with HeroicBSOD, episode 19 ends w/ "I have no idea what's happening anymore"
<cr1901_modern> I was supposed to make it to ep 25 before that happens :(
<sorear> So anyway that’s where my brain goes when folks keep talking about naming projects after “lolis” <_<
<rqou> um, no project is actually named after a loli
<rqou> although if you're unhappy with it i can use a better name
<pie_> <sorear> STOP. THIS IS THE LOLICE.
<pie_> ftfy
* pie_ mumbles something about naming things after public figures
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<sorear> use the IAU rules imo
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<rqou> azonenberg: ping?
<awygle> Extremely cold take: Eva is just not that good
<rqou> hey, some people might just be very very into tsunderes :P
<awygle> Get in the fucking robot
<rqou> previous statement does not apply to me :P :P :P
<rqou> my housemate on the other hand does have quite a few Eva figures
<awygle> I wonder if FLCL is actually good or I just remember it that way because of when I watched it
<whitequark> it's good
<whitequark> i rewatch it every few months
<awygle> I intend to re-watch it before checking out the new one, same with full metal panic
<whitequark> also thing that's good but you wouldn't think it's good: Daughters of Mnemosyne
<awygle> Lol that's an interesting claim
<awygle> I haven't watched it but it's been on my list (admittedly toward the bottom) for a long time. Why wouldn't I think it's good?
<whitequark> I mean it would be better if it was... more gay? less straight? one of these two
<whitequark> because it's classified as ecchi, and very few things in that category are worth watching even ten minutes of IME
<whitequark> found it via tvtropes on the "Turbine Blender" trope page
<rqou> you don't enjoy ecchi? :P
<whitequark> no?
<whitequark> it's almost always very badly thought out
<awygle> Browsing TV tropes for anime recs is an excellent strategy
<awygle> I also used to do it with webcomics
<whitequark> awygle: once I collected a list of all anime at least as depressing as Bokurano via tvtropes
<awygle> (everybody go read Digger)
<whitequark> the tvtropes page for Bokurano says that "it makes Evangelion look like Care Bears" and by gods that's true
<awygle> Eva is like Titanic in that it utterly failed to depress me or really affect my emotions at all
<awygle> Bokurano on the other hand certainly did
<whitequark> I watched Bokurano deep in a bipolar depressive episode and it more or less caused an underflow, which is what I was aiming at
<awygle> Also I'm just now realizing "you wouldn't think it's good" was a general "you" and not me specifically, which makes much more sense
<whitequark> I still have most of that really depressing anime downloaded but it's not the same when you're on antidepressants
<whitequark> so it just takes up SSD space :/
<awygle> I never watched Angel Beats because I love the soundtrack and everybody said it was depressing so I just listen to the music and avoid the show.
<whitequark> oh, Gen Urobuchi worked on Psycho-Pass
<whitequark> that makes a -lot- of sense
<awygle> hell yes
<awygle> always here for uninstall
<whitequark> awygle: apparently the manga is even darker than the anime
<awygle> damn
<awygle> *extremely randy jackson voice* that's gonna be a pass from me dawg
<awygle> loved it, in all probability never gonna watch it again
* awygle zzz
<cyrozap> Might make an interesting target for decapping and imaging.
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<cr1901_modern> awygle: I mean, I'm enjoying it so far, based on the fact that I binge-watch 5+ eps at a time and it feels like no time passes at all. I don't think I'd call it the best of course
<cr1901_modern> In any case, I'm prob going to finish it today, or at least stop at ep 25. Since AFAIK, ep 25 and 26 don't make sense to most ppl and require a lot of spoons
<cr1901_modern> >rqou: hey, some people might just be very very into tsunderes :P
<cr1901_modern> Asuka is not my fav character, so not in my case
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<awygle> cr1901_modern: I just don't find any characters sympathetic and that's important to me. Other people obviously love it so I think I'm in the minority, which is fine.
<awygle> (well maybe Rei)
<awygle> I hope you continue to enjoy it :-)
<cr1901_modern> Well that's fair, and "I just don't find any characters sympathetic" <-- I think that's part of the point
<whitequark> lol Rei
<cr1901_modern> If you know something I don't, please don't spoil it for me :P
<cr1901_modern> I like Misato the best right now
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<rqou> cyrozap: I'm personally considering that chip off-limits for me and will not be doing RE on it
<rqou> I've seen the internal datasheet for it
<rqou> (on the BRCM side, not the AAPL side, and no it was not nearly complete)
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<mithro> Anyone interested in learning how to profile and speed up a Python script? :-P https://github.com/SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs/issues/192
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<cr1901_modern> awygle: Ep 25 (not the movie) finished. Spoiler-free review: It _really_ doesn't help its case that there's only 30 seconds or so of plot progression LOL (and the ending only kinda hints what's going on).
<rqou> so we've gone from openfpga literature club to openfpga anime club?
<cr1901_modern> When was this ever a lit club aside from talking about that one scifi series I can't remember the name of?
<rqou> that lol
<awygle> Chronicles of Amber I assume
<cr1901_modern> Yes
<cr1901_modern> And okay, beginning of ep 26 confirms what I thought was going on, and I now understand why this pissed ppl off
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<whitequark> they ran out of money
<cr1901_modern> Oh, I thought it was Anno was in a massive depression and couldn't string a coherent ending together (I _like_ the idea, but it's clear that the TV series alone is gonna leave a bunch of finer plot details unanswered).
<pie_> inb4 chinese
<pie_> ugh scroll jump
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<daveshah> Running the NES example bitstream from Diamond through Trellis shows just 16 unknown bits, I think most of them configuration control bits which I haven't looked at yet
<daveshah> Pretty happy with that - mostly the IOLOGIC (input/output registers/DDR/gearboxes) and SERDES left now, plus about half the DSP
<daveshah> q3k or awygle: could you do me a quick favour and test something with your Diamond license?
<q3k> 'sup
<daveshah> all I need is you to run a design with a few logic cells in through PAR for a 5G part, run the post-par Verilog simulation model output and post the sdf file somewhere?
<q3k> gimme a bash script
<daveshah> I'm curious if the 5G part has different timings given it uses a different Vcc
<daveshah> try this
<daveshah> edit the path in diamond.sh if needed, then run run.sh
<pie_> all your netlist are belong to us
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<rqou> whitequark wtf are you working on?
<rqou> oh are you doing solvespace?
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<whitequark> yeah
<whitequark> it's now properly dpi-aware
<rqou> nice
<whitequark> ok, with the exception of some calls
<whitequark> -almost- properly dpi-aware
<rqou> what exactly does that mean for a CAD tool? just making buttons not be tiny?
<whitequark> no
<whitequark> windows scales applications by default
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<whitequark> but they get kinda gross and pixelated
<rqou> wait it does? i swear i saw apps end up with tiny everything
<whitequark> that's what happens if you declare your app dpi-aware but don't actually make it dpi-aware
<whitequark> just set up the manifest
<rqou> lol ok
<rqou> and then there are java pieces of garbage like logisim
<rqou> that depending on the platform end up with mismatched text and widget sizes
<rqou> what causes that?
<whitequark> another sort of not actually making the app dpi-aware
<whitequark> declaring it so that the system disables some of the compatibility shims but not all
<whitequark> it's horrible
<rqou> lol ok
<rqou> is that java's fault or the app's fault though?
<whitequark> gtk has the best implementation i found so far, qt probably has one that's just as good
<whitequark> macos has an acceptable one
<whitequark> windows one is just abuse in API form
<rqou> hmm, i've never had linux dpi scaling work "correctly"
<whitequark> that's because qt does a stupid thing with environment variables
<whitequark> it applies scale from an environment var and also applies scale from xft.dpi
<whitequark> on top of that
<whitequark> unless you disable it
<whitequark> fucking what
<rqou> o/ diamondman
<whitequark> static LPFNADJUSTWINDOWRECTEXFORDPI lpfnAdjustWindowRectExForDpi;
<whitequark> kill me
<rqou> hey diamondman, i really need max v jtag support
<rqou> lolol
<diamondman> Can you send me one?
<rqou> that looks like windows
<rqou> diamondman: um, not really
<rqou> i don't have any hardware yet
<daveshah> I haven't done Windows API stuff since I was about 12
<daveshah> Brings back very funny memories
<daveshah> And an awful lot of handles
<rqou> hence my opinions of "use a browser" and "just pretend it's a really weird *nix and avoid the windows api if possible"
<rqou> diamondman: i can send you a .svf though
<rqou> there should be 0x1A00 bytes (0xD000) bits in the "main" section of flash
<rqou> 8192 bits in the "user" section of flash
<sorear> i'm surprised wq has positive opinions of anything about linux gui toolkits
<daveshah> I need to look at doing proper JTAG for the ecp5
<daveshah> Right now it's a bit of a hacky Python script that generates an SVF from a bitstream
<daveshah> Because the ECP5 literally lets you throw it a whole raw bitstream in one big shift
<daveshah> Although the script actually splits it because not everything likes multi million bit writes in SVF files
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<rqou> lol governments so incompetent they can't even deploy a not-0-day properly
<mithro> rqou: Got some time to chat?
<mithro> rqou: Love to try and get your MAX V stuff into SymbiFlow
<mithro> rqou: We could add it pretty quickly
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<mithro> rqou: The first step is writing verilog sim models (for both Yosys and to convert to vpr primitives)