<azonenberg_work> lol
<azonenberg_work> tolerant, or "tolerant" :p
<q3k> azonenberg_work: ... yet another case of cultural differences appearing when you don't expect them to
<q3k> azonenberg_work: would never uncompress 'mag' to 'magazine' unless given a very strong context
<q3k> ... and I'm happy with that.
<azonenberg_work> q3k: you dont even have to be a gun person, magazine pouches are readily available, inexpensive, and fit various kinds of load-bearing gear, velcro, etc
<azonenberg_work> i have an M16 mag pouch on my search-and-rescue gear for holding my GPS
<azonenberg_work> exactly the right size
<cr1901_modern> azonenberg_work: "tolerant" officially
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<mithro> tinyfpga: Seems like you are off to a productive start?
<tinyfpga> mithro: yes! I am prioritizing the EX so I can get prototypes back before the end of July
<tinyfpga> mithro: I’m working on getting a Diamond license for EXP5-5G
<cr1901_modern> Wait the EX series requires a non-free license?
<tinyfpga> cr1901_modern: I’m trying to get a license bundled with each board sold
<cr1901_modern> Ahh, well hope Lattice is receptive to the idea
<tinyfpga> cr1901_modern: hopeful that will tide people over until ECP5 has an open source toolchain working
<cr1901_modern> (and that I can use my current copy of diamond to unlock a new device, and not have to reinstall)
<tinyfpga> cr1901_modern: I will also be offering a cheaper EX version without the SERDES that will not require any special Diamond license
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<awygle> Ooo that'd be cool. I have a license already but it's gonna cost me a lot to renew next year.
<rqou> hmm, i'm starting to suspect quartus has some kind of "max path length ever allowed" heuristic
<rqou> i occasionally find that there are paths that are clearly valid that quartus won't find unless you give it an _exact_ constraint
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<rqou> unfortunately i cannot find the manual
<mithro> rqou: It could just be normal cost modeling type of thing -- when something gets really long it's cost gets really expensive?
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<buhman> I just learned about arachne-pnr and icestorm, and they at least project (more supported targets, etc..) the appearance that they are more mature than openfpga. Is openfpga fundamentally better in some way?
<rqou> esden: apparently there's also a T3 test set
<rqou> esden: i don't really know what you're trying to do, but if you write a "proposal" i can definitely let you borrow these
<azonenberg> buhman: this channel is a general open fpga projects channel
<azonenberg> the azonenberg/openfpga repo is specifically for greenpak right now but i planned to put other stuff in there too
<azonenberg> a lot of the icestorm, prjxray, symbiflow, etc team hangs out here
<rqou> azonenberg: um? xc2par?
<azonenberg> rqou: oops yeah
<azonenberg> lol
<azonenberg> (can you tell i'm overworked?)
<azonenberg> buhman: and my tools and theirs are for different chips
<azonenberg> so, depends on what silicon you want to use :p
<azonenberg> we all collaborate though
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<buhman> is targeting different chips the only unique goal between each project?
<azonenberg> so, xbpar was originally meant to be a generic CPLD place-and-route that could be used for multiple chips
<azonenberg> I was going to do one for greenpak, one for coolrunner, maybe one for some older altera parts, etc
<azonenberg> but rqou had to go and NIH and make his own P&R for coolrunner instead :p
<azonenberg> fundamentally, they're targeting a different architecture
<rqou> but it's actually a different algorithm, so it's not like i went and frivolously reinvented it
<azonenberg> symbiflow is most of the same team behind icestorm/arachne and they seem to be planning to replace it with a new, better tool that will also work on other chips
<buhman> oh, my (outdated clearly) reading about arachne made it sound like it was unrivaled in performance
<azonenberg> The new tool isnt usable yet
<azonenberg> but outperforms arachne in limited testing
<azonenberg> When done it will be far superior
<rqou> oh btw azonenberg: i did some poking around and those sbdin/sbdout signals i mentioned the other day appear to be clocking-related?!
<rqou> as in, the cyclone ii has a primitive with those wires too, but it's on the _PLL_ primitive
<awygle> buhman: arachne _runs very quickly_ which is probably what you read
<awygle> but its _quality of result_ is quite poor
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<azonenberg> interesting
<buhman> awygle: I thought it was the opposite
<rqou> wtf quartus
<rqou> y u so bad at constraints?
<awygle> I mean, it's fine. it's just that icecube and, apparently, VPR are better
<awygle> arachne doesn't make any use of timing information in its algorithm for example
<rqou> it's based on wirelength?
<rqou> wtf altera
<rqou> why do some of the JTAG wires have better connectivity than others?
<azonenberg> explain?
<rqou> TCKUTAP is only connected to the right-going wire
<rqou> not the up/down-going wires
<azonenberg> are the BUFGs to the right? :p
<rqou> what do you mean?
<azonenberg> (or whatever altera calls them)
<azonenberg> The paths from fabric routing to the clock tree
<rqou> is above
<azonenberg> ok thats weird
<rqou> also, a whole bunch of these wires have a connection to the local interconnect of the io tile that it pretends to belong to
<rqou> but i don't know why this is useful either
<rqou> because the only way you can go from there is out the chip
<rqou> anyways, the row io tile structure i'm observing is that a row io tile is made up of 14 muxes
<rqou> i assume that in the larger chip this usually forms 7 outputs and 7 OEs
<rqou> in this small chip it forms 4 or 5 outputs/OEs and up to 6 "special" wires
<rqou> and "special" wires go to the UFM/JTAG
<rqou> oh, and the clock tree too
<rqou> so maybe some of these connections are vestigial
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<rqou> in general though max v is a pretty clean design at a high level
<rqou> just a giant mess at a detailed level
<rqou> with all sorts of subtle asymmetry
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<azonenberg> how would you say coolrunner is?
<azonenberg> by comparison
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<rqou> e.g. it's better to put your actual clocks onto GCLK2/3 and to put your global control signals on GCLK0/1
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<rqou> because GCLK0/1 have better connectivity into the fabric
<rqou> coolrunner ii seems even more simple, but a bit too limiting to actually do much with
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<rqou> definitely losing out on the cost-effectiveness too
<rqou> afaik it's faster though
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<azonenberg> yeah its not cheap for large ones
<azonenberg> i meant architecturally
<rqou> architecturally it's so simple that it's hard for it to be messy :P
<azonenberg> lol
<azonenberg> which is why i went with it for babby's first bitstream RE project
<rqou> the only thing that's a bit weird is the multiple paths into the ZIA
<rqou> but max v has the exact same thing
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<rqou> there are actually _three_ outputs from a "macrocell" in max v
<rqou> max v would have also been okay as a babby's first (LUT-based) bitstream RE project
<qu1j0t3> pie_: ^
<rqou> azonenberg: afaik the _worst_ babby's first RE project would be a spartan
<rqou> xilinx lut architectures always seem like a big mess
<rqou> with all sorts of "oh, this can't do that"
<rqou> azonenberg: strategy question
<rqou> what if after Project Chibi and Project Ravioli (MAX 10)
<rqou> instead of doing Project Lucoa (Arria that is in the g-sync monitors) maybe we should do Cyclone V?
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<rqou> Cyclone V has the 6lut/ALM structure too, but it's a lot cheaper
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<awygle> Do cyclone 10 plz
<awygle> Also rqou arachne uses Half Perimeter Wire Length as the cost function
<rqou> hrm, that should be okay?
<rqou> not sure why i get particularly bad results with it
<rqou> awygle: gx or lp?
<awygle> it's not that bad but again, no timing info. also it doesn't bias to reduce longer nets like e.g. QWL
<awygle> either. I'd prefer GX but that's obviously stickier lol
<rqou> gx and lp are totally different archs :P
<awygle> Yeah you told me
<rqou> ok, we need a new name for this
<rqou> paging pie_ :P
<awygle> GX has sweet txvrs tho
<rqou> pie_: we need something that's a grown up chibi that isn't quite as... big as lucoa :P
<awygle> I assume you want something dragon maid related?
<rqou> doesn't have to be
<pie_> huh what hi
<awygle> I have thus far avoided that show
<rqou> i haven't actually watched it
<rqou> i've only seen clips of kanna :P
<pie_> me too but there was amusing things on youtube
<rqou> wait i got it
<pie_> i might watch it at some point
<awygle> aren't there always
<rqou> cyclone 10 lp RE project = Project ⑨
<pie_> qu1j0t3, hmm
<awygle> kero kero
<rqou> since it's kinda a silly part that's just a die shrink of a cyclone iv
<rqou> so cyclone 10 gx (if i ever get to that) needs yet another name
<rqou> pie_: "we need something that's a grown up chibi that isn't quite as... big as lucoa"
<pie_> yeah im thinking
<pie_> rqou, im not enough og an otaku for this
<awygle> rqou: name it after suwako (also that song is stuck in my head now)
<pie_> soon: mughsot lineup of programmable logic as anime girls
<pie_> lol touhou has like 500 characters right? youd never run out
<pie_> *mugshot
<rqou> why don't we have an fpga-tan yet?
<rqou> azonenberg?
<rqou> :P
<rqou> azonenberg: can you ask your $WIFE to come up with one?
<awygle> (https://youtu.be/JUBbigtfCWs in case anyone was foolishly wondering what song)
<pie_> $azwife draws?
<pie_> or something?
<rqou> ok, so Project ⑨ and Project Suwako? :P
<rqou> pie_: azonenberg's $WIFE is a weeb/furry artist
<pie_> "omg cool"
<pie_> btw i want a haskell version of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdj6deraQ6k
<awygle> Jesus h
<rqou> pie_: you forget how relevant this is to awygle :P
<awygle> Whelp I'm out. Between this and a racing game based on Tracy Chapman's Fast Car, it's clearly time to go to bed.
<pie_> rqou, i dont follow
<rqou> pie_: berkeley's intro CS course is also SICP-derived
<rqou> awygle even took the scheme version
<rqou> i took the modernized python version
<pie_> hehe
<awygle> "modernized", "bastardized" who's to say:-P
<rqou> hey, apparently the CS faculty had extended discussions about this
<awygle> yeah it was a hot topic for years
<awygle> according to Harvey
<rqou> yup
<rqou> personally i support the view that having a language with the kitchen sink available is better
<pie_> w-well youre not WRONG
<rqou> python is imho a more newbie-friendly kitchen sink language than say javascript
<rqou> afaik only azonenberg here hates it
<rqou> apparently azonenberg is weird enough that his preferred kitchen sink language is (was?) PHP
<azonenberg> pie_: $wife has a degree in fine art
<azonenberg> and spends her spare time drawing furries and pokemon :p
<azonenberg> (she's not even a furry herself, but apparently it's a good business)
<pie_> yeah ive heard its good business, its weird
<azonenberg> rqou: these days i'm more likely to use C than PHP
<azonenberg> but i still use PHP for quick and dirty text processing or stuff sometimes
<rqou> pie_: it's thanks to the prevalence of "byuu syndrome" :P
<azonenberg> like, my "count lines of code in all source files in the current directory and print totals by language recursively"
<rqou> the condition of being in tech and being trans/furry/weeb/ADHD
<azonenberg> rqou: lol
<azonenberg> I was actually just talking about that with some folks at the lab at $work
<azonenberg> the %age of LGBT folks, and furries, seems vastly higher in tech than the general population
<awygle> rqou: it's kitchen sink or fit the language in my head after a 90m lecture
<awygle> I can argue it either way
<rqou> well, sneklang 61a still did that second part
<rqou> the "interpreter" project is still a scheme interpreter, hosted in python
<awygle> I don't agree that's the same and it has other problems but what I was going to say was that they'll probably never actually write scheme in anger now, whereas everybody picks up python eventually.
<awygle> I think that is a loss. But like I said I can argue it either way.
<awygle> So *shrug*
<rqou> yeah i guess
<rqou> what's much more "fun" is probably cs150 teaching verilog in one 90m lecture :P
<rqou> (ok, more like 2)
<awygle> Ugh yes
<awygle> Although I had some in 61c iirc
<rqou> not when i took it
<rqou> they just used that buggy as hell java logic simulator
<awygle> we used logisim primarily but we had like a lecture on verilog
<rqou> hmm, i don't think we did
<rqou> i guess they deleted it
<awygle> Anyway I wasn't joking earlier, I really am going to bed. Night.
<rqou> goodnight
<pie_> awygle, there was an attempt
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<rqou> wat
<rqou> the UFM block has a ton of "warning: footgun" going on
<rqou> azonenberg: "For user-
<rqou> be tied low if you are not issuing any PROGRAM or ERASE commands."
<rqou> program or erase operations, but not during read operations. The OSC_ENA signal can
<rqou> generated logic interfacing to the UFM, the oscillator must be enabled during
<rqou> so i take this to mean that not enabling the oscillator makes the flash not program correctly?
<rqou> also "During real-time ISP operation, the internal oscillator automatically enables and
<rqou> ending of the real-time ISP operation for gated control of this self-enabled OSC output
<rqou> OSC_ENA signal is tied low. You can use the RTP_BUSY signal to detect the beginning and
<rqou> outputs through the OSC output port (if this port is instantiated) even though the
<rqou> condition."
<azonenberg> tl;dr the UFM uses the OSC for internal self-timing?
<rqou> yeah of course
<azonenberg> and i don't think this means that you have to force it off during reads
<rqou> that's basically stated
<azonenberg> Just that it must be on for the rest
<rqou> yeah
<rqou> but what if you forget?
<rqou> then it breaks? :P
<azonenberg> lol
<azonenberg> i'm actually curious if there is potential to damage the flash by gating the clock at the right moment
<azonenberg> and moving too much charge or something
<rqou> you can try that on your own :P
<pie_> i forgot that the hardware probably has parts without valid state checks
<pie_> better hope you dont forget those in your compiler software
<pie_> and i suppose thats an argument for REing the whole thing? :P
<azonenberg> pie_: oh, almost certainly
<azonenberg> most fpga routing fabrics have one-hot bits
<pie_> azonenberg, yeah im pretty sure i asked this before which is why i remembered
<azonenberg> where if you set them wrong you get bus fights in the fabric
<azonenberg> i know coolrunner has them
<azonenberg> i know where, and i've triggered them experimentally (on purpose)
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<azonenberg> And they do kill the chip, but it takes ~10 mins with every mux bus-fighting at once
<azonenberg> (have not tested how long a single one takes, or if that's even lethal at all)
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<daveshah> mithro/tinyfpga: Trellis can already rewrite bitstreams so bitstreams built with Diamond for non SERDES parts can run on the SERDES ones
<daveshah> Not sure what the legal status of that is though
<daveshah> Obviously you can't use the SERDES for that either
<mithro> morning daveshah
<daveshah> morning mithro
<tinyfpga> howdy daveshah
<tinyfpga> I’ll send you one of the new TinyFPGA EX prototypes when I get them built and working
<daveshah> Awesome
<daveshah> I'm now looking at timing RE for the ecp5
<daveshah> Looks like it shouldn't be too bad - other than that it's just a case of figuring out a few remaining tile types (EBR, DSP, etc) but we know the routing for those already
<pie_> rqou, ill draw an fpga-tan if you can wait long enough for me to learn to draw lol :p
<azonenberg> i was thinking fpga-chan personally
<azonenberg> Would there be a CPLD-senpai too? (since product term architectures predate LUTs)
<awygle> CLPD-nee-sama
<pie_> apparently -tan is a "lispy" cutesy suffix
<pie_> (i had to look it up)
<awygle> yeah tan is just diminutive chan
<pie_> "classy nee-samas are the best"
<pie_> sometimes i look back at my discussions in here and think, wow it could be bad if someone took anything i say in here seriously
<awygle> Gotta be careful stretching the metaphor too far or you end up with ultrascale plus as a very fat baby
<pie_> hahaha
<pie_> somehting about buddhas
<azonenberg> awygle: lool
<azonenberg> I guess the other option would be to go back to the manufacture/engineering side of things
<azonenberg> (when will somebody make an anime based on the PCBA schoolgirls? lol)
<rqou> wtf
<pie_> probably never, WE have to do it
<pie_> PCBA?
<rqou> the ufm block has an address width parameter
<rqou> the frontend says you must set it to 7 8 or 9
<pie_> oh ok i just had to google the acronym. yeah.
<rqou> but then the fitter yells at you if it isn't 9
<rqou> quality software again
<pie_> azonenberg, stop saying things like this i dont want to learn animation too
<azonenberg> pie_: you know the picture i'm talking about right?
<awygle> rqou: same IP for multiple parts prolly
<pie_> some people get nerd sniped, i dont. i get subject sniped
<rqou> all parts in this family have the same size UFM
<azonenberg> there's two or three from the same artist
<pie_> azonenberg, yeah theres like 3 and they're between my favorites xD
<azonenberg> lol
<pie_> by the way
* pie_ searches around
<rqou> wat
<rqou> the UFM oscena is inverted
<rqou> and it generates a lut for the invert?
<rqou> so there _isn't_ an invert bit in the IO?!
<pie_> cool robot girls https://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=sukabu im not sure how much of this counts as body horror heh
<rqou> i like how you had to specifically look for safebooru :P
<pie_> im not actually sure thats sfw, it just looked like it might be lol
<pie_> i dont think this artist had and nsfw stuff
<pie_> *any
<pie_> maybe we need an ##openfpga-anime channel :p
<rqou> ##openfpga-afterdark :P
<azonenberg> oh god that would be... a sight to behold
<rqou> WTF?!
<pie_> "during the day, you would suspect nothing of these innocent looking programmers"
<rqou> UFM oscillator to global clocks has to pass through the normal interconnect?
<pie_> "but at night night they are..."
<rqou> but why does the mux have a missing setting?!
<rqou> there must be something screwy going on
<pie_> rqou, which project is this again?
<rqou> i think all of these WTFs will need hardware testing
<pie_> i dont remmeber the names
<rqou> Project Chibi (MAX V)
<pie_> ah its not a name
<pie_> oh well i was going to say ____ has a few screws loose? :p
<pie_> (inb4 they all have a few screws loose)
<daveshah> rqou: this sounds a bit like the ice40 tbh
<daveshah> to go from global clock to output pin, you have to use a feed through LUT
<rqou> er, you don't here
<daveshah> still, sounds like there's no direct global connection
<rqou> this is for the internal oscillator
<rqou> into the clock tree
<rqou> not coming out of the clock tree
<daveshah> oh, I see
<daveshah> that is stranger
* pie_ off to setting up his server again
<rqou> in general though ice40 seems to be pretty "altera-like"
<daveshah> strangely, I heard a semi-insider comment to that effect too
<daveshah> maybe there was some employee movement to siliconblue
<rqou> anyways, that mystery bit at the top-left doesn't control the UFM either
<rqou> i wonder wtf it does
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<rqou> um...
<rqou> azonenberg: "WYSIWYG primitive "myufm" has SBDIN port that cannot be connected when the appropriate ini variable is not set"
<rqou> azonenberg: i wonder what the secret is?
<pie_> that sounds like bad UI design too?
<rqou> no, they're hiding something
<pie_> sure i mean.
<pie_> the port should not be displayed to the user if they cant use it?
<pie_> though i suppose when they see tht it exists, in documentation, they will be like "wut why isnt it present" so idk
<pie_> question, would an pld company make something where unless you put some kind of value in your bitstream it kills the chip? i.e. if you use a different compiler or something
<pie_> sounds like that could backfire so id guess no
<pie_> and if its a static value you'd notice during RE anyway, if its nonstatic its a waste of chip space? (and youd find it during RE (?))
<azonenberg> pie_: they dont expect anyone to use any other chip
<azonenberg> any other compiler*
<azonenberg> that's the last thing they expect
<azonenberg> as far as bad ui design, check out GTPE4_CHANNEL :p
<azonenberg> hundreds of ports and parameters
<azonenberg> many of which need magic values not documented naywhere
<azonenberg> and you just have to use their ip generator
<rqou> azonenberg: sooo, i figured out what these ports are for
<pie_> azonenberg, yeah i figured as much
<azonenberg> oh?
<rqou> azonenberg: see PM
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<q3k> 01:22:05 azonenberg_work | q3k: you dont even have to be a gun person, magazine pouches are readily available, inexpensive, and fit various kinds of load-bearing gear, velcro, etc
<q3k> right, that was kind of my point
<q3k> just being in a country were there's relaxed gun control changes that
<rqou> wait, are you saying that mass shootings are _not_ normal and can't be fixed with thoughts and prayers?!
<rqou> /s
<rqou> <insert the onion article here>
<daveshah> of course, Europe has far fewer because our thoughts and prayers over here are much better
<rqou> lolol
<jn__> older churches => stronger prayers
<cr1901_modern> We're gonna need those guns for the civil war that starts tomorrow
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<rqou> :(
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<pie_> i think jn__ is on to something
<pie_> US had indians so really its the shamanic stuff they should be doing
* pie_ shakes head
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<awygle> pie_: in case you're unaware that's literally the plot of American Gods
<pie_> im ...acquainted? with it
<awygle> (also Indians live in India, we have native Americans)
<pie_> i wouldnt khave thought of it if you didnt mention it
<pie_> heh
<awygle> Is a good book. I should watch the TV show at some point.
<pie_> i never actualy understood why they were called indians, but now that you mention it, the story goes that that one dude was looking for india right? so maybe thats it
<awygle> Yup
<pie_> guess im a bit slow :p
<awygle> "Hey its India, nice to meet you, Indians!" "Actually this is a whole other place" ".... Naaaa you're Indians."
<Bike> not like the taino knew where india was any more than columbus did
<awygle> Well no but then the joke doesn't work
<Bike> i think the west indies being where they are is the real joke
<pie_> meanwhile columbus was thinking "oh shit i better say they're totally indians, my crew is gonna kill me"
<awygle> You could do another joke along the lines of that thing in Australia(?) where they're called kangaroos(?) because it means "I can't understand you"
<Bike> i thought that was apocryphal (but hilarious)
<awygle> Well, sure, but then the joke doesn't work :-P
<awygle> Such a stickler
<Bike> wow the language the word is from is called "Guugu Yimithirr"
<Bike> what a name
<jn__> in german, there are two words for "indians" (Indianer and Inder), so we can tell them apart
<awygle> Something something eucalyptus burned down California, something something cane toada
<awygle> That name sounds like it should be for an Old One
<pie_> how do you kno wit isnt >.>
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<q3k> interestingly, in mainstream polish native amricans are still called 'indians'
<q3k> i don't think I remember a 'native american' equivalent
<q3k> apart from the generic 'aboriginal' term
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<azonenberg> q3k: interesting
<azonenberg> Are you polish?
<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal-apps] azonenberg pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/f7Yxz
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal-apps/master 2b473a8 Andrew Zonenberg: Fixed include paths again
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<openfpga-bot> jtaghal-cmake/master 9d7fc82 Andrew Zonenberg: Updated to latest submodule versions
<q3k> azonenberg: yes
<azonenberg> q3k: cool, my family has a lot of ancestry from eastern europe
<azonenberg> my dad's father was born in poland, his mom was... czech?
<q3k> i'm sorry? :P
<azonenberg> Lol
<q3k> is that where your last name comes from?
<azonenberg> I believe so, yes
<azonenberg> We still sing "Sto Lat" at birthday events for that side of the family, although most of us younger folks aren't particularly fluent in polish anymore
<q3k> heh
<azonenberg> My dad knows enough that when we had construction done on our house by a contractor who hired lots of polish immigrants
<q3k> can't blame you for not being fluent, it is a shitshow of a language
<azonenberg> he was able to understand some of the laborers chatting
<azonenberg> But would have a hard time holding an extended conversatoin
<azonenberg> And i just know a handful of words
<q3k> I've been trying to teach my Romanian girlfriend some Polish and it's pain at every step
<azonenberg> And lol yes, my european language of choice is German and i'm not super fluent in that either
<q3k> pronounciation of words is just ridiculous when you think about it
<azonenberg> but, aside from the gendered nouns, it seems relatively straightforward
<q3k> declensions are fairly complex
<q3k> there 7 cases, and quite a few distinct declensions all in all
<azonenberg> fuuun
<q3k> conjugation is fairly easy, nothing compared to french
<azonenberg> Ironic that I picked German, considering that the reason I was born in the US is that my Polish grandfather saw what was going on over the border with Hitler back in the 1930s
<azonenberg> and decided to GTFO
<balrog> interesting conversation to drop into :)
<q3k> well, hisotry is history
<q3k> keep it in mind but don't let it dictate your life
<azonenberg> Yeah
<q3k> i'll be moving to germany within half a year, too
<azonenberg> These days, the nazis are on the other side of the ocean anyway :p
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<balrog> sadly they're all over the place at this point :/
<q3k> there's more naxis in poland than in germany at this point
<q3k> *nazis
<azonenberg> i was talking about the us
<azonenberg> :p
<q3k> like literal flaming-swastika-in-the-woods-meeting nazis
<balrog> q3k: yep
<azonenberg> Actually on topic... somebody needs to make a good f/oss simulator-and-waveform-viewer integration
<azonenberg> That has the ability to do things like "freeze simulation at time X, poke around a bit in the source, resume sim for another 50 ns"
<azonenberg> i'm using vivado xsim right now and battling a bug where the displayed hex data in the waveform viewer is simply wrong
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<azonenberg> all of my rtl makes correct decisions based on that data
<azonenberg> When i $display() the bus, it looks correct
<azonenberg> But in the waveform viewer, i see bus[x :+ headers] as changing correctly from cycle N to N+1
<azonenberg> but bus[0 :+ data] as not toggling
<azonenberg> if i expand the bus, the bigs look right
<azonenberg> bits*
<azonenberg> So only the hex render is wrong
<mithro> Morning
<q3k> evening
<daveshah> evening
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<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal] azonenberg pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/f7rWW
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal/master 40e4a5f Andrew D. Zonenberg: build: fixed CMake to link Digilent libs if available
<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal-cmake] azonenberg pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/f7rWB
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal-cmake/master 424efae Andrew D. Zonenberg: Enabled Digilent blob detection for CMake build
<rqou> azonenberg you're using the digilent blob?
<rqou> not diamondman's code?
<azonenberg> Correct, i believe his code only works for one particular digilent programmer
<azonenberg> the blob works with a lot
<azonenberg> they have some FX* based programmers
<azonenberg> they have at least two or three FTDI ones with (I think) identical configs
<azonenberg> at least one PIC based one
<azonenberg> and they all use different usb protocols
<azonenberg> I generally use the ftdi blob in preference to the digilent blob for a digilent+ftdi stack
<azonenberg> at some point i will be adding support for stlink
<daveshah> The Lattice iceblink have a Digilent programmer with something that's not even one of those iirc
<daveshah> One of the usb atmegas or something
<azonenberg> i mean i could totally add a backend for diamondman's code to talk to that one particular digilent programmer without using the blob
<azonenberg> it would be better than nothing if you want fully open code
<azonenberg> But it won't add new functionality if somebody has the blob already
<gruetzkopf> only one of my "stlinkv2" is running ST firmware
<azonenberg> lol
<azonenberg> i meant the stlink protocol
<azonenberg> so i can plug directly to (say) a nucleo and use it
<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal] azonenberg pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/f7FWg
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal/master 5925c48 Andrew D. Zonenberg: Reformatted ARM debug messages
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<openfpga-bot> jtaghal-cmake/master 8fa53f1 Andrew D. Zonenberg: Updated to latest jtaghal
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<pie_> i found this too funny
<pie_> <Cheery> it is a bit like an impression that PEP is ruining Python.
<pie_> <dash> Cheery: I guess a more accurate description was "python matured, python-dev did not"
<pie_> <dash> Cheery: well, it sorta did
<pie_> shots fired :p
<pie_> although this is pretty out of context since im too tired to read the scroll
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<qu1j0t3> scroll is droll
<pie_> scroll schmoll
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<awygle> yeah i would love a simulator with real debugging
<awygle> pause, single-step, etc
<awygle> (but then i also want that for hardware and nobody seems to think that's useful, so i doubt there'll be a big push on the sim side either)
<sorear> does that include being able to change the state of flops and memories while it's paused?
<awygle> ideally, yeah
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<awygle> _ideally_ ideally, back-propagate that to source :p but that's probably impossible in the general case
<awygle> i just discovered a library that eliminates about 500 lines of code i've written over the last few weeks. on the one hand - awesome! on the other - dammit!
<sorear> "eliminates" in the sense of "makes redundant", rather than "malfunctions and destroys"
<awygle> correct lol
<awygle> "does the same thing but probably better and definitely in such a way that i don't have to maintain it forever"
<shapr> awygle: why isn't that useful for hardware?!
<shapr> awygle: but now you *understand* the library
<awygle> shapr: i don't know! but nobody seems to think it is. where "nobody" rounds to, like, azonenberg and ZipCPU i guess
<shapr> I'd certainly want that.
<ZipCPU> awygle: Which library?
* pie_ adds it to awygle's biggish scale projects list
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<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal-apps] azonenberg pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/fd0og
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal-apps/master f57221d Andrew Zonenberg: Tweaked verbosity for jtagclient, added nobanner option to hide startup spam while maintaining high verbosity elsewhere
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<awygle> pie_: maaaaaaaaaan stop being right about my stupid project list :(
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<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal] azonenberg pushed 3 new commits to master: https://git.io/fFY8W
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal/master a14a510 Andrew Zonenberg: Finished initial implementation of multi-device JTAG chain support. Doesn't work with split (pipelined) scans but works fine for normal scans in preliminary testing.
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal/master 3cced55 Andrew Zonenberg: Minor tweaks to CoolRunner debug tracing
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal/master 2f49f76 Andrew Zonenberg: Updated all shift operations to use size_t for lengths. Began work on support for multi-device chains.
<azonenberg_work> rqou: can you test?
<openfpga-bot> [jtaghal-cmake] azonenberg pushed 2 new commits to master: https://git.io/fFY8B
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal-cmake/master 14355b9 Andrew Zonenberg: Updated to latest submodule versions
<openfpga-bot> jtaghal-cmake/master 8fafabd Andrew Zonenberg: build: Enabled symbols for debugging
<rqou> er, test what?
<rqou> I'm at work
<azonenberg_work> When you get a chance
<azonenberg_work> I have multi-device bypass/pad support in jtaghal now
<azonenberg_work> So full support, not just enumeration, for arbitrary-sized scan chains
<azonenberg_work> I use the existing, optimized code path without padding if there's one device
<azonenberg_work> if multiple, i do a very inefficient bitblt for the padding right now, there's plenty of room to improve performance
<azonenberg_work> But it seems to work
<awygle> "bitblt" amuses me, etymologically speaking
<azonenberg_work> i mean, that's what it is
<azonenberg_work> you're doing a non-byte-aligned memcpy
<azonenberg_work> Right now i do it a single bit at a time using the jtaghal PeekBit / PokeBit functions
<azonenberg_work> which is massively inefficient but was easy to code and easy to verify :p
<azonenberg_work> for(size_t i=0; i<count; i++)
<azonenberg_work> PokeBit(data_out, i, PeekBit(&rxd[0], i+leading_bits));
<azonenberg_work> I'm probably going to refactor the antikernel repo in a bi
<azonenberg_work> bit*
<azonenberg_work> to use the system jtaghal rather than building its own copy in-tree
<azonenberg_work> I dont want to deal with maintaining two build systems
<azonenberg_work> And jtaghal is not something i would be cross-compiling with splash anyway
<awygle> I'm pretty sure no one in here cares but the new c# pipelines api (https://blog.marcgravell.com/2018/07/pipe-dreams-part-1.html?m=1) is a great idea
<sorear> looks great
<awygle> I am tempted to add "write something similar in Rust" to that list pie_ mentioned
* pie_ mumbles something about haskell
<pie_> ok this usually works, ive replugged my monitor like 10 times but its still not getting its proper resolution
<awygle> iirc the orange site comments had somebody saying "haskell has had this forever"
<pie_> haskell probably has everything forever
<jn__> ... lazily
* pie_ repeats what he's been doing with the monitor, hoping it will change eventually