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<awygle> weirdly it seems to be very difficult to efficiently communicate over UART with Linux
<Ultrasauce> define efficient?
<awygle> eh I dunno. It just seems to eat a lot of CPU. lots of 16 byte FIFOs and things.
<Ultrasauce> huh. guess I haven't noticed because most of my code that does serial stuff just polls and spins anyway
<awygle> I have a need to handle several (say 8) serial streams at a high speed (say like 500kbaud)
<awygle> and it seems somewhat daunting despite being way less traffic than 10base-t for instance
<Ultrasauce> via usb?
<Ultrasauce> the cdc-acm driver definitely sucks but i'm not sure it's not inherent to the device class
<awygle> na fabric on a Zynq. I think it's emulating some kind of terrible 16650 from three decades ago...
<Ultrasauce> as is tradition
<awygle> Yup. I'm still in the "Google shit" phase of the project though so maybe everything is fine and I'm borrowing trouble.
<rqou> awygle: is this for your $WORK?
<awygle> rqou: no comment lol
<rqou> wtf
<awygle> na it's "for work" in the loosest sense. just an idea I had
<awygle> trying to do feasibility and whatnot
<rqou> why is your work doing all of these things?
<awygle> all of what things?
<rqou> how complicated is it to flash chips lol
<awygle> lol
<awygle> depends how fast and how cheaply
<awygle> and generically
<rqou> <troll>why can't your product just be replaced with an arduino?</troll>
<awygle> like if you come to me and say "hey build me a super great UART programmer" I can do that, but when you say "and it also has to do <thirty other protocols>" things get more interesting
<jn__> <troll>oh, an arduino is too slow? use a raspi, then!</troll>
<qu1j0t3> stahp
<awygle> The real question you should be asking is "why are you thinking about work on a Saturday night"
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<awygle> Sadly I have no good answer, I just got nerd sniped
<pie_> were yo the one that works at dataio or whats that company called again
<awygle> it's-a me
<pie_> ~
<Ultrasauce> what kinda dumb question is that
<Ultrasauce> im at work right now
<awygle> that sounds like a bummer
<awygle> but might not be depending on circumstances
<Ultrasauce> crunch time
<Ultrasauce> first deployment in 9 days. product not done
<awygle> that does indeed sound like a bummer
<Ultrasauce> well on the plus side it's time to stop stressing about it and DO
<awygle> lol
<awygle> at my current phase of life I am deeply enjoying my fundamentally-kind-of-boring 9 to 5 job
<pie_> bookmarked
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<azonenberg> Ultrasauce: you want a bummer / crunch time?
<azonenberg> my landlord is kicking me out in a month because a new tenant moves in august 1st
<azonenberg> And my new house is maaaaaybe a month from being done, if i'm really really lucky :p
<Ultrasauce> so you get to rent a storage unit and move twice and live in a hotel for a couple weeks probably
<Ultrasauce> that blows
<azonenberg> storage unit / move twice is not happening
<azonenberg> i'm going to shove my stuff into any corner of the new house that i can
<azonenberg> if i have to put a tarp over the couch and hang sheetrock around it, i will
<azonenberg> But i may have to couch surf / hotel / whatever
<Ultrasauce> i would not advise living in a house under construction yeah
<azonenberg> I dont know at this point, it's hard to predict ETA
<azonenberg> At this point we have almost the entire 1st floor insulated
<azonenberg> i have to do one corner of the garage which requires a little bit of stud work to hold the insulation in place
<azonenberg> I have to frame two access panels for drain cleanouts in the office and then insulate around those panels
<Ultrasauce> maybe a good excuse to get a bigass prefab shed
<azonenberg> i have to put up a few studs and insulate under the stairs
<azonenberg> Then i have to do the insulation in the ceiling of the lab (former garage)
<azonenberg> On the second floor, i have to do one tiny corner of the living room and dining room, about half of the master bedroom, and a few tidbits in the other two bedrooms
<azonenberg> Plus all of the ceilings
<azonenberg> (brb)
<azonenberg> back... anyway, that all needs to get (ideally) done by a week from monday
<azonenberg> Because that's when sheetrock shows up
<azonenberg> While working full time during the week :p
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<daveshah> anyone who knows anything about FPGA timing models around? digshadow or azonenberg?
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<mithro> Afternoon
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<rqou> azonenberg: ping?