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<Werner> Good morning
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<Werner> ArmbianTwitter: repeat twitter 30 "echo [tweety twitter --new armbian]"
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @Pietre_Linux @orangepixunlong We provide relatively good support for most Orangepi boards. One can boot or install clean Debian like Linux at any time while it would probably be nice to skip Android and boot Linux from a first go ;) (1d ago)
<IgorPec> Werner: twitter plugin?
<Werner> Yes
<Werner> lanefu was asking for it quite a while ago.
<IgorPec> ok, cool. how it works?
<Werner> It check every 30 seconds for new tweets from @armbian and if there is any it will parse it here. That's it.
<IgorPec> aha, ours. Well, it could display all mentioned @armbian as well?
<IgorPec> not sure if we want that, but just if possible?
<Werner> At the current state not.
<Werner> Oh well, maybe
<Werner> Though I will not test this in here. I use #armbian-test for that
<IgorPec> its tested now :)=
<IgorPec> but if you want to experiment more, better, yes
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<Werner> I can search Twitter for keywords, like "armbian" but that is it
<IgorPec> perhaps #armbian
<IgorPec> yes, try
<Werner> #Armbian will be found as well when searching for "armbian". Guess a wildcard is included ^^
<IgorPec> well, forget about then
<IgorPec> even this way is already great
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<lanefu> Werner: that's way cool!
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<Werner> Hopefully it can be further enhanced. The creator of the plugin, oddluck, is a really nice and helpful person.
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<lanefu> nice... happy developers are hte best
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<IgorPec> lanefu: hey
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<lanefu> hi IgorPec
<IgorPec> how is going life over there ?
<lanefu> ha its getting interesting.... Everyone is working from home now
<lanefu> they've cancelled most of the schools around here
<lanefu> I don't have kids, so its not as hard for me
<lanefu> but for others thats a pretty challenging situation
<IgorPec> aha, so its pretty much the same as here
<Werner> Same here. In most states schools are closed
<IgorPec> i am enjoying a kids show after show :) and try to code
<IgorPec> btw ... Jenkins.
<lanefu> yeah hopefully everything goes okay for you guys
<IgorPec> so far its OK. Don't know for days & weeks to come
<IgorPec> but there will be more time for coding i guess :)
<IgorPec> how far are things with jenkins ... to always have latest kernels ready?
<IgorPec> to move from nightly logic recompiling everything to just changed / CI
<lanefu> hmm hadnt spent any time on jenkins lately
<IgorPec> perhaps we already have this functionality ... since it only rebuilds kernels which are affected to the MR
<IgorPec> i am pushing auto testing to be able to run it also when MR is prepared
<lanefu> auto-testing.. being running this against something? https://github.com/armbian/autotests
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<lanefu> sh
<lanefu> sh
<lanefu> irc != vim
<lanefu> doh
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<igorp_> lanefu: network problems
<igorp_> brb
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<IgorPec> it looks like router needs some firmware upgrade
<IgorPec> yes, its bash scripting
<IgorPec> I have a bundle of 14-16 boards
<lanefu> so are you going to use nfs for provindg them images? or do you have a prototype of that testing board?
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<IgorPec> now its running from SD / eMMC media. That's next step
<IgorPec> i am preapring things to make use of that tool too
<IgorPec> i have to make an image and power the board, the rest is already automagically
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<lanefu> okay.. let me think for a bit and i'll see what i can figure out
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<IgorPec> its a next step from previous manual testings.
<IgorPec> but data collection and summary is not done yet, just displaying data at this stage
<IgorPec> the wet idea is to run this daily / on MR and join resoults from all of us :)
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<Jin^eLD> hi, did anyone try to run Armbian_20.02.1_Tinkerboard_buster_current_5.4.20_minimal.img lately?
<Jin^eLD> last message I see in the serial console is "Starting kernel..."
<Jin^eLD> then after a while all leds go off
<Jin^eLD> and that's it
<IgorPec> and it works with older builds?
<IgorPec> BTW. for me Tinkerboard boots only with one mUSB cable
<Jin^eLD> it did work with Armbian_5.90_Tinkerboard_Debian_buster_default_4.4.182_desktop.img
<Jin^eLD> which I will retry now to be sure
<Jin^eLD> what do you mean by "only with one musb"? i.e. like, you have a bunch of cables but only one of them works with the tinker board?
<IgorPec> yes
<Jin^eLD> that's odd
<IgorPec> no, that is expected
<IgorPec> tinkerboard is badly designed
<Jin^eLD> really? is there a criteria how to sort the usb cables out that would work?
<Jin^eLD> yeah I got that part... the tinker seems to be quite a hardware hack
<IgorPec> powering is a total failure
<IgorPec> when you sort that, it works quite ok
<Jin^eLD> IgorPec: did you experience difficulties or are you aware of any problems in regard to date/time settings? I tried a recent mainline kernel (not on armbian), but date -s was not able to set the date, i.e. when reading it back right after setting it, it still showed 1970
<Jin^eLD> did you encounter anything like it when upgrading the kernel for armbian?
<IgorPec> on tinkerboard?
<Jin^eLD> yes
<IgorPec> nope. mine is running 5.4.16
<Jin^eLD> hmm
<Jin^eLD> I ran out of ideas and was going to reproduce the armbian kernel build to compare, but ended up not being able to boot the latest armbian version
<Jin^eLD> will flash the older one again now and retry
<IgorPec> i can flash the one from the download and try
<Jin^eLD> that'd be great, thank you
<Jin^eLD> in the meantime I'll try buster legacy 4.4.213
<IgorPec> 10-15m
<IgorPec> Jin^eLD: boots normally
<Jin^eLD> hmmm
<Jin^eLD> thank you for testing
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<Jin^eLD> do you see the whole kernel output via ttyS2 or only u-boot and then the login prompt?
<Jin^eLD> that was another weird thing I noticed when testing
<IgorPec> don't have console there ATM, HDMI only
<Jin^eLD> thats interesting, so the Armbian_20.02.1_Tinkerboard_buster_legacy_4.4.213.img image booted up normally
<IgorPec> no, sorry 5.4.y
<Jin^eLD> no, no, I mean here
<Jin^eLD> while you wre trying the newer 5.x I went back to 4.4.213
<IgorPec> and?
<Jin^eLD> works for me
<IgorPec> well, since those kernels are very different, minimal power consumtion can be different
<Jin^eLD> that booted OK, I dont see the kernel boot messages, its silent after "Starting kernel...." but then after a while I get the login prompt
<IgorPec> in case of mUSB this can be critical. I have seen this before
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<Jin^eLD> aha... so its even that crucial
<IgorPec> aha, you are only seeing console?
<Jin^eLD> I do not have anything attached to the board except a serial line
<IgorPec> no HDMI?
<Jin^eLD> no, nothing, so I would not expect any power drain
<Jin^eLD> its a naked board
<IgorPec> ok, than change that. add console=serial to /boot/armbienEnv.txt
<IgorPec> to force boot messages to console
<Jin^eLD> ah, that's a setting I was missing, thank you
<IgorPec> and raise verbosity ... probably you just need to wait longer
<Jin^eLD> btw, your test now - did you use an sdcard or did you flash to emmc?
<IgorPec> since first boot resizes parition, then gives you a prompt
<IgorPec> directly to eMMC
<Jin^eLD> I am not sure about longer because all LEDs go dark
<IgorPec> ahhm, that is 100% powering issue
<IgorPec> change cables
<Jin^eLD> that power supply has a cable that can not be detached from it :P I'll look for another adapter then
<IgorPec> yes, do that. I am confident this is the problem
<Jin^eLD> thanks for the hint, that would at least explain the weirdness
<IgorPec> like i already said, i had to look long for a proper cable ;)
<IgorPec> and also PSU has to be OK, ofc
<Jin^eLD> heh :)
<Jin^eLD> doh, wanted to try via an usb hub but you guys have a patch that brings u-boot directly into ums mode
<IgorPec> yes, that is correct
<Jin^eLD> what is the easiest way to reproduce the armbian kernel build (only the kernel)? I mean not in terms of build env but fetching sources and patches?
<Jin^eLD> I dug through compile.sh
<Jin^eLD> but it was not quite obvious if you get the kernel from linux.org and patch it or if you use an own mirror?
<IgorPec> clone from linux.org + patches
<IgorPec> + our config and packaging
<IgorPec> you can build only kernel + uboot
<Jin^eLD> https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/master/patch/kernel/rockchip-current <- these are vs which one exactly, 5.4.which?
<Jin^eLD> I'm going to build it in Yocto, so just figuring out what sources and configs you use would be the best I think; since the date/time settings work for you I figured I'll try the armbian kernel patches
<Jin^eLD> ran out of other ideas
<Jin^eLD> and you were totally right about the power part, thank you again; with a power supply from a netbook it booted the "current" armbian
<Jin^eLD> had some interim steps with usb hubs etc and results differed each time (random reboots etc)
<IgorPec> yes, those current is 5.4
<Jin^eLD> thank you
<Jin^eLD> IgorPec: is there a way to see in what order those patches get applied? I get rejects
<Jin^eLD> in what order they are supposed to be applied I mean
<IgorPec> alphabetic
<Jin^eLD> hmm, that's what I used, that's odd then
<Jin^eLD> ah, I should have used 5.4.20 and not 5.4.25...
<Jin^eLD> hmm nope, xt-q8l-v10-remote-keymap.patch still fails to apply
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<Tonymac32> that one is a community one, it should not do anything to Tinker
<Tonymac32> it's for a TV box
<Jin^eLD> Tonymac32: thx, I also figured I probably wont need it, so just dropped it; compiled, now really curious if my date problem goes away :>
<Jin^eLD> doh, I really don't get it... I compiled the armbian kernel with all of your patches and I get the same problem I had with vanilla while it works on Armbian, what am I missing?
<Jin^eLD> I figured that the clock also requires CONFIG_COMMON_CLK_RK808=y
<Jin^eLD> but as soon as I enable that it won't mount my rootfs when booting and gets stuck on "Waiting for root device"
<Jin^eLD> did you guys fix something special in u-boot that you can think of?
<Jin^eLD> actually let me try Armbian u-boot
<Jin^eLD> nope, no difference, I am out of ideas
<Jin^eLD> thanks for the help btw
<Jin^eLD> was worth a try
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<Jin^eLD> whats up wit the uInitrd, is it actually used in the regular armbian boot process?
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<IgorPec> initrd is used ,yes
<Jin^eLD> could you please share why you needed it and what is in there? that may be the last diff that I still have in my boot process compared to yours
<Jin^eLD> I think a friend of mine finally had the right clue.. if I boot from USB then the problem is not there; seems to be some conflict between the CLK driver and sdio, but still not clear to me why it works in Armbian :)
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