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<lanefu> man i'm behind on armbianland.. whats new?
<Tonymac32> Howdy lanefu
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<archetech> o/
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<patrixl> heya
<patrixl> soo all this time I was avoiding KDE Plasma cuz I thought it was slow like GNOME, turns out it performs really well on a rk3399, albeit with the compositor disabled (evne with compositor it wasn't bad)
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<Werner> Good morning.
<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): This is a really cool one of you like to build your own router or hardware firewall from scratch. https://t.co/7NoUEy90cz (9s ago)
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<Saurabh009> Hi, does anyone know how to QEMU a armbian image? Since everything is closed and my board got damaged, I am thinking of this only.
<Saurabh009> Or share a link with me. ^^
<solderfumes> Hi Saurabh009
<Saurabh009> Hello solderfumes
<solderfumes> The static QEMU binary is part of the Armbian installation
<solderfumes> So on your x86 linux machine, you can mount the imate, and `chroot /mount/point`, and you'll get bash in the emulator
<solderfumes> *image
<Saurabh009> Oh thank you, thats something new. Are there any defined steps where I can do this? I am a newbie and trying to learn so do not know much how to do it.
<solderfumes> Do you need help with mounting the image?
<Werner> If it is not really necessary to chroot into the image you can always easily mount the filesystems of the sd card in any Linux based OS.
<Saurabh009> I meant that the emulator turns up and it shows a virtual image of the armbian which I was running on the board. And do my compilations there. Sorry I googled about this on yourtube it showed me QEMU launching emulator thing.
<Saurabh009> My image is armbian for ornage pi
<Saurabh009> OrangePi PC
<solderfumes> Saurabh009: you're going to have to tell us what you want your goal is
<solderfumes> you might not need QEMU at all, as Werner said
<Werner> Saurabh009, you stated "and my board got damaged". The easiest way of determine if there is a hardware defect simply grab a fresh image and boot from it.
<Saurabh009> I was using the armbian image to do code compile and other development stuffs. Since board is gone now, I read somewhere by QEMU you can emulate a arm image.(Actually someone told me this).
<Saurabh009> I checked it , new image isn't booting too.
<Saurabh009> So I do not need Qemu for this ?
<Werner> I see. Well for simply recovering your data mount will suffice.
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<Saurabh009> Yeah data will be recovered by mounting. But can I emulate a new armbian image like what QEMU videos shows and download binaries there and do compilations ?
<Werner> No idea TBH
<Saurabh009> Oh, Ok, thank you for the info. I need to do more google then. If anyone knows about this, please let me know. ^^
<solderfumes> Saurabh009: this is how the Armbian build script does it: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/lib/debootstrap.sh#L432
<solderfumes> 1: `losetup` to point a loopback block device to the image file
<solderfumes> 2: `partprobe` to update the in-memory partition table
<solderfumes> 3: `mount` the partition
<Saurabh009> losetup is like kpartx right ?
<Saurabh009> I will try your steps now.
<solderfumes> `losetup`, as used here will set up `/dev/loopN` to be a device that's served by the image file. kpartx edits partitions afaik
<solderfumes> so no
<Saurabh009> Oh, Ok, something new I learned.
<solderfumes> IMO it's easier to use a loopback device, but you could use the `mount -o offset` option of mount to point it the partition, if you have the byte offset
<Saurabh009> I will check this too
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @RoganDawes @LucaBongiorni @cnxsoft @FriendlyARM_ @POTAEbox Proper software support is already there https://t.co/51QwY8KpWk (3s ago)
<IgorPec> good morning
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<ArmbianTwitter> @RoganDawes (Rogan Dawes): @armbian @LucaBongiorni @cnxsoft @FriendlyARM_ @POTAEbox And the R1S? (21s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @RoganDawes @LucaBongiorni @cnxsoft @FriendlyARM_ @POTAEbox For R1 we do have support while S model only have a different wireless https://t.co/q88Wl5ExxT which means it should work by adjusting DT. Also a model with H5 chip might get an image https://t.co/m4aIO2yKV1 (9s ago)
<patrixl> well
<patrixl> that is a new bot , or I've been away too long and don't remember
<IgorPec> yes, its forwarding @armbian #armbian twitter activity
<IgorPec> 1-2 weeks in operation
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<lanefu> good morning
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<ArmbianTwitter> @RoganDawes (Rogan Dawes): @armbian @LucaBongiorni @cnxsoft @FriendlyARM_ @POTAEbox I tried using the Orange Pi R1 image, which surprisingly had a working WiFi adapter, but failed to detect carrier on the main ethernet (WAN) connection. The USB ethernet interface did work, although it does not have a consistent MAC address, I assume as a result of uboot vars. (11s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @RoganDawes (Rogan Dawes): @armbian @LucaBongiorni @cnxsoft @FriendlyARM_ @POTAEbox However, trying to run my own WiFi configuration triggered a kernel oops that knocked all local WiFi devices off whatever AP they were connected to, including disconnecting my iPhone from a Unifi AC-AP, and causing an ESP8266 to start its own AP. Maybe it oopsed at full TX pwr? (10s ago)
<IgorPec> morning Lanefu
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @RoganDawes @LucaBongiorni @cnxsoft @FriendlyARM_ @POTAEbox Twitter is not an ideal place for R&D or debug. Especially not for hardware we don't support. If you want to bring this board up, join forums https://t.co/vfCUbGZAPC or H3 / H5 forums. Its should not be difficult (except WiFi might be more troublesome) ... (21s ago)
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<IgorPec> steev:
<steev> me:
<steev> IgorPec: btw, even though it's packaged for arm64, it seems like there's some arm build cruft in the sources (arch/arm/boot/Image and friends)
<IgorPec> how are those monitor mode patches organised?
<steev> there's just the 1
<IgorPec> maintained? can you point me to proven ?
<steev> oh wait
<steev> carl9170 as well it looks like
<steev> i don't think we have the history back to 4.4 (or older) though i have them in my build scripts, but i'd have to go through them again to see just what's needed for the older kernels
<IgorPec> 4.4 4.14 and 4.19 are still used ...
<steev> si, 4.14 and 4.19 are in there
<steev> i only try to patch vendor kernels, i don't try to maintain multiple kernels like you guys do, since it's just me
<IgorPec> yes, well, if patches exists, they can be added for older kernels. I will add this for current
<IgorPec> but its not that important to adjust patches for older kernels
<IgorPec> most of board can run 5.4.y which is recommended
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<steev> oh nice
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<Werner> Jira is up again I guess?
<IgorPec> was offline?
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<Werner> Dont know. It did not build the automatic test images for a while I thought
<IgorPec> you mean Jenkins?
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<Werner> Yes. My bad.
<IgorPec> that runs on Lanefu garage PC :)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @system76 Home office / lab in action. https://t.co/dB1Y0JbEFX (19s ago)
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<steev> IgorPec: looks like, based on a quick glance through all my 4.4 kernels... just the injection patch is needed there as well - https://gitlab.com/kalilinux/build-scripts/kali-arm/-/blob/master/patches/kali-wifi-injection-4.4.patch
<steev> some older kernels used to have an issue with the channel reporting as -1, but i can't recall which kernel version fixed it
<ArmbianTwitter> @noncollared (./noncollared.sh): RT @armbian: @system76 Home office / lab in action. https://t.co/dB1Y0JbEFX (17s ago)
<IgorPec> steev: so i just left out the others?
<steev> for the 4.4 kernels, si, that's the only patch needed for injection
<steev> i wouldn't yank out the rtl88xxxx drivers, if that's what you're meaning
<IgorPec> yeah
<steev> those are different, these affect all the in-kernel drivers - even though the rtlxxxx are patched in, they're still not mac80211 drivers
<steev> this will *not* enable it for the ampak... i've been debating sitting down some weekend and actually digging in to getting nexmon working with them
<steev> but they've never documented it, so everyone has to stumble through it
<IgorPec> so this will not affect most used AP62xx ?
<steev> correct, it's for all the others, like people using an ath9k, and various other mac80211 devices
<IgorPec> yes. but i saw somewhere patches also for those IIrC
<steev> at some point, i'll grab up all the ap62xx firmwares and start poking at nexmon
<steev> i haven't seen them at all :(
<steev> if you can find them in your history/backlog, i'd *love* to see
<IgorPec> not really sure. but isn't rpi using one of those?
<steev> similar yeah, but different firmware
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<IgorPec> aha, damn
<IgorPec> then it was that what i saw
<steev> yeah, we patch the brcmfmac driver... but it requires firmware modifications too, and since they're all a wee bit different... the firmwares have to be patched individually
<IgorPec> patches are not applying fine at 4.4 and 4.19 ... eh, i will not bother with fixing them
<steev> eh, screw it
<IgorPec> exactly. its not worth