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<Jin^eLD> found my mistake; the armbian patches map the root device to mmcblk2, I did not notice that so I did not update my root= argument
<Jin^eLD> and this mapping seems to fix the clock issue
<Jin^eLD> so the build in yocto including all armbian patches does work after all and fix the clock problem
<Jin^eLD> IgorPec, Tonymac32: thank you for the pointers!
<Jin^eLD> bye everyone
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @Pietre_Linux @orangepixunlong We provide relatively good support for most Orangepi boards. One can boot or install clean Debian like Linux at any time while it would probably be nice to skip Android and boot Linux from a first go ;) (2d ago)
<Werner> ArmbianTwitter, repeat recent 30 "echo [tsearch --num 1 --searchtype recent --new armbian]"
<ArmbianTwitter> @LinuxDreams (LinuxDreams): RT @Khomutoff: #PiDay project: All add-free internet at home with #PiHole! Just add #orangepi, #armbian and some very light system engineer… (5.0h ago)
<Werner> There you go IgorPec, it should find mentions now. Depends on how good the twitter search engine works though.
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<NekoMay> Anyone else having trouble using all 8 cores of the Banana Pi M3 with the dev kernel any faster than 1GHz?
<NekoMay> I've got a barrel connector, good cable and beefy PSU
<NekoMay> Or even at 1GHz
<NekoMay> It seems to be perhaps thermal tripping at 60C?
<Werner> NekoMay, you can start armbianmonitor -m to watch frequency and temp while putting a load to the board and see what happens
<Werner> Just for the heck of it you could measure the voltage at a USB port or the GPIO pins to check the voltage drop under load.
<NekoMay> Werner: I measured at the PSU, since the other end is a barrel jack. Voltage under load is 5.23V
<NekoMay> I was watching proceedings with Armbian htop
<NekoMay> Frequency stayed at 1GHz in this recent run, temperature slowly crept up then it seemed to crap at 60C
<Werner> Outputting 5V at the PSU does not necessarly mean that 5V can be used at the board ;) That is why it is important to measure at the load itself to see how much voltage is left.
<Werner> As an example. I had a 2,5'' harddrive used on one of my boards but it failed to spin up. The voltage at the source was halfway persistent. though at the usb port it broke down under the load of the spinning up drive.
<Werner> I added a second 5v source through microUSB and it worked.
<NekoMay> 5.07V at the board idle
<Werner> It is like running a hair dryer on a 100 meter extension cord. Sure you have 110 or 220 volts a the sources but there wont be much left at the load as soon as you switch it on =)
<Werner> See. You have some voltage drop already and did not put a load to it yet
<NekoMay> 5.01 under load. Yeah, this cable might not be as high quality as it seems.
<Werner> Either that or the contact resistances add up
<NekoMay> Possible, yeah. It's a thick cable but it could very well be nothing but insulation.
<Werner> Maybe it is shielded. Makes it thicker as well
<Werner> Good for data transfer but useless for simply delivering power
<NekoMay> Nah, this is power only, it's USB at one end with a barrel connector at the other
<Werner> Ah okay
<NekoMay> The officially branded PSU gives 5.11V booting, I think its a duff cable.
<NekoMay> 5.11 under 8x1 load, too, so yeah, bogus cable. Embarrasing.
<NekoMay> Huh, 5.06V under full load with 8 cores at 1.8 but it stil cut out very quickly
<Werner> I dont know if the board suffers from therma throttling. Maybe add a heat sink
<NekoMay> Way ahead of you. Last temp I saw from armbianmonitor was 58.0 then it died.
<NekoMay> I should check the trip points in sysfs
<Werner> That goes beyong my knowledge =)
<Werner> *beyond
<NekoMay> Trip points look okay
<NekoMay> I saw 60.3 before it died the last time
<NekoMay> Died at 53C that time. Voltages still okay.
<NekoMay> It was clocked down to 1.4GHz
<Werner> You are free to put your previous findings into a forums topic, maybe someone else has some further ideas.
<NekoMay> Yeah, may do that
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<NekoMay> NetBSD did it fine at 1200MHz. Wondering if there's something up with Linux, because it was losing its crap on the M64 as well
<NekoMay> I need to test again with 4 cores at max speed
<IgorPec> NekoMay: M3 is very unstable when you go up. At least my board
<IgorPec> And this board has no maintainer. its as is, which is why is rather cloced lower that most people can at least use it
<IgorPec> Werner: thanks!!
<NekoMay> IgorPec: Yeah, its definitely rather iffy for sure
<NekoMay> I even managed to get it to crack up at 1GHz
<IgorPec> DVFS is broken and noone have time to fix it
<IgorPec> also thermal throttling does not work
<IgorPec> which is why you can't go up
<IgorPec> and this is the only board with A83 ...
<NekoMay> Ouch
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<ArmbianTwitter> @bvn13 (Vyacheslav Boyko): I have tried these OSs: #debian for #orangepi, #ubuntu for orangepi, #armbian for orangepi. All of them with #kodi - so slow to process video by default. Only #libreelec is perfect for #iptv by default (guess uses GPU or codecs preinstalled). (2s ago)
<buZz> cool
<buZz> i dont think 'orangepi' denotes 1 specific board
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<lanefu> Tonymac32: twitter tricked me in to folding@home, but its a cancer project
<lanefu> So some projects use a app called Boinc.. and some of those projects support arm payloads
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