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<hipboi> anyone looked into the image format of rockchip?
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<hramrach> hipboi: hello
<hramrach> you mean the nand image format? or the format for flashing?
<hipboi> hramrach, hi
<hramrach> there is rkflashtool or something like that
<hramrach> so presumably somebody did
<hipboi> i have looked at the packing tools from rockchips
<hipboi> and read the source code of rk-tools
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<hramrach> I have no more info than that
<hipboi> this one
<hramrach> but naobsd who wrote the latter comes here sometimes
<hramrach> rk-tools seems a fork of rkutils
<hramrach> but has more files and even some docs
<hipboi> yes
<hipboi> even try to support rk31
<hramrach> I have no idea who is behind the rk3066 account :s
<hramrach> crewrk people come here too
<hramrach> but not recently unless I messed something
<hramrach> maybe on vacation or something
<hramrach> *missed
<hipboi> no, it's a repo for a long time
<hramrach> I'm quite positive JochenKauz and Astralix are of crewrktablets
<hipboi> i believe they have connection with rockchips
<hramrach> not much more than Tsvetan has with AW I would guess ;-)
<hipboi> they have the latest Windoof
<hipboi> multi window on android
<hramrach> somebody reported some new source drop here
<hramrach> but did not look what it includes
<hipboi> where?
<hramrach> just 10 min before you came here yesterday ;-)
<hipboi> thanks, i knew this
<hramrach> seriously, I am not interested in multiwindow
<hramrach> it only brings pain
<hipboi> i am just wondering how do they get the muti window at first time
<hipboi> yes, me too
<hramrach> good for benchamrking but I use fullscreen windowmanager even on PC
<hramrach> there are multiple ways imaginable but either will be gross hack
<hramrach> there is rotation support so the applications are somewhat resizable. so you can abuse that and make multiple virtual desktops
<hramrach> that's probably only way to make unmodified application work
<Tsvetan> hramrach just got e-mail from Rockchip
<Tsvetan> they found Linux-Rockchip.info
<Tsvetan> and sent me presentation which they want us to put on the wiki
<Tsvetan> there are described better their processors
<hipboi> good news
<Tsvetan> give me e-mail to send it to you so you can enter it
<Tsvetan> as you know wiki better than me :)
<hipboi> i registered the domain linux-rockchip.org
<Tsvetan> there is written RK2926 is in TQFP package
<Tsvetan> and the board BOM with this chip is $10 :-)
<hipboi> i can point to linux-rockchip.info
<hipboi> yes
<hipboi> that's amazing
<Tsvetan> its Cortex-A8 1Ghz
<Tsvetan> same as A13
<hipboi> it's used in the mircast dongle
<Tsvetan> yes WIFI HDMI
<Tsvetan> at least in this document is enough info for the front page with the RK SoCs
<hramrach> Tsvetan: hello
<hramrach> good news
<hramrach> not sure I will have time looking into this
<hramrach> leaving sometime on Sunday
<Tsvetan> IIRC you had some script to make tables
<hramrach> Tsvetan: yes, I wrote the table as HTML and converted to wikitable
<hramrach> not sure how it would work out for updates
<hramrach> I have email @gmail.com
<hramrach> for now we can upload the presentation and update the wiki table as somebody has time looking into it I guess
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<hramrach> cool
<hramrach> heh, the table on p12
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<Tsvetan> yes, will fill some empty cells in main page table :)
<Tsvetan> and they work to release RK3288 - 4 core Cortex-A12 :-)
<Tsvetan> which was announced just few weeks ago by ARM
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<naobsd> if my memory is correct, this is the original https://github.com/jhonxie/rk2918_tools , github/rk3066/rk-tools seems to be newer but basically they just added new cpu id. image format is basically not changed from older SoCs
<naobsd> jhonxie mentioned http://gitorious.org/rockchip-android/tools , it has some updates by ithamar, based on my rkutils
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<Tenchiroxx> Hi
<Tenchiroxx> How are you ?
<naobsd> I want to update my rkutils :(
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<Tenchiroxx> someone know, if it was any chance of booting picuntu (or somethink like picuntu) on a cube u30gt 2 (touchscreen and wifi / bt support are not working i think but it's not a problem for me , i just need screen and usb xd) ?
<Tenchiroxx> chroot sux, latest cube firmware don't have support for usb hubs...
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<eebrah> sorry
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