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<Tsvetan> the Wiki is restored successfully :)
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<Tsvetan> JochenKauz: I managed to restore the LocalSettings :)
<Tsvetan> now wiki is up again
<JochenKauz> Hi, thats fine, what happened?
<Tsvetan> stupid mistake of me
<Tsvetan> opened for edit Local Settings to set the SMTP server and by mistake closed the panel window
<Tsvetan> when opened again the file was with 0KB size :(
<JochenKauz> Ups
<JochenKauz> Did you setup a automatic backup?
<Tsvetan> I think the backup is once per day
<Tsvetan> and I was playing just for few hours
<Tsvetan> now I made test account and got confirmation e-mail so SMTP is OK
<JochenKauz> ok, but now it is up and running again, thats great.
<JochenKauz> I think I will make a link in to this site in a few days
<Tsvetan> yes and no data was lost :)
<JochenKauz> perfect!
<Astralix> hi guys
<Tsvetan> hi
<JochenKauz> Hi Astra... now we can start to fill this wiki with content
<Astralix> lol
<Astralix> yes, looks like
<Astralix> why the hack am I in list of Bureaucrats ;)
<JochenKauz> lol
<JochenKauz> cause you are one of the masters of desaster
<Tsvetan> Astra I gave you right to be sysop and beurocrats so if I forget my password or do something else silly you can manage the wiki without me
<Astralix> Ah, ok.
<Tsvetan> this give you right to manage the wiki
<Astralix> But it wass only meant as a joke as I am sort of mor practically
<Tsvetan> ah Rockchip agree to sell me some samples of RK3188
<Tsvetan> now we just have to think about what form the development board to be
<Astralix> cool
<Tsvetan> SOM or complete
<Tsvetan> I think SOM with all ports on connectors would be better
<Tsvetan> as everyone can make later double side mother board with features of his choice
<Astralix> Yes, that Is a good idea
<Tsvetan> the SOM will have just the RK3188 + DDR3 + power supply
<Tsvetan> this PMU chip they use in the stick have no info
<Tsvetan> we can make the SOM with AXP209 like of Allwinner SoCs its good device and have LiPo charger and support
<Astralix> if you want to have some better quality, look at TI PMUs
<Tsvetan> I guess it would be easy to make the kernel patches for RK3188 Linux to support AXP209
<Astralix> Yes, that's what I was writing actually: don't forget LiPo manager option
<Tsvetan> TI are x4 times more expensive than AXP
<Astralix> but they work as described
<Tsvetan> AXP209 acutally never made problems with our boards
<Tsvetan> and is something I have in stock ;)
<Astralix> just your decision
<Astralix> I am thinkong of WiFi... Does it make sense to have that on the SOM with some mini- or micro-sma cons?
<Astralix> thinkong.... kingkong... need kalibration of right hand I guess...
<Tsvetan> SOM should be bare minimum IMO
<Tsvetan> if you want WIFI, just make snap-in ¨shield¨ with WIFI on top of the SOM
<Astralix> I just thought that WiFi is nothing a small company could layout
<Astralix> You need to have reasonable knowhow for it if you like to put it on your PCB...
<Tsvetan> there are ready WIFI modules in form 2 x 2 cm
<Astralix> so having a snap-in or two versions of the SOM (w /wo WiFi)
<Astralix> ah, ok
<Astralix> I know, they are in the tablets too, like the RK903 module
<Astralix> But they didn't look like snap-able
<Astralix> If you put the WiFi external, like on the carrier PCB, then most will use USB and therefore loose a port. The internal could be connected via SDIO.
<Tsvetan> you will make your own board
<Tsvetan> and put the wifi module on it
<Tsvetan> then snap your board to the SOM
<Astralix> I don't think I will. I just thought what others might need.
<Tsvetan> SOM will give freedom every one to implement his ideas
<Tsvetan> making SOM binded to WIFI may be good for 20% and not good for 80%
<Tsvetan> this is what I see with Allwinner boards we make
<Tsvetan> there is always someone who need something else :)))
<Astralix> yes, sure
<Astralix> at least two options I like to see on the SOM:
<Astralix> 1) simple blinking LED (GPIO could be freed by removing a resistor)
<Astralix> 2) small 4pin connector for serial port 2
<Astralix> so you have all options to access the SOM even your own PCB is in unknown condition
<Tsvetan> the A20 SOM we make is just A20+DDR+AXP209 + micro SD card + UART pins + Lipo bat connector
<Tsvetan> and all other ports free on connectors
<Astralix> sounds good
<Tsvetan> so you can boot Linux on it and see everything is working
<Tsvetan> and can make your own mother board with LCD, Ethernet whatever you want
<Astralix> no own flash, just microSD?
<Tsvetan> there is NAND footprint which may be populated or not
<Astralix> will be very slow if only on SD.
<Astralix> Would prefer eMMC, cheap fast and in case of some Toshibas, reliable too.
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<Astralix> good moring
<cnxsoft> good afternoon :)
<Tsvetan> cnxsoft: welcome :)
<cnxsoft> Just passing by to see how many people lurk here. It seems not many for now.
<cnxsoft> So there's no mailing list for now, right?
<Astralix> lurk is not the right description
<Astralix> we just sat up the wiki page and are doing our first steps
<cnxsoft> Oups.. I just realized it;s not thebest word
<Astralix> lol
<Astralix> np
<cnxsoft> ok
<Astralix> it's just a few people but pretty active. wiki, hardware design, kernel development, mainline kernel support, chat, whatever you need I guess
<cnxsoft> So your main communication channel is IRC then.
<cnxsoft> For the source code repo, or you using omegamoon one? or something else?
<Astralix> nope
<Astralix> Jochen and me are crewrktablets, but I am in close contact to omegamoon too
<Astralix> But for mainline support I use my onw github gogether with mmind00
<Astralix> But the result of the restrictive policy of RK is, that all 'crews' working together...
<Astralix> Thst is the reson for the wiki, so you have a platform to start and find everything you need. Just should give you a lift if you're lost.
<Astralix> In your case... I guess you're more the lift boy than a lost one ;)
<cnxsoft> I don't actually do anything, I just promote other people work :)
<Astralix> hmm... so we are open for promotion
<Astralix> but keep that mainline support a bit outside until we made it to linus torvalds
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<Astralix> Tsvetan, Do you have a base-PCB for the A10? In that case it might make sense to just put basics on the SOM and for development sell the unified base-pcb with diffrent SOMs
<Tsvetan> unfortunately this is not possible, different processors have different features
<Tsvetan> if you use same base PCb you restric yourself only to the common peripherial
<Astralix> Yes
<Astralix> and some pin headers
<Astralix> so you like just to supply the SOC but no development base board?
<Astralix> Or is it like other compnaies do: 30$ SOM and 400$ devel base board
<Astralix> that's where I wanna go
<Astralix> but not with crappy 3.0.xx kernel and RK closed source
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<Tsvetan> it would be great to sell $400 devel board :))) but I dont think many could afford such
<Tsvetan> basically the complete A20 board we sell is EUR 55/65
<Tsvetan> and the A20-SOM will be in EUR 20-30 range depend on quantity
<Tsvetan> the EVB for the module will be about EUR 20-30 too
<Tsvetan> so for EUR 40-60 you get SOM + EVB to evaluate the chip
<Tsvetan> whats wrong with 3.0.xx my laptop ubuntu have same I guess
<Astralix> Ok, so if there is an affordable combination of SOM+EVB it is fine. I understood that you only want to design the SOM. So it was my fault.
<Astralix> And there is nothing wrong with a 3.0.x kernel, but there is lots wrong with the rockchip 3.0.x kernel.
<Astralix> you know, ugly code, bad hacks, closed source...
<Astralix> but for designing good kernel, a good devel platform is helpful. A tiny stick lets you start but you cannot contect anything for measurements.
<Astralix> And a tablet isn't more easy... And you only can contact what the tablet- / stick- designers routed out from under the SOC.
<Tsvetan> it will not happen for tomorrow but in few weeks we can complete the schematic and PCB layout
<Tsvetan> the question is with all this NDA stuff what we can safely disclosure
<Tsvetan> I got datasheet with BGA pin assignment and reference schematic but I upload on Github only the brief which is available on the net
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<hramrach__> hello
* hramrach__ edits main page
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<Astralix> For GPU of 2918 you can remove ? as it is Vivante GC800
<Astralix> And 2918 has VPU unit that does media accelleration. But I don't have details about single codecs it supports.
<Astralix> 3066 and 3188 have support for 2 banks of 1GB DRAM, so xou can remove ?? too.
<hramrach__> are there actual 3168 devices?
<Astralix> 3188 has 1x USB HSIC (USB 2.0 high-speed only), 1x USB2.0 OTG port, 1x USB 2.0 HOST only port
<BusError_> does anyone knwo the mk819? it has a rk3066, ethernet etc.. I'm looking for UART pads tho, and can't find them...
<Astralix> hramrach__: I guess I saw 3168 on chinese markets for cheap tablets
<Astralix> BusError_: link to some pictures then we see
<Astralix> boot devices for 3188 is same as for 2918: NAND, eMMC, SD, Serial Port, USB
<Astralix> what is iNand?
<Astralix> 3066 does support same boot devices except SD
<BusError_> <- not sure it's high res enough to locate anything, but perhaps you'd recognize the board layout from another variant... ?
<Astralix> that thingy lokks cool :)
<hramrach__> Astralix: I have no idea what is iNand. rockchip says it is supported
<Astralix> just threw that iNand out and say eMMC
<BusError_> Astralix, actauly I was impressed witht he board. nice layout. As usual, the reflowing and board are very nice, the hand-soldered bits are all sloppy :-)
<Astralix> guess its the chinese duplicate of eMMC so they do not have to pay for the jedec license
<Astralix> BusError_: did you check the 5 pads aside of the SD slot?
<BusError_> Nope, they aren't labbeled. I need to give them a poke, was just asking in case someone has located them already ;-)
<Astralix> If you have a 3.3V serial-USB dongle just take ground strip from case of SD or USB, and then take RX cabel and go for probing each pin.
<BusError_> another question, does anyone has something more recent than kernel 3.0.x for the 3066?
<Astralix> lol
<Astralix> nope there is only 3.0.8+ and 3.0.36+ available
<hramrach__> Astralix: how do you boot from serial?
<Astralix> but there are at least two different flavours of 3.0.36+ as one is more real 3.0.36 and the other is upgraded to 3.0.66 but still claims to be 36+
<hramrach__> and from USB
<hramrach__> is that like firmware upload over USB ?
<Astralix> hramrach__: the internal bootloader can download via serial or USB
<BusError_> why nobody diffs + rebase the kernel further up? are there massive clashes with 3.1?
<Astralix> internal-bootloader is the mask rom bootloader or 1st stage
<hramrach__> serial would be dreadfully slow anyway
<hramrach__> unless the chip has blazing fast serial ports
<BusError_> the serial is often used only to load up a bootloader, then that takes over and boots from SD or whatever else
<Astralix> BusError_: we do it the other way, we actually implement rk fresh an new in mainline 3.11.0 we are currently working on 3.10.0-RC7
<BusError_> allows you to bring up the board without jtag
<Astralix> and yes, serial is worst case backup path
<hramrach__> does 3188 have audio
<Astralix> sure
<hramrach__> HDMI or dac or both
<Astralix> I was just fetching the info for you as I got a BusError
<Astralix> :)
<BusError_> Astralix, oh now thats very interesting, how far are you witht he porting?
<BusError_> hehe
* BusError_ is nasty like that :-)
<Astralix> yo man, stay cool or I get a hardfault...
<Astralix> were just at the beginning. May be 3066 makes it in the current kernel, but I guess 3188 basics will be in at 3.11. or 3.12
<BusError_> do you have a bootloader, or do you boot the kernel straight away?
<BusError_> ie, u-boot
<hramrach__> the 3066 sucks since it cannot boot off sane device
<Astralix> ok, 3188 has 2 channel I2S/PCM controller
<hramrach__> sure, you don't need that for finished product but makes development hard. And flash wears off. sd card is removable
<Astralix> supports 2channel per I2S and up to 8 channels via PCM
<Astralix> 2 channel audio RX in I2C and PCM
<Astralix> so... 3066 has 1x 8 channel I2S interface and 2x 2 channel interfaces all capable of I2S or PCM
<Astralix> 3066 has dedicated SPDIF TX
<Astralix> 3188 hast dedicated SPDIF TX too
<Astralix> BusError_: I use the internal bootloader rockchip supplies until I got uBoot up and running.
<Astralix> We boot kernel out of the official kernel.img area at 0x4000 of size 0x8000
<Astralix> the rootfs then can be supplied via either other NAND partition or, as hramrach__ sayed, SD-Card
<Astralix> but for kernel testing a small initramfs is pretty fine enough.
<Astralix> hramrach__: can you please remove iNand?
<hramrach__> sure
<Astralix> Boot sequence from RK Documents is:
<Astralix> external NAND
<Astralix> SPI NOR FLASH
<Astralix> eMMC
<Astralix> if above failed:
<hramrach__> seen that one too
<Astralix> UART i/f
<Astralix> USB i/f
<hramrach__> I guess iNand is really Chinese eMMC clone then
<Astralix> it is just a type cause one chinese told another one of enand (external nand) and he misunderstood e for i
<hramrach__> so 3066 can boot off USB/serial too?
<Astralix> yes
<Astralix> hm... it cannot boot from USB-Stick but it starts bootloader mechanism for serial downloading
<hramrach__> yes, it's USB firmware upload thingy but still USB
<Astralix> nope... the boot diagram of the 3188 is missing the USB download part
<hramrach__> so only serial?
<Astralix> oh, sorry it was one line out of the bootom of the screen
<Astralix> no, both, serial and first, then USB
<Astralix> I got the message from RK internals that 2918 and 3188 can boot from external SD/MMC cards while 3066 can only boot from eMMC
<hramrach__> I wonder how to summarize the audio
<Astralix> lol
<hramrach__> maybe just leave out the channel number and give details on a SoC specific page
<Astralix> i guess it works like it is
<hramrach__> yes, their flyers mantion SD boot ability for those chips but not 3066
<hramrach__> does 3066 support HDMI audio?
<Astralix> unfortunately the boot sequence is fixed
<hramrach__> or other chips with HDMI
<Astralix> 3066 has integrated HDMI and yes it supports audio
<Astralix> for 2918 and 3188 HDMI frontemd chips are required and these need to be supplied with I2S audio
<hramrach__> so 2918 has no HDMI
<Astralix> nope
<Astralix> 3188 doesn't have it too, but it's LCDC i/f can drive simple HDMI converter chips
<hramrach__> but extra hardware needed. no wonder the sticks are more expensive
<Astralix> yes you need a HDMI frontend chip for 2918/3188
<Astralix> 3188 and 3066 have only one comera interface
<Astralix> o=a
<hramrach__> it says dual in the flyer
<Astralix> Nope, there is the same IP in both SOCs and it physically supports only one cam at a time.
<Astralix> If your tablet has two cams, they have an really ugly written code that switches between these cams
<hramrach__> hehe
<hramrach__> it works and yo uonly need 1 cam if
<hramrach__> they like switch the cam if to different pins?
<Astralix> possibly
<Astralix> or the cams have the bus HiZ if chip select is free or standby command was received via I2C
<hramrach__> would be cool use of pinmux if they designed the switching to allow for that
<hramrach__> yes, swithing the cams on/off should work too I guess
<Astralix> i guess simply putting both cams on one bus and the one not addressed is Hig-Z
<Astralix> they use combi-modules. In my newest tablet there is one PCB having cams on both sides and only a small FFC for transport of data lines.
<Astralix> hramrach__: 2918 has LCD interface but not LVDS i guess
<Astralix> and 2928 is 2918 but with MALI
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<hramrach__> maybe there are other differences as well
<hramrach__> seems they are trying to target 2918 at e-book readers and 2928 at tablets
<hramrach__> but it could as well be the same chip with different sticker .. markting
<hramrach__> any idea about 3168?
<BusError_> Astralix, sorry got pulled in a meeting. I'm rather handy with kernel dev/bootloader, I'll ping you later for details. Do you have that boto process/ROM bootloader detailed anywhere?
<hramrach__> that's like 3188 with lame GPU or something?
<hramrach__> Thanks for the info
<hramrach__> guess we have quite nice comparison table now
<hramrach__> do we have a mailing list or something like that?
<hramrach__> none of the HDMI sticks has normal audio :/
<hramrach__> I guess I really want to see what Olimex comes with for rk
<hramrach__> at least one that is not 100% clone of the others
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<Astralix> BusError_: sorry hat do do some work too. I have some details but not all...
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<Tsvetan> hramrach nice table
<Tsvetan> maybe it would be better if cell content is centered
<naobsd> oh, many people
<Tsvetan> BTW the hosting can fo mail forwarding so if you want to have e-mail forwarded to other e-mail send me PM to make it
<Astralix> isn't that an option to configure yourself? Or is it done via system level?
<Tsvetan> this is in the control panel not in the wiki
<Tsvetan> so have to make this manually
<Astralix> ok
<Tsvetan> we start the RK3188 BGA chip library component in Eagle
<Astralix> ouch, that will hurt. In eagle? Ok it got better and better over the last years...
<Tsvetan> we did all our OLinuXino boards with Eagle
<Astralix> tsvetan, is one of your lcds industrial or better automotive rated?
<Tsvetan> no, we do not have automotive customers
<Astralix> I think of something based on rk3188 SOM and fitting into double din slot
<Tsvetan> but all A13 LCDs will work on RK3188 too
<Tsvetan> we have now 4.3¨ 7¨ 10.1¨ and tomorrow arrive 15.6¨
<Tsvetan> the 15.6¨ touchscreen is expensive though
<Tsvetan> but allow cool interactive products to be made
<Astralix> We'll see what time is left for such development.
<hramrach__> Tsvetan: what encoding do you use?
<hramrach__> I see 15.6?
<hramrach__> presumably it should be 15.6"
<Tsvetan> encoding?
<Astralix> I guess improving kernel 3.0.36+ adapting it to 4.2.2, fix MALI and VPU and that for all 29/30/31 series chips is one part of my free time and mainline kernel for 3188 is the other half of the free time...
<Tsvetan> do you mean resolution?
<hramrach__> yes, irc has no encoding specified in the protocol so everyone just uses something random :/
<Tsvetan> ah
<hramrach__> I mean character encoding likee cp12502 or UTF-8 or ..
<Tsvetan> I guess some shitty encoding as some characters do not display correctly
<hramrach__> s/0//
<Tsvetan> I have cyrillic keyboard installed
<hramrach__> that means nothing unless running something like Windows
<hramrach__> most other systems would use UTF-8 for cyrillic by now
<Tsvetan> yes, in office I have to use XP
<hramrach__> well, so long as it affects only " that's not too bad
<Tsvetan> as who wrote my bank software made the online banking compatible only with IE :-)
<Astralix> cul8er...
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<Tsvetan> it affects single and double quotes
<hramrach__> not that Chinese software for firmware upload over USB is much better
<hramrach__> tends to work only on one system for each chip :/
<Tsvetan> the system which the developer used while wrote the code :)))
<Tsvetan> Im sorry for my ignorance but what means Android OS to be rooted?
<hramrach__> usually the pre-installed Andriod is restricted
<Tsvetan> as some customers are asking this question and I have no idea what does it means
<JochenKauz1> that you have root access in android
<hramrach__> rooting means getting access to the device
<JochenKauz1> yes
<Tsvetan> hmmm I have to check what is the situation with the Android image we install
<Tsvetan> but with ADB shell you can do anything
<Tsvetan> as if you are root
<hramrach__> there was some option to disable/authenticate ADB in some images
<hramrach__> anyone knows how to make footnotes in mediawiki?
<hramrach__> seems there are several broken templates for that
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<hramrach__> Astralix1, JochenKauz1 can you agree on 2918 having HDMI or not?
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<JochenKauz1> Yes it has HDMI1.2
<JochenKauz1> I have 3 RK2918
<JochenKauz1> and it works even in 1080p
<JochenKauz1> it also can decode h264 in the GPU
<hramrach__> Astralix | yes you need a HDMI frontend chip for 2918/3188
<JochenKauz1> but you need bs player with hardware decoding lib
<JochenKauz1> wait a second I can give you the chip
<hramrach__> so it does use an extra chip?
<JochenKauz1> anx7150
<JochenKauz1> yes
<hramrach__> so it does not have HDMI
<JochenKauz1> its on rk2918
<JochenKauz1> like the other chips
<hramrach__> it has a package so is separate chip, not a feature integrated inside rk2918
<hramrach__> and is hdmi 1.3 actually
<JochenKauz1> perhaps there are tablets that do not have HDMI output but that are not real rk2918, as far as I know rk2906
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<JochenKauz1> ähh no, you're not right
<JochenKauz1> the rk2918 is a design
<JochenKauz1> not a chip
<hramrach__> so you don't have a package wiht rk2918 spamed on it inside the tablet?
<hramrach__> *stamped
<JochenKauz1> see it like the vivante gpu
<JochenKauz1> or the sensors
<hramrach__> the GPU is inside the SoC
<hramrach__> the HDMI is not. it is converted from the FP interface by a companion chip
<JochenKauz1> it may be in the soc, but the RK2918 design is more than only the SoC
<JochenKauz1> its more a platform
<hramrach__> sure. Still you can get rk2918 e-book reader w/o HDMI and you saave on the HDMI chips because they don't make sense for the application
<JochenKauz1> platform design
<JochenKauz1> I'm not sure if they are really rk2918
<JochenKauz1> I think they are 2906
<hramrach__> the design is marketed for e-ink
<JochenKauz1> cause the rk2906 is the rk2918 without HDMI, as far as I know
<hramrach__> not very clear if you ask me
<hramrach__> anyone knows how much cache the rk3188 rk3066 have?
<hramrach__> would be interesting datapoint in comparison with other SoC manufacturers
<JochenKauz1> LCD Controller
<JochenKauz1>  Display Interface
<JochenKauz1> 24bit(RGB888) 18bit(RGB666) 16bit(RGB565)
<JochenKauz1>  Serial RGB LCD Interface:
<JochenKauz1>  Parallel RGB LCD Interface:
<JochenKauz1> 3x8bit (RGB delta support) 3x8bit + dummy 16bit + 8bit
<JochenKauz1>  MCU LCD interface:
<JochenKauz1> I-8080 (up to 24-bit RGB) Hold/Auto/Bypass modes
<JochenKauz1>  TV interface : ITU-R BT.656(8-bits, 480i/576i/1080i)
<hramrach__> lots of stuff
<hramrach__> nobody asked about TV interface yet
<hramrach__> but it looks like it's not used in actual products most of the time
<JochenKauz1> I know its much stuff, but there you could see what possibilities are there in the reference design of the RK2918
<JochenKauz1> the wikipedia is much more accurate, cause all RK's are designs or series, not only the SoC
<hramrach__> the spec does not say anything about HDMI. only LCD and e-ink controller
<JochenKauz1> yes, the LCD display is shared with the HDMI transmitter
<hramrach__> can we upload the datasheets to the wiki?
<hramrach__> they have Rockchip Confidential on every page but are easily fond on the web
<JochenKauz1> No... I think its not a good idea
<JochenKauz1> its correct that this is published.. but I think we could get copyright problems with that
<hramrach__> yes, I guess it would be good idea to get permission from rk
<JochenKauz1> yepp
<hramrach__> do you know what does 2918 boot from?
<JochenKauz1> Internal Boot Rom
<JochenKauz1>  Size : 10KB
<JochenKauz1>  8bits/16bits Async NAND Flash
<JochenKauz1>  Support system boot from the following device :
<JochenKauz1>  SPI0 interface
<JochenKauz1>  eMMC interface
<hramrach__> so like 3066
<hramrach__> presumably OTG too?
<JochenKauz1> Support system code download by the following interface:
<JochenKauz1>  USB OTG
<JochenKauz1>  UART1
<hramrach__> thanks
<JochenKauz1> Page 7 of technical reference
<JochenKauz1> It's also capable of ethernet 10/100MBit
<hramrach__> don't have that
<hramrach__> indeed
<JochenKauz1> look at page 17
<JochenKauz1> One more thing
<JochenKauz1> RK2918's Cortex a8 is up to 1.2GHz, but it's not stable at that freq. We use in our kernel's 1.1Ghz, which is stable on 99.5% of all tablets
<hramrach__> yes, the a10 is marketed as 1.2GHz and runs at 1~1.1
<hramrach__> same thing
<hramrach__> same core after all
<JochenKauz1> yes
<JochenKauz1> must be
<JochenKauz1> and maximum resolution is 1920x1080
<JochenKauz1> I'm now on my way home... cu in round about 1 hour
<hramrach__> where does it say that?
<JochenKauz1> seek for video out put in the manual
<JochenKauz1> description of interfaces
<hramrach__> it says RGB LCD and 1080i TV
<JochenKauz1> there you find all infos about the lcd
<hramrach__> oh, disp layer
<JochenKauz1> on page 6
<JochenKauz1>  24bits high-performance, 3-layers TFT LCD Controller with post-processor, 1920x1080 maximum display size
<hramrach__> but that's may overlay, not max display
<JochenKauz1> eBook display interface with 2048x2048 maximum resolution
<JochenKauz1> its direct in chapter 1
<hramrach__> it won't be able to do 1080p at reasonable frequency anyway
<hramrach__> but at least we know what they aimed for
<JochenKauz1> why do you think that?
<hramrach__> 3066 is rated 1920x1080@30Hz
<JochenKauz1> the gc800 is fast enough for that, I tried it with bs player, and it worked, more a problem of transfer speed of the NAND or sd
<hramrach__> and it's probably memory bandwidth limit
<JochenKauz1> okay... cu in an hour
<hramrach__> see you
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<Tsvetan> any idea where to connect console
<hramrach__> doesn't look very good
<Tsvetan> Iĺl go with scope on all test pads left
<hramrach__> unless they use some trick like AW to put console on SD or something
<Tsvetan> there *must* be console or how do they test them after production
<Tsvetan> share UART with SD pins
<hramrach__> technially 1 pin is needed
<Tsvetan> yes, this is possible
<hramrach__> the 1 next to the ram looks like gnd and the one next to flash goes god knows where
<hramrach__> the ones on hte top side all connect to the small chip
<Tsvetan> Ill scan the SD card pins
<hramrach__> oh, there are thwo pads just next to the CPU
<hramrach__> and two others which look like a jumper
<hramrach__> what's the small chip to which the 3 pads connect? power regulator?
<hramrach__> what is the white thing next to the ITE chip?
<hramrach__> good luck with this
<hramrach__> at least the board is small :)
<hramrach__> I have this board and never really got to trying the pins
<hramrach__> I would bet on TP13 and TP14 here but it's not obvious where they are connected
<hramrach__> and I have no scope :S
<hramrach__> Tsvetan: do you still have the original system on the stick?
<hramrach__> hmm, the testpoint next to flash is actually near the backside of the CPU
<hramrach__> four ram chips :o
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<Astralix1> hey guys
<Astralix1> why did you only photograph half of the stick. In my stick serial pads are really far away from CPU.
<Astralix1> oh soryy, it was scaled and shifted only in my browser
<Astralix1> Tsvetan: I bet you have serial port on the stick on the first foto top right corner of cpu right beneath thte sd -socket. Ground is on bottom side. On bottom side s a third pad too.
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