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<Tsvetan> hramrach__ yes the original Android is still on the stick
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<hramrach__> can you like push tinymembench to it?
<hramrach__> There are no benchmarks of the rk chips I know of
<hramrach__> and did you find the uart?
<hramrach__> Tsvetan:
<Tsvetan> will do this during the weekend
<Tsvetan> hramarch__ isnt it better to add these in the main wiki page
<Tsvetan> HowTos
<Tsvetan> Hardware
<Tsvetan> Software
<Tsvetan> and the github repos and blogs to be add to the software
<Tsvetan> then different hardware devices with RK3066 RK3188 etc to be on the hardware section with tips where are the pads for the console etc
<Tsvetan> in HowTos to have tutorials how to upload images etc
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<hramrach__> well, we don't have any howtos and hardwares so far
<hramrach__> so everything that does not have a section yet is on hte main page ;-)
<hramrach__> Tsvetan: maybe you could make a page for your stick :)
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<Tsvetan> yes I will describe my stick and there may be other boards also
<Tsvetan> which other can add
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<eebrah> hey all
<Astralix1> hey
<hramrach__> hello
<hramrach__> so suppose I built a kernel for rk3066
<hramrach__> how would I put it on the stick?
<hramrach__> also is there a bootloader for rk3188 to load system from sd card?
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<Astralix1> format your boot.img and then put the kernel into kernel.img
<Astralix1> bootloader checks first for kernel in boot.img then kernel.img and modern sticks have boot including a kernel.
<hramrach__> what is boot.img and kernel.img?
<Astralix1> partitons on the flash
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<hramrach__> so you need to unpack a flas image to get these or can you build fresh?
<Astralix1> hmm... we have to start at the very beginning...
<hramrach__> I have no idea about rk
<Astralix1> it is the same for all linux devices
<Astralix1> äh
<Astralix1> android devices
<Astralix1> the flash ist divided in multiple sections
<hramrach__> I built a SD card image for a10 and a20
<hramrach__> but rk3066 does not do sd
<Astralix1> you have bootloader, parameters, recovery, kernel, boot and system secions
<hramrach__> yes, saw that erased that on my a10
<Astralix1> as long as you have a bootloader on the internal flash, none of the rk will boot from SD
<hramrach__> but did not need a flash tool, just did cp
<Astralix1> cause the mask rom loader checks NAND first, then SD
<hramrach__> so to boot from sd card you need to erase teh flash
<Astralix1> nope
<Astralix1> ok
<Astralix1> 1) mask loader finds NAND located bootloader
<Astralix1> 2) NAND based bootloader checks parameters area of flash for address of boot.img
<hramrach__> and if it does you need a kernel in nand to boot
<Astralix1> 2a) it checks boot.img for kernel and starts it if it is present
<Astralix1> 3) if no kernel in boot, it checks parameters for address of kernel area
<Astralix1> 3a) it checks if kernel is available in kernel area and boots it
<Astralix1> 4) if no kernel in kernel area it checks for recovery and tries to boot kernel in recovery
<Astralix1> so put your own kernel in it
<Astralix1> you need to break the chain somewhere
<Astralix1> I ripped the boot.img from flash
<hramrach__> ok
<Astralix1> I extracted it and put the kernel in kernel.img and the boot.img without kernel back to boot.img
<Astralix1> so my sticks boots android again
<hramrach__> is there some button you can press to load kernel over USB or something like that?
<Astralix1> Yust wait, I answer your questions in a second
<Astralix1> ... now I can place my own kernel in kernel.img for testing if it boots android the same way as the original kernel
<Astralix1> or I can place a kernel that activates SD and loads rootfs from SD instead from boot.img
<Astralix1> if I fail or need some checks how it was made in the original kerne, I simply flash back to original kernel.img
<Astralix1> There is a second way
<Astralix1> Omegamoon guys replaced the recovery image and put their kernel in that part
<Astralix1> so to boot android, you simply start the stick
<hramrach__> to boot your kernel you press recovery
<Astralix1> to boot the picuntu or other linux, you press bootloader button on power uop
<Astralix1> yes
<Astralix1> dual boot :)
<hramrach__> nice if they did not save on the switch when making the stick
<Astralix1> There is no button to fix the boot
<Astralix1> so how could you place the stick in bootloader mode if there is no button?
<hramrach__> bbl
<Astralix1> ?
<Astralix1> ok
<hramrach__> so to place in bootloader mode you have to erase the nand bootloader, right?
<hramrach__> is it possible to determine the flash layout so that you know where to read/write with rkflashtool?
<hramrach__> or what is the partition table on the flash? is there some?
<hramrach__> does rkflash tool work for 3188 as is or do you need to add yet another USB id?
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<Astralix1> so, back again
<Astralix1> could you compile my version of the rkflashtool? it has already all needed ids
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<leowt> heyy!
<leowt> wow room has grown!
<leowt> =P
<hramrach__> o/
<hramrach__> Astralix1: pull request to the original repo?
<hramrach__> and how do you determine the flash layout?
<hramrach__> or how do you set it when the flash is empty?
<leowt> you can see it the update first bits i think
<leowt> *update file
<leowt> hramrach__: first use rkflashtool to read 0x0000 0x2000
<leowt> it will give you mtd part layout
<hramrach__> any place with info n the format of the layout?
<leowt> it varies on the device
<leowt> hramrach__: have you erased nand without backup?
<hramrach__> I have no device
<Tsvetan> RK3066 development board for 500 RMB
<leowt> Tsvetan: they have it rk3088
<leowt> *rk3188
<leowt> but it seems it is a stick
<leowt> not a board
<leowt> but that one looks cool
<Tsvetan> I already got one rk3188 stick
<Tsvetan> but this is complete development board
<Tsvetan> no GPIO though
<Tsvetan> nor you can connect LCD
<leowt> it looks like they do development boards for tv stuff
<leowt> only
<leowt> thats why the others are in hdmi stick format
<hramrach__> waxberry :D
<Tsvetan> buyberry :)
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<BusError_> Tsvetan, it looks almost exactly like my mk819 inside...
<Tsvetan> what a waste, processor with 400 ports and only few used :)
<Tsvetan> RK3188 have high speed ADC with Msps
<Tsvetan> they use for the camera
<Tsvetan> could make nice oscilloscope
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<FergusL> Great !
<BusError_> Tsvetan, yeah it's rpetty scary the amount of silicon thar is just wasted. On most SoC in fact
<FergusL> is this place "official" ?
<Tsvetan> if official means backed by Rockchip company - no
<FergusL> ok, it's started by the community
<BusError_> heh a chinese vendor backing anything "open" is rather unheard of :-)
<hramrach__> it would have to be in Chinese ;-)
<FergusL> isn't Allwinner starting to release some things ?
<hramrach__> yes, they released some bits
<hramrach__> on the other hand, we don't even have GPU driver for a20
<hramrach__> and the cedar libraries are very buggy and there is no replacement - they probably don't have it themselves but it's still broken
<hramrach__> I mean not even a binary gpu driver
<hramrach__> and there is the problem with ethernet performance which is just dragging on
<hramrach__> I guess they are helping when possible and costs nothing or next to nothing
<FergusL> yes, that's how it sounds like for most company
<FergusL> has anybody tried picuntu or some other linux on the RK3066 boxes ? (not sticks)
<BusError_> FergusL, not yet. I know theres a build of rit tho..
<BusError_> for it
<FergusL> a build ? as in a different kernel build ?
<BusError_> no an image, kernel, libs and distro... I looked some weeks ago
<FergusL> why would it need a different image ? routing and pinout usage ?
<BusError_> well the boxes have ethernet, for one thing.
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<FergusL> yes
<eebrah> has anyone gotten picuntu running on a tablet?
<FergusL> back in late 2012, "andrewdb", when he was still among us, announced that linux should work on rk3066 tablets like Pipo S1
<FergusL> eebrah ^
<eebrah> FergusL I remember that
<eebrah> FergusL: What happened to AndrewDB?
<FergusL> I have absolutely no idea, he kind of disappeared
<eebrah> Ah, I hope he is okay though
<FergusL> yes, me too !
<eebrah> I was eagerly awaiting Linux on RK3066 tabs
<FergusL> sure, would have been great
<eebrah> guys like Alok took over but nothing has been said about tablets :(
<FergusL> I think, simply everybody did like you and I : awaiting
<eebrah> I have a tablet, no "stick"
<FergusL> but nobody actually took the risk to purchase one
<eebrah> FergusL I'd like to do something now, but I have no idea where to start
<eebrah> I would be helping if I had a compatible device ... I don't
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<hramrach__> eebrah: does your tablet have serial port?
<hramrach__> or rather did you find which testpoint is the uart
<eebrah> hramarch__ can't tell, will open it up, look for the pads
<hramrach__> also if you have some nice pictures of the board add it on the wiki :)
<eebrah> hramrach__ it is a Yuandao vido N70s if that helps
<eebrah> there is a wikik?
<eebrah> s/wikik/wiki
<eebrah> thanks hramarch__
<hramrach__> somebody add to topic :p
<eebrah> thanks hramrach__
<hramrach__> np
<hramrach__> any op around?
<eebrah> heard about this channel a few hours ago from cnx-software
<hramrach__> yes, cnxsoft has good collection of rk info
<eebrah> yeah, good collection of chinese / taiwanese SOC info
<hramrach__> it has hdmi so you can run stick image just fine for a start
<eebrah> okay?
<eebrah> I remember someone said the same about Allwinner images, didn't happen for a bit
<eebrah> but I'll try
<hramrach__> the display probably won't work
<eebrah> :(
<eebrah> need to track down the serial ports
<hramrach__> I mean the built-in display
<eebrah> ah
<eebrah> I can live with that, for a bit
<hramrach__> if you connect a HDMI screen it should work as good or as poorly with a stick running the image
<eebrah> DVI?
<hramrach__> that might work or not
<eebrah> we'll see
<hramrach__> on AW SoCs the driver would initially support TV modes only which won;t work with most DVI screens
<eebrah> I found that out the hard way
<hramrach__> I have no idea what the status of the rk kernel is
<eebrah> first time I got DVI working was with fedora
<hramrach__> Tsvetan: can you install category tree extension ot the wiki?
<Astralix1> there is still a long way to go till auto-recognition of screen sizes will work in RK code
<hramrach__> how do you do screen output then?
<Astralix1> if you're lucky they can find yout if you're on full-hd, hd-ready or tv
<Astralix1> but you can only try TV compatible sizes, no Monitor sizes
<hramrach__> the kernel code does that ?
<Astralix1> yes
<hramrach__> ok
<eebrah> so desktop monitors [ 1600x900, 1280x1024, 1280x800, 1366x768 ] have no chance?
<Tsvetan> hramrach__ probably I could if somebody tell me how to :)
<Astralix1> this I2C communication for monitor detection is part of HDMI too as well as DVI
<Astralix1> 1280x1024 should work
<hramrach__> it's not tv compatible :p
<Astralix1> buright
<Astralix1> right
<eebrah> none of the download links at work
<eebrah> the recovery image downloads
<Tsvetan> there are tons of extensions which one
<hramrach__> there should be one named categorytree
<Tsvetan> lets do the tomorrow
<hramrach__> ok, no hurry
<Tsvetan> Im a bit tired and I do not want to screw up something like yesterday :)))
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<hramrach__> hello :)
<hipboi> wow
<Astralix1> hi
<eebrah> hi hipboi
<hipboi> eebrah, hi
<hipboi> more people here now :)
<Astralix1> party :)
<eebrah> growing like an infection :P
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<Astralix1> hi lars
<netlars> hi
<Astralix1> except for the members on vacation crewrktablets is no complete :P
<Astralix1> I'll take a break, riding home... and then holidays! yeeha!
<Astralix1> cul8er guys
<hramrach__> enjoy :)
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<FergusL> what are your interest in Rk linux ?
<FergusL> home server ? everyday computer ? other ? Mine is to make it a portable sampler/synthesizer for music making
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<hramrach__> FergusL: not very useful with current devices
<FergusL> hramrach__: what do you mean ?
<hramrach__> sticks have no audio other than HDMI out
<FergusL> yes
<FergusL> that's one of the reasons I like the boxes, provided audio in and out might work when running Linux...
<hramrach__> some TV boxen might have SPDIF out and/or jack in/out
<FergusL> but then, there are really great USB audio adpaters, some you can even make yourself
<hramrach__> that might work too
<hramrach__> but a bit clunky
<FergusL> yes :-/
<hramrach__> plus what is the power req of the usb sound card?
<FergusL> hramrach__: what is your usecase for Linux on rk ?
<FergusL> none, just USB power from the computer
<hramrach__> I am running Linux ARM only on Allwinner a10/a20
<hramrach__> it would be great media center if media playback worked
<hramrach__> for desktop it is way too weak
<hramrach__> maybe rk is a bit better but Linux support so far is not good enough to even benchmark it
<hramrach__> yes, simple USB sound powers from USB
<FergusL> yes, I'm interested in this one
<FergusL> and even the upcoming one with Rk3188
<hramrach__> a bit expensive but maybe with all the peripherials you don't get lower
<hramrach__> if you are OK with running stock android it would probably work
<FergusL> which one is expensive ? the X7 ?
<hramrach__> yes, the X5/X7
<hramrach__> like twice the price of a stick
<FergusL> people are wondering why this one is the same but much cheaper
<FergusL> regarding quality it's always a gamble
<hramrach__> regardless of price
<FergusL> yes
<hramrach__> if you install Linux on it you will be probably the first to try the SPDIF and other audio features
<hramrach__> current kernel is for sticks which are HDMI only
<hramrach__> and the ehternet when it comes to that
<hramrach__> FergusL: do you have an android app that does what you want to do with the TV box?
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<FergusL> hramrach__: kind of, but Android requires a screen iirc, it's less scriptable
<FergusL> I'd highly prefere a Linux system which I know really well
<hramrach__> it does not *require* a screen
<hramrach__> but hard to run something blind with just a remote
<FergusL> absolutely, yes
<hramrach__> the linux support is somewhat experimentalt, though
<hramrach__> so I would not rely on it as the sole use case for the device
<FergusL> my idea is basically a box without a screen, on whcih you plug MIDI instruments and you can then play, all controls are either automated or prepared before hand or with a webapp or something
<FergusL> true, yes, that's what is keeping people from purchasing I think
<hramrach__> I don't think the rk sound card has midi
<hramrach__> so you will need software midi or the USB sound card
<FergusL> by MIDI I mean USB midi, like all midi instruments now are, and drivers for this are by default in all kernels, unless I miss something...
<hramrach__> andrid kernels have no drivers :/
<hramrach__> it's like the manufacturers coould not imagine you would actualy *use* the device
<FergusL> hm... I was thinking Linux here but... hm... even on Android, it's kind of popular for live musicians to have instruments plugged on the tablet, but then I might be wrong again !
<hramrach__> and by no drivers I mean it. You have 1 wifi driver for the wifi stick that is sold as accessory
<hramrach__> plug in another - does not work
<hramrach__> plug in USB HID tablet - does not work
<FergusL> uhh okay...
<FergusL> so that's why there's still a lot of dev going on on Android
<FergusL> like alternative versions
<FergusL> like finless or cyanogenmod ?
<hramrach__> yes. andriod shipped with device is usually useless for anything but FB and YT browsing
<FergusL> yes, I think installing Linux is a better route
<FergusL> more customisable and all
<hramrach__> it's not that Andriod is not customizable
<hramrach__> what sucks is the customization method - whole image replacement
<FergusL> yes but even then, it's so bound to its idea of being a device with a display, a pointing method and a keyboard
<hramrach__> not really
<hramrach__> there are andriod test images that run testsuite when they receive a signal over remote
<hramrach__> i's just you don't install test app, you install test image
<FergusL> sorry i'm not sure I understand :s as you can see I don't know much
<hramrach__> on linux you have packages that install init scripts so you couild have testapp package that hooks some service that runs testsuite when input on remote is received
<hramrach__> you can install a test application on andriod but to have it hooked up to run on remote input you need customized andriod image
<hramrach__> there is no option for installing 'system' applications afaik
<hramrach__> you can also access the andriod over adb and modify the current image but that is quite hard to reproduce if you need to
<FergusL> hm, I think I understand better, ok
<FergusL> it's *linux* rockchip anyway !
<FergusL> Android, out !
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