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<omegamoon> Hi all
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<mmind00> hi omegamoon
<omegamoon> Just checking in to see what's going on in here :-)
<mmind00> not much, but the first part of the rockchip stuff made it into mainline today
<omegamoon> Hi mmind00, I heard from Astralix that a minimal 3.11 is booting on rk?
<mmind00> minimal rk3066 ... and it seems Astralix' rk3188 too since today
<mmind00> and you get a fancy command line on the serial console on both ;-)
<Astralix1> hi omega
<omegamoon> Hi Astra, thought I'd come over and say hi in here :-)
<Astralix1> lol
<Astralix1> so still promotion for this chat out there :)
<omegamoon> Haven't had much time to delve further into the rk3188 kernel code
<Astralix1> no problem.
<Astralix1> it would be perfect, if you guys continue to bring a linux up on it
<Astralix1> I'd like to see picuntu, ubuntu ARM and ubuntu touch running on the 3.11.0 when it is out :)
<Astralix1> no, just kidding.
<mmind00> haha ... dreamer
<Astralix1> I am pretty sure that we will not have fancy things like 1280/1024 HDMI working in the next kernel
<Astralix1> may be we hav a litte more timer support and a heartbeat LED blinking
<mmind00> feature-wise 3.11 is closed, so all the new stuff from the last days will make it into 3.12
<mmind00> so we may even have the watchdog, i2c and some other periphals there
<omegamoon> "Just" wifi and bluetooth plus hardware gpu acceleration on a 3.0 kernel is my first goal
<Astralix1> I guess we should focus on GPIO/PWM/Timers and I2C.
<Astralix1> omega, I can support on the wifi
<omegamoon> Have you checked the gpio dump util yet?
<omegamoon> It gives you a headstart running it on a stock android kernel
<Astralix1> where did you post it?
<Astralix1> didn't get a message about it
<omegamoon> We could use it on the few missing gpio's of the 3188
<Astralix1> ah, I should run it on my stick on the linux, I thought you did that already
<Astralix1> I fetched the GPIO config the traditional way... I parsed it through IDA
<omegamoon> Look in github of galland, he has cloned that repo
<Astralix1> yes, I remember that
<Astralix1> But I need to reflash my device then first
<Astralix1> There is not much on it left as I have only a kernel on it
<omegamoon> I've never flashed any hardware as often as the rockchip devices i have
<omegamoon> My mk908 is running ubuntu 13 by the way
<omegamoon> But still without hardware acceleration
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<Astralix1> ups
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