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<Tsvetan2> Tom are you here?
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<Astralix> good morning
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<hipboi> morning
<hipboi> Tsvetan, yes, i am here
<hipboi> i visited rockchips last week asking about open source of rockchips
<Tsvetan> Tom its very difficut to understand rockchip
<Tsvetan> at least for me
<hipboi> they said no interest
<hipboi> yes
<Tsvetan> right
<Tsvetan> no interest to sell chips too?
<Tsvetan> :-)
<hipboi> no interest to open source
<Astralix> That is no news
<Astralix> hi hipboy
<hipboi> who knows rockchips is a software company when it's founded
<hipboi> Astralix, hi
<Tsvetan> I´m banging my head to their wall, trying simple to approach salesman :)
<Tsvetan> there is girl on the front end Wendy Lin
<hipboi> :D
<Astralix> Is she nice looking or hard to get around?
<Tsvetan> she pointed me to some Manager Shirley
<Tsvetan> who hopefully will understand what Im asking
<Astralix> Is that a girls club?
<hipboi> :D
<Astralix> no, cannot be... developers a herman and huangtong
<Tsvetan> at least for me Rockchip seems smaller than Allwinner
<hipboi> actually it has more emploees
<Tsvetan> Astralix girls in China know better English so they usually deal with foreiners
<Astralix> ah, good to know
<Astralix> But I was just kdding. I have no problems with girsl who know to do thier job
<Astralix> What I miss then is, that they give all needed information to some open source developers and let them do their job.
<Astralix> They do not have to do it on their own. I was willing to sing an nda, but they even didn't tell me a name of someone to contact
<Astralix> Until the I had always be a bit careful what to put open source and what to keep secret. But after that I am not burying any information anymore, regardless the way I got it.
<Astralix> SOmeone should tell them, that lots of people had made lots of over-hours or spent lots of free times to develop linux. And they are using it to get bigger profits but not giving back to the community.
<Tsvetan> Astralix - Linux for Rockchip doesnt mean anything
<Astralix> In that case we only can encourage the FSF to open a dept in china
<Astralix> and threaten them
<Astralix> That is an astonishing effect of chinese way of working... no knowledge no respect just masses
<Astralix> if it works it doesn't matter how it works
<Astralix> However, reverse engineering the RockChips series of chips had brought me lots of new contacts and lots of nighs full of fun.
<Astralix> We have even first booting 3.10.0-rc7 on RK3066 and RK3188 now.
<mmind00> me too ... I've seen so many new parts of the kernel, I hadn't seen before, in the mainline effort
<hipboi> :)
<hipboi> good to hear
<Astralix> Yes, seen in such way, we must thank rockchip for their chips as well as for their ignorance.
<Astralix> btw, the blue led is RK30_PIN3_PD3 that should be 123+160... <&GPIO3 27>
<Astralix> the gpio calculator I progged is for 3.0.x kernels, he still has offset of 5x32 in front.
<mmind00> I'm not sure if gpio numbers are sequential anymore
<Astralix> I can test in the evening as I enabled /sys/clss/gpio interface in the kernel
<Astralix> Are the gpios taken in the same sequence as they are given in the dtsi?
<mmind00> I'm not sure :-)
<Astralix> ok
<Astralix> I test that
<Astralix> and careful! I added some debug in the latest pincontrol
<Tsvetan> Astralix for me is easier to understand the rockchip and chinese culture
<Tsvetan> as Bulgaria was part of ex-Communist block
<Astralix> yes, I guess
<hipboi> i can totally understand
<Tsvetan> and the situation with the software was same
<Tsvetan> nobody was paying for software in Bulgaria
<Tsvetan> so this was not important issue
<hipboi> oh
<Tsvetan> so if you want Rockchip to pay attention to Linux
<Astralix> What is hard to understand for me is not that they are not thinking the same way. I am totally tolerant guy. I am not thinking of contry or color but only humans on earth. But they do not even try to understand.
<Tsvetan> show them how they can sell 10 milion chips more if they support linux and they will do
<Tsvetan> :-)
<Tsvetan> Astralix its good to read Kisingers book for China
<Astralix> Yes it is already on my list
<Tsvetan> I got it as present for my birthday and when I read it I understand many things which I couldnt
<Tsvetan> but I now just know that I still do not understand many things
<Tsvetan> for instance banging my head with this girl on the Rockchip desk
<Tsvetan> I asked friend from China to explain me what I do wrong
<Astralix> Oh, it is easy: They can use the kernel as they are using it now... risign their profit. But 20% of the profit should be invested in human rights installations and another 5% to the FSF
<Tsvetan> and he gave mi tip which worked
<Tsvetan> so I moved forward to the next manager
<Tsvetan> but this is because he is chinese and know the culture
<Astralix> so what's the trick?
<Tsvetan> sometimes not receiving answer is also answer when the culture is different :))))
<Tsvetan> the trick was that he told me that I ask her too many technical questions, which she could not understand and asnwer
<Tsvetan> and I didnt got answers
<Tsvetan> he told me ask her who should you contact to ask these questions
<Tsvetan> :-)
<Astralix> Yes... but I asked a kernel developer of them some kernel related questions and got no answer....
<Astralix> Head->Desk
<Tsvetan> :-)
<Astralix> That explaind why...
<Astralix> Ah, mmind00, something about rkflashtool
<Astralix> the rkflashtool I host on crewrktablet is probably the most complete one existing. I collected lots of features from other versions and forks.
<Astralix> But it has the same problem as all the other versions, it only supports writing small chunks of flash
<Astralix> so kernel will do, but a 100+MB system.img does not work
<mmind00> ok
<Astralix> The reason is probably the used libusb
<Astralix> It is sort of unstable in large transfers
<mmind00> is there any reason for this to be seen?
<Astralix> I have a new version in cpp that uses direct usb instead of libusb. I'll test that one at the weekend
<mmind00> but I only planned to write kernels at all .... a system can happily boot from the sd card for me ;-)
<Astralix> You can use it for kernel without any problems
<Astralix> aaaah!
<Astralix> not again
<Astralix> why is nobody willing to use the internal flash!
<Astralix> everyone is booting fs from external sd....
<Astralix> btw: do you know that 2918 and 3188 should be able to boot off of external SD card?
<mmind00> because I can take a sd card out and mount it in the host, if I did mess up something :-) ...
<Astralix> With respect to Android my first action will be to replace rkXXnand_ko.ko
<hipboi> rockchips can boot from external sd card?
<mmind00> no I don't think so ... the kernel has to be in the flash
<Astralix> yes, I was told that this is working with 2918 and 3188. 3066 can only boot from (e)MMC
<mmind00> ah, good to know
<hipboi> ok
<Astralix> The internal bootloader is scanning for a certain token that identifies a bootloader
<Astralix> on each of the external medias
<hipboi> internal bootlaoder in chip?
<Astralix> yes
<hipboi> ok. so the same as allwinner
<Astralix> all of the chips have a amsk-rom bootloader
<Astralix> mask
<hipboi> yes, some called brom
<hipboi> i think i need to get one 3188 device and hands on it
<Astralix> however, it can boot of some of the external memories as well as it can download code from serial port or USB
<hipboi> ok. common routines
<Astralix> funny thing is, that the datasheets describe the way the bootloader scans the external memories or interfaces, and says it is lookking for bootloader ID. But there is no hint, what this ID has to look like
<hipboi> where can i find the datasheet
<Astralix> there is a copy of the 3066 TRM flying around the net
<hipboi> ok
<Tsvetan> there is user manual, datasheet and reference schematic for 3066
<Tsvetan> I have them somewhere
<Astralix> I got them from baido
<Astralix> Ok, Oma already spreaded the news :)
<Astralix> nope that is the short one
<Astralix> the original TRM has 26MB
<hipboi> ok
<Astralix> hipboy.. I think you're from one of these well known tablet companies?
<hipboi> :O
<Astralix> so, back in the main chat
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<naobsd> hmm, rkflashtool has issue with large image? probably I never saw it yet...
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<Astralix1> /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Astralix1 nnzebmlynhxe
<Tsvetan> oh ah :)
<Tsvetan> Rockchip sent me NDA
<Tsvetan> and promised RK3188 info
<Tsvetan> seems I finally got to the right person :)
<Tsvetan> Astralix1 now your nickserv password is logged to the generations ahead :)))
<Astralix1> nope
<Astralix1> this is only a hash I guess
<Tsvetan> ok :-)
<Astralix1> however I don't want to be Astralix1 and so the pass of Astralix is still unknown
<Astralix1> There is a bug in the software
<Tsvetan> then change your nick to Astralix
<Astralix1> cause it requests you to verify your registration, but then does not accept the verify command
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<Astralix> better now?
<Tsvetan> my name also is registered for #olimex channel but I do not verify
<Tsvetan> as it will make me @
<Tsvetan> never had to ban or kick somebody here, just nice developers around :)
<Astralix> I had a nice chat with Nickserv trying to get that verify command through but it doesn't work
<Astralix> Should wok I guess
<Tsvetan> irc is not mass like if was before now all the crowd is on FB and G+
<Astralix> yes
<Astralix> but to be honest, G+ hangouts have some advantage
<Tsvetan> never did such
<Astralix> you dont have to run a log server but can always scroll back in the hangout
<Tsvetan> the video?
<Astralix> so especially if people are from different time zones you can read what the others wrote last night or you can leave messages
<Astralix> no just the chat
<Tsvetan> oh I though its only for video
<Tsvetan> hexchat does the logging for me anyway
<Astralix> nope fine plain chat
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