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<Astralix> hey guys... someone in china still awake?
<Astralix> need some help
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<Tsvetan> OK, my RK3188 arrived, is there Wiki with how to attach console and what tools are necessary to upload image in it?
<Tsvetan> I just opened my and its a bit dissapointing to see that RK3188 have no HDMI but only LCD interface and needs IT66121FN transmitter to make HDMI :-)
<Tsvetan> I check the datasheet and indeed there is just LCD RGB driver
<Astralix2> What kind of rk3188 arrived?
<Astralix2> And yes, 3066 has dedicated HDMI interface, 3188 has dual LCDC interface
<Tsvetan> no name
<Tsvetan> no brand
<Tsvetan> 1GB RAM 8GB NAND
<Tsvetan> nice external antenna
<Tsvetan> connects solid to wifi
<Tsvetan> and the browsing is fast
<Tsvetan> android 4.1.1 with kernel 3.0.56
<Astralix2> Ah, ok. I have MK908 which could be the same, but no external antenna
<Astralix2> ah, I have 2GB RAM
<hramrach__> maybe something like CX-803 ?
<hramrach__> no, that was rk3066
<Astralix2> Btw, I need some help
<Astralix2> has someone of you access to datasheets of goodix touchscreen, VTL touchscreen and FT5x00 series datasheets?
<Astralix2> VTL has links on their page but they are dead. But we have lots of trouble getting ct36x going on several tablets.
<Astralix2> and the FT5x00 series datasheets are dumb as they only tell some secondary and electrical specs but no internals. The chips need a firmware for their internal MCS51 core
<Astralix2> same with ct36x I guess
<Astralix2> but no datasheet, no email answer just a scrambled rockchips driver noone ever understands
<Astralix2> btw. for goodix we seem to have it hacked but it would be nice to understand why it now works
<Tsvetan> is it time to set wiki? or
<Tsvetan> Rockchip reply me that they offer SDK software and support for $5000 :-O
<Astralix2> I already told you the price :)
<Astralix2> and you forgto to mention that you have to sign a NDA I guess?
<Tsvetan> I already signed the NDA and they give me nothing
<Astralix2> but btw. what $ ? USD?
<Tsvetan> USD 5000 to receive datasheet and SDK software :))))
<Tsvetan> no wonder the PDF is not available online
<Astralix2> what SDK software? This crap we got that they call linux kernel?
<Tsvetan> I guess similar to Alwinner SDK which allow you to build ANdroid
<Tsvetan> with binary blobg
<Tsvetan> and no sources
<Astralix2> lol
<Tsvetan> if the datasheet is like Allwinner datasheet its useless anyway
<Tsvetan> as it full with wrong ball assignments etc
<Astralix2> I don't know Allwinner datasheet...
<Tsvetan> they say - do not look datasheet its wrong look the schematic :)))
<Tsvetan> so at least they sent me free of charge schematic which we can use to build our own board
<Astralix2> at least rockchips does update their datasheets as it looks like
<Tsvetan> as reference
<Tsvetan> and if I convince them to sell me 1 tray of RK3188 we can try to make prototypes
<Astralix2> reference schematics are available from rk too
<Tsvetan> rk3188?
<Astralix2> let me see...
<Tsvetan> as I saw RK3066
<Tsvetan> but not RK3188
<Astralix2> nope only 3066 I have
<Tsvetan> I got RK3188 too
<Astralix2> schematic?
<Tsvetan> yes
<Astralix2> where?
<Tsvetan> but no datasheet nor usermanual
<Tsvetan> from Rockchip
<Tsvetan> they sent me the schematic
<Tsvetan> but ask $5000 for software support and datasheet
<Astralix2> ah
<Tsvetan> I think schematic is enough if correct
<Astralix2> but with the
<Tsvetan> no wrong ball assignments etc
<Astralix2> yes, that's what I wanted to say
<Tsvetan> but still would be better if we have got SDK to see what is inside
<Astralix2> The most interesting thing would be to get a grip on CRU and PMU manuals.
<Tsvetan> the PMU is ACT8846
<Tsvetan> Active Power
<Tsvetan> controller by I2C like AXP for Allwinner
<Tsvetan> I guess the protocol could be sniffed easily
<Astralix2> I guess you're messing up things
<Astralix2> I meant the PMU inside the RK chips.
<Tsvetan> PMU = Power Managment Unit i.e. the controllable power supply I guess
<Astralix2> The unit controling power switiching an basic clock supply to the internal parts of the silicon
<Astralix2> This unit is handled in a secondary paper, it is just mentioned in the TRM
<Astralix2> Same for the Clock and Reset Unit, CRU, that is handled the same
<Astralix2> Even main AXI bus is described in separate document
<Astralix2> there are separate documents for GPU and VCODEC and the Image Processor IPP. Raster Graphics Unit RGA and I guess some more
<Astralix2> but there is lot of source code available and as the documents are same quality as their code... It doesn't really matter if you read the docs or decode the sources.
<Tsvetan> :)
<Tsvetan> same like Allwinner
<Astralix2> And if you read the sources carefully you already see where bugs and problems are hidden
<Tsvetan> you find most of things by experimenting
<Astralix2> yes. For instance they messed up GPIOA completely on RK3188
<Astralix2> the put a register in the wrong unit and they reversed parts of the bits
<Astralix2> you'll search your ass of if you have to find that in the documenatation.
<Astralix2> 200 üages for GPIO and you don't see that in some cases the bits are written D7...D0 and in others it is D0...D7 ;)
<Tsvetan> :))
<Astralix2> but if you see the code and check for if (port == 0 && bit < 12) bla = (base + x); else bla = 7-(base+x)...
<Astralix2> you pretty fast see that there might be a trap if you don't watch out...
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<Astralix2> uh, two loggers?
<Astralix2> one is NSA, the other is now chinese intelligence service?
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<Tsvetan> just net split
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<Astralix2> hey jochen
<JochenKauz> Hi everybody
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<Astralix2> but you know how to detect intrusions ... :P
<JochenKauz> loooool
<JochenKauz> yes
<JochenKauz> what about the server?
<Tsvetan> the server have 30G storage and unlimited trafic
<JochenKauz> okay... that should be enough for a wiki, not storing more then text
<Tsvetan> yes, for files and such is better to use GitHub anyway
<Astralix2> I guess the idea is to mostly collect facts and link to resonable sources
<Astralix2> but not host them
<Astralix2> yes
<JochenKauz> did you thought about extra services on that server, like chat, or should it be dedicated to wiki only?
<JochenKauz> sorry for asking so much questions, but I want to have an overview
<Tsvetan> we can put there anything we want
<Tsvetan> and which can fit in 30G
<JochenKauz> its more service related.. could be a good idea to have an own chat system for developers, so rk developers can find one place to share information
<Astralix2> this is what this irc channel was set up for
<JochenKauz> at the moment I think there are different places to come together for that
<JochenKauz> yes but I would never find it here, if you had not told me this place, thats why I was asking
<Astralix2> hmm.... there is a closed german chat, a closed google hangout and this open IRC
<Astralix2> But this channel is intended to be advertised on the linux-rockchip wiki
<JochenKauz> then its okay, it was only something I was thinking about..
<Astralix2> if needed we could set up sort of admin-chat too
<Astralix2> but for admin chats I#d prefere something like hangout so you cann leave messages so people logging in later have a back trace
<JochenKauz> maybe, but thats something that can be implemented if needed
<Astralix2> so oyu don't have to wait until your partner is online
<Astralix2> yes
<Astralix2> let's first start a page and see how it evaluates
<JochenKauz> you're right, but you know what I think about hangout..
<Astralix2> I didn't call it google-hangout but I thought of something that offers some of the benefits
<Tsvetan> installing the Wiki now :)
<JochenKauz> the wiki is one part, would it be interesting to have a blog to publish news?
<JochenKauz> great
<Astralix2> we could try the blog.... but I would like to see it moderated. Cause if anyone can blog with news, he can blog anything... And that is probably something you don't want to happen
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<hramrach__> probably better to link to existing blogs
<JochenKauz> I don't think that it would be a good idea to open a blog with public posting
<JochenKauz> It would be only a news platform for
<Astralix2> I guess we're pretty busy with the collection of facts
<JochenKauz> it should be more like a news site for the wiki, to announce information what is going on in development, but I'm only asking what is planned, so nothing needed to do
<Astralix2> Normally wiki systems inherit this information
<hramrach__> generate
<hramrach__> like list of recently changed posts and stuff
<Astralix2> just click "rescent changes"
<JochenKauz> yes, but you don't have it published in a news roll
<JochenKauz> up and running from my connection..
<Astralix2> jep
<Astralix2> I'd like to see a ore cooler logo for the page, than the Allwinner black box
<Astralix2> :)
<JochenKauz> hmmm... no copyright on this?
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<Astralix2> yep, but isn't it to focusing on the 4-core?
<Tsvetan> this is what google returns when type rockchip :)
<Tsvetan> and Rockchip may be not happy to use their own logo on this site
<JochenKauz> yes... but perhaps they have some free logos
<Tsvetan> if someone have better idea or image we can update
<JochenKauz> not found anything yet
<Tsvetan> ok the wiki is completely opened now
<Tsvetan> anyone can do anything
<Astralix2> ouch
<JochenKauz> ok, but would it not be a good idea to define a structure?
<Tsvetan> JochenKauz I do bet you know better than me what to do :) so feel free to do it
<Astralix2> Ok, I created an account for myself
<Astralix2> there is no email verification?
<Tsvetan> its fresh install
<Tsvetan> I guess it needs some tunning
<JochenKauz> lol..
<JochenKauz> okay... lets think about structures..
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<JochenKauz> Splitting the platforms... rk29/rk30/rk31?
<Astralix2> it is not sending any verification email but stating that it has been sent but not replied...
<JochenKauz> hmm... for me it gave me an error
<JochenKauz> it said php function failed
<Tsvetan> meantime I forgot my password as admin and then reset the password before making and now mediawiki says I cant reset password more than once for 24 hours
<Tsvetan> so tomorrow about this time I will be able to login as admin and make the account verification etc to be more restrictive :)))
<Tsvetan> duh!
<JochenKauz> okay... or you login to the mysql and reset the counter
<Astralix2> next time the other way round: first give the pass to someone you trust, then forget it
<Tsvetan> Astralix2 :)))
<Tsvetan> JochenKauz and the counter name is ... ?
<JochenKauz> lets have a look..
<hramrach__> logo \o/
<Tsvetan> by the way hosting company provide panel with lot of software there to choose
<Tsvetan> I see there is phpBB
<Tsvetan> do you think to add forum is good idea?
<JochenKauz> if you open your wiki database
<JochenKauz> table user field user_editcount
<hramrach__> I think it's good idea to focus on one thing
<JochenKauz> no user_newpass_time
<hramrach__> there are many forums elsewehre already so no need to add one more
<Tsvetan> ok
<JochenKauz> I don't thin we should implement a forum by now
<Tsvetan> wiki source is the first step
<JochenKauz> did you find the table?
<Tsvetan> let me see
<Astralix2> yes. later we are all admins and no one is developing anymore
<Astralix2> btw. this forum is logged to the net... keep care what you tell in here in case of databse details
<Tsvetan> :)
<JochenKauz> I was not giving any details... this is something I would make thru OTR only
<Astralix2> yes I know but I just wanted to state that little detail. We are normally on closed chats where you can tell almost anything
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<JochenKauz> Astralix you know... the net never forgets anything, even if we are at our homebase chat
<hramrach__> you stole the logo from RK site?
<hramrach__> not good I guess
<JochenKauz> That was the thing I mentioned above, we need another logo
<JochenKauz> but not found anything free for now
<Tsvetan> we can replace the logo at anytime
<Astralix2> lol
<Astralix2> omegamoon is using the logo too
<Astralix2> but we might ask rk for permission
<JochenKauz> what about using the android logo for now?
<JochenKauz> and if we get an official okay from rk, then switch?
<Astralix2> yes, better than the other way round, but I ask Omega how he used it
<Astralix2> doesn't look like he's online, but I left him a message
<Tsvetan> ok I will remove the current image
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<hramrach__> Tsvetan: favicon?
<hramrach__> for all I care you could just link to the logo picture but might not work well with some browsers
<Tsvetan> hramrach_ sure what image to use?
<hramrach__> the logo
<Tsvetan> its too big
<Tsvetan> what size was the flavicons
<hramrach__> yes, might not work well in some browsers
<Tsvetan> 32x32
<hramrach__> ok, I just put it in my faviconizing script
<Astralix2> So, I am levaing for the ride home. cul8er
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<Tsvetan> hramrach_ you are not wasting time :))
<Astralix1> wow, you're pretty fast!
<Astralix1> Omegamoon stated that there should be no problem using the Rk3188 logo as long as we tell that we are not related to them.
<Astralix1> But I guess we shold add a disclaimer about that fact anyway.
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<Tsvetan> ok, no anonymous edit anymore :)
<Tsvetan> astralix, hramarxh and Jochen are add to admin group
<JochenKauz> Thanks!
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<Astralix1> great to hear
<JochenKauz> okay I'm now on my way home... cu later
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<Tsvetan> somehow deleted licalsettings.php
<Tsvetan> I will shot myself
<Tsvetan> :(
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<hramrach__> thanks, I guess
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* hramrach__ wallows in hte dark admin powers of inaccessible wiki
<Tsvetan> will re-install everything tomorrow
<Tsvetan> guys let me first setup everything emails etc
<Tsvetan> before we put any info in
<Tsvetan> sorry just closed the panel window by accedent while editing localsettings of the wiki and the file is erased
<Tsvetan> maybe the page content is still there but I dont know how to recover
<hramrach__> it probably is
<hramrach__> localsettings looks like a file that would have db password/location and such
<Tsvetan> yes :( and there were very long random 128 bit passwords which I guess we will never recover
<Tsvetan> now time to go home
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<JochenKauz> good evening
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<JochenKauz> our wiki is down?
<hramrach__> yes, there was some issue with configuration
<hramrach__> hopefully Tsvetan will resolve it tomorrow
<JochenKauz> thats a pitty... and I thought I could make a few additions
<hramrach__> I wrote a script for wikifying HTML tables right now ;-)
<Astralix> in that case I switch to kernel dev for tonight
<Astralix> there is much work pending for rk3188 mainline support
<hramrach__> it works only on html created by simplyhtml but good enough to get tables in wiki hopefully
<JochenKauz> do you know a script that can read new wiki additions and make blog posts in WP?
<hramrach__> that would make a horrible blog
<hramrach__> have you checked some wiki history?
<hramrach__> people just try things out, move stuff around, fix typos and stuff like that
<JochenKauz> not the content.. only the headers... like new addition in xyz
<hramrach__> like a digest
<JochenKauz> or new topic.. something in that way
<JochenKauz> yes
<hramrach__> could be doable but the mediawiki basically generates that in recent changes section
<JochenKauz> especially new content added
<hramrach__> so added value is minimal
<JochenKauz> is there a RSS feed for that?
<hramrach__> not sure
<hramrach__> there are many plugins for mediawiki so maybe there even is
<hramrach__> also there are watches which you might abuse to genereate a feed
<JochenKauz> okay... I will have a look at that..
<JochenKauz> My idea of the blog, at the first discussion here, was to have a exponated place to show what content is added new to the wiki. I made something in that way a long time ago at a SMF, to show only new thread, not the latest posts
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