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<hramrach__> hello
<hramrach__> you have some docs on how to bootstrap sane environment on a new device?
<hramrach__> I was considering a rk device because the preformance looks good (2xA9 +4xMali) but the unability to boot from an external flasn and documentation scattered around forum threads does not look that good
<hramrach__> also do you have some memory benchmarks?
<hramrach__> having 6 computing cores is not going to do any good with no place to store the results
<mmind00> Hi, what do you mean "sane environment"?
<mmind00> +with
<Astralix> afaik there is only 'the rockchip bootloader' that then fetches some parameters out of the parameters block of the nand and copies a kernel to a specific address and then starts it.
<Astralix> the bootloader is kept as a closed source property of rockchip. You will get a documentation of how to use it I guess. But if you like to have uBoot running on rockchips, you may need to wait a while, cause that is second point on our list of taks... firs we want to have mainline kernel support.
<Tsvetan> Astralix: do you intend to reverse engineering everything :)
<Astralix> ahem... there is not so much closed source left to reverse engineer... Besides the bootloader that is (ahem... was...) encrypted.
<Astralix> But I will not support in cracking as I don't think that it is good to reply a violation of the GPL with a violation of private intellectual property.
<Tsvetan> Allwinner open sourced their bootloader a month ago
<Tsvetan> together with NAND driver
<Tsvetan> I´m still waiting to see what Rockchip will send me, after I signed their NDA
<Astralix> may be this incomplete 26MB TRM, where CRU, PMU and others are still missing?
<Astralix> afaik open source is not a point at rockchips. It is simply out of their focus. There is no interest in it. So soemone should explain that GPL to them a bit more detailed, I guess.
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<Tsvetan> I try this long time ago with Allwinner without success, I guess hipboi_ Tom Cubie who was working as software developer at Allwinner was one who convinced Allwinner to the GPL direction, so making contact with some software developer at Rockchip my help :)
<Astralix> Doesn't help as on the point where it is going open source, these developers direct you to contact a FAE
<Astralix> I already tried that with only few success
<Tsvetan> hipboi_ may give us hint here how this was done with Allwinner :)
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<Astralix> It doesn't help if someone did it with a different chip. That doesn't bring us forward on the RKs. Were actually facing different problems even on RK components that are well known. As they use timers that look compatible to existing drivers. But with deeper inspection it shows that some bits are with opposite meaning. So setting 1 disables something in the original driver, while RK implementation enables something.
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<Astralix> Betatester wanted for the dev-kit? ;)
<Yaku-noob> well, considering that the rk3066 is supposed to be almost as fast as the quadcore from allwinner it´s trange that there aren´t more, but the open source issue in which alwinner also isn´t really a shiny horse
<Astralix> why did you link the old news?
<Astralix> The sources of omegamoon and alok are already working. i.e. booting a linux comlpetely. Just working on 3D adaption and WiFi.
<Astralix> ah, sh... I forgot that I promised to help on wifi... I need to figure that out in the next few days...
<Astralix> Here ist the github with working kernel and picuntu on some 3066 and 3188 based sticks
<Tsvetan> I will update :)
<Astralix> you don't need to, there are many more projects like these, and you can't mention them all, I guess.
<Tsvetan> I will receive probably my RK3188 Android stick this week
<Astralix> so what I read there on olimex blog will result in an olimex stick? I thought it will be more one of these famous devel-kits, with buttons, blugs and nifty little nokia phone LCDs.
<Tsvetan> no stick
<Astralix> I started AT91SAM7 on olimex breadboard I guess.
<Tsvetan> maybe RK3188-SOM
<Tsvetan> with RK3188 + PMU + MEMORY
<Tsvetan> and reference 2 layer design where this SOM plugs
<Astralix> sounds pretty smart. Just keep me up to date.
<Tsvetan> let see if we will receive info from Rockchip :)
<Tsvetan> as they are quiet
<Astralix> lots of companies contacting us have tried and failed with rockchip. If the number of chips per second you buy is not high enough, you get no answer. And keep in mind, that they seem not to have any interest in open source.
<Astralix> "us" means all the forums and crews I am active in, like this IRC
<Tsvetan> same with us too
<Tsvetan> but at least we signed NDA which I think is step forward
<Tsvetan> to the info source :)
<Astralix> Could end in a complete documentation and a PCB without a chip... But we'll see how it works out. Olimex is well known in the western hemisphere, so might be this helps a bit.
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<ausxxh_> if only RK3188 etc can do industrial temp range
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