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<naobsd> oh i didn't know RK3068 is smaller than RK3066
<cnxsoft> I had never heard about RK3068, and I'm struggling to find details. Is it like RK3066 with 3G support?
<cnxsoft> It looks like the smaller size can make nice and small HDMI sticks.
<naobsd> cnxsoft: yes, but I also have only few info
<cnxsoft> s/can make/allows for/
<naobsd> that RK3068 stick is just an evb
<naobsd> my friend planned to make some product based on RK3068 stick, but it was canceled
<cnxsoft> I can see some available on Alibaba
<cnxsoft> naobsd if I write about it, can I use your RK3066 vs RK3068 picture in my blog?
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<naobsd> cnxsoft: yes. I changed Gdrive share setting, you can download now
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<hramrach__> Tsvetan: good morning
<hramrach__> you have some time to set up the wiki extensions?
<Tsvetan> not yet, but I will do this later today
<hramrach__> ok
<hramrach__> found that for infobox you need this one as well:
<naobsd> cnxsoft: ping
<cnxsoft> pong
<naobsd> cnxsoft: it's ok to use my photo
<cnxsoft> naobsd, thanks, I saw your message in the IRC log. I'm writing something else for now, but an article about RK3068 is coming soon :)
<naobsd> here is the source of RK3068 stick
<hramrach__> you have some more specs for 3068?
<naobsd> as I said RK3068 stick was canceled, currently only RK2918 based one chip Android stick is available
<naobsd> hramrach__: I only have a stick, no source, no doc ;)
<hramrach__> there is not much info on the wiki and I did not bother to look it up since I did not see any actual devices using the chip
<hramrach__> you have inside photos?
<naobsd> I can ask few things related to board design, but almost no info
<FergusL> is it recent or just some old discontinued products ?
<hramrach__> clear enough to see companion chips at least
<hramrach__> it's previous gen
<naobsd> hramrach__: what is 'inside photos'?
<hramrach__> the PCB photos, not case photos ;-)
<naobsd> RK3068 is not new, same as RK3066
<FergusL> ok
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<naobsd> [12:47] <naobsd> oh i didn't know RK3068 is smaller than RK3066
<naobsd> I think it's 'inside photo', isn't it?
<FergusL> (I thought maybe we could add the wiki url in the topic)
<hramrach__> yes, if somebody who has power to do that is around :p
<hramrach__> naobsd: yes, those are nice. thanks
<naobsd> (once again, that stick is not sold, canceled)
<naobsd> probably there are some other RK3068 devices, but I don't know
<naobsd> I just have that one ;)
<FergusL> is omegamoon around here ? just asking
<hramrach__> do you have photo of the other side as well?
<naobsd> please give me some time
<hramrach__> thanks
<hramrach__> also I would be interested in clearer view of the chipsip chip or some info what it is
<hramrach__> it might be HDMI companion chip or just RAM placed near the connector
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<hramrach__> heh, nand + ddr3 in one package
<hramrach__> neat
<hramrach__> thanks
<naobsd> yes
<naobsd> probably PMU+WLAN on another side
<hramrach__> quite unreadable
<naobsd> me too
<naobsd> I'm sure right-bottom one is RTL8818
<naobsd> probably dmesg gives more info
<naobsd> but sorry I have no time for now
<hramrach__> that sounds like some network card
<naobsd> RTL is WLAN
<naobsd> realtek
<hramrach__> should be b/g/n wifi
<naobsd> very common thing
<hramrach__> actually are you sure it's 8818 and not 8188?
<naobsd> CPU+NAND+DRAM+WLAN PoP and probably PMU, HDMI companion on another side
<naobsd> ah
<hramrach__> there are very few hits for 8818
<naobsd> sorry
<naobsd> RTL8188
<naobsd> I forgot about interface, maybe USB
<naobsd> (8188cus)
<hramrach__> that's probably the common USB one
<naobsd> this one is same as one on RK2918 based stick
<FergusL> what do you mean usb ?
<FergusL> it's connected with usb ?
<hramrach__> hmm, 2918 has no hdmi so that would make the Analogix chip a HDMI convertor and leaves the small square chip as PMU
<hramrach__> FergusL: yes, it's mounted on the board and connected to one of the USB ports of the SoC
<hramrach__> quite common
<naobsd> hramrach__: probably you are right
<naobsd> sorry, I'm away for a while
<FergusL> I see
<hramrach__> naobsd: the standing part on the 3068 stick is IR?
<hramrach__> probably this (not quite readable)
<hramrach__> the ANX7150 does DP too according to the spec but none of the rk devices use it
<hramrach__> talk about wasted sillicone
<hramrach__> no, that was another chip from analogix. next row ;-)
<naobsd> I can ask some units for developers, but it's old chip, nothing is new except board design
<naobsd> I want to get RK3188 device...
<FergusL> sure yes !
<FergusL> where are you from ?
<FergusL> looked at your twitter
<naobsd> well from? country? Japan, organization? I'm just an individual
<FergusL> thanks !
<FergusL> yes I meant country sorry
<naobsd> I'm using Japanese on my twitter account, sorry ;)
<FergusL> I've seen this
<FergusL> well rather I've seen it was letters I didn't know
<FergusL> but I've seen the nice pics of the cubieboard :)
<naobsd> it was cubieboard2(A20) :)
<FergusL> yep
<FergusL> I think they're all sold out now
<naobsd> I have several devices with cheap chinese SoC, but they are old, only A20 and RK3066/RK3068 board/sticks has 2core
<naobsd> no 4core device yet :(
<FergusL> I have none actually but I'm closely following the news about it
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<hramrach__> the board design is nice
<hramrach__> what is the graphics on the chip?
<hramrach__> naobsd: 3068 is Mali also?
<Tsvetan> the Category:tree extension is installed but I do not see any difference in the vew
<Tsvetan> view
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<naobsd> hramrach__: generally RK3068 is same as RK3066
<hramrach__> Tsvetan: it's not used yet
<Tsvetan> ok, I though this tag category:software is using it
<Tsvetan> but in special pages now it appears like installed so you can give it a try
<Tsvetan> anyone with tutorial how to install picuntu on the RK3188 stick I got ? :-)
<FergusL> which one is it ?
<hramrach__> Tsvetan: picuntu has some tutorial on installing
<hramrach__> and you use the 3188 kernel and it hopefully works ;-)
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<Tsvetan> but last time I check it was for RK3066 only
<hramrach__> omegamoon does stick kernels. he has mk908 or something
<hramrach__> 3188 too
<hramrach__> separate repo
<Tsvetan> ok I will check again
<FergusL> yes
<FergusL> I don't know if there is already a rk3188 installation tutorial
<FergusL> the readme says mk808, maybe wasn't changed
<FergusL> his last post is very positive
<FergusL> I think it will come at some point
<hramrach__> ok, categorytree works now, thanks
<hramrach__> Tsvetan: can you enable this one too?
<Tsvetan> ok
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<FergusL> is galland around here too ?
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<naobsd> I guess only kernel is device specific, there is no "only for RK3066" in other parts
<FergusL> I'm not sure I understand what you mean
<FergusL> this is the file that tells what is where
<FergusL> what pin has what etc...
<naobsd> sorry, I talked about "Linux distribution (only) for RK3066"
<naobsd> hmm, I should make wiki account...
<naobsd> is wiki on for developer? for user?
<FergusL> I think mainly developer right now
<naobsd> thanks
<FergusL> well it's just what I think it is !
<naobsd> I see :)
<naobsd> it shouldn't be "collection of copy & paste from someone's blog"
<FergusL> no it shouldn't, does it look this way now ?
<naobsd> yes but few parts
<naobsd> yes
<FergusL> I think it's fine
<FergusL> it's really different
<FergusL> I mean, it's not completely copy/pasted
<naobsd> ah, yes, it's not "complete copy"
<FergusL> there are parts that are not in both
<naobsd> in that page, there is a line about gcc version
<FergusL> and I think for articles that are not new, it's fine to link to the older source, but for new content, I agree it would be bad to just post the same thing at both places
<naobsd> but under "build a kernel", it just run "apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf"
<naobsd> original blog uses arm-eabi-linaro-4.6.2 from
<naobsd> toolchain from AOSP, or from linaro (not someone's old clone) should be better
<naobsd> or, if we need specific(old) version, we should have clone ourselves
<naobsd> on
<naobsd> same for kernel source
<FergusL> apparently an old veron is needed
<FergusL> but I don't know the details so I can't really answer !
<naobsd> there is no guarantee that ubuntu package repo/DooMLoRD repo keep old version ;)
<FergusL> true !
<FergusL> let's ask him when he's around
<naobsd> about "Create a kernel image", using RK29kitchen is overkill to get rkcrc
<naobsd> "sudo apt-get install ssl-dev libusb-1-0-0-dev libblkid-dev" is not necessary for rkcrc
<naobsd> sure
<naobsd> and/or I will update that wiki
<naobsd> I will not do it now... it's 1AM now
<FergusL> oh I see
<hramrach__> I Started the building kernel page and autostatic updated it
<hramrach__> ther are some non-obvious parts about that
<hramrach__> presumably you should be able to build a kernel that boots following the instructions but I cannot try myself
<hramrach__> naobsd: if you have more details feel free to improve it
<hramrach__> also emdebian does carry ancient compiler versions
<hramrach__> linaro does not, true
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<AutoStatic> Folks, I'm just trying to make things accessible for everyone
<AutoStatic> If people have a problem with that, so be it
<AutoStatic> Then I'm out
<AutoStatic> A community is about developers AND end-users
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<AutoStatic> This IRC channel is apparently for devs only
<AutoStatic> The Wiki is apparently for devs only
<FergusL> hi AutoStatic
<AutoStatic> Hi FergusL
<FergusL> I didn't mean to say that it *had* to be for devs
<FergusL> just said that right now it was, especiallly here
<AutoStatic> naobsd and Astralix apparently do
<FergusL> :-/
<lkcl> hi folks i'm investigating the 3188 for a mass-volume EOMA68 CPU Card.
<lkcl> can anyone help at all?
<lkcl> i'm a free software advocate and kernel hacker, and i need to find kernel source, datasheets, etc. etc.
<lkcl> and people interested to participate (the linux-sunxi community is now quite large and was kick-started by the EOMA68 initiative)
<lkcl> let's have a look....
<lkcl> that's missing from the irc channel title... :)
<FergusL> hi lkcl
<lkcl> AutoStatic: thx
<lkcl> hi FergusL
<AutoStatic> It's for RK3066 though
<FergusL> absolutely lkcl :) asked for it to be added
<lkcl> ahhh awesome
<lkcl> AutoStatic: it's a start.
* lkcl dropbox slurp, slurp... :)
<FergusL> AutoStatic: did you look at "KSK electrics" website ?
<AutoStatic> FergusL: I'm in direct contact with Perry from KSK Electrics
<lkcl> AutoStatic: awesome. any pinouts / schematics found anywhere for 3188?
<lkcl> $12 is veeeery compelling...
<AutoStatic> lkcl: afaik not
<AutoStatic> Oh pinout, sorry
<FergusL> Oh ok AutoStatic
<AutoStatic> pinouts
<AutoStatic> lkcl: you mean for serial console access?
<lkcl> AutoStatic: no, for making an entire board.
<FergusL> I just sent a mail to the address given, basically telling what I told you about my plans
<AutoStatic> Or for other peripherals
<AutoStatic> lkcl: thought so already, sorry for the noise
<lkcl> AutoStatic: if you're familiar with the EOMA68 initiative, we make credit-card-sized CPU Cards, get the SoC vendors to open up enough information (or prise it out of them)
<FergusL> I remember looking at the 3066 ball pinout
<AutoStatic> I'm not aware of that initiative, I do now the linux-sunxi community though
<lkcl> so that the CPU Cards can be used for anything from... TV set-top boxes to FreedomBoxes to laptop engines, anything
<AutoStatic> Sounds great!
<FergusL> as for me, already read about it but had to google when you mentioned it
<AutoStatic> There's a revolution going on, I tell you!
<FergusL> haha
<AutoStatic> No, truly, ARM based devices are everywhere
<lkcl> yehh... *buuut* did you see that article referenced on slashdot about memory / garbage collection?
<lkcl> let me find it...
<lkcl> this is a brick wall that ARM devices *cannot* avoid.
<lkcl> anyway.
<lkcl> must go, i've been called to dinner
* lkcl letting the git pull run
<lkcl> thanks for that AutoStatic
<lkcl> bbl
<FergusL> later
<AutoStatic> lkcl: no problem, enjoy your meal
<FergusL> AutoStatic: I looked at the
<FergusL> AutoStatic: I looked at the *board.c files in the various 3188 repos to understand more from it
<AutoStatic> I don't have a RK3188 board yet
<FergusL> I know that, just saying
<AutoStatic> It's on the desk of my boss staring at me all day
<FergusL> haha
<FergusL> which one is it
<AutoStatic> "No I want to play with it first, then you can hack it"
<FergusL> Okay
<FergusL> one of the cheapest available, iirc
<AutoStatic> Sorry about my ranting, had to vent off some steam
<AutoStatic> Yes, at the moment of buying it was the cheapest option. So it's probably crap ;)
<AutoStatic> Well, I'm used to that
<FergusL> I thought you hadn't picked the model you wanted yet
<AutoStatic> No, not for myself
<AutoStatic> I'll wait until they become cheaper and when some kind of de-facto standard devices pops up
<AutoStatic> device
<FergusL> like the MK808 is for rk3066 ?
<AutoStatic> Yup
<FergusL> I see
<FergusL> AutoStatic: about dual core support for jack, are we far from it ?
<AutoStatic> If you use Jack2, no
<AutoStatic> But it depends on the JACK graph
<hramrach__> lkcl: datasheet for 3188 is not leaked so far afaik
<hramrach__> but if you ask nicely rk will probably give you a reference design schematic
<hramrach__> rumour has it these are more correct than the datasheets anyway
<FergusL> okay AutoStatic, just googled about jack1 and jack2, is jack2 under dev now or is it a default replacement ?
<AutoStatic> Jack1 and Jack2 are different implementations of the same API
<FergusL> that's what I'm reading, yes
<AutoStatic> Jack1 is C and Jack2 is C++
<AutoStatic> They co-exist
<AutoStatic> And Jack2 is surely no replacement of Jack1
<AutoStatic> But we're getting too much OT FergusL
<FergusL> ha, this sentence made me say this: "Different implementations are (in almost every way) drop-in replacements for each other."
<FergusL> yes, sorry, are you in some other channel ?
<AutoStatic> Currently not, but you really have to check #opensourcemusicians
<AutoStatic> Or #lad I think
<AutoStatic> Actually I don't like IRC
<FergusL> I've visited these channel a few times already actually
<AutoStatic> Or #ardour and check if IRC nick las is around
<AutoStatic> That's Paul Davis, the original author of JACK
<FergusL> okay, thanks
<lkcl> hramrach__: do you have any contact details?
<lkcl> hramrach__: after seeing the discrepancies between allwinner datasheets and the EVB schematics, that's par for the course :)
<FergusL> haha AutoStatic, googling for "jack2 arm", clicking the first link, scrolling, scrolling, and guess what ?! you !
<AutoStatic> Oh irony
<AutoStatic> ;)
<hramrach__> lkcl: search the logs. somebody here was talking about experience with contacting rk
<AutoStatic> FergusL: I should remove that github repository, this has been solved upstream like months ago.
<hramrach__> lkcl: try asking Tsvetan
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<AutoStatic> FergusL: I've also joined #opensourcemusicians so if you'd like to talk about JACK related stuff join me there :)
<FergusL> okay, cool, maybe a bit later today
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<hramrach__> hmm, sealed abstract has nice article
<FergusL> 'bout what ?
<lkcl> hramrach__: thanks.
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<Astralix> ping
<FergusL> pong
<Astralix> Hi Fergus
<naobsd> hmm. surely I asked about "for developer/user?", but I never said it must be only for developer.
<naobsd> and I also talked that wrong part should be updated, and it must be better for both developer/user.
<FergusL> I think so, I understood it that way
<naobsd> there are a lot of random articles on the net. some may be good, some may be old, some may be wrong... wiki shouldn't be just an copy.
<FergusL> AutoStatic apologized for his words but he is right and I think in the end we all agree
<naobsd> it's ok if it's just collection of links to random articles on the net,
<naobsd> I see
<naobsd> when starting wiki page from someone's article, some amount of verification should be done
<FergusL> uh, AutoStatic wrote the other article
<FergusL> it's on his own blog
<FergusL> and as it's a community thing, I'm sure there is nothing wrong in telling him he wrote something wrong
<FergusL> or rather, modifying it
<naobsd> if my words were offensive, sorry