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<jude59> whitequark any tips for getting an arbitrary button to act as the reset signal on the ECP5? I am requesting a button, then attempting to assign a ResetSignal() to its value. However, I get a DomainError telling me that my signal "refers to reset of reset-less domain sync". I do not have any assigns to sync in the module where I am making this
<jude59> assignment, but do have numerous in its submodules.
<agg> by default the ECP5Platform has a reset_less=True sync domain
<agg> (in vendor/ line 310)
<agg> so you probably want to make your own sync domain explicitly instead
<agg> cd_sync = ClockDomain("sync", reset_less=False); += cd_sync; m.d.comb += cd_sync.clk.eq(platform.request("clk")), cd_sync.rst.eq(platform.request("rst"))
<agg> that sort of thing
<agg> (jude59: ^)
<agg> (reset_less=False is the default btw, just wrote it to be explicit)
<jude59> Ahh, that does make sense. Thanks!
<agg> oh, and that should be "platform.request("clk").i" etc, not just the bare pin object
<agg> there's some more complexity available to handle reset/configuration, the comments around that clock domain creation in give some details
<agg> but just doing ^ should work too afaik
<jude59> Agreed. Just did not initially realize the behavior was platform-specific and that I should look in the platform definition itself for the relevant info.
<agg> jude59: oh, looking at the lattice_ecp5 a bit more, if you specify a platform.default_rst, it will use that for the automatic sync domain and wire it to the GSR global reset signal
<agg> (set default_rst equal to a pin name, like default_clk is)
<agg> love when the comments are like "(None of this is documented)"
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<d1b2> <J> (now that's an interesting bug WRT pings and channel membership on discord... I assume that's a matrix bridge bot?)
<d1b2> <J> clearly there's a jude59 in the channel, but discord pinged me instead of them... weird.
<d1b2> <J> I'd imagine not many people have single letter nicks and so they're unlikely to experience the glitch in development or testing.
<d1b2> <J> (I know this is OT, but it's too interesting not to comment on where it happens... I'll report it to discord)
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<agg> Yea, both of us are on Freenode IRC
<sorear> jude59 is an IRC user; they do not appear to be connected via the matrix-IRC bridge, although I can't rule out that they are self-hosting a matrix-IRC bridge
<agg> sorear: d1b2 is a discord bridge, too
<sorear> I know that
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<d1b2> <J> hrmn
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