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<tpw_rules> alright, i've got boneless hooked up to the panel
<tpw_rules> at least a framebuffer on the panel
<whitequark> :D
<tpw_rules> now i can blink one led on it. or more once i actually instantiate the pieces
<tpw_rules> the python function based assembler is Rd, Ra, Rb right
<tpw_rules> oh wait i figured it out
<tpw_rules> turns out it doesn't whine if you stick a constant where a register should be...
<tpw_rules> i wonder why? variable Rn isn't just an integer. but e.g. SRL(R6, R7, 1) silently does the wrong thing. i'm not sure what it even does do
<tpw_rules> hmm, i think the limit on this is gonna be block ram. is there any easy infrastructure to program the icebreaker flash with code and then copy it to the internal SRAM?
<whitequark> tpw_rules: Rn inherits from int, for better or worse
<whitequark> in the original design it was just an int
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<tpw_rules> also i guess i just want something to put whatever binary data into flash when programming
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<zignig> tpw_rules: I have a bunch of boneless work in , I'm currently attempting to convert it over to the CSR system.
<tpw_rules> CSR?
<whitequark> control/status registers
<tpw_rules> oh ok you haven't got flash working yet
<tpw_rules> i need to have a scroller by tomorrow night so i guess here's hoping the font tables fit in bram :D
<whitequark> scroller?
<zignig> tpw_rules: what screen are you driving ?
<tpw_rules> 32x16 led panel
<tpw_rules> whitequark: like cool demoscene crap. it's not actually needed but i want it by then :P
<tpw_rules> if i can find the cable, eventually 32x32
<whitequark> oh
<tpw_rules> i'm also thinking of trying one of the risc-v cores but man they all look so complicated
<zignig> is a totally nmigen build.
<tpw_rules> will it fit in a up5k
<tpw_rules> or like 3/4 of one
<zignig> go for the boneless , it's compact and fast enough.
<tpw_rules> exactly. i can probably fit 2 if i'm careful also
<whitequark> you can probably fit like 4
<tpw_rules> i think i would have ram issues by then
<whitequark> could be, depending on how much ram you need
<tpw_rules> i'
<tpw_rules> m hoping to use most of the bram for framebuffers
<zignig> tpw_rules: is the led panel 1 color or rgb ??
<tpw_rules> rgb
<tpw_rules> hm how do i even wire up the flash
<zignig> chews up ram pretty fast. but you have 128K of sram on a icebreaker , although you will have to hook it up as it uses a different primative.
<zignig> on the external bus of the boneless perhaps , and then flip a frame buffer onto the display ?
<tpw_rules> i figured the framebuffer would be on the external bus and the boneless main ram would be in sram
<tpw_rules> each color of each pixel would be one word
<tpw_rules> but i need some way to fill the sram with program
<tpw_rules> spram*
<tpw_rules> zignig: have you worked out how to get the 6 spi pins in nmigen
<zignig> whitequark was looking into a loader system for sram on the boneless at one point. No idea where it got to.
<zignig> for the flash driver ?
<tpw_rules> oh it's already in the platform...
<tpw_rules> alright so i guess i need to make a basic spi flash engine tomorrow
<tpw_rules> wheeee. but that's for tomorrow. night everyone. thanks for the fun
<zignig> gnite. tpw_rules
<zignig> good luck tomorrow , interested to see your work , post photos and source please ;)
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<rvense> tpw_rules: wouldn't want to be hit with that
<rvense> tpw_rules: it looks fantastic!
<tpw_rules> thank you! i'm cleaning up the source some but i'll release it in like half an hour
<tpw_rules> also i hope you understand the purse is a $9 barbie toy, not my own invention :P
<rvense> oh, i thought you'd added the leds
<tpw_rules> no, actually
<tpw_rules> i did stick in an icebreaker fpga to control them
<tpw_rules> but for some confluence of reasons i don't quite understand, it was possible to buy a $9 barbie toy which had a 32x16 hub75 led panel built in, plus control circuitry which i've ditcvhed
<rvense> yeah, was about to say, can you really get that many leds in a purse for 9 dollars?
<rvense> what a world we live in
<tpw_rules> well MSRP was like $59
<rvense> ah, that makes more sens
<tpw_rules> but they ended up on amazon on ultra clearance and one of my youtubers made a video on them. it was like $7 when he released it and i watched the price go up in real time :P
<rvense> hehe, can see why that would be popular
<rvense> is there any space inside it?
<rvense> like.. actual purse space
<tpw_rules> still a hell of a bargain
<tpw_rules> sadly not. there's just space for your phone which programs the controller. it's entirely hard plastic
<rvense> ah, ok
<tpw_rules> but for the price there's no reason not to buy it. it's also a relatively nice low power panel. it runs great at 3.3v and doesn't melt eyes
<rvense> hm, no reason not to buy
* rvense looks at pile of unused junk
<tpw_rules> according to amazon, it's been in my junk pile since janruary 12, 2019
<rvense> i kind of want an led panel on my backback now though
<tpw_rules> or i guess 14, allowing time for shipping
<rvense> it looks like a fun project
<tpw_rules> it's probably pretty powerful with just the stock controller. apparently you can make arbitrary designs and animations on your phone and program them in
<OmniMancer> I have made a rudimentary pnl parser, which will be useful for harvesting route pip names for fuzzing I guess
<zignig> tpw_rules: sweet!
<tpw_rules> whitequark: i'm probably not using it to your vision but the boneless python-mode assembler vexes me
<zignig> tpw_rules: nice work, I will have to read your code and digest.
<zignig> I've just been working on the my conversion of the boneless interface to CSR system, currently broken and over complicated.
<zignig> that said the complication will simplify adding peripherals ( perhaps even yours ) to a boneless.
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<tpw_rules> i mean it was as simple as can be
<zignig> for various values of "simple" .... ;P
<whitequark> tpw_rules: you are using it appropriately AFAICT
<whitequark> i intend to add a register allocator so that you don't have to bother with "temp"
<whitequark> but other than that seems fine
<zignig> cool you got it working , putting data into the spram on the UP5k would give you a lot more font space and wiggle room.
<tpw_rules> alright. i got bit again by R0 is equivalent to 0. i also got bit by apparently all label references are relative. i was hoping to be able to do like ADDI(temp1, curr_msg_ptr, "message") but i have to MOVR into a register
<tpw_rules> also is there any way to store data in the assembly other than "EXTI and don't use the top 3 bits"?
<tpw_rules> anyway i think my next interest is figure out a PLL so i can run the LED faster than the cpu. the clock domain is already divided by the dual port framebuffer memory
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<zignig> the usb is not working yet, but soon...
<whitequark> tpw_rules: re R0: ack. i'll consider that next time i touch the assembler
<whitequark> re label references: yes. there's no expressions with labels yet. that's a bit annoying to add, but would be useful
<whitequark> re store data in assembly: sure. instead of INSN(...) just write like 0x6969
<tpw_rules> oh, lol
<zignig> whitequark: and having an way to get the absoulte address of labels for use in jump tables.
<whitequark> yes, I'll add a jump table directive
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<zignig> tpw_rules: anyway sleepy time for me now, excellent work on your barbie-handbag-blinky-thing ;)
<tpw_rules> thank you!
<tpw_rules> oh that's rude that the PLL eats the clock signal. i was hoping to have the cpu and led domains running at non integer multiples
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<whitequark> eats?
<whitequark> oh, you can run it through fabric then
<whitequark> use the _CORE variant instead of _PAD
<tpw_rules> it doesn't look like that helps. "If an instance of ice40_PLL_CORE or ice40_PLL_2F_CORE is placed, an instance of SB_IO in “output-only” mode can be placed in the associated IO cell location."
<tpw_rules> it has some kind of B port but the doc isn't really clear on what it does
<whitequark> ohh right, i see what you mean
<whitequark> UP5K only has one PLL
<tpw_rules> yes
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<whitequark> SB_PLL40_2_PAD gives you the source clock on PLLOUTGLOBALA, and generated on PLLOUTGLOBALB
<tpw_rules> that's what i'd like. where is it documented? it's not in the lattice tech notes i'm finding
<whitequark> "Lattice iCE Technology Library"
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<tpw_rules> i found one that says siliconblue
<whitequark> yes
<whitequark> SB_ is for SiliconBlue
<whitequark> which Lattice bought
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<tpw_rules> alright, found that. thank you
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<pepijndevos> Is the Icebreaker clock really 12MHz or more like 11.whatever? My uart only works at 6400 and my RF stuff not at all.
<whitequark> pepijndevos: should be pretty precisely 12 MHz
<whitequark> but it's not a crystal
<pepijndevos> Weird...
<whitequark> oh, no, I'm wrong, it's a crystal
<whitequark> 12 MHz XTAL oscillator (shared with FPGA)
<pepijndevos> with clk_freq => 12_000_000, baud_rate => 9600 but somehow on my laptop I have to do picocom -b 9400 for it to work. It works all the way down to 9000 so I would guess the oscillator is *pretty* far off or this IP is broken AF or my laptop is broken AF
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<daveshah> pepijndevos: there is an official UART example at
<pepijndevos> daveshah, yea I used that but since my code was in VHDl I figured using the one I linked would be easier... I guess I was wrong.
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<tpw_rules> zignig: did you manage to get the PLL working?
<tpw_rules> because there were some errors in the linked code and i fixed them but it doesn't work. about to sit down and debug it
<tpw_rules> because there were some errors in the linked code and i fixed them but it doesn't work. about to sit down and debug it
<tpw_rules> oops up arrowed wrong again
<tpw_rules> ok i found a working example. zignig you should probably be aware that your code doesn't work
<tpw_rules> also the timing analyzer doesn't seem to be aware of the higher clock frequency
<tpw_rules> whitequark: is there an issue having two ResetSynchronizers? if i do i get a " Signal (clk reset_sync) refers to nonexistent domain 'reset_sync'" and i wonder if the reset_sync domain made in the ResetSynchronizer isn't handling local=True correctly
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<ZombieChicken> Thought this might be of interest to someone:
<tpw_rules> hm i must have missed something with clock domains. now the logic explodes and it can't fit into the fpga, despite only using like 20% of it earlier
<tpw_rules> oh, it's failing to use block ram
<tpw_rules> but why? i just asked for a read port in a different domain from the write port and the lattice docs say that's how the dual port ram is designed
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<tpw_rules> oh, it can't handle the read port being transparent in dual clock mode
<tpw_rules> what does transparent mean anyway? it doesn't need to clock out the read data? it reads the data being written if the address is the same?
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<whitequark> tpw_rules: yes
<whitequark> transparent means it adds forwarding logic
<whitequark> which doesn't work if you have two different domains because it's impossible
<tpw_rules> ok yeah that makes sense
<tpw_rules> wonder if there's a way to warn about it before nextpnr explodes trying to pack one shitty block ram across every single logic cell
<whitequark> yes
<whitequark> that entire part of nmigen *and* yosys needs some serious redesign (the UI will be nearly same though)
<tpw_rules> is that ResetSynchronizer behavior expected? just made a quick, if not small, test case
<whitequark> uh, no, sounds like a bug
<tpw_rules> ok i can file an issue if that's easier
<whitequark> yep
<tpw_rules> ok i can file an issue if that's easier
<tpw_rules> arrowed again.
<ZirconiumX> Well, I have some bugs to fix on my end, and Intel have bugs on theirs, but I have an ABC9 flow for the Cyclone V.
<tpw_rules> also how can i tell yosys the clock frequencies? it doesn't know the frequency of my PLL derived signal
<ZirconiumX> Yosys doesn't care
<ZirconiumX> nextpnr is the bit that cares
<tpw_rules> nextpnr? idk there's something in top.tim
<tpw_rules> well how do i do it
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