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<Lord_Nightmare> Foone: The Impossible Mission voice, I believe but am not sure that that voice is of Dr. Forrest Mozer himself (and if it isn't, he encoded it at ESS, the company He and Fred Chan founded. They later became more well known for sound card ICs and nowadays DAC chips.)
<Lord_Nightmare> and yes, Electronic Speech Systems and ESS (a'la audiodrive etc) are the same company.
<Lord_Nightmare> Forrest mozer made a cottage industry of manually encoding speech segments for the TSI S14001a chip between 1975 and the early 80s (i.e. the arcade game berzerk, fidelity chess games, etc)
<Lord_Nightmare> and after the licensing of that technology to National Semiconductor for the digitalker presmulably fell through around 1983ish, he and fred chan founded their own company to make a decoder for his patented 'mozer speech' stuff in software
<Lord_Nightmare> that company was electronic speech systems
<Lord_Nightmare> foone: you should ask plgdavid about this, he knows much more and has talked to Dr. Mozer
<Lord_Nightmare> Or at least, what I said above is how I understand the story, which may very well be wrong
<cr1901_modern> I've been trying to get him to come back to IRC since I the day this channel started lmao
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<andlabs> kode54: the mid-90s yamaha PCM synth chip that was used in their XG devices
<andlabs> what vgmrips calls Multi-PCM is aoctually a GEW chip
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<kode54> ah
<kode54> I suggest mentioning that to ValleyBell
<andlabs> pretty sure ValleyBell already knows
<kode54> aha
<Lord_Nightmare> I think GEW8 was licensed by sega and renamed 'multipcm' and used on sega model1 and 2 (but not 2a which used the saturn scsp chip?) and system32 I think
<Lord_Nightmare> while capable of using a secondary dsp for reverb, it didnt do this on sega hardware
<Sarayan> I don't think I've ever seen a yamaha external effects chip on arcade boards
<Sarayan> in general I've seen dsps here and there (the dasp57002 on gx and some zn, the ensoniq one...) and integrated stuff (swp30, aica)
<Sarayan> arguably, qsound too
<superctr> did Sega ever use the name "MultiPCM"
<superctr> I always thought that was something that MAMEdev came up with
<superctr> what makes the chip interesting is that it is silkscreened with Sega part numbers above a Yamaha internal one (FA1005 or something like that)
<superctr> Sega using their part numbers on "generic" chips isn't too uncommon (It happened with the RF5C164 as well)
<superctr> The Yamaha part number is very close the one marked on the YMF262 die, which is what made me propose that it was identical to the YMW258
<superctr> when the TG100 ROM was dumped, I was able to confirm that the registers were compatible, and I believe someone in MAMEdev confimed the pinout as well
<superctr> YMF262 is FA1006 lol
<Sarayan> Yeah, I confirmed the pinout, it's exactly the same
<superctr> I think Sega had a deal with Yamaha while the SCSP was still in development, where Sega bought left over stock YMW258 wafers and had them packaged with a custom part number etc
<superctr> Probably the OPL4 was also under development at that time, since that would otherwise be a more logical choice (it has built-in timers. Sega used YM3438s on the Model1/2 sound baords to provide timing)
<Lord_Nightmare> whitequark: you should ask kevtris abouyt 8051 math libs, iirc he dumped an 8051 or 8751 which contained a very optimized math library on it
<whitequark> Lord_Nightmare: hmmm so my idea was to make provably optimal functions
<whitequark> which is a bit different