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<futarisIRCcloud> LiteX mentioned in Blackparrot slides from #fosdem 2020 ...
<tpb> Title: FOSDEM 2020 - BlackParrot (at
<tpb> Title: FOSDEM 2020 - Open ESP (at
<tpb> Title: FOSDEM 2020 - Building Loosely-coupled RISC-V Accelerators (at
<_florent_> thanks futarisIRCcloud for the link
<Claude> stupid question. i changed my builder from trellis to diamond in my litex-board files, also in linux-on-litex . but when i build my board it still uses yosis for building. do i miss something ?
<Claude> nevermind :)
<Claude> found it .. my fault :)
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<dkozel> futarisIRCcloud: Are you at FOSDEM? Did all three of those talks have LiteX in them?
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<futarisIRCcloud> dkozel: Not at FOSDEM. Streamed the talks. ESP and Accelerators talks are related to similar stuff to LiteX.
<futarisIRCcloud> I wanted to do something similar to the second one, but for LiteX, when I gave a talk at almost three weeks ago:
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<futarisIRCcloud> should have the talks soonish. A couple of the RISC-V talks have already appeared there.
<tpb> Title: FOSDEM - video recordings (at
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