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<d1b2> <edbordin> cr1901_modern: this person doesn't provide a source but they claim python 3.7 no longer raises a RuntimeException if you print in a signal handler, so that might explain why I didn't see the error on python 3.8
<d1b2> <edbordin> a source would be nice because the bug report for this was closed as wontfix
<awygle> is the Pin in the same thing you get from platform.request?
<awygle> ah ok yes it is
<awygle> was looking in the wrong spot
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<_whitenotifier-b> [nmigen-soc] jfng opened issue #24: Communicating constants from the peripheral to the BSP generator -
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<_whitenotifier-b> [nmigen] rroohhh opened pull request #471: Fix diamond impl dir -
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<tannewt> fwiw, I fixed my issue with reading data back in the systemonachip library by setting the incoming Interface as the bus on the csr multiplexer
<d1b2> <286Tech> I've ported the ULX3S DVI example to nmigen and it's finally working 🙂
<d1b2> <286Tech> Just one thing though, how can I pass along a command line option to nextpnr within nmigen?
<d1b2> <286Tech> Is that possible?
<miek> i think you can either pass an argument `nextpnr_opts` to, or set the `NMIGEN_nextpnr_opts` environment variable
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<whitequark> yup
<_whitenotifier-b> [nmigen] whitequark closed pull request #471: Fix diamond impl dir -
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<_whitenotifier-b> [nmigen/nmigen] rroohhh b86acdc - vendor.lattice_{ecp5,machxo_2_3l}: specify impl-dir correctly
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<_whitenotifier-b> [nmigen/nmigen] whitequark 36169ce - Deploying to gh-pages from @ b86acdc60187606a83d0b228d8d6154a6cdbc9d4 🚀
<d1b2> <286Tech> Yes, it works. Thank you! \o/
<ktemkin> meeting?
<ktemkin> or is this Vacation Week?
<whitequark> ktemkin: i'm on vacation, so i decided to postpone this one
<ktemkin> okays
<ktemkin> don’t mind me; I don’t remember what time is ^^
<d1b2> <286Tech> @whitequark Enjoy your vacation 🙂
<ktemkin> I remember you saying you were taking time off and cannot remember how long ago that was ^^
<whitequark> yeah. until next week
<whitequark> so we'll have a meeting next monday
<whitequark> which should be reflected in the topic i think
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<ktemkin> mm; yep
<ktemkin> I’ve multi classed
<ktemkin> into manager
<ktemkin> and thus am a slave to my calendar
<_whitenotifier-b> [nmigen-boards] whitequark closed pull request #102: Arty A7: rename cpu_reset resource to rst. -
<_whitenotifier-b> [nmigen/nmigen-boards] whitequark pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±1]
<_whitenotifier-b> [nmigen/nmigen-boards] Fatsie 689a762 - [breaking-change] Arty A7: rename cpu_reset resource to rst. (#102)
<awygle> it occurred to me that nmigen is well-suited to generating CRC hardware from a polynomial
<awygle> and then it occurred to me that surely somebody has written such a generator
<awygle> does anybody have one i can ~steal~ borrow?
<whitequark> i've wondered a few times if LFSRs and CRCs are stdlib material
<whitequark> they aren't really essential to the language or the platform per se
<whitequark> but it'd still be nice
<ktemkin> mm
<ktemkin> it's interesting how much python's package management sucking drives us to pose these kinds of questions
<ktemkin> since it definitely motivates a more comprehensive stdlib than would be the case were it super easy to say "I want nmigen-crc"
<whitequark> indeed
<whitequark> i mean, there's the part where nmigen is specifically designed to run without the libraries it nominally requires
<awygle> yup
<tannewt> why can't we do "I want nmigen-crc"?
<ktemkin> python's package management (and its relevant way of handling versions) makes this very, very brittle
<whitequark> we can, but dependencies introduce cost, and that cost is quite high in python
<whitequark> yup
<tannewt> the psf is paying folks to improve pip atm if you have feedback
<_whitenotifier-b> [nmigen] pbsds closed pull request #469: back+cli: Add FIRRTL, json and dot backends. Add ability to use them with cli.main -
<tannewt> what is the problem with version handling?
<whitequark> for example, the fact that pip -U will happily leave your site-packages in a broken state, and in fact the more packages you have, the more likely that is
<ktemkin> mm
<ktemkin> there are workarounds (all that good virutalenv-derived magic), but when problems do crop up, they tend to crop up in ways that are very difficult for end-users to diagnose
<tannewt> hrm, interesting. I haven't hit that before
<d1b2> <Azaka. 花束> I think Python is (in)famous for its package management system...
<whitequark> it certainly is
<whitequark> it did get genuinely quite a bit better recently
<whitequark> but it's still far from good, where by "good" i mean that the #nmigen channel would not have to also be a weird pip issue support channel
<whitequark> that does look great
<tannewt> they posted on the adafruit forum too so they are actively wanting more folks involved
<ktemkin> it does look promising, yes
<_whitenotifier-b> [nmigen-boards] GuzTech opened pull request #103: Add GPDI pins to -
<d1b2> <286Tech> I just updated nmigen-boards and wondered why my DVI example did work anymore. The GPDI (HDMI) pins are not present in current main branch, that's why 😉
<awygle> whitequark: CRCs in stdio maybe?
<Lofty> stdio does not sound like the right place for it
<awygle> ah shit vacation, nvm
<Lofty> But I don't know where it would be
<awygle> ignore me for 7 days :p
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<d1b2> <edbordin> Imo they need to make breaking changes to simplify the package metadata to really improve things, but I get that's probably not practical
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<tannewt> cr1901_modern: I heard you started looking at documenting the mach xo2. how far did you get?
<cr1901_modern> Fairly far. Been taking a break for a bit but I really should get back on it
<cr1901_modern> Enough bits are fuzzed that you can do global routing and route from one edge to the other
<_whitenotifier-b> [nmigen-soc] tannewt commented on issue #10: Peripheral API design: exposing bus interfaces -
<tannewt> cr1901_modern: awesome! anywhere I can follow and help? I'm very interested so I can make an i2c fpga breakout
<cr1901_modern> I haven't gotten to the EFB (which provides the I2C) yet.
<cr1901_modern> Wrt nmigen: tinyfpga Ax uses the onboard oscillator for the machxo2 clk; I wanted to handle that specially (so you didn't have to manually request and set up that clock). w q and I worked out the details, but since last year kinda... sucked... I never impl'd it.
<cr1901_modern> If you are interested in using the onboard oscillator for your i2c board, I'd be curious how you would expect onboard oscillator handling to look in your nmigen code
<tannewt> I have opinions about python structure :-)
<tannewt> I was expecting clock signals to be passed into peripherals
<tannewt> I have a tinyfpga ax board on order so I'd probably start there
<d1b2> <286Tech> I've put up the code for the DVI example:
<tannewt> what is the efb?
<cr1901_modern> Embedded Function Block
* cr1901_modern is distracted. Replies will be sporadic
<tannewt> np, I'm trying to do real work too
<tannewt> I'm happy to have found who was doing the xo2 work
<tannewt> cr1901_modern: anything I could help with/test?
<cr1901_modern> The toolchain isn't ready yet. Whatever designs you create, I'd like you to save the resultant bitstreams that Diamond generates and the Verilog you input into Diamond. That will help me figure out which bits are still missing.
<cr1901_modern> Probably easy enough for me to make an script to automate most of this.
<tannewt> kk, will work on getting my stuff going with diamond then. thanks!
<cr1901_modern> Are you using a 1200HC in QFN32? Because right now, that's what I support :P.
<tannewt> I have bare chips of that for when I get the ax board
<tannewt> I also have the xo dev boards
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<awygle> I actually have an xo2 dev board as well