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<adamgreig> what tools do people use for sketching digital hardware designs beyond paper? inkscape's flowchart stuff is pretty irksome, graphviz could work but is a bit annoying for this, xfig?
<adamgreig> maybe tikz...
<cr1901_modern> openoffice draw
<cr1901_modern> or libreoffice for ppl who actually keep their copy up to date
<adamgreig> does it have anything to help with orthogonal nets and nicely aligned boxes and stuff? i've used it a bit in the past but not extensively
<cr1901_modern> I don't remember offhand. Inkscape certainly does :P.
<adamgreig> inkscape would be fine except for it comes with a load of things for flow charts and they're really annoying and I'd rather they just didn't exist :P
<azonenberg> The last dedicated flowchart software i used was ABC FlowCharter for Windows 3.1
<azonenberg> installing it off a dozen-odd floppies was a pain
<adamgreig> what do you use for complicated digital logic these days, if anything? my notebook sketches are getting out of hand
<adamgreig> hah
<azonenberg> adamgreig: normally i do block diagrams in inkscape and then go straight to hdl
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<tnt> adamgreig: I bought a digital epaper tablet just to draw logic diagrams by hand and have them as pdf afterward :)
<adamgreig> ah, that sounds nice. can you also erase bits as you go?
<tnt> Sure you can erase and even move blocks freely.
<emily> tnt: cool, any recommendations? I hear about the reMarkable a fair bit
<tnt> emily: That's the one I have.
<emily> heh
<emily> I would be more interested if I hadn't also heard it's not good as an ebook reader :/
<tnt> I'm happy with it, it really feels like I'm drawing on paper. My main complaint would be I'd love a bit longer battery life. Also it's rather expensive :/
<tnt> I used it a bit to read PDF documents, works OK, but "browsing" when you don't know exactly what you're looking for is a bit painful. I didn't really try to use it as a real ebook reader.
<tnt> I know Sony epaper things are also supposes to be nice, but they are not availabe in EU so ...
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<adamgreig> azonenberg: it turns out I needed more abstract block diagrams to understand what I was doing, not more detailed logic diagrams
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<hackerfoo> I have a Boox Max 2 and it works well for diagrams and reading papers. It wasn't cheap, though. They have a Max 3 now.
<hackerfoo> You can also use it as an HDMI monitor, but I haven't used that much.
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<hackerfoo> I wonder how it compares to LitePCIe and Xilinx's PCIe IP.
<hackerfoo> It looks like it's only for UltraScale.
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<GenTooMan> I suspect you are correct it appears to rely on xilinx verilog/system verilog source, not myHDL.
<tnt> So, I remember the ECP5 'multiboot' needed some "tricks" ? Does someone have a quick pointer to a doc/ref that explains how that works ?
<kc8apf> adamgreig: I've been using yED recently for software architecture diagrams. Seems to have all the nice features for orthogonal nets, etc.
<daveshah> tldr assert PROGRAMN to go to the next bitstream in the sequence
<daveshah> there is no (known) way to trigger reconfiguration from fabric so you have to connect PROGRAMN to another FPGA pin to access it :/
<tnt> it says "or issuing a REFRESH via any sysCONFIG port" ?
<daveshah> Yes, that would be the other option
<tnt> In either case, programn is fine. The board has that connected.
<daveshah> sysCONFIG would be JTAG
<daveshah> I'm not sure "any sysCONFIG port" is correct as iirc slave SPI conflicts with master SPI
<tnt> But you can only go to the 'next' you can't select which one to boot ? It says there is up to 5 but I don't see how/where to specify addresses, or hardcoded values ?
<daveshah> Addresses are specified in the bitstream (ecpmulti does this)
<daveshah> There is no selection, it's just a sequence
<hackerfoo> For diagrams, how about TikZ?
<tnt> Oh, so the current bitstream contains the address of where to go next, got it.
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<tnt> Mmm ... ERROR: IO pin 'flash_sck$tr_io' constrained to pin 'U3', which does not exist for package 'CABGA381'.
<tnt> I definitely do see a pin U3
<daveshah> You need to use USRMCLK
<daveshah> sck isn't a normal IO pin
<tnt> Yup, just got that tx.
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<pepijndevos[m]> How many seconds of 16 bit 48khz mono audio could you store in an ice40?
<daveshah> Which iCE40? and compressed or uncompressed?
<pepijndevos[m]> Up5k I guess, uncompressed
<pepijndevos[m]> That's what the icebreaker has right?
<daveshah> Yep
<pepijndevos[m]> Just idle though from my phone about making a delay pedal
<daveshah> The 128kB of SPRAM should do a bit over 1s
<pepijndevos[m]> Is that kilo bits? Ah no spram is fixed 16 bit words, no?
<pepijndevos[m]> Yea so 128/48=2.6 seconds?
<daveshah> It's bytes
<tnt> What would be the ECP5 equivalent of SB_GB ? I can't immediately find anything in cells_sim.v for ecp5
<daveshah> DCCA
<daveshah> you'll need fairly new nextpnr for manual instantiation (as opposed to promotion) to work correctly
<daveshah> otherwise it would promote another one after it and waste a global
<tnt> Is there some attribute I can put to force global instead of manual instanciation ?
<tnt> Oh wait, it's for a widely used logic signal I need it, not for a clock.
<daveshah> I think a DCCA should work for logic too
<daveshah> It's not something I've actually tried
<tnt> So nextpnr only promotes clocks atm ?
<daveshah> Yes
<daveshah> Diamond is pretty conservative about promoting stuff (sometimes resets and ces but rarely; never logic)
<tnt> Ok, I'll leave it for now and see how it goes (it's for a reset signal ...)
<pepijndevos[m]> Where do you find the amount of bram and spram? In this datasheets it appears as if it has 4 times 1024 kbit of spram and 30 times 120 kbit bram. So what's the 128kbyte figure coming from?
<daveshah> 4 is the number of blocks; 1024 kbit is the total size
<pepijndevos[m]> (Not very effective browsing on my phone, maybe I'm just looking at the wrong thing )
<daveshah> ditto for 30 and 120 k bit
<daveshah> so it has 1024 kbits _total_ of spram (128kbyte)
<daveshah> plus 16kbyte of bram but i wasn't counting that is it is only small in comparison and you might need it for other minor tasks
<tnt> and 30 EBRs of 4kbits each.
<pepijndevos[m]> Ah I see units are hard at this time apparently
<pepijndevos[m]> Thanks
<tnt> (seriously, how hard was it to cram 32 in there lattice ...)
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<pepijndevos[m]> Okay so you're 101% correct about a bit over one second... 1.36533 seconds to be exact
<daveshah> tnt: when noone who designed the fabric around and your whole chip is a hack :/
<daveshah> (the up5k fabric is a ultra4k stretched by 1.5x in one direction - the CRAM banks which were always even before are uneven on the up5k as a result)
<daveshah> *is around
<tnt> heh, yeah, could have been better. But I still love it :p
<daveshah> Yeah :)
<daveshah> Will be interesting to see when they finally manage the ice40+ecp5 hybrid that has been rumoured for a while
<daveshah> hopefully next year
<mwk> the... what?
<daveshah> well, it's a new arch designed to replace both families
<daveshah> i suspect closer to ecp5 as that's the original lattice arch
<ZirconiumX> But the real question is will they use a sane flip-flop naming scheme?
<daveshah> Unlikely
<cr1901_modern1> hopefully the tile names are regular like ECP5...
<daveshah> Details are scarce unfortunately - all that's public is "investor level"
<daveshah> still LUT4; more memory and DSP; 28nm FDSOI; "edge AI"
* ZirconiumX laughs in arriav_lcell_comb, stratixv_ram_block and dffeas as primitive block names for the Cyclone V
* mwk likes gowin "tile names"
<mwk> they decided to use single-letter names
<mwk> it started kind of ok
<mwk> then they started running out of letters
<mwk> and they started assigning random ones
<mwk> then they run out of letters and started using symbols
<daveshah> wow
<mwk> so uh
<mwk> a DSP is made of 9 tiles, of types: 012345678
<mwk> a blockram is 3 tiles: cem
<mwk> and a PLL (one kind of them at least) is: (_)%
<ZirconiumX> Finally, an FPGA that reads like line noise
<cr1901_modern1> galaxy brain: You can't run out of numbers...
<TD-Linux> fortunately we've been adding emoji at rapid pace. they will be able to keep that convention for years to come
<daveshah> just follows maths and physics and use greek letters
<mwk> TD-Linux: the field is 8-bit unfortunately
<mwk> I sure hope they don't intend to use iso-latin-1
<cr1901_modern1> Use 0xFF as in band control info
<sorear> pick a codepage
<sorear> halfwidth katakana for style points
<mwk> cr1901_modern1: hard to do when you store your fpga as an "unsigned char mah_fpga[200][150];" field in some C struct
<mwk> er, or [150][200]
<mwk> stupid multidimensional arrays
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<tnt> Is there an example of ECP5 DDR IO registers ?
<tnt> So you do IDDR and ODDR followed by a TREILLIS_IO ?
<daveshah> If you want bidir, yes
<tnt> (ok, I guess using cells_sim as a reference is not a good idea ... it seems to be lacking a lot)
<daveshah> cells_bb contains things that lack open sim models at the moment
<tnt> oh, ok, nice.
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<sorear> mwk: a fpga for roguelike ppl? <3
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