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<keesj> goran-mahovlic: subscribed!
<keesj> I am in search of a ddr3 enabled board. I was using the Artix-a7 and love the hardware but ECP5 is of course better in terms of openes
<keesj> radiona was mentioned in the before last amp hour (An Interview with Trammell Hudson)
<sensille> keesj: i just use this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000006630084.html
<OmniMancer> daveshah: is it okay to port and adapt bits of libtrellis where it is helpful, and how should it be attributed?
<daveshah> Yeah, that's absolutely fine
<daveshah> It's ISC license so can be used pretty much anywhere
<daveshah> Just add a note somewhere
<keesj> sensille: omg cool
<OmniMancer> daveshah: you should probably add an MIT LICENSE file from wherever you got the list/set_indexing_suite.h files since they reference it
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<ZirconiumX> Trying to fit the Mistral synthesis flow to use Quartus for PnR
<ZirconiumX> Which boil down to Quartus being picky about the number format of a LUT mask
<OmniMancer> That sounds annoying
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<goran-mahovlic> kessj: tnx!
<pepijndevos> ZirconiumX, sounds familiar... except in Gowin they are warnings so I just ignore them
<pepijndevos> ZirconiumX, write_verilog has several options to tweak the number format
<pepijndevos> The problem is that Gowin wants some ungodly combination of binary on the one thing, decimal on the other, and hexadecimal on yet other things.
<pepijndevos> If Quartus is at least consistent in what kind of numbers it wants, you can just pass -nodec -hex etc.
<ZirconiumX> pepijndevos: I think I figured out the right incantation needed for it. I think.
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<lain> ZirconiumX: adorable twitter profile art!
<ZirconiumX> lain: thank you!
<ZirconiumX> (Holo from Spice and Wolf)
<lain> :3
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