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<kbeckmann> this is perhaps a generic HDL-question, but what is the proper way to do a gearbox in nmigen? I want to generate/calculate pixels at a lower clock rate, let's say 8 times slower than the pixel clock, but consume them in the pixel clock domain.
<kbeckmann> it would be nice to be able to use a Memory() with a wider write port in my case, but that doesn't seem to be possible currently or maybe I'm just missing something :)
<kbeckmann> oh, i'm just stupid. the fifo module seems to handle just this. sorry for the noise.
<whitequark> wait, it does?
<whitequark> that would be news to me
<kbeckmann> urgh, i'm just a bit confused. you're right, it doesn't. i got confused about the 'width' in din vs dout
<whitequark> awygle was talking about adding gearbox FIFOs at one point
<whitequark> so the thing is that right now yosys can't do asymmetric memories
<whitequark> this talks about synthesis
<kbeckmann> oh, i see
<whitequark> but even if you don't synthesize via yosys, it can't *represent* those
<whitequark> and neither can nmigen
<whitequark> that's the bad news
<kbeckmann> if i'm ok with having it stored in registers, how should i go about it?
<kbeckmann> or i guess FFs is the correct term here
<whitequark> oh, i'm not talking solely about BRAMs
<whitequark> this also applies to LUTRAMs and FFRAMs
<kbeckmann> oh.. okay
<whitequark> the good news is that this limitation (unlike some other issues yosys has around memories) is not fundamental
<whitequark> and you're not really losing much because of it
<whitequark> let me think about the way this would work out with the current state of nmigen...
<whitequark> can you tell me more about your use case?
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<kbeckmann> i'm generating a DVI-D signal with a pixel clock of 150MHz with the ECP5. I'd like to be able to use longer logic chains to generate the pixels, so i can meet timing.
<whitequark> do you care about latency?
<kbeckmann> not really
<kbeckmann> i can just add latency to the sync signals
<kbeckmann> and in this case i don't really care about being economic with LUTs, it's ok if it's expensive.
<whitequark> do you generate multiple pixels per cycle in the slow domain? i assume you do otherwise i don't know how this can work
<kbeckmann> yeah that is the idea
<whitequark> ok
<whitequark> so you make a FIFO wide enough for 4 pixels, and you stuff 4 pixels at once there (just using 4 as an example)
<whitequark> in the slow domain
<kbeckmann> ah, and then read once every 4th clock in the pixel clock domain?
<whitequark> then in the fast domain, you read once per 4 cycles, and use a 4:1 mux switching like 0,1,2,3 to output pixels
<whitequark> yep
<kbeckmann> cool, thank you!
<whitequark> this is a few lines of code and shouldn't cost you anything much in terms of logic
<kbeckmann> nice
<whitequark> you might want to use asyncfifobuffered to improve the timings in the fast domain
<whitequark> but probably check it with the actual code
<kbeckmann> okay, thanks! will try it out now.
<whitequark> i'm not sure if ecp5 has clock-to-out delay as high as xilinx does
<whitequark> for BRAMs that is
<daveshah> Higher
<whitequark> ok then you *definitely* want to use AsyncFIFOBuffered.
<daveshah> although it is 3x less for 5G parts at 1.2V
<whitequark> or the clock-to-out delay + mux logic delay can very well eat your 7 ns budget
<daveshah> For -6, clock-to-out along is almost 6ns
<daveshah> *alone
<kbeckmann> i'm on a -8 with 1.2V (but i'd like this to work on 1.1V too :) )
<whitequark> daveshah: a long time ago i had no idea why migen even had asyncfifobuffered
<whitequark> but this really drives the point in heh
<awygle> Yeah the unbuffered FIFOs are near useless with ecp5
<awygle> whitequark: the last time we talked about this we discussed a polyfill for asymmetric memories
<awygle> which basically did what you're describing
<awygle> iirc
<awygle> also I am taking a mulligan on yesterday, it doesn't count :-P
<whitequark> mulligan?
<awygle> it's a term originally from golf I think where if you fuck up your shot badly enough you're just like "didn't count, hitting it again" (I think you also get a +1 to your score)
<awygle> also applies to magic the gathering
<awygle> yesterday I achieved zero (0) things, despite saying to you that I would achieve one (1) thing
<awygle> this is a tongue in cheek apology which acknowledges that I had no actual commitment-commitment but I still feel somewhat bad despite having what I believe were good reasons for not working on nmigen yesterday
<whitequark> awygle: i have zero expectations (especially during a fucking pandemic *and* civil unrest) and i didn't even remember that you owed me anything
<whitequark> this applies until the end of this year at least, take note
<awygle> I figured you'd be understanding, and I also felt the need to acknowledge it
<whitequark> right ok
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