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<Sarayan> wq: I have a feeling we both need a waveform visualization interface that is not a GUI over pure pain?
<whitequark> well, sure
<Sarayan> ok, I'll probably start something and see how it goes
<Sarayan> because gtkwave is not going to get better
<cr1901_modern> catch the qtwave?
<Sarayan> something like that
<cr1901_modern> The logo can be Max Headroom holding an aluminum can with the qtwave logo on it
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<Sarayan> Need more of a feminine touch in honor of wq :-)
<cr1901_modern> Also probably a reference to something from this century would help
<Sarayan> no covid of floyd though, something positive, if we can find some
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<whitequark> heh
<whitequark> Sarayan: my approach to this would be to render via gl and do heavy mipmapping in software
<whitequark> might actually look at how gtkwave implements this, i think the algorithms in it are sound
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<whitequark> awygle: so i had this idea
<whitequark> what if we had `cxxrtl_step_fast` that only updates the simulation state, and `cxxrtl_step` that updates simulation state and every derived signal?
<Lofty> whitequark: What's a "derived signal" here?
<whitequark> any signal that is not a part of feedback
<whitequark> think, any signals not driven by FFs
<whitequark> (but that's a simplified view)
<Sarayan> wq: Lately I tend to be more Vulkan than GL, but otherwise I agree with you
<whitequark> Vulkan is probably ok too
<Sarayan> yeah
<whitequark> I would pick GL conservatively to make the tool more useful, but I wouldn't argue against Vulkan either
<whitequark> *useful to more people
<cr1901_modern> My primary laptop can't run Vulkan
<Sarayan> well, to make something that works and is cleanly designed first
<cr1901_modern> Sandy Bridge
<Sarayan> You'll do a dx12 version or whatev'
<Sarayan> SB has vulkan support in linux too :-P
<cr1901_modern> Oh, I wonder if it has Windoze support then
<cr1901_modern> I was certainly under the impression that Ivy Bridge was the hard cutoff because EDONTCARE
<Sarayan> probably not
<Sarayan> not two years ago at least
<hell__> doesn't vulkan require hardware support?
<Sarayan> well, sane gl does too
<hell__> ah yes
<Lofty> I'm fairly sure the old TeraScale GPUs needed F64 emulation
<Lofty> So, there are bits you're allowed to emulate to some extent
<Sarayan> you're allowed to emulate everything in gl
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<hell__> you also need to emulate patience then, because emulating things is slower
<hell__> or use natural reserves if they exist, ofc
<Lofty> Sure, but to claim compliance with a GL spec you need to implement everything and have it run correctly
<Lofty> It doesn't need to run *quickly*
<hell__> yup
<hell__> I forgot that I once tried to run relatively recent games on a Nvidia GeForce MX400 with 64 MiB of RAM
<hell__> I think I ended up using some software rendering library, and the space heater pretending to be a processor (the fastest Pentium 4 for Socket 478) did what it did
<hell__> one would need to count frames per minute :D
<Sarayan> spf instead of fps
* hell__ first thought of solar protection factor
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<awygle> gtkwave is one of those "holding back progress by being terrible but just good enough that no one has replaced it" things
<awygle> also hi
<Sarayan> awygle: very much so
<Sarayan> wq: there are two things there, only save memory (ff), and only save from time to time (and the blackbox/inputs) so that you can regenerate fast
<whitequark> Sarayan: anyway, to say it explicitly: i have a feature wish that your viewer should be able to understand "keyframes"
<whitequark> yes
<whitequark> cxxrtl can already do it.
<whitequark> not even "can be easily modified", you can just use existing API
<Sarayan> does cxxrtl have a "pack all state to save into a contiguous block of memory so that saving is an efficient linear memcpy" ?
<Sarayan> I've finished a bunch of work things the last two days, I think I may have some "free" time for the wave viewer
<Sarayan> we'd need a different format than vcd though I guess?
<whitequark> it doesn't, since I'm more concerned with having the C++ compilers do their thing with class members than having linear memcpy
<whitequark> it doesn't really matter, as long as all of your state fits into cache, and you aren't checkpointing too often, the cost of gathering that data is minimal
<Sarayan> yeah, if you don't checkpoint after every cycle it indeed doesn't matter
<whitequark> the VCD writer actually *does* have such a state in a single vector
<whitequark> but it's just an implementation detail
<whitequark> for now at least
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<awygle> FST is actually quite a nice waveform format, and it's separable from gtkwave
<Sarayan> is there anything that generates it?
<daveshah> Verilator can generate it
<awygle> Icarus too
<awygle> And GHDL iirc
<Sarayan> so only cxxrtl missing ;-)
<Sarayan> is it the damn complex one that does compression and stuff?
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<awygle> FST is probably the most complex one yes
<awygle> i'd recommend you rip the code out of gtkwave, at least to start
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<Sarayan> Hard no
<Sarayan> I've looked at that code, and no
<Sarayan> Just no
<Sarayan> There's code reuse, and there's spawn of hell reuse
<Sarayan> So, just no
<awygle> lol
<awygle> did you look at the FST code specifically?
<awygle> idk how badly implemented it is but the API is relatively clean and the code loosely coupled to the rest of hte codebase
<awygle> anyway, no skin off my nose
<Sarayan> not specifically no
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