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<palando> hello. Do I have to compile armbian as root when I use docker? I am trying to compile it but is stops with an error and some file created are owned by root
<palando> oh, no, on my computer the compilation does not work, also as root
<palando> which tag in armbian/build is the newest? v21.02 or the highest AR number?
<palando> ah, it works now. First I used OpenSUSE Tumbleweed now I made a VM with Debian
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<palando> @Werner Thank you. Now I made everything according to the manual. But I still have an error. Would somebody take a look?
<palando> I tried to compile for without UI for odroid-xu4
<lanefu> palando: i ran into issue building uboot yesterday as well
<palando> @lanefu: OK. Then I try an older commit. May be from a week ago. Do you know when it did compile?
<palando> Or is the cause in an other repository that is pulled?
<Werner> fixed it
<Werner> libfdt-dev seem to cause trouble
<palando> Oh, thank you
<Werner> otherwise it will be installed again
<palando> @Werner: yes, it works. Thank you!
<Werner> lanefu, which board did you try?
<lanefu> Werner: i think xu4 and pineh64-b
<lanefu> palando: alternatively you can skip buulding u-boot with REPOSITORY_INSTALL=u-boot
<palando> lanefu: OK. That means, a precompiled version is downloaded?
<lanefu> yeah
<palando> lanefu: OK, thx
<IgorPec> the same bug is on imx6
<IgorPec> reverted commit
rZr is now known as rZr
<palando> my compiled Armbian works on the HW :-)
<lanefu> yay
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> Why i2c in kernel still suck?
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Allwinner guys abusing pwm as clock.
<lanefu> kprasadvnsi[m]: ONLY YOU CAN SAVE US
<[TheBug]> did I just hear kprasadvnsi[m] volunteer to fix i2c?
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> It's been a month and I suffered enough with AC200 codec chip that doesn't probe on 5.10 no matter what. So far only seems to work on 5.4
<kprasadvnsi[m]> My best guess, something changed in either clock or i2c subsystem
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Newer H616 SoC also comes with this cursed AC200 chip so I am not happy at all.😬
<[TheBug]> yeah you can ask Xogium his feelings on that as well, LOL
<[TheBug]> I think that stupid wifi chip gave him an axiety attack, lol
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Which wifi is that? Wait! I think most wifi chip suck.
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<stipa> i have a clone of broadcom wifi chip on mine sbc, it's stable, it even uses broadcom driver, AMPAK AP6255
<stipa> i haven't used it in station mode but in AP mode it's not so nice, pretty weak signal, atm i'm using it in AC mode, i get around 150Mbs
<stipa> so, it's running 5.8GHz network right now
<IgorPec> which sbc?
<[TheBug]> and what type of antenna are you using
<[TheBug]> a lot of wifi issues like that are cause your using a shite antenna
<stipa> IgorPec: opi lite 2
<stipa> antenna is beffy 9dbi 2.4 & 5.8GHz
<stipa> omni
<stipa> on station that i connect to it with doesn't have 5.8GHz antennas i guess, i should check that
<stipa> i don't have that device that can check the resonance of an antenna
<stipa> if it's antenna incompatibility fault then chip is more than fine
<stipa> despite it being a clone
<stipa> software side of it is very stable
<Ecko_> I'm on an opi pc, buster and have enabled the desktop with `armbian-config`
<Ecko_> How can I make kodi run at boot on the desktop?
<Ecko_> already tried with a link in /home/kodi/.config/autostart/ to /usr/bin/kodi, but no dice :(
<Ecko_> nvm I'm dumb
<Ecko_> instead of symlinking to kodi, I copy/pasted an already existing startup file and modified it for my needs
<Ecko_> so now it works :)
<stipa> fancy
<stipa> i'm afraid to put desktop on my board, it works great now
<stipa> but i would like to spin movies with it
<stipa> but i bet it would burn in flames fue to overheating...
<stipa> due*
<stipa> hd movies on that tiny thing, i doubt it could work without overheating issues
<stipa> and if it would go in shutdown my whole network would crash with it
<stipa> a wild guess
<stipa> Ecko_: how are your temps looking?
<Ecko_> terrible
<stipa> whilw watching a hd video
<Ecko_> 70c
<stipa> while*
<stipa> 70
<Ecko_> oh lmao, nah just idling right it reaches 70
<stipa> without Desktop idling?
<Ecko_> ehh....
<stipa> probably less
<Ecko_> I have Kodi autostarted and while idle it's at ~60
<stipa> run some video
<stipa> for 5 mins for example
<stipa> and give as the temp
<stipa> us*
<Ecko_> I can't
<Ecko_> it's so damn slow I can barely move my cursor around
<Ecko_> but highest I've seen was with a load of ~4 at 80c
<Ecko_> so pretty unfortunate I can't use the opi as media center
<Ecko_> on the other hand, a good incentive to get another odroid c4 :)
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<[TheBug]> Ecko_: get H3droid instead and install it
<[TheBug]> if you want to use OPi PC for a media center thats gonna be the most stable with video accel enabled for H3
<Ecko_> will try
<[TheBug]> You can install SPMC on it (like Kodi) and it runs pretty stable, just check the FAQ for a link if you don't know where to find it
<[TheBug]> either that
<[TheBug]> and / or
<[TheBug]> you can get LibreELEC for H3 or dual load it with H3Droid
<[TheBug]> this can be chosen from the H3resc menu once you have installed H3Droid
<[TheBug]> thats if y ou specifically want to only run Kodi, real Kodi, on H3
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<[TheBug]> (only Kodi as there is no other OS, its only enough to run Kodi in LibreElec)
<Ecko_> yeah that was the plan indeed, to only run kodi
<Ecko_> I'll check both of them tomorrow morning
<[TheBug]> Well on H3 those are t he two things you will want, I do suggest H3Droid if you doing mind android because we have tuned the DRAM settings for boards in our images to be most stable
<[TheBug]> s/doing/don't
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: Well on H3 those are t he two things you will want, I do suggest H3Droid if you don't mind android because we have tuned the DRAM settings for boards in our images to be most stable
<[TheBug]> ohh and final thing
<[TheBug]> You should have at minimum a heatsink on the H3 and if you really intend to playback higher res video you should probably have a fan on it as well
<stipa> [TheBug]: SPMC development has stopped
<stipa> in 2018
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<stipa> Ecko_: yeah, that's hot, plastic starts to stink at 80 :D
<stipa> you know, when you enter the room and there's a burning plastic smell in the air
<stipa> just before it starts to melt
<stipa> but, i'm curious would Armbian DE run hd video with vlc media player without getting too hot, like over 80...
<stipa> i'm aware that there is some video acceleration voodoo in some of the socs, maybe they can play video without heating much
<stipa> maybe socs engage some lectronics when they sense a video
<stipa> in either way, those small plastic TV boxes have to had some voodoo going
<stipa> in order to play HD videos and not burn a house
<[TheBug]> stipa: yes but it is the most stable for H3Droid, thus why I suggest it
<[TheBug]> H3droid also run Android 4.4...
<[TheBug]> Armbian doesn't have graphics accel as far as I know
<[TheBug]> so probably he was just melting CPU cores
<stipa> is'nt the kodi stand alone stuff?
<stipa> like you don't need a DE for it?
<stipa> maybe he didn't try Armbian DE
<stipa> :/
<stipa> Ecko_: Have you tried Armbian DE
<[TheBug]> no kodi is a program
<[TheBug]> you can run it as long as you can compile it
<[TheBug]> you are just used to seeing it in LibreELEC type implementations where they have setup gfx accel and only kodi so you have it alone
<[TheBug]> H3Droid also has the VPU access
<stipa> yeah, i'm confused
<[TheBug]> so if you want to do Kodi you probably want LibreELEC or H3droid + SPMC
<stipa> i know there's an app you can install
<stipa> but i'm also seeing like the machines boot just in kodi and that's it
<[TheBug]> LibreELEC
<[TheBug]> or CoreELEC
<[TheBug]> I think both are literally minim for kodi dists
<stipa> i see
<[TheBug]> "LibreELEC – Just enough OS for KODI"
<[TheBug]> "LibreELEC is a non-profit fork of OpenELEC as an open source software appliance, a just enough Linux distribution for Kodi. This fork of OpenELEC announced in March 2016 as a split from the OpenELEC team after "creative differences", taking most of its active developers at the time to join the new LibreELEC project. Wikipedia"
<stipa> i get it now
<stipa> wow, it's a huge difference in the name change
<stipa> from open to libre
<stipa> so tv boxes have very little resources
<stipa> if they need stripped down linux version
<stipa> i got something wrong
<stipa> it's getting complex
<stipa> but librelec sounds like something you would put in a router
<stipa> but making it minimal also makes system runs cooler
<stipa> it makes sense if it's just for media
<ArmbianTwitter> @maidenbartok (David Lake): @_garicas @Raspberry_Pi There are heaps of them - I suspect they are made on the same production line as the RPi. (4s ago)
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<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> expecting RPi to drop their prices
<[TheBug]> people are halarious
<[TheBug]> seeing as they already scrape the bottom of the barel with their BOM as it is
<[TheBug]> I doubt they have much room in it
<stipa> it's hard to tell
<stipa> i don't know how popular 8GB version is
<stipa> maybe people aren't buying it, if not they'll just have to lower the price
<stipa> if people are mad about it then there's no reason to lower the price
<stipa> as well, as time goes by the BOM will be cheaper as well as RPi won't buy the parts
<stipa> no sales no parts buying
<stipa> cheaper parts, cheaper BOM, cheaper SPi
<stipa> RPi*
<stipa> if people decide not to buy it they'll have to lower the price
<stipa> judging by the videos of 8GB version it's not worth it for my needs
<stipa> and i have gone past 8GB for daily use, few big programs running, an VM, it gets over 10GB just idling
<stipa> so not for daily use
<stipa> for someone that is strictly linux it makes sense
<stipa> i have still leftovers from windows that need a VM
<stipa> and i won't get rid of it soon since there is no replacement for it in software realm for linux
<stipa> so VM at least needs 4GB of ram to run smoothly
<stipa> firefox eats more than 4GB
<stipa> that's over 8GB
<stipa> some DSP going on at the same time
<stipa> and 16GB is gone
<stipa> if you have a proper desktop machine it's not worth the hassle to torture yourself with 8GB Rpi
<stipa> and i don't want to go into thermals
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<stipa> and that rpi is just shitty design
<stipa> they should put the chips at the other side of the board so that it could be mounted and cooled but whatever
<stipa> buy whatever*
<stipa> just drill holes in some metal and you're good to go
<stipa> some thermal pad
<stipa> and you have whatever cooling you want
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<stipa> and efficient
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<tparys> evening all
<IgorPec> morning :)
<tparys> you should probably sleep more ;)
<IgorPec> i took a nap in the afteroon but yeah, soon
<IgorPec> btw. join #armbian-devel
<tparys> got it
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