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<IgorPec> good morning
<Werner> morning
<IgorPec> who is this open to?
<IgorPec> i know i can look :)
<Werner> developers group and moderators
<IgorPec> i see, perhaps removing some from those groups which are clarly not active anymore
<IgorPec> removed hiccupstix and csqvero
<IgorPec> i give warning to this rpi fanboy yesterday
<Werner> yeah i noticed
<Werner> maybe he does not understand what armbian is and that we do not sell any of these boards
<IgorPec> lots of people doesn't understand, its part of this job i guess
<Werner> or lacking communication?
<IgorPec> well, communication is already big burden for us
<IgorPec> and ofc a lot of things in this comm can be improved
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<PPA> Do the GPIO pins work (on Orange Pis) by default in Armbian?
<IgorPec> yes
<PPA> Nice
<PPA> Thanks
<IgorPec> this is my recent project that uses gpios on latest mainline kernel
<IgorPec> as a clear representation that it works :)
<PPA> Awesome
<PPA> I want to try flashing Coreboot to some old ThinkPads with my Oranges
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<rhagu> Hi, I am running armbian on my nanopi neo2 and systemd-resolved is up and running, systemd-resolve --status shows my router as DNS server, but apt-get update cannot resolve the DNS name nor can ping resolve DNS names. How can I check what is wrong?
<Werner> Does it work if you manually edit /etc/resolv.conf and add known to work nameserver like ?
<IgorPec> it depends which armbian you are running
<rhagu> https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/dHhSQHTS3P/ here is some system information
<IgorPec> i notice similar troubles in debian stretch
<IgorPec> i would say its related to bugs in network manager
<IgorPec> try path recommended by werner
<rhagu> Werner you had the right hunch: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/dBRRt2t2r3/ there seems to be an entry which is wrong. I dont know if Network Manager is even installed, should I just remove the entry and hope that systemd-resolved fixes it automatically?
<IgorPec> it should work, at lest temporally
<IgorPec> network manager is our default way since ever
<IgorPec> so if you didn't remove it, its there
<Werner> Depends on how "rude" you want to be on your system. The wooden mallet method would be to make changes to the resolv.conf permanently by setting chattr +i on it :D
<rhagu> I rebooted and will look at the file again, if the entry is in there again, I would assume the configuration is written into network-manager config. If not I guess I wrote that into this file some time ago myself and just didnt remember
<rhagu> Ok, reboot is done: the line in /etc/resolv.conf was still empty, after I added the correct adress it works now.
<rhagu> I somehow expected either networkmanager or systemd-resolved to fill in a new line, that is how it is supposed to work, rightß
<rhagu> ?
<Werner> I think so
<Werner> But as IgorPec stated could be related to nm issues
<rhagu> mhm, I think I will take some time and try to write an ansible playbook to switch from networkmanager to a pure systemd solution. Thank you for your help! :-)
<IgorPec> rhagu: extending this commit would also be helpful https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/738996ea331bf5e1fd042f8bd728da246a4a561e
<IgorPec> its very fresh thing which i haven't been able to test, but I think you can at least choose for systemd networkin in build time
<IgorPec> but dunno how good it works
<rhagu> IgorPec I am afraid I am a bit overwhelmed with these bash scripts in git
<IgorPec> yeah, i know
<IgorPec> its a lot. for changing with ansible, we are trying to put together a team to refactor armbin-config
<IgorPec> there such things have its best place
<lanefu> Yeah it takes a bit to clean out resolvconf
<Werner> lanefu, the idea using DIN rail is awesome
<Werner> The more I play in solidworks the more I like it
<lanefu> Werner: yeah its funny i hadnt seen the appeal before but just seemed like a good fit for this
<Werner> easy to get hands on, easy to mount somewhere and boards are simply and clipped on
<lanefu> What are you dreaming up in CAD?
<Werner> check thread about poe board
<lanefu> OMG
<lanefu> Thats perfect
<Werner> ideally it could be printed at home. however I have no experience in flexibility of different filaments...
<Werner> or whatever that stringy plastics fed are called
<IgorPec> what about rackmount holder?
<IgorPec> is that also viable?
<Werner> in theory sure but is (way) more costly
<IgorPec> costly in term of design or production?
<lanefu> IgorPec: i think the idea here is just mount a din rail.in your rack
<Werner> Both I guess
<IgorPec> lets have this in the list and i will see what they will said about. i will tell that we might have someone for designing this
<IgorPec> ofc not for free
<lanefu> Yeah I'd totally dig a rack kit too of course
<Werner> I can design a DIN rail holder but a rackmount kit is way beyond my skills
<IgorPec> ok, got it.
<IgorPec> well, but it could be one of the things to outsource to community. with bounty
<lanefu> Yeah good bounty project for sure
<Werner> maybe I do some playing with. with something simple like this at least
<IgorPec> yeah. this can be even less complex since less conections are planned
<Werner> nonmodular is easier to design and produce but has disadvantage that boards cannot be added/removed independently. The whole thing needs to be removed from the rack
<lanefu> Yeah in their mind a bundle of 4 rpis probably is a module
<Werner> maybe
<lanefu> But IMHO our target market is for those that want to buy from 4-12 boards and probably add incrementally
<lanefu> Inspire more people to have small clusters
<Werner> yeah. if doing a rack mount they are aligned vertically
<Werner> just like on din rail
<lanefu> Now we just need to figure out why i need a cluster in my jeep
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<Werner> You never know when a road is closed and you need to calculate a difficult alternate route and all you have with you is your insanely powerful aarch64 cluster node...
<lanefu> Haha
<Werner> I think I got an idea how to make it simple AND modular...
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<Werner> IgorPec lanefu check thread
<lanefu> Werner: 😻
<Werner> I think 14 units per 2HE are enough?
<lanefu> Werner: yep.... what's an HE?
<lanefu> is that euro-rack?
<Werner> Unit. We call it Höheneinheit which is 1 3/4 inch or 44.45mm
<lanefu> gotcha.. so its same a "2U"
<Werner> yeah
<Werner> Not sure about those. would be quite tiny brackts
<Werner> But this way the big plate could be made from cnc
<lanefu> should be okay i would just let teh mounting holes be unthreaded
<lanefu> and let hardware on top and bottom do teh job
<Werner> With threads in the big plate it would be possible to add brackets on demand without need to bring your hand behind it
<lanefu> i'm just so afraid of bad machining or the threads stripping out... in theory someone could use a longer screw.. come from the "back".. have nut... then washer.. then sbc. then nut
<Werner> both has advantages and disadvantages
<lanefu> yep
<Werner> CNC machined threads should be good and if stripped, well you still have the option to attach "through-hole"
<lanefu> Werner: good counterpoint
<lanefu> stripped thread becomes a hole
<Werner> Though I have to admit aluminum threads are not very reliable
<Werner> But you do not have to tighten them insanely down
<nekomancer[m]> what thread?
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: mounting bracket
<Werner> lanefu, what do you think about these? https://www.buerklin.com/de/Befestigungselement/p/17H9204 downside is they need to be attached from back but they are tough
<lanefu> hmm could almost attach those to board. then screw those to rack plate
<stipa> i would use rack plate as heatsink where possible
<Werner> I would do the other way around. Because with the board already attached you may have to fumble around in the back with a magnetized screwdriver close to electronics
<Werner> Idea is good but I have no clue how to do that with a rack mount
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<Werner> If the board were just a hair shorter the connectors could be placed on the long side rather than on the short
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<lanefu> I wonder if they could squeeze it into their Opi Zero 2 formfactor
<Werner> might be tough
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<lanefu> nanopi did it
<lanefu> but yeah it might be
<Werner> you mean r4s?
<lanefu> yeah
<Werner> Hm yeah but in this case it does not necessarly have to be very small even tough it makes sense electrical conductivity wise
<oncle> -- Ich habe ein problem mit meiner odroid n2+. Ich habe armbian darauf und sie schaltet sich einfach aus. Am Anfang seltener und danach immer häufiger. Als erstes meistens wenn ich firefox benutzt habe und dann einfach so. kann mir jemand sagen was das problem ist?
<ArmbianHelper> I have a problem with my odroid n2 +. I have armbian on it and it just turns off. Less often at the beginning and more and more often thereafter. First of all, mostly when I used firefox and then just like that. can someone tell me what's the problem? [de~>eng]
<Werner> Wird das Ding vielleicht zu heiß?
<oncle> -- nein
<ArmbianHelper> No [de~>eng]
<Werner> Unterspannung? Spannungsfall durch schlechtes Netzteil, Kabel und Steckerübergänge wird gern unterschätzt
<oncle> -- ja, sowas wird es bestimmt sein, aber dennoch denke ich das es etwas software technisches ist?
<ArmbianHelper> yes, it will be something like that, but I still think that it is something software-technical? [de~>eng]
<Werner> Mal zum Vergleich ein Image von Hardkernel genommen und versucht das Problem zu reproduzieren?
<oncle> -- nö
<ArmbianHelper> so [et~>eng]
<Werner> Wäre einen Versuch wert. Wenn das Problem bestehen bleibt ist es ein Hardwareproblem
<oncle> -- vorher lief alles stabil
<ArmbianHelper> before everything was stable [de~>eng]
<Werner> Was lief denn vorher darauf?
<oncle> -- ich habe sofort armbian drauf gemacht
<ArmbianHelper> I immediately put armbian on it [de~>eng]
<oncle> -- es lief 3 monate ohne probleme
<ArmbianHelper> it ran for 3 months without any problems [de~>eng]
<Werner> Verstehe
<oncle> -- lief echt super
<ArmbianHelper> went really great [de~>eng]
<Werner> Versuch mal die notwendigen logs per "armbianmonitor -u" rauszuziehen und mach ein Thema hier auf: https://forum.armbian.com/forum/16-amlogic-s905x-s922x/
<oncle> -- ein paar updates sonst nichts
<ArmbianHelper> a few updates nothing else [de~>eng]
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<oncle> -- ich mag debian und armbian sehr gerne bloß meine linux kenntnisse sind eher bescheiden
<ArmbianHelper> i like debian and armbian very much, only my linux knowledge is rather modest [de~>eng]
<Werner> armbianmonitor -u macht alles notwendige. Am Schluss spuckt das Tool einen Link aus der mit in das Thema muss.
<oncle> Werner: -- Danke
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<aisha> hellow
<aisha> ii was wondering if it is possible to update from armbian bionic to focal
<aisha> there seems to be a new focal armbian release
<oncle> Werner I did that what you said
<oncle> -- armbianmonitor sagt in einer der ersten zeilen:
<ArmbianHelper> armbianmonitor says in one of the first lines: [de~>eng]
<oncle> [Firmware Bug]: Kernel image misaligned at boot, please fix your bootloader!
<oncle> I know what to do
<oncle> thank you
<aisha> there does not seem to be an upgrade path between releases
<aisha> can anyone tell if this is possible?
* aisha is sad
<Werner> you can try but it is not officially supported by armbian
<yang> Werner: so the version upgrades cannot be donein Armbian ? How can you keep the system up to date then ?
<Werner> it might be possible but Armbian does not give supported for upgraded systems this way. simply due to lack of (human) ressources
<Werner> Bionic does still receive upstream support until 2023 so if everything works as it should there is no need to do anything
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<yang> I see
<yang> so it will get new kernel and security updates?
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<aisha> Werner, I need focal because latest version of ubuntu has podman but bionic does not
<aisha> so I am unable to run my containers without that
<aisha> but thank you! even knowing that it is unsupported, now I can invest my time into doing backups and upgrading
<Werner> as stated you are free to try your luck with the tools ubuntu provide for upgrading the distro but 1. do a backup first and 2. freeze firmware upgrades via armbian-config
<aisha> give my lack of confidence in ubuntu tools... well, i can try that anyway, after doing a backup, can't do more than kill the system
<aisha> thanks!
<Werner> yang, I think so. all flavors, whether it is bionic, focal, buster, bullseye .... share the very same kernel package
<Werner> (for the matching board family of course ;))
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<stipa> nekomancer[m]: shame there's no mounting holes for a heatsink
<ArmbianTwitter> @LukaszErecinsk1 (Lukasz Erecinski): @seeteegee Did you get it going on Armbian or NixOS? https://tinyurl.com/yk66mqee (17s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @seeteegee (Chris McGee): @LukaszErecinsk1 It's Armbian here. https://tinyurl.com/yhgmb3ta (7s ago)
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<stipa> Pine64 explains this is due to the lack of stock of the Gigabit Ethernet PHY (namely RTL8211F-CG based on the schematics), with a projected lead time of 12 months, and a price increase of 850%, yes, that’s eight hundred fifty percent.
<stipa> oh my
<stipa> god
<stipa> i hope prices of used hardware won't jump up too
<ArmbianTwitter> @LukaszErecinsk1 (Lukasz Erecinski): @seeteegee That is good, it was easier for me to get the stream going on Armbian. https://tinyurl.com/yea3j9lw (8s ago)