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<IgorPec> good morning
<Werner> morning
<IgorPec> who is this open to?
<IgorPec> i know i can look :)
<Werner> developers group and moderators
<IgorPec> i see, perhaps removing some from those groups which are clarly not active anymore
<IgorPec> removed hiccupstix and csqvero
<IgorPec> i give warning to this rpi fanboy yesterday
<Werner> yeah i noticed
<Werner> maybe he does not understand what armbian is and that we do not sell any of these boards
<IgorPec> lots of people doesn't understand, its part of this job i guess
<Werner> or lacking communication?
<IgorPec> well, communication is already big burden for us
<IgorPec> and ofc a lot of things in this comm can be improved
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<PPA> Do the GPIO pins work (on Orange Pis) by default in Armbian?
<IgorPec> yes
<PPA> Nice
<PPA> Thanks
<IgorPec> this is my recent project that uses gpios on latest mainline kernel
<IgorPec> as a clear representation that it works :)
<PPA> Awesome
<PPA> I want to try flashing Coreboot to some old ThinkPads with my Oranges
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<rhagu> Hi, I am running armbian on my nanopi neo2 and systemd-resolved is up and running, systemd-resolve --status shows my router as DNS server, but apt-get update cannot resolve the DNS name nor can ping resolve DNS names. How can I check what is wrong?
<Werner> Does it work if you manually edit /etc/resolv.conf and add known to work nameserver like ?
<IgorPec> it depends which armbian you are running
<rhagu> https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/dHhSQHTS3P/ here is some system information
<IgorPec> i notice similar troubles in debian stretch
<IgorPec> i would say its related to bugs in network manager
<IgorPec> try path recommended by werner
<rhagu> Werner you had the right hunch: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/dBRRt2t2r3/ there seems to be an entry which is wrong. I dont know if Network Manager is even installed, should I just remove the entry and hope that systemd-resolved fixes it automatically?
<IgorPec> it should work, at lest temporally
<IgorPec> network manager is our default way since ever
<IgorPec> so if you didn't remove it, its there
<Werner> Depends on how "rude" you want to be on your system. The wooden mallet method would be to make changes to the resolv.conf permanently by setting chattr +i on it :D
<rhagu> I rebooted and will look at the file again, if the entry is in there again, I would assume the configuration is written into network-manager config. If not I guess I wrote that into this file some time ago myself and just didnt remember
<rhagu> Ok, reboot is done: the line in /etc/resolv.conf was still empty, after I added the correct adress it works now.
<rhagu> I somehow expected either networkmanager or systemd-resolved to fill in a new line, that is how it is supposed to work, rightß
<rhagu> ?
<Werner> I think so
<Werner> But as IgorPec stated could be related to nm issues
<rhagu> mhm, I think I will take some time and try to write an ansible playbook to switch from networkmanager to a pure systemd solution. Thank you for your help! :-)
<IgorPec> rhagu: extending this commit would also be helpful https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/738996ea331bf5e1fd042f8bd728da246a4a561e
<IgorPec> its very fresh thing which i haven't been able to test, but I think you can at least choose for systemd networkin in build time
<IgorPec> but dunno how good it works
<rhagu> IgorPec I am afraid I am a bit overwhelmed with these bash scripts in git
<IgorPec> yeah, i know
<IgorPec> its a lot. for changing with ansible, we are trying to put together a team to refactor armbin-config
<IgorPec> there such things have its best place
<lanefu> Yeah it takes a bit to clean out resolvconf
<Werner> lanefu, the idea using DIN rail is awesome
<Werner> The more I play in solidworks the more I like it
<lanefu> Werner: yeah its funny i hadnt seen the appeal before but just seemed like a good fit for this
<Werner> easy to get hands on, easy to mount somewhere and boards are simply and clipped on
<lanefu> What are you dreaming up in CAD?
<Werner> check thread about poe board
<lanefu> OMG
<lanefu> Thats perfect
<Werner> ideally it could be printed at home. however I have no experience in flexibility of different filaments...
<Werner> or whatever that stringy plastics fed are called
<IgorPec> what about rackmount holder?
<IgorPec> is that also viable?
<Werner> in theory sure but is (way) more costly
<IgorPec> costly in term of design or production?
<lanefu> IgorPec: i think the idea here is just mount a din rail.in your rack
<Werner> Both I guess
<IgorPec> lets have this in the list and i will see what they will said about. i will tell that we might have someone for designing this
<IgorPec> ofc not for free
<lanefu> Yeah I'd totally dig a rack kit too of course
<Werner> I can design a DIN rail holder but a rackmount kit is way beyond my skills
<IgorPec> ok, got it.
<IgorPec> well, but it could be one of the things to outsource to community. with bounty
<lanefu> Yeah good bounty project for sure
<Werner> maybe I do some playing with. with something simple like this at least
<IgorPec> yeah. this can be even less complex since less conections are planned
<Werner> nonmodular is easier to design and produce but has disadvantage that boards cannot be added/removed independently. The whole thing needs to be removed from the rack
<lanefu> Yeah in their mind a bundle of 4 rpis probably is a module