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<tparys> evening all
* stipa Carpenter Brut Anarchy Road DREDD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl-Ui9uzGAM
<stipa> mangix: bit is a bit
<stipa> endian is an organisation
<stipa> it's like politics in low level realm of computing
<stipa> it could easily be without any freaking shity endian at first place
<stipa> it's just like
<stipa> you can't have some idea that other chip manufacturer did
<stipa> it+s patented
<stipa> so you have to done it backwards beacuse it's not patented
<stipa> so
<stipa> a geniuses making a freakin complication
<stipa> that's all i see it is
<stipa> if if ot's something else mangix please make my day
<tparys> big and little endian order both make sense in different contexts
<tparys> I think it's less an intentional complication, and more of what color someone wanted to paint their house
<tparys> PDP endian was a complication, which is neither big nor little
<stipa> tparys: fuck you
<stipa> let's imagine
<stipa> if you looked at
<stipa> register
<tparys> ARM CPUs, like POWER, are bi-endian, and are only little by convention
<stipa> and all fucks look at it gromright to left
<tparys> *half
<stipa> it's little
<stipa> ARM
<stipa> isn't it?
<stipa> big is microchip pic
<stipa> tparys:
<tparys> "ARM (like most RISC) architectures is what the call biendian"
<stipa> i'm talking to you
<stipa> not to quora idiots
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<tparys> would you prefer me to refer to my degree in Computer Architecture?
<stipa> if you have a degree in computer architecture why would you hide behind quora idiots?
<stipa> tell me what you feel
<tparys> cause that's the first link that came up
<tparys> better? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endianness "The ARM architecture was little-endian before version 3 when it became bi-endian"
<tparys> I feel you're causing a scene because you're enjoying it
* stipa Camellia (Ft. Nanahira) - Can I Friend You On Bassbook ? Lol w/ English CC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rJG_R9Qbfg
<stipa> tparys: if you're a fucker
<stipa> you're stay behind what you say
<stipa> even if it sucks
<stipa> in a good way
<stipa> tparys: i don't hate you
<tparys> I don't hate you either, just trying to add to the conversation
<tparys> I do apologize that I derailed your argument
<stipa> ok
<stipa> good we're on the sam note
<stipa> i'm sorry also
<stipa> i don't base my decisions on qoura
<tparys> that's fair
<stipa> what architectures did you learn about tparys ?
<tparys> just so many little details about modern computer chips that are fun, I enjoy sharing things like that
<stipa> tparys: did you come across nay mcus?
<stipa> any*
<tparys> x86 and ARM mostly. though most of school was on topics like cache controllers, out of order architectures, and branch prediction
<tparys> MCUs = microcontrollers?
<stipa> i see you're a fresher
<stipa> relaity my sting a bit
<stipa> throw yourself in ARM arch
<stipa> it's open and stuff
<tparys> my thesis was on simulating memory architectures on ARM ;)
<stipa> some peripherals arent
<stipa> some manufacturers don't give
<stipa> data about chips
<stipa> that end in daily use
<tparys> *cough* Broadcom *cough*
<stipa> many shit
<stipa> not just broadcom
<tparys> I hear MediaTek is also bad
<stipa> Mediatek is as i see it
<stipa> new
<stipa> shit
<stipa> in linux realm
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<stipa> before it was
<stipa> atheros
<stipa> so in for example wifi AX
<stipa> mediatek will rule
<stipa> atheros is gone
<stipa> devs from atheros went mediatek
<tparys> I think it's a 50/50 chance ARM will be largely EOL in about 20 years, as nice of an architecture as it is
<tparys> it's a nice origin story too, the guys at Acorn
<stipa> by then
<stipa> optic chips or organic chips
<tparys> RISC-V
<stipa> no
<stipa> propbably optics
<tparys> my argument is this, the last big pissing match over ARM was US govt and China, all sorts of export controls
<stipa> but organic electronis will be fine as well
<tparys> and NVidia bought ARM holdings, and they're in California
<tparys> If you have 1.5 billion people, do you continue to play that game, or do you distance yourself and invest in resources to do it yourself better
<stipa> intellect is above politics
<tparys> agree, but politics sucks
<mangix> stipa: news to me about atheros
<stipa> mangix: did you ge tthe router?
<mangix> i did
<tparys> optics will be interesting if they can make it work, haven't seen anything other than basic research on optics yet
<mangix> well, different one
<stipa> speed*
<stipa> tparys: i mean optic processors and stuff
<stipa> optics replacing silicon at large
<stipa> tparys: it's a debate
<tparys> I suspect carbon fiber has a better chance in the near future, but I'd love a glowing orb on my desk
<stipa> tparys: the problem is the chip manufacturing can't go smaller
<stipa> tparys: the routes are optics or organic electtronics
<stipa> probably both
<tparys> yeah, lithography gets hard at that scale, and capacitative effects get more pronounced as stuff gets closer
<stipa> sure
<stipa> but how to program that all
<stipa> will stay the same
<stipa> change will be at the lower levels only
<tparys> maybe, maybe not. all depends if there's a big revolutionary design change or not
<tparys> I don't think many are working on it in acadamia
<stipa> if you want
<stipa> i saw few companies searching
<stipa> how is it called
<stipa> bi someting
<stipa> some shit that exists
<stipa> 1 and 0 exist at the same time
<stipa> fuck me i can't remember
<tparys> quantum
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> quantum programming
<stipa> that's popular at unis
<stipa> or is it=
<tparys> true quantum computers don't exist yet, but there are a few that exist that exhibit quantum behavior that can solve certain types of problems
<tparys> I think it's called quantum annealing?
<stipa> man
<tparys> the first that can run Shor's algorithm breaks the every ounce of trust on the internet
<stipa> i'm seeing idiots investing
<stipa> into quantum computers emulated on the FPGA
<stipa> peeps earn living doing nothing at alll
<tparys> FPGAs tend to be deterministic
<stipa> if you just want to live by
<tparys> you can get flip flops into metastable states, but that's not really encouraged, and I'm not sure you could do anything useful with it
<stipa> there's a bunch of bulshit around
<tparys> basically by violating the setup and hold times of when the flip flop "flips", it "flops" when it shouldn't
<stipa> ?
<stipa> you mean on 555 ?
<tparys> usually happens on FPGAs when you sample data with the wrong clock. but no, no 555 timers involved
<stipa> tparys: i've seen some guys at unis doing quantum internet
<stipa> that's just stupid
<stipa> tparys: i'll take a look
<stipa> looks like delay
<stipa> line should be like this "/"
<stipa> not his "|"
<tparys> yeah, they glaze over that detail
<stipa> there's no real time in reality
<tparys> as well as the fact that clock signals arrive across the FPGA at very different times
<stipa> if you want to process something you're going to get delay
<stipa> tparys:
<stipa> sure
<stipa> fpga's are marketed
<stipa> as real time
<stipa> but it's not true
<tparys> an ambigous term to be sure
<stipa> the more comlex your shit is the more time it gets
<tparys> but you can control signals at nanosecond resolution if you're careful
<stipa> you can do whatever you want
<stipa> as long as you can trick the human sensors beleving it's real
<stipa> nerves have some daly
<stipa> so don't go over it
<stipa> and you're rady for AR and VR
<stipa> many don't even understand it and see it ias a problem
<stipa> i'm seeing many shit online
<stipa> lateny will be a big problem in VR and AR
<stipa> latency
<stipa> it's fusking with the music since it went totally virtual two decades ago
<stipa> "LATENCY"
<stipa> you'll need to have a hell of a code
<stipa> to provide VR and AR
<stipa> to the public
<stipa> in real time
<stipa> or
<tparys> you hold some very strong opinions rather passionately, my friend
<stipa> delay of the human nerves
<stipa> i live with latency at leas two decades
<stipa> not solving it VR and AR are no't possible
<stipa> you need fucking great code
<stipa> probably ASM
<stipa> atl least awesome drivers
<stipa> to chew all the crap
<stipa> from wanna be programmers
<stipa> and
<stipa> go with the flow
<stipa> go with popular stuff
<stipa> apple
<stipa> google
<stipa> they'll have hardware on the market
<stipa> and noone will be able to compete with them
<stipa> just develop code for that stuff and you'll be good
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I need DT for OPi3 bsp kernel. The one OPi provide is a decompiled version that is not very human readable. I am stuck with my codec driver due to this reason.
<lanefu> Ask them for it on twitter
<lanefu> i bet it will be funny
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I don't wanna explain them what device tree is on twitter.
<kprasadvnsi[m]> In fact any bsp DT will work as long as it has gpio-spk entity in human readable format
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: if you have a harder way go with it
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: asking someone on twitter about your problem is i guess a waste of time
<stipa> there's just a bunch of
<stipa> -- pičke
<ArmbianHelper> pussies [sl~>eng]
<kprasadvnsi[m]> My last option would be to decipher the decompiled DT that I have no Idea how I am gonna do it.
<stipa> fuck man
<stipa> try on ##kernel
<stipa> tparys: i also see a trend of taking care and installing wifi networks around
<stipa> tparys: but it's also risky due pandemic
<stipa> tparys: i'm seeing cisco is working har on that market
<stipa> hard*
<stipa> pretty much majority of it sucks now on the market
<stipa> people just want thinfs to works
<stipa> things*
<stipa> very good market
<stipa> servicing wifi networks
<stipa> tparys: you could live like a kinf
<stipa> *KING
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<stipa> we have some attacks
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<stipa> i amazed how someone wven wants to attack freenode
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<stipa> even*
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<stipa> it's unbeliveable over how many bugs and shit people i came over this server
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<ArmbianTwitter> @srdjanrosic (Srdjan Rosic): @simonlbn Except for FreeBSD: FriendlyElec NanoPi R4S - it's tiny, runs openwrt as well as armbian, plenty fast for gigabit nat/firewall. AES in hw (if you insist on openvpn or ipsec, or want an encrypted usb3 hdd). Passive cooled in metal case, poe powered w/ 3party $10 usb-c splitter https://tinyurl.com/yzdlvjhl (19s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @HugoPoi (HugoPoi): I successfully done a wifi repeater using a olimex lime2 with armbian and some clever proxy arp, parprouted ! With only one AR9271 wifi chip ! In both client and ap mode enabled. I will do a little blog post about it. Notes : https://t.co/SqH3ighYZK https://t.co/L4D919MYcS https://t.co/0RRa28bGHg https://tinyurl.com/ykxkwtjk (21s ago)
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