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<tparys> evening all
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<[TheBug]> wooohoo givin that rk3399 a run for it's money: https://prnt.sc/119fcxw
<buZz> load just 5
<buZz> pff, try harder :P
<kprasadvnsi[m]> How is the mediatek mt8183 compared to rk3399?
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<b3n10> hey guys, i'm trying to compile kernel to include `gpio_sunxi` module, but on my first try, it is still not enabled saying `Module gpio-sunxi not found`.
<b3n10> how can i add gpio-sunxi when compiling armbian kernel?
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> I am having a strange problem.
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I have a TV box with Android and I wanna access the u-boot command prompt but they set the delay to zero so it never give me chance to interrupt the boot process.
<b3n10> okay i found out i need to compile kernel with `CONFIG_GPIO_SUNXI=y`, where do i put this line?
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Anybody know other way to solve this problem
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> <b3n10 "okay i found out i need to compi"> Start the build script with KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes
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<b3n10> i see, will do that now, thanks
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<b3n10> okay, i can't find it in kernel configuration dialog. i see GPIO drivers, but my new config doesn't include `CONFIG_GPIO_SUNXI` option
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Press the / key and search the config you want
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<b3n10> yep, searched it and can see GPIO drivers and they are already enabled (has a *). so i exit and it starts compiling
<Xogium> for what its woeth if it has * it means *built-in* not built as a module you can insert with modprobe
<Xogium> *worth
<Xogium> aka, its already in and loaded
<b3n10> i've installed them now on my image but doing `modprobe gpio-sunxi` still says "Module gpio-sunxi not found ..."
<Xogium> look what I said above
<b3n10> "aka, its already in and loaded" so no need to do a modprobe?
<Xogium> exactly
<Xogium> its not a module
<Xogium> you built this right into the kernel itself
<Xogium> if you had pressed m instead of y to enable it, it would have show <m>
<Xogium> which would mean a module
<b3n10> hmmm, my purpose is to use power button and to test if it's responding to acpi events, i use 'acpi_listen' command .. but no result when pressing power key .. after doing research, it looks like gpio sunix needs to be enable, that's why i'm compiling the kernel with that module
<Xogium> was it enabled before though or did you have to go and enable it yourself ?
<Xogium> aka, did you have to make that * show up ?
<b3n10> no, * is already there
<Xogium> so then your rebuild is probably useless
<Xogium> if it was already in the config
<Xogium> I'd check the config of a running system with the official armbian kernel
<b3n10> lsmod ?
<Xogium> for example use zgrep to check for GPIO_SUNXI in /proc/config.gz
<Xogium> or possibly the config is in /boot
<Xogium> no its built-in, remember. Its not a kernel module
<Xogium> also are you sure its acpi signal ? Afaik, acpi is not used on arm
<Xogium> or if it is, I've never seen boards using it just yet
<b3n10> cat /proc/config.gz | gunzip | grep -i "gpio_sunxi" --> returns nothing, this is on my other image which i downloaded from website
<Xogium> I'd use zgrep
<Xogium> like
<Xogium> zgrep GPIO_SUNXI /proc/config.gz
<Xogium> that allows to use grep on a gzip compressed file directly
<Xogium> just to make absolutely sure
<Xogium> but if you don't have this at all in your kernel config it is strange. You should have at the very least a line like: # CONFIG_GPIO_SUNXI is not set
<Xogium> at best CONFIG_GPIO_SUNXI=y OR =m
<b3n10> yep, same no result .. i also use `zcat /proc/config.gz | less` then search for the word
<Xogium> and are you sure that its really the config option ?
<Xogium> that is, if you press the ? in the kernel config when you are on the sunxi gpio driver or whatever option, is it really GPIO_SUNXI ?
<b3n10> well i didn't see exact sunxi gpio .. but there is gpio driver support option .. i tried searching for "gpio_sunxi" but nothing
<Xogium> that sounds like something that is specific to the vendor kernel
<Xogium> armbian probably uses mainline kernel, so you don't have it
<b3n10> i also tried searching "gpio" and just scroll to see which of them includes "sunxi" but nothing
<Xogium> or at least not under that name
<b3n10> my purpose is just to really use power button to call the shutdown command, instead of pulling the plug just to turn off my board
<Xogium> you might need to use the vendor kernel if you want that button
<b3n10> huh? so armbian image is not vendor?
<Xogium> well
<Xogium> what does uname -a command says ?
<b3n10> the one from here - https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-lite/
<Xogium> hah
<Xogium> Armbian Buster
<Xogium> mainline based kernel 5.10.y
<Xogium> that answers this
<b3n10> uname -a --> Linux orangepilite 5.10.21-sunxi #21.02.3 SMP Mon Mar 8 00:23:04 UTC 2021 armv71 armv71 armv71 GNU/Linux
<b3n10> oh i'm using Focal
<Xogium> so, nop. Definitely not vendor
<Xogium> its also mainline, look on the page you sent me
<b3n10> "mainline based kernel 5.10.y"
<Xogium> which defintely explains why you don't have this gpio_sunxi
<Xogium> looks like I was right, there are some ways to acces gpio in mainline but that's definitely not at all like you do in that old 3.4 vendor kernel
<b3n10> do i need to find a new image or just the kernel that has gpio_sunxi?
<Xogium> well I'd stick to mainline
<Xogium> 3.4 kernel is very, very, very old by now
<Xogium> I'd use the 2nd way of using gpio in mainline
<b3n10> on the page u sent, on "What do you need:" section, it says "Kernel with CONFIG_GPIO_SUNXI=y .." so that's what i'm missing
<Xogium> since sysfs is deprecated
<Xogium> no that's on a 3.4 kernel
<Xogium> they show examples but only for 3.4 kernel
<b3n10> ah i see
<b3n10> sorry, what u mean by "I'd use the 2nd way of using gpio in mainline"
<Xogium> sysfs way is deprecated,, look up the 2nd one
<Xogium> accessing the gpio pins through character devices with mainline kernel
<b3n10> will take a look
<Xogium> as for how to port this whole shutdown idea… I don't know how, sorry :S
<Xogium> I've never used gpio on orange pi boards
<Xogium> but maybe peeps here have ideas for that
<b3n10> don't have enough time for this today, but i appreciate your time explaining this things for me
<Xogium> no problem :)
<Xogium> wish I could have been more helpful but heh
<b3n10> yes, you helped me a lot here .. i was going on circles on this kernel compilation until u point me to the right page
<b3n10> bye now, cheers
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<tparys> hi all
<lanefu> howdy
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