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<tparys> evening all
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<threenp> IgorPec []: I was thinking a bit about the issue tracking recently... There is a huge class of issues that is relevant to users but fall outside of what the Armbian maintainers wants to deal with. The status quo is there's an issue tracker for the build system (where ignorant users often incorrectly create other legit issues, getting scorned) and the community forums (which is great for discussion but a messy bad fit for
<threenp> issue tracking)
<threenp> I wonder, how would you feel about a meta-repo fpr Armbian to track "community issues"? the tracker does not have to be maintained or governed by the Armbian project
<threenp> WIth a clear notice that it's for the community to collaborate on issues
<threenp> So I guess 1) would you be open for such a tracker under the GH org, and 2) if not, what would your stance be on a third-party tracker set up by someone else?
<stipa> i think that deva are avare of the bugs, what they need is more coders
<stipa> devs*
<threenp> One goal would be to have a clear place for the issues not suited for the current GH issue trackers, thus reducing the amount of time spent on closing and answering issues for you
<threenp> stipa []: My thinking here is that this is for the larger community to collaborate and resolve issues
<threenp> IRC + forums creates a dynamic where it's hard to keep track of issues and even if somebody does solve it, it can be very hard for someone encountering the same issue to track down their solution
<stipa> they don't want pressure
<threenp> Yeah exactly. So the tracker I'm proposing would be for the larger community to track and collaborate on issues. No strings attached to the Armbian project or its maintainers
<stipa> i guess the forum is enough
<stipa> there's a bunch of bugs at every corner
<stipa> on wich devs work
<threenp> I dunno, diuscoverability is very hard there. Popular boards havve 100+ pages with random issues related to the board here and there, with others scattered around in other posts. It scales horribly and pollutes the rest of the conversation
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<threenp> I'm a dev myself and this seems to me like a way to both get better quality in the forum, reduce the moderation friction for IgorPec [] , and better discoverability and tracking of Armbian issues not related to the build system
<stipa> some work in chaos some like it tidy
<stipa> i've seen sucsess at bothe ends
<stipa> even more at the tidy side
<stipa> untidy*
<stipa> some brains like chaotic locations of stuff
<stipa> in the space and time
<stipa> some like it tidy
<stipa> but both do the job
<threenp> let's not be under the illusion that what i propose will jave any shortage of chaos , haha
<stipa> well, it's not a bad proposition
<stipa> it's an option
<stipa> tp get there
<stipa> to*
<threenp> kind of related, but the search functionality on the armbian forums makes it VERY hard to for example search for a particular board and issue (i've spent hours clicking through pages of irrelevent ones to eventually find the needle in the haystack)
<threenp> This is not meant as critique, just saying that i think it can be solved without having to change anything in the forum itself
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<stipa> devs don't really care
<threenp> I'm a dev, I care, and I know plenty who do (:
<stipa> if there's a problem and there's no soultion for it you'll have to do it yourself if they're not interested
<threenp> well, would be desirable for everyone that does of us who DIY have a good way to find others spending time on the same issues and share efforts :)
<threenp> I guess it comes down to two things
<threenp> 1) How does does Igor/Armbian project feel about this
<threenp> 2) are there others beside myself who would be interested in maintaining/moderating such a repo/tracker? I'm happy to spend time on it, but esp when it comes to kernel modules and deciding what's relevant to escalate as a build issue for every specific issue I may not always be in a position to make the right call
<threenp> i think it should be very clear that it's unofficial and not with any attention required by project maintainers and devs
<stipa> as far as i know anyone can join Armbian, the question is if Armbian wants to add to the system what you propse
<stipa> propse*
<threenp> again, it doesn't have to officially be part of Armbian!
<threenp> (would be super nice if it was, but i'd completely understand they might not want to)
<stipa> idk, stick around
<threenp> there's also the flip side of it, which is that actual quality conversation kind of gets drowned with individual random bnoard issues in the forums
<stipa> if you want access to the systems people have to know you
<stipa> who knows who you are
<threenp> which systems..?
<stipa> you have mentioned forum could be modified or something to make it more tidy?
<threenp> ah no, i mean creating a new issue tracker (for example on GH) for community tracking of issues that are out of scope for the official ones
<threenp> and that fall outside of the armbian "support contract"
<threenp> only thing on the forum side would be (for example) a link in a sticky or sth
<stipa> Armbian is on github, right?
<threenp> yes. but the issue trackers there are only concerned with parts of the build system (eg not cryptroot) for supported boards, and docs. anything else gets closed and pointed to the forums
<stipa> it's probably because of the noobs
<stipa> i still don't have github account
<threenp> Nah, I think it's ompletely fine to have a narrrow scope for the official repos
<stipa> but devs use jira
<threenp> again, jira is just for what falls in scope for the armbian devs and maintainers
<stipa> i'm not eve sure if you need an approval for you have on mind
<stipa> for what you*
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<stipa> and what impact could it do to the project
<threenp> yeah i know. but better take the temperature first so it can be done in the right way
<threenp> ideally should be something that's welcomed, not something that could be interpreted as counterproductive or hostile, and talking it through with stakehodlers first makes that more likely :)
<stipa> it would for sure be noticable
<stipa> would it make things for better i can't really tell
<stipa> the only thing i see as what could come for all of it is you as a coder, maybe
<stipa> but you can be one without all that hassle
<stipa> threenp: devs with bugs hang around in #armbian-devel
<stipa> i'm not the dev :D
<stipa> i'm just there
<stipa> stop by sometimes
<stipa> oh you're there already, my bad
<mangix> wonder how much work it is to add a device
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<binarym> hey there. Does anybody run a NanoPi M4B here ?
<binarym> i tried with Armbian 21.02.1 Bullseye / Linux 5.10.12-rockchip64
<binarym> and my board get regulary stucked because of kernel oops
<binarym> i used the NanoPI M4 image as there's not M4B dedicated images.
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<binarym> i just reproduced a crash : a wget on my RAID array (i use the official 4*SATA over PCIe hat)
<binarym> the message is still the same : [80126.475821] Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address ffff000000000020
<binarym> it looks like a erroneous DT ... but i don't really know how to fix it
<[TheBug]> you can try a different kernel, use armbian-config and choose a different kernel, there are both dev and stable options usually
<binarym> ok, i'll dig this
<binarym> thx
<binarym> postiive fact: at least, the issue is easy to reproduced :-)
<binarym> before trying another kernel, i updated my armbian. It looks like kernel was updated on the last few days ! For the moment, my wget is running fine ... wait's n see
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<binarym> i tried legacy kernel ... i get 30% of network packet lost with it :-(
<binarym> the sadest is that i had this board working fine some months ago ... if i had knew, i would have write kernel's version :-(
<binarym> now, the boot is broken
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<halabso> hello
<halabso> how to download whatssap app on linex bionicpup32 im new on linuks and here i used to work on mirc
<halabso> !voiceeee
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<threenp> hi halabso, i think this is not the room for this topic - either way, there is no official app so you have the choices of either (easiest, least risk of errors), a libpurple client like pidgin, or running a matrix server with a bridge (IMO best once set up, but takes some work)
<threenp> that should be web, not wb
<threenp> there're some other third-party ones like whatsdesk and franz, too
<halabso> threenp, thanksss
<halabso> im new at this
<binarym> re all. My boot from eMMC is broken (complaining about a .scr file missing ... the /boot/dtb symlink is broken)
<threenp> all good, i'm sure you'll figure things out as you go along, best of luck :)
<binarym> i can boot it using SD card and then mount the eMMC and chroot to it
<binarym> what would be the good way to repair the boot ?
<binarym> i tried reinstalling kernel
<binarym> but it wasn't enought
<halabso> my freind gave me a laptop linux on it bionicpup32
<halabso> i dont know anything
<halabso> but i used to work on mirc soo his freenode is like mirc ??
<halabso> same commands?
<binarym> halabso: mirc is a client (such as firefox), freenode is a network (such as a website)
<halabso> ha
<halabso> aha
<binarym> basic command such as /join /part /query etc ... should work on any client
<halabso> and what channels should i get in
<halabso> ?
<binarym> for what ?
<halabso> anything
<binarym> #anything :)
<binarym> kidding
<halabso> like learning abut linux
<halabso> how to work on it
<binarym> i think you should better read some stuff on internet
<binarym> tutorial, etc ...
<binarym> here is #armbian, it's a channel dedicated to linux distro armbian which dedicated to ARM hardware
<binarym> armbian is based on debian
<binarym> a well known linux distro
<binarym> so, for most "applicative" problem, i guess you can ask on #debian
<halabso> okkk
<halabso> thnksssss
<binarym> you're welcome
<binarym> consider IRC like the level-3 support: if you come with obvious question, people may not answer you anything else than "search the web dude"
<binarym> ok ... so i repaired my boot process
<binarym> reinstalled both image and dtb for rockchip was enought :)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @TonyMac_32 (Thomas McKahan): The Asus Tinker Board 2 BSP for Armbian is taking a long time, and the reason is simple: I am working to have *mainline* ATF/U-boot/Kernel at least functional when it hits the build system. "Functional" meaning booting and usable, not feature complete. It's very close. (13s ago)
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<stipa> halabso: try #puppylinux
<halabso> stipa, im in it
<stipa> then, you're all set
<stipa> commands from mirc a re same here
<stipa> most of them
<stipa> halabso: this whatsapp client could be what you need
<halabso> stipa, thanksssss
<halabso> :D
<stipa> you have two options how to install
<stipa> oh, it's not debian based
<stipa> wait a minute
<stipa> better to ask at #puppylinux ,i'm not familiar with that distro
<stipa> like "How can i install Whatsie on puppy?"
<stipa> oh it is based on raspberry os
<stipa> but the package manager is not apt
<stipa> yeah, better to ask there, they can check immediately
<stipa> since they have puppy as well
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<binarym> when i try to select another kernel using armbian-config (System - Other) and validating the warning, i'm just sent back to the previous menu
<binarym> any idea about how i can investigate this issue ?
<binarym> note that it has worked previously on the same install ....
<stipa> try reboot
<stipa> oh it's a build process
<stipa> or not
<binarym> already tried to reboot ... it continues failing
<binarym> i think i'm gonna try to find out directly the .deb on the mirror and dpkg -i myself ...
<stipa> yeah, naybe there's only one kernel
<stipa> the one you're using
<stipa> i didn't know Armbian can change kernels at wish
<stipa> like choose another kernel and have it on reboot
<binarym> stipa: it can :)
<binarym> when it works :)
<stipa> fancy
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<stipa> hmm, i see boards with bunch of ram but without graphic chips, is it even posible to run DE on those and remote desktop into them via x11vnc for example?
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<stipa> seems it's possible
<stipa> fancy
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<rneese> afternoon all
<rneese> so who is willing to help us devs out and start testing some imgs
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<rneese> we need feedback and if needed bug reports
* HerculeP has an odroidc2 (two actually) - always ready for testing :D
<rneese> currently we have gnome for testing
<rneese> and willhave more soon
<rneese> hoping to get mate in there soon
<HerculeP> focal downloaded, what is hirsute?
<rneese> hirsute is the next ver of ubuntu
<HerculeP> ah
<HerculeP> burning now ...
<HerculeP> FYI imola speed was only 100mbit/s avg
* HerculeP looking forward to mate :D
<HerculeP> I used the hardkernel 3.?? img for some time
<rneese> ahh ok
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<jschwart> lanefu: thanks, good to see that, I'll keep them in mind if I need a NAS!
<IgorPec> HerculeP: imola top speed is 150Mbit/s :)
<IgorPec> but we have nightly on faster link
<rneese> HerculeP I willadd mate for next build
<IgorPec> links below are from fastest server
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<HerculeP> rneese, IgorPec booted ok, BUT no connection to my router via ethernet :(
<IgorPec> some works, some don't . mine works
<IgorPec> we don't know yet
<HerculeP> booted from SD btw (cant find my emmc just now)
<HerculeP> never had such issues /w previous versions
<IgorPec> nobody did
<IgorPec> but now we had them :)
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* HerculeP will check that forum link tomorrow, too tired now
<rneese> ok
<rneese> look like 3d needs added
<HerculeP> my other c2 works like a charm btw: Linux olc2 5.10.16-meson64 #21.02.2 SMP PREEMPT Sun Feb 14 21:50:52 CET 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux (booted from emmc)
<HerculeP> (Buster /w DT)
<rneese> so its on debian
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> herculeP: it seems it could be hw revision related. Mine also works just fine
* HerculeP cant switch devices currently
<HerculeP> btw, same "PHY (error: -19)" on hirsute too
<rneese> what ver is that board a 1 or a 2
<rneese> it should say on the board
<IgorPec> its kernel problem
<IgorPec> and kernel is identical on all variants
<rneese> those are th old s905 ok
<HerculeP> both bords should be identical (bought them at the same time, but I'll check ...)
<IgorPec> well, i am just guessing what can be ... haven't read that topic yet
<Tonymac32> what's up?
<rneese> the clouds the rain the cold ass weather
<HerculeP> both: REV0.2 20160226 (printed on the board)
<Tonymac32> given the slow-motion failure of the global industrial complex, my blood pressure is up
<Tonymac32> :)
<rneese> lol
<Tonymac32> not so slow motion this year actually
<rneese> things will get worse before they get better
<rneese> wayfire desktop looks nice
<rneese> wow
<Tonymac32> when we run out of plastic, not having chips isn't such a big deal
<IgorPec> hej tony
<rneese> I was watching a video today of them printing arm chips on plastic sheets
<IgorPec> where do you have that stuff for testing? rk3399
<rneese> 2017 but hey surprised
<IgorPec> cool
<Tonymac32> for all the normal RK3399's we can get the type-C DP working no problem
<Tonymac32> that #$%@#%@#$% RockPi is weird
<Tonymac32> :)
<rneese> Then we will get edp
<IgorPec> so rockpi 4C via DP you wanna now?
<Tonymac32> I don't have one, [TheBug] did some quick testing, but it didnt' work for him, but the DP stuff on ol' Rockchip is touchy
<Tonymac32> the patches are from patchwork to make a virtual extcon
<IgorPec> i'll test it in the morning
<Tonymac32> it might need some extcon = <&virtualpd> 's sprinkled around because the Rockchip DP driver is not so great and requires an extcon
<Tonymac32> dmesg will tell me that
<Tonymac32> :)
<rneese> ok
<rneese> did you send email for screen
<Tonymac32> The T4 one is as good as it's going to be
<rneese> it will get better dont say that
<Tonymac32> well that's up to the driver maintainers
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<Tonymac32> unless someone is very patient and wants to fund me getting a new career XD
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