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<sunshavi> where could I download armbian 5.11 for orange pi pc?
<sunshavi> lanefu: just 5.10 there
<sunshavi> Igorpec told me the 5.11 images where on testing
<sunshavi> But on testing I also see 5.10.y
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<Wizzard> Hello
<Wizzard> I was told on pine64 discord that it could be possible to build arhmf Armbian using Armbian build system, is it true?
<Wizzard> *armhf
<Werner> Armbian is always built as armhf or arm64 depending on hardware. There is no option to build 32bit userland for a 64bit soc
<Wizzard> oh :(
<Wizzard> so it is not possible
<Werner> Not without development which we do not consider at the moment
<Wizzard> Ok, I see, and is there any other way to replace arm64 for armhf in specific Armbian build?
<Werner> Not I am aware of
<Wizzard> Thank you, so I dont need to study that Armbian build system
<Werner> Not if you are looking for a fast and cheap solution :)
<Wizzard> If I just replaced that arm64 kernel by armhf, it would not boot, right?
<Werner> Would probably not even build
<Wizzard> I mean on the running system via package manager
<Werner> No idea. Try
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<HerculeP> just? maybe wait some weeks/month ;)
<HerculeP> ( just? was for sunshavi )
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<lanefu> sunshavi: sorry i misunderstood
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<ArmbianTwitter> @blu51899890 (blu): @never_released @armbian @NVIDIAEmbedded How's the OCL though? (13s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @never_released (Longhorn): @blu51899890 @armbian @NVIDIAEmbedded About compute and nouveau... well the less that you expect, the more happy you would be... (3s ago)
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<kayterina> hello. I see the nano pi air has solder output for audio/mic. This means I can solder a female plug for trs with microphone? The goal is to plug a speaker with microphone that I have.
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<IgorPec> kayterina: yes. all thos chips have audio / mic while not all boards have leads / pins or connectors for it
<kayterina> thanks igor. when you say chip, you mean the h3, correct?
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<Werner> Or SoC in general
<ArmbianTwitter> @blu51899890 (blu): @never_released @armbian @NVIDIAEmbedded 'Maybe I'm too demanding, may I'm just like father -- too bold'. (5s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @MayaPosch (Maya Posch): Man, pretty rough start with my first ever Pine64 product: got two PineCube (S3L SoC) units and ran them through their paces with the 'Community Supported' Armbian release. Both units lock up when there's any heavy (sustained) Ethernet/WiFi traffic. Going to be a fun one... (3s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @MayaPosch Do you think cpu is overheating at full IO? Short-term workaround might be lowering frequency and changing governor. Can all be done via armbian-config command (21s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @MayaPosch (Maya Posch): @lanefu Underclocking the system seems like a good start, yeah. I just used the Armbian images (Focal & Buster) as-is, with only setting up user accounts and WiFi. On the bright side, I can reliably trigger the fault :) (11s ago)
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<dutchfish> hi, with latest stable edition in stalled, can someone help me to solve:  odroidn2 systemd[1]: haveged.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
<Xogium> do you have other lines ? Surely this single one isn't all
<dutchfish> Xogium, sure, i will paste in pastebin, a sec
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<IgorPec> use bug report form
<IgorPec> to understand whats needed
<dutchfish> This bug is already there on a fresh install
<IgorPec> and?
<IgorPec> if you don't provide info that is needed, we all only waste time
<dutchfish> +IgorPec, what you need?
<IgorPec> click on that link and read!
<dutchfish> Ok, i  figure it out
<Xogium> weird… I've never seen this error before
<Xogium> maybe the kernel is missing something haveged needs ?
<IgorPec> we don't even know which kernel he use
<Xogium> though the haveged manpage say this particular error can also mean
<Xogium> Invalid data or instruction cache size.
<Xogium> does armbian set some specific settings for haveged ?
<Xogium> they might not work on every device if so
<IgorPec> not that i recall
<Xogium> random guessing
<Xogium> pun intended
<IgorPec> but if someone reports a bug and provides no data, case is closed
<IgorPec> we cover too many devices
<IgorPec> with too many differen kernel interfaces
<Xogium> heh
<IgorPec> i can waste hours just to narrov down
<IgorPec> why exactly?
<IgorPec> igorp@odroidn2:~$ journalctl -x | grep haveged
<buZz> whats the actual error @ 'haveged' error?
<IgorPec> i have none
<buZz> ah
<buZz> Mar 12 19:43:52 odroidn2 haveged[1836]: haveged: Couldn't initialize HAVEGE rng 9
<buZz> does your hw even have that rng?
<Xogium> haveged is a software rng
<Xogium> it doesn't use hw rng
<buZz> what happens when you start it yourself?
<IgorPec> i think this is related to entropy
<dutchfish> IgorPec, i have no clue, i understand kernels, but not rng
<buZz> try > haveged -F -v 1
<buZz> as root
<buZz> does that work?
<Xogium> IgorPec: yes haveged is a software random number generator / entropy gathering
<dutchfish> buZz, haveged: Couldn't initialize HAVEGE rng 9
<IgorPec> here too
<dutchfish> at the moment my device suffors from random number depletion
<Xogium> random idea… You got anything in dmesg ?
<dutchfish> Xogium, a sec i will pastebin my dmesg
<dutchfish> ouch pastebinit failed on me
<dutchfish> a sec
<IgorPec> aha, broken only on N2
<IgorPec> root@nanopi-r4s:/home/igorp# haveged -F -v 1
<IgorPec> haveged starting up
<IgorPec> haveged: tot tests(BA8): A:1/1 B:1/1 continuous tests(B): last entropy estimate 7.99753
<IgorPec> haveged: ver: 1.9.1; arch: generic; vend: ; build: (gcc 8.3.0 CTV); collect: 128K
<IgorPec> haveged: cpu: (VC); data: 16K (D); inst: 16K (D); idx: 11/40; sz: 15528/64688
<IgorPec> haveged: fills: 0, generated: 0
<dutchfish> yes, this is Odroid N2+
<dutchfish> My dmesg output
<IgorPec> modinfo meson_rng
<IgorPec> author: Lawrence Mok <>
<IgorPec> filename: /lib/modules/5.10.20-meson64/kernel/drivers/char/hw_random/meson-rng.ko
<IgorPec> author: Neil Armstrong <>
<IgorPec> license: Dual BSD/GPL
<IgorPec> this is present
<Xogium> holy hell that pastebin crashed my screen reader
<dutchfish> IgorPec, you want me to rebuild that kernel?
<IgorPec> no, you don't need to rebuilt anything
<IgorPec> you have that kernel and its the same on mine
<dutchfish> Ok
<IgorPec> which is latest 5.10
<dutchfish> right
<IgorPec> i would ask baylibre guys
<dutchfish> I have latest stable, as i already reported
<dutchfish> i have no issues with haveged on Debian Buster, Debian testing and T2 linux. only on armdebian
<IgorPec> its not armbian problem
<IgorPec> you have a problem with N2
<dutchfish> s/armdebian/armbian sorry
<ArmbianHelper> dutchfish meant to say: i have no issues with haveged on Debian Buster, Debian testing and T2 linux. only on armbian sorry
<IgorPec> rng works on Armbian with Rockchip RK3399 ... checked
<dutchfish> IgorPec, can you enlighten me a bit more?
<IgorPec> probably elsewhere too
<buZz> dutchfish: try a different kernel version?
<IgorPec> its kernel issue
<IgorPec> armbian userland is identical on all boards
<dutchfish> hence i asked, if i should rebuild the kernel?
<IgorPec> and what will that help? :)
<dutchfish> to triage th ebug
<IgorPec> the problem exists in latest 5.10.y kernel too
<dutchfish> (that is if you are sure, it is a kernel bug)
<IgorPec> i am sure
<dutchfish> Ok, fair enough, i will dig into it.
<IgorPec> just don't have time to dig into the kernel driver, a bit too much for sunday afternoon, while fixing otgher things
<dutchfish> Thanks for the fish, bye
<IgorPec> try 5.11.y kernel
<IgorPec> that's easy, armbian-config -> system -> alternative kernels
<dutchfish> Already compiling it :)
<IgorPec> and see if this is fixed there
<dutchfish> cya
<IgorPec> cya
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<PPA> sunshavi: just build it yourself
<PPA> run it with ./ EXPERT="yes" and select the dev kernel (despite all the scary red warnings)
<PPA> Orange Pi PC images build well (Pine H64 and Rock64 images do not)
<IgorPec> what's wrong with H64 images??
<sunshavi> PPA:thanks
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<IgorPec> hirsute?
<IgorPec> bullseye?
<IgorPec> werner answered what is the problem
<PPA> There is no problem, ut you asked what was wrong there
<IgorPec> qemu bug
<PPA> (Both build fine for OPiPC though)
<IgorPec> armhf
<IgorPec> those builds are not supported
<PPA> Ah, that'd explain it
<IgorPec> you can build natively on arm64 machine or on hirsute buildhost
<IgorPec> but it can also break ...
<IgorPec> and its not an issue, since development things breaks all the time
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<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @MayaPosch Oh.. maybe ram starved. It.doesnt have much ram. Armbian wouldn't be optimized for that size. If there's an armbian minimal image probable best. Also disabling extra services like armbian-ramlog and armbian-zram may well (4s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @MayaPosch (Maya Posch): @lanefu I'm using the minimal image (Buster, previously Focal) from Armbian: Looking in top while it's idling after having the git pull time-out, I get a load average of 0.51, 6.6, 10.6. 46.6 MB used, with 36.6 MB cached, 28.6 free. Feels like poor optimisation. (30s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @MayaPosch Yep. None of the primary devs have one. The Amazing Icenowy added basic support but not much else. You could build a custom image with fewer packages etc via the armbian build tools. Board specific optimizations are usually done at startup via (12s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @MayaPosch (Maya Posch): @lanefu I guess avoiding network transfers is key for now. Best to treat the PineCube with Armbian as one of those severely resource-limited systems, moreso than a Raspberry Pi 0 :) (24s ago)
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<AlbertB> Hi, I need some help with my cubieboard. I put the latest buster image on sd card but the board doesn't boot. I connected to UART. Last output is just "Starting kernel ..."
<AlbertB> I tried to stop u-boot but it didn't react. Maybe I am doing it wong. echo " " > /dev/ttyS0 doen't seem to work.
<[TheBug]> Which cubiesboard and did you get the right image?
<[TheBug]> there is A10, A20
<[TheBug]> etc
<[TheBug]> so need more info
<AlbertB> Cubieboard 3 -> Cubietruck.
<AlbertB> filename: Armbian_21.02.3_Cubietruck_buster_current_5.10.21.img
<[TheBug]> if so please report back so we can note the current image is failing and get it fixed
<[TheBug]> s/if so/if it boots and works
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: if it boots and works please report back so we can note the current image is failing and get it fixed
<AlbertB> O.k. I'll give it a try. If it doesn't work how can I enhance log output?
<AlbertB> I found verbosity setting in ArmbianEnv.txt. I'll set it to 7.
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<AlbertB> Well, that didn't change anything regarding serial output.
<AlbertB> I'll try the older image and report back later. Thanks!
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