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<bl4ckb0ne> ls
<lanefu> joker5bb: wait you've been building images and kernels and all sorts of crazy stuff, but you're asking how to remote into a SBC? :)
<joker5bb> not remote i did not know name of program
<joker5bb> what i need is mpich
<joker5bb> mpich will let me use 2 cores per 3 boards
<lanefu> oh HPC stuff
<lanefu> i mean usually apps have to be built specfically against libraries for that dont they?
<joker5bb> no
<joker5bb> any script or program will run when you setup cluster
<lanefu> yeah but thats just dispatching
<lanefu> its like like 1 process is gonna share its threads over the network
<lanefu> s/like like/not like/
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: its not like 1 process is gonna share its threads over the network
<joker5bb> my vision is so great that i will be testing to see if a playstation 1 emulator will run faster than full speed
<joker5bb> on my desktop my gpu is too fast somehow the emulator runs too fast i can barely see the sony logo when it starts
<joker5bb> hummingboard 2 could not run PS1 game good
<lanefu> yeah that's not a very good SoC for that
<joker5bb> the heatsink gets soo hot
<lanefu> i've ran some playstation games even on a H3 OrangePi One and it's been decent
<joker5bb> retroarch is a good emulator
<joker5bb> how can these boards that are newer not even get a heatsink
<lanefu> save $
<joker5bb> hummingboard 2 looks like it can do a lot
<lanefu> looks can be decieving
<joker5bb> yea
<joker5bb> i got scammed anyways
<joker5bb> they said it comes with 8GB emmc
<joker5bb> they gave under 4GB
<lanefu> it's got a lot of additional features on the SoC.. that if you use the vendor kernel you can leverage
<joker5bb> emmc
<lanefu> but it's CPU for for normal processing is weak
<lanefu> if you want to retrogame.. get a board supported by retrorangepi or twisterOS
<lanefu> or see the reviews by ETAPrime on youtube
<joker5bb> i have 3 clearfog boards also
<lanefu> the solid run hardware is really nice
<lanefu> but I wouldn't use any of those for gamign except for like honeycomb
<joker5bb> i need a new board lol
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<joker5bb> i flashed armbian for my clearfog pro what to do next?
<joker5bb> the switches are set to boot sd card
<joker5bb> i am supposed to ssh right?
<lanefu> yeah l:root p:1234
<joker5bb> the lights are blinking but no dhcp is running
<archetech> ping it
<joker5bb> what ip to ping
<joker5bb> whats the default ip its set to on first load?
<archetech> use nmap
<archetech> and you should know what rabge your ip's are
<archetech> range
<joker5bb> hmm
<joker5bb> ok
<joker5bb> i hope is all that it takes
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<buZz> likely
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @MayaPosch @raster At least with this model it doesn't look that hard to replace a battery (18s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @MayaPosch (Maya Posch): @armbian @raster Often with a repair manual a lot of devices are repairable. That's where sites like iFixit are so useful as a gathering place for such teardowns/manuals. Still can't fix AirPods, though :) (7s ago)
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<martinayotte> IgorPec: from my last trials, even if armbian-zsh isn't built/installed, qemu is still failing on libc-bin, but it wasn't the case when I've built OPiZeroPlus2-H5 on Feb 19th. So, the issue has been introduced since then, but, yes, only for 64 bits.
<IgorPec> yes, but not by us
<IgorPec> we haven't change anything
<martinayotte> I guess I no more choice about upgrading a build machine to hirsute ...
<IgorPec> i added hirsute VM, so using two at the time
<IgorPec> i searched for some better way, but none sems to be resanoble
<IgorPec> upgrading qemu on focal is too troublesome
<martinayotte> What is strange is that the qemu on my focal machine is been updated on Feb 10th, so more than a week before my last successful build, so, it must be somewhere else ...
<IgorPec> ok, but what?
<IgorPec> libc?
<martinayotte> Yes, qemu crash while doing "Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.31-9) ..."
<IgorPec> would it be safe to downgrade libc?
<IgorPec> or upgrade
<IgorPec> it might trigger some dependency nightmare i guess
<martinayotte> Maybe ... on the working image, the lib is /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/, so without the -9 ... On your image, what is the resulting version ? Is it /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/ ?
<martinayotte> Could you check in the rootfs cache ?
<IgorPec> but we have a problem with host
<martinayotte> In the meantime, I've built a OPiPC2, another 64bits, and failing the same way ...
<IgorPec> yeah, i would expect that changing of libc on host will fix the problem
<IgorPec> and remember that building images natively on arm works flawlessl
<IgorPec> all variants
<martinayotte> No, the libc I've mentionned are the one within the image, not the one of the host
<IgorPec> on focal
<IgorPec> i know. but manipulation version on target we should better avoid
<martinayotte> I've compared version on 32bits built yesterday, they are named the same /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/, I assume version numbers are not involved. So that can it be since only 64 bits are the issue.
<martinayotte> I will start installing a Hirsute VM ...
<IgorPec> yeah. i think we will anyway set this as official start
<IgorPec> after official release
<lanefu> :( hirsuite is required to build focal? or just hirsuite?
<IgorPec> no, just for unsupported targets
<martinayotte> lanefu: I think any, because libc-bin fails to be install for any 64bits
<IgorPec> such as bullseye / sid / hirsute
<IgorPec> focal on focal builds fine
<lanefu> ahh bummer i do lots of bullseye builds
<lanefu> martinayotte: btw do you want a shell on our box.. the 32Core ARM server in Japan?
<lanefu> its great for doing the filesystem builds cuz its soo much faster
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<lanefu> focal and buster worked when i tested a min ago
<lanefu> gonna try just installing the armbian-zsh deb manually or something
<martinayotte> lanefu: Server ? Maybe one day ... Finally, the issue is not related armbian-zsh at all, it is related to libc-bin.
<martinayotte> I've started installing a Hirsute VM for now : strange that the gorilla background of the installer is wearing glasses that has a reflect of RasberryPi logo in it. :-)
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> man that's gonna drive me nuts.... i wanna be about to build from an ubuntu LTS on principle for the armbian images :P
<lanefu> martinayotte: so you think its a libc issue, or more of a qemu-static issue where a newer version of that would help?
<martinayotte> I doubt it is qemu-static issue, since I've successfully built some 64 bits images on Feb 19th
<lanefu> hmm... looking at hirsuite and bullssyee change logs
<lanefu> how hard is it for us to force glibc-bin version in deb bootstrap to older version
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<lanefu> oh well.. sadly a deepdive i don't have time for
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<IgorPec> lanefu: i already dive in and couldn't found any usable workaround
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<attah> So i found Armbian_21.05.0-trunk.51_Pinebook-pro_focal_current_5.10.23_cinnamon_desktop.img.xz a few weeks ago... but it seems gone now, and on closer inspection the numbering is a bit funny
<attah> (if it is supposed to be YY.MM)
<Werner> Since they are not intended to be used by end-users it is fine if the developers know what those numbers mean ;)
<attah> so educate me?
<Werner> 21.05 will be the next Armbian release in about two month. Images built from master/nightly are always labeled as trunk
<attah> cool :)
<Werner> the number behind trunk is simply consecutive
<Werner> then board, branch, Linux version, DE variant and well... it is a desktop image :P
<attah> those parts i udnerstand :P
<Werner> haha okay
<attah> Cinnamon was on purpose, but unfortunately it's just a bit too slow
<Werner> Yeah I do not like it as well. So I go for MATE or XFCE. They are pretty close
<attah> Yeah, maybe that's where i need to go
<Werner> Some people even like to use KDE but that is sooooo bulky and over the time of close to 20 years I always managed to break something in KDE
<attah> i'll see what 21.05 gives when it is released as stable
<attah> Didn't mind it in the official Manjaro install, it was the Manjaro parts that drove me away
<attah> why even bother providing a GUI package manager if it falls on its face every single time...
<Werner> pbp unfortunately does not have a maintainer in Armbian so it stays CSC/unsupported :/
<attah> :/
<attah> hopefully that improves as stock od PBPs improves
<IgorPec> currently we have some troubles with the deskop but they are about to be fixed those days
<attah> It's a really neat machine, especially at the price
<IgorPec> by next intended release it should be fine
<attah> I just installed it yesterday, but i must say, so far so good - decent video performance in Firefox, sound is well integrated (biggest improvement i found so far from Ayufan's Ubuntu)
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<amoney> I am trying to find the ip of my clearfog pro to ssh
<amoney> nmap -sn 192.168.*.*
<amoney> is taking for ever
<IgorPec> that is normal
<IgorPec> limit your search
<Werner> and timeout
<IgorPec> Nmap done: 256 IP addresses (30 hosts up) scanned in 3.31 seconds
<IgorPec> nmap --open -sn
<amoney> what class will the ip be?
<IgorPec> C
<IgorPec> in your case its probably
<amoney> i tried that already
<amoney> my scan is running through all the 3rd octets for class c
<amoney> idk why it armbian for clearfog setups this wa, openwrt has ip set no need to search
<IgorPec> armbian certainly sets ip
<IgorPec> but only for one interface
<IgorPec> but its not fixed, its dhcp
<IgorPec> armbian is general purpuse OS while openwrt is router firmware with a single purpose
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<amoney> there is no dhcp i got a self assigned ip
<amoney> nmap still did not finish
<Werner> Then there are three options: a) setup a DHCP for your LAN, b) connect your USB UART adapter to the board and login via serial console or c) edit network config on the sd card on a different computer
<amoney> putty is the program i should use for UART
<amoney> ?
<Werner> screen works too, choice is yours
<amoney> thanks
<Werner> baudrate 115200 assuming the board is allwinner family
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<IgorPec> also on clearfog and most of the boards
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