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<kprasadvnsi[m]> I can't I2C-3 in OPi3 image. I know it should be there because AC200 codec is using it.
<lanefu> you saying the device tree is wrong? or dont know
<kprasadvnsi[m]> IDK, the AC200 is (ephy+RTC+audio codec) and ephy is already implemented so i2c-3 must be working for this ephy to work properly. i dont know why it doesnt show up in /dev/
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I think i know why it doesn't show up. because i am stupid🤦‍♂️
<lanefu> hey thats a great explaination tho
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<ArmbianTwitter> @VeryMetalDev (VeryMetalDev ⌨️🖥️👨‍🔧🖋️✏️😷): @Gizmo_MS Biggest headache: securing it against Chinese or anyone's meddling. Pretty useless given that China hacked and used an NSA tool but still i'd prefer an Armbian image over an Ubuntu Shenzen one. Will try both, will secure and audit them for security and user friendlyness. (10s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @VeryMetalDev (VeryMetalDev ⌨️🖥️👨‍🔧🖋️✏️😷): @DieZuckerbude @Gizmo_MS Thing is: video drivers come pre-installed with the Shenzen image, probably (! Armbian is doing GREAT work in the SBC area) not with the Armbian version so i'm kind of depending on available drivers and scripts for that. (14s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): @VeryMetalDev @Gizmo_MS Easy fix with #armbian when running legacy kernel: 😃 (11s ago)
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<buZz> oh, thats why i had ArmbianTwitter on ignore
<buZz> and back :)
<stipa> ArmbianTwitter: is my best pal overhere
<buZz> i dont like insane stuff like > given that China hacked and used an NSA tool
<buZz> why is it ok for NSA to use such hacking tools on their citizens, and not china?
<buZz> why is -that- the problem preventing him from using the code thats released?
<buZz> right, its not, he's just a idiot
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<stipa> he's into hacking i can say that for sure
<stipa> idk, ArmbianTwitter seems to be useful
<stipa> whenever someone writes "Armbian" on twitter it'l and here
<stipa> end here*
<stipa> Twitter is ok for marketing
<stipa> I doubt anyone from Armbian team likes it
<stipa> it's necessary evil
<IgorPec> yeah. we could call it that way
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<tuxd3v> hello guys
<tuxd3v> I think I have tried something nasty on my helios4
<tuxd3v> I discovered this morning my NAS with Fans at full trhotle and not responding to ssh
<tuxd3v> so I has to pull the power cable
<tuxd3v> then it recovered..
<tuxd3v> I went to search for more recent kernels
<tuxd3v> and I found the current-mbebu
<tuxd3v> current-mvebu
<tuxd3v> so I installed it and the headers too
<tuxd3v> I then rebooted the system, and noticed that the fans didn't stop, and the power consumption of the disks didn't decrease..
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<tuxd3v> so I removed that kernel and its headers, and tried to be with 4.14.94 mvebu
<IgorPec> fans should work properly
<tuxd3v> I noticed that the 5.10 kernel was still in /boot
<IgorPec> i have one of helios4 in the test rig
<tuxd3v> so I created the symbolic links for unitrd, and vmlinux, to point to 4.14.94
<IgorPec> ah, kernel moving up and down is not bullet proof
<tuxd3v> then rebooted, but the system doesn't boot :(
<IgorPec> can't help
<IgorPec> hacking old uboots and new kernel is usually broken
<IgorPec> not that simple.
<tuxd3v> this is the content of my /boot
<IgorPec> this is mine, works properly
<IgorPec> fans spins with low speed on idle
<tuxd3v> mines was like crazy and power comsumtion on the root
<IgorPec> start with a clean image
<tuxd3v> so I downgraded to the one I had already installed
<tuxd3v> 4.14.94
<IgorPec> nobody is using that
<IgorPec> how did you change kernels?
<tuxd3v> well I am on debian strech 9.13, and this is the kernel I always had
<IgorPec> can't say, that's two years back
<tuxd3v> maybe
<IgorPec> it is, look date
<tuxd3v> I did apt-get install current-mvebu
<tuxd3v> for linux-imahe and also linux-headers
<tuxd3v> its what apear there in the repos
<IgorPec> yes, just we change kernel naming in the mean time
<IgorPec> and those you have doesn't receive updates anymore
<tuxd3v> right now I need to restore the original boot
<tuxd3v> so that I can bootup and upgrade from strech to buster
<IgorPec> use those two resources for some help
<IgorPec> i can't afford to guide you, have family duties
<IgorPec> wife is calling for some family meeting
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<IgorPec> just do some math if its not perhaps better and cleaner to start with a latest buster image
<tuxd3v> I have my original uboot
<tuxd3v> everything is there
<IgorPec> this tells exactly nothing
<IgorPec> for proper problem report, we need all logs
<IgorPec> and for two years old build nobody recalls just like that
<tuxd3v> my system have the armbian that I installed on it when I buit the raid
<tuxd3v> so I need to dist-upgrade and then install the last kernel?
<tuxd3v> but I need first to solve the boot problem.. :/
<IgorPec> yes, but both things are critical and i can't assist you
<IgorPec> i recommend you to start with a clean image and mount your raid there
<IgorPec> rescuing broken outdated system can be a lot of work
<tuxd3v> And how will I configure the raid, I don't remember how, that is in the sdcard..
<IgorPec> goole: enable existing raid debian
<IgorPec> google
<IgorPec> i also don't know all those comamand from the tip of my head
<tuxd3v> I understand, I also don't know them I need to see documentation for that, but I created the raid with specific intructions
<tuxd3v> I need to revisit that work made almost 2 yars ago
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<IgorPec> in both ways there is some work
<tuxd3v> I just wanted to boot
<tuxd3v> and if you look into my /boot, you will see that everything seems fine
<tuxd3v> zImage -> vmlinuz-4.14.94-mvebu
<tuxd3v> dtb -> dtb-4.14.94-mvebu
<tuxd3v> uInitrd -> initrd.img-4.14.94-mvebu
<IgorPec> bootloader i don't know
<tuxd3v> the boot.cmd is the same
<tuxd3v> the boot.scr is the same
<IgorPec> bootload from serial console
<IgorPec> bootlog
<tuxd3v> how can I connect the serial?
<tuxd3v> there is a microusb port there
<IgorPec> yes, that's it
<tuxd3v> its for serial?
<IgorPec> yes
<tuxd3v> ho ok
<tuxd3v> but I need some sort of a special adapter, or a simple cable will do?
<IgorPec> nothing special, just plug
<tuxd3v> I mean a simple microusb cable
<IgorPec> and use some terminal
<IgorPec> yes, the mose ordinary cable
<tuxd3v> how to conect with the terminal
<tuxd3v> its with picocom?
<IgorPec> for example, yes
<IgorPec> any will do 115200 baudrate
<tuxd3v> the baudrate is 115200?
<tuxd3v> many thanks Igor
<tuxd3v> I will try to debug the boot process
<IgorPec> ok
<tuxd3v> you helped a lot already, many thanks!
<tuxd3v> :)
<IgorPec> u welcome. now i have to run ... cy
<tuxd3v> I know that this will be a hard thing, but I will try
<tuxd3v> cya :)
<tuxd3v> thanks
<stipa> seems like rockchips run hot
<stipa> i don't have one but i guess they run hotter than allwiner stuff
<stipa> like, one core can hit 80 C on rockschip
* tuxd3v ho god, have mercy of me..
<buZz> stipa: yeah those mobilephone cpus make a ton of weird choices
<buZz> not really making them very suitable for random SBCs
<tuxd3v> stipa, does the helios64 has ECC Ram?
<tuxd3v> hello buZz :)
<buZz> \o
<tuxd3v> how are you?
<tuxd3v> :)
<buZz> adequate, confused
<buZz> i posted a spam email i got in a ircchannel on request , and its been drama about 'women unfriendlyness' since
<tuxd3v> but what is the problem :)
<buZz> there was a commercial porn image attached
<tuxd3v> ouch
<buZz> the argument -against that- was 'did the woman agree to you posting it???'
<buZz> while it was proven quite simple that she was just paid for the image
<buZz> so yeah, one of those days
<buZz> and then it turned into 'but man-unfriendlyness is already illegal, why isnt woman-unfriendlyness!'
<buZz> which is just confusing to me
<buZz> i am not offended if ppl post penis.jpg on irc
<buZz> nor even bothered
<buZz> buuuuut i worked in commercial porn sector for a while as admin, so maybe i'm just immune to this specific offensiveness
<buZz> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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<stipa> those women that complain on the internet about men are in most cases lesbians
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<buZz> one of these was my gf
<stipa> they hide behind women rights and use that to molest men on the internet
<buZz> well, is my gf
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<stipa> it seem like she doesn't like you
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<stipa> i got kicked from ##hamradio when i mention ed penis
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<stipa> i would probably be banned if i posted a pic of it
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<stipa> i have not a clue what they're are talking about overthere but i lokie the channel for some reason
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<stipa> like*
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<stipa> but there are some not so nice men
<stipa> there's in media now a guy from Turkey beating his wife to death in the miidle of the street
<stipa> recorded on camera
<buZz> ##hamradio is mostly americans , so they are pretty prudish
<stipa> they stick to the on topic stuff
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<stipa> it's mostly about batteries
<stipa> and vans
<stipa> like insane diy battery packs
<buZz> post a picture of two gay men kissing above a hamradio setup, and you'd be banned for life, i bet
<stipa> sure
<stipa> i bet it'll made some battery packs explode
<stipa> it would*
<Xogium> which would be completely stupid anyway because well, gray is *natural*. The brain is simply meant to release a huge peak in testosterone at one point, and… It just never happens. That's why there are homosexual folks
<Xogium> *gay
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<Xogium> same for girls that like girls… Girls aren't meant to have this huge peak, and for whatever reason some do
<buZz> i just find it hard to figure out where 'i am offended by X' turns into the problem of the person posting X
<buZz> if X wasnt posted to offend them
<buZz> but completely different topic
<Xogium> heh
<stipa> women
<buZz> there must be some rule of thumb
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<buZz> even ignoring the gender part of it
<stipa> women like to be under control
<stipa> it maks them feel safe
<stipa> if it's not how they want they smell trouble
<Xogium> its very hard to get me offended at anything really. The only exception to that are offensive behaviors or jokes about me being blind
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<buZz> like someone posts on twitter 'apple is the best!' , i feel offended and respond with 'the least inferiour unixclone!'
<buZz> is anyone at fault there?
<Xogium> like someone once insisited posting pictures and screenshots for everything, and they refused to believe when I said I couldn't see that
<buZz> Xogium: pfff yeah, i fight your battles sometimes
<Xogium> so at one point they got annoyed and posted in a pastebin and then they came back with 'you should put fucking glasses on, or are you gonna tell me you're text blind as well?'
<Xogium> I very nearly exploded in rage
<buZz> like interfaces that have a option to add alt="" tags to images, but makes it practically impossible to -read- them
<buZz> and then ppl go 'YEAH JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURE' i just lie and respond 'but i have no eyes'
<Xogium> it was a very, very good thing an op of the chan acted at that precise moment because honestly
<buZz> i've built more than 1 interface-for-the-blind and i totally understand your troubles
<Xogium> the only time where someone on irc actually got me beyond angry, I was shaking
<buZz> also mad respect for the speed at which some blind ppl are able to follow TTS computers :O
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<Xogium> I went from relatively nice to enraged within a second
<stipa> lol
<stipa> well it's to expect
<stipa> some think you're joking
<Xogium> well yeah but when you insist like 10 times that you're blind, peeps should start getting the hint really ?
<stipa> it has to pass some time till people get to know you
<stipa> if you're new to the channel
<stipa> you probably go over agin it all when joining a new channel...
<Xogium> then again… sometimes I just feel the urge to facepalm at the stupidity of a lot of peeps. I once wrote to a company and asked them why they didn't implement good accessibility support for the blind on their website
<Xogium> their response was litterally, wah, blind don't use computers
<Xogium> in 2016
<Tonymac32> yikes
<Xogium> stipa: yep exactly. I generally avoid advertising it unless I absolutely need to, for that reason alone :D
<stipa> good thing you don't have a phobia of joining a new channel
<stipa> seems like you're a brave guy
<Xogium> hehe no I usually don't. I used to be quite shy at the beginning, but after 6 years on irc that kinda went away
<Xogium> I'm op in netfilter now too, so in some way this gives some boost to confidence
<stipa> cool
<stipa> i have a question
<Xogium> yeah I was approached out of the blue for that one, didn't see it coming. But apparently they got interested in me as an op because I'm usually very calm and it's very hard to get on my nerves
<Xogium> stipa: sure ?
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<stipa> i can't get full repeated bandwidth with two wifi radios, one in managed mode and one i ap mode
<stipa> i do proxy arping with managed interface
<Xogium> as in you get partial ? Or not even that
<stipa> half
<Xogium> hmm
<stipa> but if i use two machines
<stipa> one as ap and other as managed
<stipa> conncet them with eth cable
<stipa> i get full repetition
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<stipa> i guess it's something in the kernel
<Xogium> huh, weird… Could it be a lack of bandwidth or capability in a chip ?
<Xogium> could be kernel-side too, but hmm. maybe tcpdump could show things… Especially if you can put the wifi interfaces in monitor mode, somehow
<Xogium> like see where it gets disrupted
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> that would be cool
<stipa> the interesting thing is also
<Xogium> and pray its not getting offloaded to hardware
<stipa> connection from managed interface to ap is full
<stipa> and from ap client on the repeater is full as well
<stipa> but it halves something in betweene
<Xogium> full as in full speed ?
<stipa> yeah
<Xogium> hrm, very strange
<stipa> yes
<Xogium> I've never done this kind of setup myself but… I don't see why this would be happening
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> it's not logical
<Xogium> could it be a firewall in the way ?
<Xogium> you don't try to do nat between those machines do you ?
<stipa> no
<stipa> i use proxarping
<Xogium> right…
<stipa> sec
<Xogium> also I'm not sure here, is proxyarp the correct way to do this ?
<stipa> it's for manged wifi part of the repeater
<Xogium> yeah
<stipa> that connects to the main AP
<Xogium> but I'm wondering if there's not a better way to do it somehow, or if its really the proper thing
<stipa> it's the way i found
<stipa> maybe there's something better
<stipa> it's the 'client bridge' thing in
<stipa> routers
<Xogium> hmm
<stipa> where you connect to the ap with a router
<Xogium> maybe you could go over on netfilter and ask there, they could probably help you more ;)
<stipa> and plug into that routers nic port
<stipa> i was everywhere
<Xogium> this sound like the correct thing to use to me, but I'm not an expert
<stipa> even in that channel where they speak alien ##kernel
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> rarely anyone gets full repetition
<stipa> i guess it's beacuse of that
<stipa> the commercial products
<Xogium> could be, wifi is a strange beast
<stipa> i'll go with two machines and eth cable
<Xogium> and most commercial products do some useful but really shitty thing where they offload most of the work to the hardware itself
<stipa> but, you know, it would be cheaper if it could be done with one machine
<Xogium> in clear they have some kind of hw accelerated networking
<Xogium> problem is as good as it might speed things up, it means you can't debug them easy
<stipa> there's not much of cpu šprcessing
<stipa> repeater runs cool
<stipa> there's something
<stipa> somewhere
<Xogium> I wonder if this could be a limitation on wifi, or on proxy-arp
<Xogium> maybe your wifi loses some arp requests
<stipa> it could be yeah
<Xogium> I'd check with tcpdump on both interface at the same time, see if you get everything
<Xogium> or if there are missed replies or missed questions
<stipa> i'll have to take a look at that
<stipa> i guess i'll have to send fake signals?
<stipa> can tcpdump generate signals?
<Xogium> well it depends, but having some machines using the repeater or the AP for real and figuring if some of their arp get lost could be a starting point, I guess
<stipa> i'll figure something out
<stipa> something happens
<stipa> kernel thinks two interfaces are one-the slower one
<stipa> and it behaves like there's one wifi interface
<Xogium> right, hmmm
<Xogium> I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful :/
<stipa> thank you
<stipa> but
<stipa> sniffing traffic is the way forward for sure
<stipa> thanks for that idea
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<tuxd3v> just discovered that my NAS PSU alone without load, consumes 1.3-1.5 Watts!!
<tuxd3v> helios4 PSU
<tuxd3v> IgorPec, Helios4 is up and Running on buster!! B-)
<tuxd3v> but still on 4.14.94-mvebu
<IgorPec> have you read both links i sent you before
<IgorPec> you are using kernel we don't update anymore
<IgorPec> regarding PSU, can't tell
<tuxd3v> And I don't find 5.10.20-mvebu in the repos, only '5.10.16-mvebu'
<IgorPec> that's ok
<IgorPec> we don't push updates to stable branch "every day"
<tuxd3v> so what you are telling me is that you are testing 5.10.20-mvebu before releasing it, right? :)
<IgorPec> on hardware, yes
<IgorPec> raw kernel is unstabler
<IgorPec> this is not x86 world
<tuxd3v> do you think its safe for me to update to 5.10.16-mvebu ?
<IgorPec> according to test report, yes
<tuxd3v> IgorPec, how can I enable the nightly repos?
<stipa> tuxd3v: run 'armbian-config' in console and you can select it somewhere in the menu
<tuxd3v> stipa, many thanks :)
<tuxd3v> I will try :)
<stipa> np
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