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<archetech> chewitt_: "raided my patch set" lol
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<chewitt> archetech what did I do now?
* mangix wonders if he should reboot his device
<agneli> hello, can I possibly repeat my question of yestarday please? :)
<agneli> is anybody using firefox on an arm machine that has no neon support
<agneli> like tegra 2 based computer/boards
<mangix> no. my phone has neon support
<agneli> and rpi 1
<agneli> mangix: that is a no for everybody or just no for you?
<mangix> I think even my HTC One has NEON support
<mangix> just for me
<agneli> ;)
<mangix> anyway, what's wrong with firefox?
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<agneli> all the distron I have seen compiled it wiht neon
<agneli> none of my arm boards have neon
<agneli> so I am looking for somebody that did compile it without neon
<agneli> maybe I will be able to repeat the process for myself
<IgorPec> agneli: you are looking for a way to recompile firefox ?
<IgorPec> or what?
<agneli> package or a way to recompile without neon, yes
<IgorPec> in armbian we only complie few most critical compoments from sources, while most of the rest comes directly from debian / ubuntu repos
<IgorPec> so i guess this is more generic question - how to recompile firefox
<agneli> most probably yes
<IgorPec> well, we don't have automated process for that and i never done it
<agneli> IgorPec: I have seen that, yes
<agneli> however seems raspbian really have no neon ff
<IgorPec> that's i don't know
<agneli> rpi1 has no neon
<agneli> I asked them
<agneli> but apparenly nobody knew the answer
<agneli> maybe nobody relevant was not there
<IgorPec> rpi is not our interest here anyway
<agneli> Thank you for your kind help
<IgorPec> you are welcome
<agneli> neither is mine, but I need no neon firefox
<agneli> and a proof it is noable before I start wasting my time
<agneli> thank you again!
<mangix> agneli: It's probably an unsupported configuration. Firefox most likely has inline asm
<mangix> which may or may not be possible to disable
<agneli> well... then why they named this package +rpi1?
<agneli> I asked them
<agneli> we will see
<agneli> my colleague did start an effort to disable it, I want to know for sure if there is any point to continue
<agneli> let us see ;)
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<lanefu> merry sunday armbianers
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<stipa> ty lanefu, that's so nice of you! Same to you
<archetech> chinese soic8 clip sucks wont attach
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<stipa> archetech: i have few, they work
<stipa> tbh i haven't used them much
<stipa> but i don't have an aligator like one
<stipa> but i have to disoledr the chip if i want to use it which sux
<stipa> but i have seen bunch of people just desolder the sioc chip and solder it on the small pcb and then read content from it or write, somthing like this
<stipa> aligator clip is the laziest approach
<stipa> and fastest if it "works"
<stipa> this approach is fancy, work of art, ds/2013/11/soic-adaptor-soic-adapter-smd-adaptor-smd-adapter-8-pin-adapter.jpg
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<mangix> stipa: laziest approach is to place the flash chip directly on the programmer
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<archetech> pita is what it all is
<archetech> I got it to read but I cant keep it still
<archetech> so its desolder I guess
<archetech> that takes young nerves and eyesight
<stipa> less hassle in the end i guess is just to disolder
<stipa> but it sux, maybe it also depends on the quality of the clip but i wouln'd know
<stipa> don't have any
<stipa> it's slippery
<stipa> by the looks of it
<stipa> it looks fancy on the camera that's for sure
<stipa> if you want to brag
<archetech> my orig point was quality pomona makes one that peeps like the cn one is notoriusly bad
<archetech> uses a spring with 100 ft lbs of pressure
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<archetech> gator clip soic8
<stipa> yeah, string looks beefy on the pics
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<stipa> maybe adding some solder to the legs could help, to make surface of the legs more rough
<stipa> on the chip itself
<stipa> that could help the aligator to grab the pins better i guess
<archetech> too small the legs are super close to ea other
<stipa> soic8 aint that small, right?
<stipa> maybe you have some smaller package
<stipa> you're delaing with
<archetech> all I got is a old fat soldr iron too so thats out Ill hold it and another can work the software
<stipa> maybe you're dealing with TSSOP
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> hold it and don't breathe
<stipa> don't drink a coffe for a day or two
<stipa> beforehand
<stipa> SMD and coffe don't go well together...
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<mangix> stipa: or use removeable flash chips :)
<stipa> mangix: archetech is probably hacking something
<stipa> i doub't it's his design
<stipa> and removable flash chips in a product that'll sell is not cheap
<stipa> to produce
<stipa> if it's a prototype it makes sense
<stipa> but again it would be cheper to solder some wires on the exposed pads near the flash
<stipa> like it's done
<stipa> much cheaper than some fancy adapter for removable flash
<stipa> but if price is of no concern why not
<mangix> ASRock used to make motherboards with removable flash chips. They don't anymore
<stipa> yeah, bios code was on them
<stipa> for some reason bios chips where old surrounded with Ghz cpu's ...
<stipa> old tech*
<stipa> but the only reason they went the non removeable route is probably because it's cheaper
<stipa> a wild guess