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<lanefu> IgorPec: no kidding.
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> Is there a benchmark website that compare kernel compilation performance of CPU
<kprasadvnsi[m]> * Is there a benchmark website that compare kernel compilation performance of CPU?
<archetech> phoronix
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<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): @DonGonzone @njcw @armbian Did not plan to make one since even though it sounds fancy it is kind a poorly hacked together and also suffering from performance issues. (19s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @appelboor (Sander ⭐): @haerwu I wont' touch it unless it is Supported by Armbian. (28s ago)
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<IgorPec> good morning
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<Werner> kprasadvnsi[m], don't know if there is a website but from guts feel I'd say the fastest sbc to do such jobs is the Odroid N2+ atm.
<kprasadvnsi[m]> My laptop is real slow for compiling kernel. Thinking of building a PC. So far best CPU I can find in budget is R7 3700X
<lanefu> kprasadvnsi[m]: I can give you a VM
<lanefu> with lots of cores
<kprasadvnsi[m]> <lanefu "kprasadvnsi: I can give you a VM"> that would be nice.
<kprasadvnsi[m]> anybody wrote MIPI DSI driver? mine doesn't work for some reason
<lanefu> Send me preferred login name and ssh public key
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<ashthespy> Hey! Long time, hope everyone is doing well! :-)
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<ashthespy> If someone is on, have a quick question about using docker to build -- where is the `./cache/sources` folder stored? I'd like to go in there and poke around..
<Werner> Isnt it simply stored in the build directory?
<nekomancer[m]> in /tmp
<nekomancer[m]> oops, sorry, forget it
<ashthespy> > Isnt it simply stored in the build directory?
<ashthespy> That was what I thought, but none of my changes there are sticking..
<ashthespy> I thought `${SRC}` was bind mounted into the container.. but this isn't the case..
<ashthespy> It probably doesn't help that I earlier used to build directly on the host, so some folders are still around..
<ashthespy> Ah, found it.. It's a named volume.
<ashthespy> ```
<ashthespy> # map source to Docker Working dir.
<ashthespy> DOCKER_FLAGS+=(-v=$SRC/:/root/armbian/)
<ashthespy> # mount 2 named volumes - for cacheable data and compiler cache
<ashthespy> DOCKER_FLAGS+=(-v=armbian-cache:/root/armbian/cache -v=armbian-ccache:/root/.ccache)
<ashthespy> ```
<ashthespy> And my patch now works, yay. Back to breaking things! Thanks everyone!
<IgorPec> beak to breaking things :)
<ashthespy> btw, I found the cause for hopefully now my patch got picked up and building an image to test :-)
<ArmbianHelper> AR-593 [Bug] "Rockpi S doesn't boot mainline kernel" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-12-26. Status: To Do
<IgorPec> yeah, nice, haven't got to that board yet
<IgorPec> closing on AR-200
<ArmbianHelper> AR-200 [Story] "Improving Desktop images" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-04-04. Status: In Progress
<stipa> i'll have to hit my board with DE
<IgorPec> beta testers are welcome :)
<stipa> it works now like charm
<stipa> hitting it with DE, lol
<IgorPec> yeah, i think too
<stipa> but i'll do it soon
<stipa> i heard theres a sound as well on H6
<stipa> it could work
<IgorPec> didn't test, hard to say
<IgorPec> hdmi should work, analogue dunno
<stipa> i dont have analogue i guess
<stipa> opi lite 2
<stipa> but sound over hdmi, man, that's another level together vith DE
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<IgorPec> probably
<Werner> rumors say yes
<Manouchehri> oh fudge, just saw the 100Mbps port
<IgorPec> like Orangepi PC
<IgorPec> also 100Mbps port, internal nic
<Manouchehri> yeah, I forgot I was using a Pine64 and not the Orange Pi that I shorted out
<IgorPec> its low end device
<ashthespy> What is the current fav board for Armbian? Use case is a home server for IoT giggles.. My old orange pi one (h3) hit an uptime of 128 days and then the SD card saw it's ghost.. Instead of getting a new sd card, thought I could upgrade the board as well :-D
<Manouchehri> ^ you beat me to the question.
<Manouchehri> ideally with a 1Gb port and USB 3 :P
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<Werner> There is no direct answer to that question. It depends on your needs
<Manouchehri> cheap as possible with 1Gb port and USB 3? :P
<ashthespy> > yeah, nice, haven't got to that board yet
<ashthespy> No dice.. I thought it was a simple matter of increasing the `fdt_addr_r` to accommodate the larger kernel images for 5.10.y, but no luck.. forgot rock pi s is still on custom u-boot fork..
<IgorPec> but there is mainline support for S
<Werner> Low power high performance desktop, get pbp or ROC-RK3399 PC PLUS (or Station P1 which is the same with a case welded around) or Nanopi M4V2
<IgorPec> but never got there
<Werner> Want a high performance board for router application get Nanopi R4S
<Werner> Alrounder for low/medium desktop usage and/or server OrangePi3 for example
<Manouchehri> niiiiiice, I missed the news about the Nanopi R4S!
<Manouchehri> that thing looks like a beast
<Manouchehri> the metal case too
<Manouchehri> dual WAN
<Werner> I wrote a few lines about that one a month ago:
<Manouchehri> I'm in love.
<Werner> Getting back to your question about cheap, usb3 and GBe: NanoPi Neo3
<Werner> The CPU is the culprit here depending on application. I learned that the hard way a few hours ago today
<ashthespy> IgorPec I saw the patch, but it's not yet been accepted..
<Werner> Overall great board nevertheless
<IgorPec> ashthespy: adding to our patch set and trying out?
<Manouchehri> Werner: doesn't the NanoPi R4S have a better value? It has dual gigabit and USB 3
<ashthespy> I can try, but I lack u-boot plumbing skills..
<Werner> If you need dual Gbit it definitely has
<Manouchehri> I love dual Gbit
<ashthespy> Plus the rockpis is a bit of a black sheep in the rest of the board family setup :-D But yes, will give it a shot.. My current "simple" patch doesn't boot..
<IgorPec> IMO patch should just align to 2021.01
<IgorPec> i also played with addresses but withouit luck. then some other stuff came in
<Werner> I dont have real world application for dual GBe but as I wrote: I just knew I need to have it :P
<Werner> Because its so cool
<stipa> it's ok for traffic monitoring i guess
<ashthespy> IgorPec I am at a loss when it comes to the `uboot_custom_postprocess` part
<Manouchehri> Werner: I've started to sorta "live" with single WAN situations by using lots of VLANs and bridges, but it's kinda annoying at times lol
<Werner> haha
<Manouchehri> I've got a really fudged up network setup right now
<Manouchehri> it works well, but wow.
<IgorPec> asthespy: that part is probably also needed for modern u-boot. not sure atm
<stipa> yeah, things can get complex with networks
<Werner> If you wanna go cheaper check the Nanopi R2S which also has dual GBe
<Manouchehri> oooo
<Werner> Or go for the rip-off version of Orangepi the R1+
<Manouchehri> yeah I'm going buy as many as I think I want for the next year.
<Manouchehri> customs and shipping is ironically such a challenge for where I live.
<Werner> So?
<Manouchehri> I think I get dinged like $10-$50 for each shipment.
<stipa> NanoPi R4S is nice
<stipa> i like the price
<Manouchehri> i like the stock
<Manouchehri> wait wrong channel
<stipa> are those two usb ports 6Gbs each or ?
<stipa> those two ports share one 6Gbs chip?
<Werner> ?
<ashthespy> IgorPec Thanks for the tips, will give it a shot! :-)
<Werner> Ah. Dont know. I think they are shared
<Manouchehri> is the NanoPi R4S the newest?
<IgorPec> ashthespy: also ping piter75 on GH - he knows more about those boards
<stipa> Werner: yeah, if they're not share the board is even sexier than it is
<Werner> It is the most recent board from FriendlyELEC IIRC if that answers the question
<Manouchehri> Werner: ya, thanks!
<Manouchehri> dang, the case is way cheaper on the NanoPi R2S.
<Werner> I did not get the case for it. I designed my own fan hat for the R4S
<Werner> However with OC enabled it most likely would not have survived sbc-bench in the case while with active cooling it has :)
<Manouchehri> hmm, is the perf of the R4S really much better than R2S?
<Werner> Search for benchmarks comparing RK3399 to RK3328 to get an idea about that
<Manouchehri> oh more cache probably helps
<Manouchehri> butttt
<Manouchehri> I can literally get two NEO3-LTS units for the price of one R4S with a case.
<Werner> As in most cases: everything depends on your needs. And the neo3 case ist just poor plastics. I wish they would come up with something proper like for the R2S and R4S
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<Manouchehri> anything else like the neo3 around the same price?
<Werner> I spent a few hours to day tinkering about creating my own case for it:
<Manouchehri> oooo
<Manouchehri> the R4S could replace the VM on my ESXi server
<Manouchehri> which is insanely overkill and not ideal lol.
<Werner> Did not come very far though...culprits everywhere
<Werner> I dont know a similar board like the Neo3
<Werner> For small NAS/serving at home its perfect
<stipa> oh man Werner , you have some machines to carve that case out right?
<stipa> or it'l be 3d printed?
<Manouchehri> Werner: does the ARMv8 crypto extension stuff work?
<Werner> It could be printed for sure but I prefer metal or aluminum
<stipa> fancy
<Werner> I dont know. However I can give you the output of cryptsetup benchmark or similar if that helps
<Werner> A friend was nice enough to mill the R4S fan hat from a scrap piece of aluminum a while ago:
<stipa> nice
<stipa> Werner: so those passive coolers are there because you cant unglue them?
<stipa> or there's some sience behind it?
<Werner> No. I put them on. The board comes without any cooling whatsoever
<[TheBug]> not half bad
<[TheBug]> better than my goofy case I made out of plastic board for my RockPi 4c on my desk
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> although one of my personal favorites was turning an old power supply into a case for my NanoPi M1+, utilizing the 120mm fan that originally came with the power supply to cool it
<Manouchehri> got the last super early bird 216
<[TheBug]> yeah I got one too
<[TheBug]> I wanted the 826
<[TheBug]> but
<[TheBug]> not a budget for it
<[TheBug]> I do think the extra ram, emmc and cores would be worth it
<Werner> Just watch reddit after they have been shipped. I am pretty confident that some will be available for resale or trade then
<[TheBug]> retail it will be even more cost prohibitive though and I imagine an ASRock JXXXX board will become a cheaper option with 8GB of ram
<Manouchehri> where'd ya buy a NanoPi R4S?
<[TheBug]> your just paying for the unique form factor really
<Werner> directly from FE
<[TheBug]> there are other boards that exist with similar chip sets in mini-itx form factor already
<Werner> I dug through aliexpress beforehand but could not find cheaper
<[TheBug]> You can get friendly arm stuff either from their website directly or from armworks in the usa but in USA they don't stock a whole lot
<Manouchehri> Werner: thank you, saved me some time from looking on aliexpress
<[TheBug]> Manouchehri:
<Werner> Might be worth taking a quick look anyways. Maybe you are lucky
<Manouchehri> [TheBug]: I'm not in the USA, though I do have a mailbox there that I can reship from if needed. I'm in the Cayman Islands.
<[TheBug]> ahh
<[TheBug]> well
<[TheBug]> they don't stock as much as the China site anyways
<[TheBug]> and it will probably be cheaper from China if you don't mind the shipping wait
<Manouchehri> Warning: No Shipping options are available. Please contact us for assistance!
<Manouchehri> blehhhhh
<Werner> Just write them a mail. At least for me they react within a way
<Werner> s/way/day
<ArmbianHelper> Werner meant to say: Just write them a mail. At least for me they react within a day
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<ashthespy> IgorPec not much luck, will read up more and check what is up
<ashthespy> ```
<ashthespy> DDR Version V1.26
<ashthespy> REGFB: 0x00000032, 0x00000031
<ashthespy> In
<ashthespy> 589MHz
<ashthespy> DDR3
<ashthespy>  Col=10 Bank=8 Row=15 Size=512MB
<ashthespy> msch:1
<ashthespy> Returning to boot ROM...
<ashthespy> INFO:    Preloader serial: 0
<ashthespy> NOTICE:  BL31: v1.3(release):3a579d3
<ashthespy> NOTICE:  BL31: Built : 09:09:17, Jan 29 2019
<ashthespy> INFO:    Lastlog: last=0x100000, realtime=0x102000, size=0x2000
<ashthespy> INFO:    ARM GICv2 driver initialized
<ashthespy> INFO:    Using opteed sec cpu_context!
<ashthespy> INFO:    boot cpu mask: 1
<ashthespy> INFO:    plat_rockchip_pmu_init: pd status 0xe b
<IgorPec> no u-boot prompt?
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<Algyz> Hello, can you remind me how to fix small gap above top panel, size is exactly as panel, not reachable by mouse?
<jschwart> Tonymac32: I tried putting a recent Armbian image on the eMMC and putting a bootable SD card in the slot, but that does not work. Armbian still boots from eMMC
<stipa> Algyz: i saw that problem in a YT video, i guess it was RPI4
<stipa> like black border around the screen or something like that
<stipa> it was a video about 8GB rpi4
<stipa> which video was it i have no clue but there are no many
<stipa> i guess it's file /boot/armbianEnv.txt
<stipa> on Armbian
<Algyz> Will try, using tx9s tv box with s912
<Algyz> No, just looked, not like this...
<Algyz> Ok, tried to make a screenshot, not capturing this area above panel...
<[TheBug]> jschwart: which board?
<Algyz> white strip above the panel...
<stipa> it look like a part of the Armbian
<stipa> it's not black
<jschwart> [TheBug]: Tinker Board S
<stipa> Algyz: is that Armbian?
<Algyz> Yeah, but this tiny strip a bit annoying...
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<Algyz> uname -a
<Algyz> Linux arm-64 5.7.2-arm-64 #20.05.6 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jun 12 12:44:47 UTC 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<Algyz> Looks like
<Algyz> $ cat /etc/issue
<Algyz> Armbian 20.05.6 Focal \l
<IgorPec> not official armbian
<Algyz> :(
<Algyz> So many boards around, not so easy to maintain, not like in apple world
<stipa> yeah, it's coplex
<IgorPec> we lost 30-40hours every day
<IgorPec> and don't even touch tv boxes
<Algyz> But thanks for your work anyway
<IgorPec> tvbox armbian is not official fork / hacking it for tvboxes
<Algyz> As you can see, even tv boxes running it. Btw, it has 8 cores cortex-a53 and 2gb ram. Not perfect, but still, like double rpi3
<IgorPec> problem is in maintaning
<IgorPec> and support. everyone would like to have perfect functioning, nobody is willing to pay the bill
<stipa> like me
<Algyz> Advantage in power consumption. Have several older cisc boxes around, was thinking about reusing it, but q8400 is using 95W of electricity, c'mon...
<IgorPec> tv boxes are cheap recarnation of single board computers
<IgorPec> single board compuers are usually as cheap as possible, while in tvbox area they go to the extreme with this. plus, there is absolutely no technical manual
<Manouchehri> Werner: thanks, I sent them an email.
<Algyz> You should see them showing iptv/movies. Working perfect.
<IgorPec> no need to tell me
<IgorPec> :)
<Algyz> :)
<Manouchehri> :)
<Manouchehri> :
<stipa> well
<IgorPec> i am also using tvbox for playing videos
<IgorPec> not some x86 power hungry machine
<stipa> i want my sbc to be both a server and a tv box
<stipa> if that makes any sense
<stipa> and AP and router...
<stipa> NAS
<stipa> all in one thing
<IgorPec> i prefer separate
<stipa> i don't but
<stipa> seems like computers are all round me
<stipa> the opposite
<stipa> of what i want
<stipa> for some reason
<stipa> and
<stipa> IT GROWS
<IgorPec> new shelf in the rack
<Algyz> What is it for?
<stipa> i guess those are boards that don't run Armbian yet
<Algyz> WIP...
<Algyz> I see
<stipa> pre developement stage
<stipa> development*
<Algyz> preWIP
<stipa> so dev on 8 boards at once
<stipa> one man
<Algyz> Sounds great
<stipa> sure it does
<stipa> and if i got it right some part of it is reverse engineering
<stipa> tv boxes have a bunch of chips that have no datasheets available to the public
<stipa> reverse engineering Android drivers also takes some effort
<stipa> driver can be big
<IgorPec> those boards are a part of CI
<IgorPec> nightly builds are getting tested on real hardware to have better quality and control
<Algyz> So this is your hobby @IgorPec , main job in IT?
<IgorPec> i think my job is hobby and this is my job :)
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<IgorPec> spent more time here then at job
<Algyz> My main job not in IT, but I found business niche in IT recently - repairing tablets' touchscreens. Bought several hundreds of them recently very cheap, repairing touchscreens and selling, people are happy
<stipa> you must be in a big town
<Algyz> Bought heat gun, isezame, screwdrivers, all stuff, buying touchscreens from ali, 3-6 euros each, selling 20-50 euros for tablet.
<Algyz> Not so big, like 300k
<stipa> oh
<stipa> i grew up in a city of 5k
<Algyz> Interesting business niche, since people are breaking touchscreens here and there, everywhere, and not so hard to replace them, just needs practice.
<stipa> yeah, it's a thing now
<stipa> tablets
<stipa> there are cool repair videos on YT which helps a bunch
<stipa> without all those nice people i would be scared of that stuff
<Algyz> Heating gun+isesame doing miracles actually
<stipa> 10 years ago it wasn't really like that
<stipa> yeah, there's a lot of cool tricks
<stipa> and toos for everything
<stipa> tools*
<stipa> like reapiring a iphone
<stipa> you need a shelf of tools for every step of repair process
<stipa> lol
<stipa> and every step looks like brain surgery
<stipa> those guys that change front glass on screens
<Algyz> I read about iphone xs, after changing of touchscreen one needs to reprogram it with specific software, so everything will work. Terrible. Are we a bit offtopic allready?
<stipa> they're the best ones on YT
<stipa> ha ha
<stipa> idk
<stipa> yeah, apple sux
<stipa> you expect flowers and love and peace from a gay boss but it's not happenining...
<stipa> but US government don't care much since apple feeds their asses
<stipa> there are a bunch of people protesting against hardware locks and unobtanium parts but government does nothing about it
<stipa> the more people protest the more hardware locks they put into products
<IgorPec> most people have no clue about this
<stipa> which makes things worse
<IgorPec> i know
<stipa> there's no point in explaining it to them
<stipa> if people in government don't get it those below them won't get it even more
<IgorPec> ofc. its just some technical detail :)
<stipa> right
<IgorPec> most sold stuff has many physical and psyhological locks
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> that's why it sells
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<IgorPec> its kind a part of the package
<sunshavi> about cherry-pi-pc 2 Gb mem is the minimun for desktop usage. So this device does not fill the requirements
<IgorPec> it depends what you planning to do with it
<IgorPec> but its an old device, not very fast anyway
<stipa> maybe few firefox tabs
<stipa> but swap will be on for sure
<IgorPec> without browser you can do many things
<IgorPec> or with lynx browser ;)
<Algyz> @sunshavi If you don't need gpio, why not buying tv board with 2gb ram for ~27 euros?
<sunshavi> Algyz: that should be awesome
<IgorPec> with tvbox you have no support
<IgorPec> so its not that awesome
<sunshavi> i have two SBC's opi+2e and opipc
<sunshavi> opipc at 1296 Mhz. But memory start to fail it
<Algyz> I'm using one with wifi, 2gb ram. Yeah, no support=not awesome, but still...
<sunshavi> I bought it with the purpose of compiling packages for my opi+2e
<sunshavi> But opipc is not filling the role. It even can not compile mesa
<Algyz> I had opi pc, was good to watch movies
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<sunshavi> so. I need 2 gb mem at the minimum for fullfilling that role
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<Algyz> So you can go and buy tx9s tv box?
<IgorPec> get some h6 board
<IgorPec> like opi3
<sunshavi> Algyz: those are amlogic?
<Algyz> Or you can spend a bit more and get some *pi with 2gb ram
<sunshavi> IgorPec: how much memory on opi3+
<sunshavi> brb
<IgorPec> 1 or 2 i think
<Algyz> @sunshavi amlogic, s912
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> i use s912 for librelec
<Algyz> But they are not especially great for web browsing, web 2.0 seems too heavy. Especially facebook hangs browsing :(
<IgorPec> support
<IgorPec> modern kernel
<IgorPec> open source
<Algyz> But those soc/tv boxes very good tuned for movies :) When I bought opi pc, it was 2016 I think, it streamed videos very perfectly, hd quality without glitches
<sunshavi> Algyz: with armbian?
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<Algyz> Yeah, armbian
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<sunshavi> i play videos with vlc and cedrus. But fullscreen still not working
<Algyz> Why not mpv?
<sunshavi> mpv is too much for my poor SOC. It increases temperature until 100 degrees and SBC reboots
<sunshavi> I am waiting my passive heatsink from aliexpress
<sunshavi> but Quarantine is not helping
<Algyz> Passive is good thing, I was using soc with it
<sunshavi> that's the reason mpv is not an option
<sunshavi> Also when passive coolling is installed I am going to increase cpu core speed to 1200 Mhz
<sunshavi> and browser with glamor activated has its issues still
<Algyz> I'm against such performance boosting anywhere, but do as you wish. It would surely shorten lifetime.
<nekomancer[m]> sunshavi: is it big?
<sunshavi> nekomancer: big issues with glamor?
<nekomancer[m]> big passive heatsink
<sunshavi> nekomancer: The one xunlong sells
<sunshavi> Algyz: opipc (without case, without heatsink) goes 1296 Mhz and temperature stays under 50 degress without hdmi
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<sunshavi> hdmi increases temperature 10 degress
<Algyz> @sunshavi you don't need special xunlong heatsink. I installed some cheap heatsinks, like ~1 euro for ten complects (1cpu+2ram), worked as expected
<Algyz> You can find heatsinks on old motherboards as well, they will work
<sunshavi> Algyz: nice here in south America. Aliexpress is the only option
<sunshavi> Algyz: I have not tried heatsinks from old motherboards
<Algyz> They are just piece of metal, nothing special
<sunshavi> temperature now as we are talking is 59 centigrades
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<ArmbianTwitter> @VeryMetalDev (VeryMetalDev ⌨️🖥️👨‍🔧🖋️✏️😷): @igor_os777 I'd rather proceed with Orange Pi 4 though, H6. I need that extra "oompfh" with the 2Ghz, 4Gig Mem and Mali for a perfect Linux desktop experience. With Armbian of course though i'd like to get Ubuntu or Manjaro running on it, those work so well with RasPi 4. (9s ago)
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