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<kprasadvnsi[m]> anybody tried LCD & touch panel with OrangePi 4?
<stipa> there were some peeps trying to make LCD's and SPI working on opi 1 i guess
<stipa> or not opi 1 but they were orange pis
<stipa> it didn0t work out of the box
<stipa> but they al sucseeded
<stipa> try chat history
<stipa> of this channel
<stipa> search spi + lcd
<stipa> + orange
<stipa> Logs: ->"
<kprasadvnsi[m]> nothing related in the Logs
* kprasadvnsi[m] uploaded an image: IMG_20210217_090528.jpg (435KiB) < >
<kprasadvnsi[m]> This is the hardware i am working on.
<stipa> yeah, you have a bigger screen for sure
<stipa> and it's not SPI
<kprasadvnsi[m]> nop, Its a MIPI DSI
<stipa> maybe someone got it working on raspberry pi
<stipa> i see rapberries have that lcd port as well
<stipa> maybe someone did some research taht's available on some forum or blog
<stipa> and made a driver
<stipa> ported it*
<stipa> or whatever
<kprasadvnsi[m]> it is a Official LCD/TP from OrangePi for this board. it works with their BSP Kernel.
<stipa> idk, i'm not that smart
<stipa> i'm not even sure if orangepi images even boot
<kprasadvnsi[m]> but there BSP is 4.4 and there is mipi DSI support in the mainline. I just couldn't find any example for it in mainline kernel.
<stipa> how did it end up in mainline
<stipa> when noone knows to use it
<stipa> strange
<stipa> there should be some documentation somewhere
<stipa> try searching by the driver chip
<stipa> screen driver chip*
<stipa> so, what do you don't know?
<stipa> can you make it work?
<stipa> do yo usee anything?
<stipa> on it
<stipa> or you don't have the driver for it?
<kprasadvnsi[m]> it a matter of writing a proper device tree node for it. basically i have to describe my LCD panel in DT form so that DSI driver can prob my LCD
<stipa> good luck
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<Tonymac_32> stipa the Pi does have a half of that port
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<Tonymac_32> I believe both the DSI and CSI connectors on the Pi are only using 1/2 the lanes
<Tonymac_32> that's all tied heavily to the SoC however
<Tonymac_32> so for RK, AMlogic, etc it's completely different
<stipa> Tonymac_32: good to know
<Tonymac_32> It's a port I have my eye on as the Tinker Board has one, the same half-implementation so it could plug and play Pi parts
<stipa> you mean on raspberry pi, right?
<stipa> when you say "Pi"
<Tonymac_32> right, sry
<Tonymac_32> The Rock Pi I believe likewise went with the raspberry setup
<Tonymac_32> yes
<stipa> yeah, it's cool since rasp pi has a lots of code and support
<stipa> i guess you mean't on that?
<stipa> and hardware
<Tonymac_32> well, the cameras are a big shrug
<Tonymac_32> the newest one is at least interesting
<Tonymac_32> the displays likewise are, eh
<Tonymac_32> but the software is all from scratch for each SoC
<stipa> sure, when you deal with so lo level stuff
<stipa> when you're a python ninja you don't care about that
<stipa> every board is same to you
<stipa> ha ha
<Tonymac_32> except none of them support the crap well haha
<stipa> well
<stipa> there's not much low level peeps since it requieres high intelligence to do that stuff
<stipa> and they do some smarter stuff usually
<stipa> than to write a driver for one screen that works on all SBC's
<stipa> from my point of view that should code a LCD manufacturer
<stipa> what they do is copy paste some LCD design, produce bunch of it and you can't use it
<stipa> when you buy it
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<stipa> they simply expect that someone will code drivers for free
<stipa> usually, when somone writes a driver prices jump up
<stipa> all of a sudden chip is 3 times expensier
<stipa> or screen, or whatever
<stipa> that's how i see it
<kprasadvnsi[m]> <stipa "there's not much low level peeps"> That's hardly true.๐Ÿ˜† Intelligence is overrated. For low level stuff you need to know what goes where in the hardware.
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: you're a humble man
<stipa> you should see high level idiots how they prais themselves for print "hello world" on the screen and whole world think they're supreme intelligence
<stipa> vs writing a driver for that screen
<stipa> there's a huge difference
<stipa> today i saw Tab in a chrome eating 80% idling
<stipa> 2 cores
<stipa> intel
<stipa> tablet
<stipa> , well that's just a piece of shit
<stipa> not a code
<stipa> they earn a lot of money and non of them knows how to optimize tat piece of shit
<stipa> or maybe even 4
<stipa> cores
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> <stipa "today i saw Tab in a chrome eati"> Well, this is done on purpose so you get motivated to buy a new device. It's a planned obsolescence.
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: there's truth in that
<stipa> i know games sell hardware
<kprasadvnsi[m]> There is reason most SoC vendors don't released TRM and their BSP is full of binary blobs. They don't want you to get support for 10 years.
<stipa> that's for sure
<stipa> well, it's to expect, they live of selling hardware
<stipa> and if they want to live they have to constantly sell it
<stipa> they won't risk their security overy stuff that actually works
<stipa> they get money we get shit
<stipa> and we always want more shit in hope newer will be better
<stipa> and it never gets better
<stipa> with linux it's another story
<stipa> not completely but much better
<stipa> but
<stipa> the possibility is also that they don't know to make things to work as they should
<stipa> that was an eye opener for me when one man told it to me
<kprasadvnsi[m]> When you buy a new phone. Do you own that phone or rent it for 2 years because manufacturer will not support that phone for more then 2 years nor they will let anybody else to support it.
<stipa> the question i ask is "Is it even my phone?"
<stipa> probably renting
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> Yah, that's the sad situation we are in.
<stipa> sure
<stipa> that's what i wanted to say, maybe they're all just stupid as well
<stipa> they think it's something great but it isn't
<stipa> it's half done phone
<stipa> if we forget about the bloatware and spam
<stipa> and blobs and whatever
<stipa> it's half done shit
<stipa> why?
<stipa> beceuse they don't know better
<stipa> which is probable
<stipa> but we all know that people that make decissions in busniess at some point screw perfect product because of some stupid idea
<stipa> when you have to work with idiots you'll have to satisfy their idiotic ideas to make them happy
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<Tonymac_32> stipa, you feeling ok? Need to talk about anything? :D
<stipa> i'm fine, thank you Tonymac_32
<stipa> there are many ways to skin a cat
<Tonymac_32> The cat appreciates none of them
<Tonymac_32> XD
<stipa> _._ _,-'""`-._
<stipa> (,-.`._,'( |\`-/|
<stipa> `-.-' \ )-`( , o o)
<stipa> `- \`_`"'-
<stipa> i had a wron impression that everyone are cocky over here...
<stipa> i'll try to be quiet from now on
<stipa> i'll try to blend in
<Tonymac_32> hahahaha
* stipa resists te urge to be cocky
<Tonymac_32> I usually just say "managers" when discussing dumb people
<stipa> noone likes them
<Tonymac_32> in the context of a project I am representative of, well I've been trained by corporate
<Tonymac_32> so I'm not so direct
<Tonymac_32> I agree that there is a massive gap between low level coding and scripting/etc. There are of course masters of the latter that do a great job
<Tonymac_32> they cost too much money
<Tonymac_32> kind of like the guys who would actually make a good BSP for a new SoC
<Tonymac_32> so what you see is the labor of the intern or the student, or the new hire, or the idiot
<Tonymac_32> you never notice the work of the skilled ones
<stipa> i also think the skilled ones are hard to find
<stipa> they're masked by bunch of birocracy
<stipa> and what makes things worse if they don't want to be known
<stipa> some from my view stay idiots to the end of the carrer
<stipa> career*
<stipa> and there a re bunch of those who think they know something but they actually dont
<stipa> but are doing well on the market
<stipa> which is the reason for half done stuff
<stipa> it's done if you ask them
<stipa> rarely anything works as it should nowdays
<stipa> not just the electronics
<Tonymac_32> appliances come to mind
<stipa> sure
<stipa> quality control is just very bad regarding everything
<stipa> finding something, you know that just works is hard especially if salesmen write reviews and give advices what "should" be a good product or service
<stipa> simple search for information about what's of good quality ends up being sales pitch of the crap you want to avoid
<stipa> a trap :D
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<ArmbianTwitter> @ericepe (Eric Poscher-Mika): @XTaran @climagic Yep, the RemoteCommand didn't work for me, will have to try again. Debian/Ubuntu to armbian BTW (29s ago)
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<e3ef13f4ff44> where i can find default env in uboot?
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<ArmbianTwitter> @kprasadvnsi (Kali Prasad): You know you got a crappy machine when @armbian build takes more than a hour.๐Ÿ˜ฌ (14s ago)
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<e3ef13f4ff44> nevermind
<e3ef13f4ff44> why armbian hangs at booting from 16GB brand new ยตSD card, but it probably works on older 8GB card (still waiting for boot, fsck now)?
<e3ef13f4ff44> hanged on /dev/mmcblk0p1: clean, 68022/97152 files, 340322/388096 blocks
<IgorPec> wrong channel for omega2 bootloader support
<e3ef13f4ff44> IgorPec: question above is for armbian
<e3ef13f4ff44> image from boots fine
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> which board it is?
<e3ef13f4ff44> famous zero 2
<e3ef13f4ff44> h616
<kprasadvnsi[m]> ok, what problem you are having with this board?
<IgorPec> and you didn't find forum topic about it?
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<lanefu> Anybody have recommendations for armbian friendly usb wwan LTE /modem
<[TheBug]> the one that has drivers for the board your going to us :Z
<[TheBug]> use*
* [TheBug] hides
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<IgorPec> lanefu the one we recommend?
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<lanefu> America loves Huawei
<IgorPec> haha
<IgorPec> buying this is suspicious? :)
<IgorPec> you can get a visit from FBI
<IgorPec> lol
<Xogium> in canada phone companies don't have the right to sell huawei anymore
<Xogium> if they do they can be in trouble
<kprasadvnsi[m]> anybody feeling like writing their own Mipi DSI panel driver?๐Ÿ˜†
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Linux DRM is a black hole. 4 hours into documentation and I am going nowhere with this thing.
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<e3ef13f4ff44> kprasadvnsi[m]: the problem is that armbian even doesn't boot
<e3ef13f4ff44> hangs on fsck
<e3ef13f4ff44> i know that the board is wip
<kprasadvnsi[m]> <e3ef13f4ff44 "kprasadvnsi: the problem is that"> It should boot. Last time I checked it works.
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Where you seeing the output?
<e3ef13f4ff44> uart
<Tonymac_32> lanefu I've used an E397 Huawei
<lanefu> Tonymac_32: cool with what carrier
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<stipa> Huawei is banned everywhere just not in China i guess
<stipa> but if China would ship it i would take a risk
<stipa> after all it's hacking
<stipa> i have also seen usb lte sticks from Huawei to be the best ones for linux
<stipa> there are used hacked/unlocked ones from US providers lanefu
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<stipa> you could get those on local used stuff markets
<stipa> it's pretty much ebay China stuff with logo from some of the US lte providers
<stipa> but if you ask me, after two lte modems/routers i would go with something that has linux support/driver for sure, neither of them works as it should and you can't fix them...
<stipa> E397 Huawei looks fancy, haven't seen that one before
<stipa> 40$ from China, but if it's stable it's worth it
<nekomancer[m]> huawei uses binary own kernel, specific builds. no sources, no drivers. Take it as is or drop it.
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<stipa> at least it integrates with Linux
<Tonymac_32> I have the Cricket branded one, I use it with Fi
<Tonymac_32> yeah nekomancer[m], I use them for remote machines that are moving non-personal data
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<Tonymac_32> lanefu a pretty significant Hantro VPU patchset just hit the mailing list, seems to be focused on the i.MX8 but will help Rockchip
<stipa> looks dead
<stipa> nvm
<stipa> from what i'm seeing only "Hologram sim" can be used with that 4G USB lte
<stipa> so, the idea is to earn on selling lte traffic and have code for the modem open
<stipa> but i guess it can roam betweene lte providers
<stipa> it would be oke for some sensors, not so for watching YT
<stipa> data is too expensive
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<ArmbianTwitter> @realCWolpert (Le Dahu): Damn... I should have checked #armbian support before I bought the Orange Pi zero2. I can't ssh in as its network adapter doesn't seem to work yet, at least it doesn't acquire an IP address via DHCP. (27s ago)
<stipa> but if the client is paying for it then it makes sense
<stipa> if it's a big one it won't even notice the expense
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<lanefu> Tonymac_32:interesign wahts a hantro
<lanefu> Tonymac_32: i feel like i'm a week away from having my SBC farm in proper order again
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<ArmbianTwitter> @VeryMetalDev (VeryMetalDev โŒจ๏ธ๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ”ง๐Ÿ–‹๏ธโœ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ท): @igor_os777 Windows share still 80,2% ? This would make my Armbian efforts fall under 1,2% ?๐Ÿ‘€Bog i did not know i was operating in that much of a niche market, presumed this had differentiated more whilst in the lab. Been using Windows 10 for half a year after many years of Linux only. (6s ago)
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