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<lanefu> stipa: i always figured finding a 4G usb modem would be easy.. but they dont seem to be as easy as I thought
<lanefu> stipa: yeah step one see what the SoC is
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<stipa> lanefu: 10x
<grae> evening all
<lanefu> hi
<lanefu> i wish the fosdem website. adn calednar files had timezone in there so it could convert easiily
<stipa> i got ban on #ardour
<stipa> :(
<stipa> i'm going to dig a grave fro myself
<stipa> i so suck
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<lanefu> how'd you manage that
<stipa> hard to tell
<lanefu> what DAW will you use now
<stipa> i would tell
<stipa> mix of dust and cocke
<stipa> angel dust and cocaine
<lanefu> rofl
<stipa> :)
<stipa> fuck you lanefu
<stipa> what daw would i use
<stipa> that piece of shit that banned me
<stipa> for sure dont code it
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<lanefu> do you use it in a studio scenario with a big audio interface? or is it mostly mixing and arranging that you do
<stipa> if for example you decide to go with the producer mindset
<stipa> then DAW is the choice that has to be static and that you can rely on
<stipa> because there's a bunch of crap
<stipa> be it mental, physical
<stipa> from some other dimension carp
<stipa> it has to be stavle
<stipa> stable*
<stipa> nothing ever was stable
<stipa> that's a fact
<stipa> but i have seen that same mental imprint
<stipa> to me i would telll
<stipa> parasites
<lanefu> same mental imprint of what?
<stipa> of a type of person
<stipa> some persony share same mental imprint
<stipa> persons*
<stipa> they behave and think the same
<stipa> they from a group
<stipa> ok
<stipa> that shit is not in this channel
<lanefu> tldr; ardour has a culture problem among other issues ?
<lanefu> sorry man
<lanefu> totally a pisser
<stipa> no man
<stipa> i'm not there that long
<stipa> wait
<stipa> i'll try to rejoin
<stipa> #ardour: Cannot join channel (+b) - you are banned
<stipa> nooooooooooo
<stipa> i'm depressed
<lanefu> lol
<stipa> :D
<stipa> dor some reason only Armbian respect me as a human being
<stipa> for*
<lanefu> well thats not fair, give us a chance to lose respect for you
<stipa> well
<stipa> i was bad few times
<stipa> like
<stipa> 5 days ago
<stipa> well
<stipa> what can you do
<stipa> life goes on
<stipa> o have tal woth ops of ##electronics
<stipa> talked*
<stipa> i have ba there
<stipa> thed respect lower graded ops and their decisoins
<stipa> my keyboard has low battery
<stipa> it looses keystrokes :D
<grae> can I lose respect for him now? he's got a scary fan on his "laptop" which scares me ...
<stipa> i don't know
<stipa> it's a hard thing
<stipa> to make a decision
<stipa> of
<stipa> i won't mind
<stipa> if ardour fucked me
<stipa> i have brains to keep on
<stipa> in either case
<stipa> i have very stable network
<stipa> now
<stipa> of comouters
<stipa> ok i pvm the coder of ardour
<stipa> pm*
<stipa> maybe that could help
<lanefu> yeah.. maybe give it a day for shit to blow over a bit
<stipa> :D
<stipa> fuckers
<lanefu> lol
<stipa> :)
<lanefu> So I got one of the M1's for work... pretty nuts
<grae> station pc or mac?
<grae> assuming mac?
<lanefu> yeah mac
<lanefu> sorry forgot about the station m1 lol
<stipa> M1?
<stipa> o
<stipa> i tought it's aKorg M1
<stipa> sorry
<grae> yeah, I'm excited that the M1 might be the start of challenging the x86 stranglehold, but that's the computer engineer in me
<grae> the downside is that apple tends to be pretty closed with their specs, so getting Linux on it properly won't be for some time
<lanefu> grae: some company that specialzied in virtualizing iphones made insane headway for linux on the m1
<lanefu> but.... really its an intellectual exercise.. chip will never be able to be fully leveraged in that context
<lanefu> but linux has a VM on it is a friendly scenario
<grae> I heard they got the CPU booted, but none of the other chips in the chipset
<grae> they were using a USB to Ethernet adapter for connectivity
<grae> someone will do it, but it will probably take time
<lanefu> linux on intel macs aint great either
<lanefu> just not meant to be
<grae> Linux users aren't really their target audience
<lanefu> yeah
<lanefu> my hunch is System76 will come out with a decent arm laptop in a year or two
<lanefu> they have manufacturing capability now
<lanefu> not for silicon obviously
* stipa i'm back in #ardour
<lanefu> that was fast
<stipa> yeah
<lanefu> did you have to kiss a ring
<stipa> no as i'm aware
<stipa> lol
<stipa> they tought i' a bot
<stipa> i'm*
<grae> the pinebook also looks interesting, but might be a little underpowered for day to day stuff
<grae> but that's more of adding a battery, keyboard, and display to an existing hobby board ...
<lanefu> grae: pbp is pretty great
<lanefu> I've been really happy with mine
<lanefu> and the keyboard is quite good
<lanefu> its a $300-400 laptop with the manufacturing QA of a $100 laptop
<grae> meaning the quality is hit and miss?
<lanefu> yeah some people have had parts not aligned and had ot reseat etc
<lanefu> but its feel and formfactor are good
<lanefu> the screen is pretty good
<lanefu> keyboard is good++
<lanefu> battery life is great
<lanefu> performance is sufficient for terminal and a moderate amount of browser tabs
<grae> sounds a nice laptop to take on travel
<lanefu> yeah i'd probably bring it along for a casual trip
<lanefu> it charges slow
<lanefu> i usually just charge overnight
<grae> better on the batteries anyway
<lanefu> yeah
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<stipa> grae: yeah, maybe some new pinebook with 8gb could be desirable nowdays
<grae> yeah, that's a bit of a limitation with some of these embedded CPUs
<stipa> well
<lanefu> yeah all these TVbox and chromebook chips only support 4G
<grae> I saw a SOM with an RK3399Pro w/ 8 GB RAM, but that seems more of the exception than the rule
<lanefu> and its annoying
<grae> and seems it's a 4G/4G split between CPU and GPU, however that works out
<lanefu> ha thats interesting
<stipa> 4G TV+s sux
<grae> not sure how different the RK3399 and RK3399Pro are. they claim pin compatibility, but god knows what differences there may be inside
<stipa> man, weechat sux regarding to links
<stipa> 200$
<lanefu> stipa: yeah... google weechat "bare display"
<stipa> man, where did i end up
<lanefu> see if that helps you
<stipa> whar?
<stipa> what?*ž
<lanefu> grae: from what i remmeber.. pro has an NPU and maybe a bit more clock
<stipa> save me man
<stipa> is that
<lanefu> stipa: should be just like alt-l to toggle back i thikn
<stipa> mpci
<grae> happen to know if it can run the same RK3399 kernel? assume there'd be DTB changes
<stipa> alt+l is something lanefu
<stipa> like faby graphics off
<stipa> fabcy*
<stipa> fancy*
<lanefu> yeah.. but if you need to copy a url or something its easier
<stipa> to be honest
<stipa> i barely got out of ther the last time
<stipa> alt l
<stipa> alt + l
<stipa> i got scare
<stipa> d
<stipa> but
<lanefu> i thkn you can press enter to exit
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> apparentrly you can also do /window bare
<stipa> wait i'll try
<stipa> enter works
<stipa> alt + l works
<lanefu> this is just a rough night for you in irc
<lanefu> lol
<stipa> fuck you lanefu
<stipa> it's 4:53 here
<stipa> 55
<stipa> what's there at your
<stipa> tecas i persume
<stipa> texas
<lanefu> 1056
<lanefu> virginia
<stipa> no way
<stipa> 20:56
<stipa> 10:56
<lanefu> yes sorry 2056
<stipa> here is like
<lanefu> 2256
<stipa> wake ip and go to work
<stipa> up*
<stipa> almost light
<lanefu> yeah the fosdom keynote is at like 330am or something stupid for me lol
<stipa> i have some dudes in india
<stipa> "Hundistan"
<stipa> india is negland name
<stipa> england*
<stipa> they like it "Hundistan"
<stipa> "Hundistani"
<lanefu> interesting
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: right?
<lanefu> surprised i've never heard taht from any of my coworkers
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> i'm in contact with animator
<stipa> he told me that
<stipa> england was there controlin them from 1400
<lanefu> that place is so freakin huge. and there's a ton of different dialects
<stipa> yeah
<lanefu> when I was at $largecompany, most people from India couldn't speak each others dialect.. so english was the common denominator
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> but
<stipa> even if languages are "different"
<stipa> they do trasfer emotion very vell
<stipa> well*
<stipa> but
<stipa> you kno
<stipa> know*
<stipa> don't care don't know
<stipa> indinas, gundistani have a i+history
<stipa> hudnistani*
<stipa> let's wait kprasadvnsi[m] maybe he has something to add...
<grae> alright, I need some sleep. night guys
<stipa> gn grae
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> <stipa "let's wait kprasadvnsi maybe he "> Well, people say what they believe is true. It's like everyone have their own version of truth.
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<stipa> Gindustan
<stipa> Hindustan
<stipa> bro
<stipa> !
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<stipa> my talent for python scripts is awesome
<stipa> for an half of hour i'm searchin how to press page down and i still havn+t done it...
<stipa> i'm killing it
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I am working on Allwinner H6 audio codec support
<stipa> man
<stipa> i0m waiting rhat shit
<stipa> will it wok over HDMI?
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I believe it already works with HDMI
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: if you get it working i'l leave this channel
<stipa> i'll leave hole fucking freenode server
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<agneli> hello, I have a question, anybody is using firefox on an arm machine that has no neon support, please?
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