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<archetech> nand is a section of ram
<archetech> but non-volatile
<Triffid_Hunter> lanefu: nand has a much simpler interface leaving many management tasks up to the CPU/OS, whereas EMMC has an arguably more complex interface but does most of the management by itself and can largely be treated as an opaque block device
<archetech> emmc is not ram its storage
<archetech> so uboot can go in nand or on emmc but nand is much faster
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<archetech> but quite small
<archetech> 128MB
<archetech> 128Mb = 16MB
<archetech> thats a built in slc ssd
<archetech> they called it nand cuz it acts essentially just like the little 16MB SPI
<archetech> neat idea board didnt do to well
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> I have worked on raw NAND flash chips. They are PITA
<kprasadvnsi[m]> <lanefu "CHIP has 4G nand https://linux-s"> What is the part number of that flash chip?
<lanefu> no idea
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<Tonymac_32> SPI flashes are the 8-pin ones
<Tonymac_32> and there are what are electrically SD card essentially in a leadless 8-pin now
<Tonymac_32> the CHIP had a NAND flash on it
<lanefu> word
<lanefu> someone on next thing discord got mainline working on pocketchip
<lanefu> so i felt compelled to try to armbianify
<Tonymac_32> oh cool
<kprasadvnsi[m]> <Tonymac_32 "this is a NAND:"> These are the worst kind and the cheapest flash
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I worked on these flash chips and they are not fun
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<mangix> interesting. btrfs has a 16TB volume limit on 32-bit OS
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<lanefu> mangix: that applies to most file systems doesnt it?
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* kprasadvnsi[m] uploaded an image: Screenshot_20210220-195923_Firefox.png (113KiB) < >
<kprasadvnsi[m]> <span>RK3328</span>
<lanefu> :P
<lanefu> kprasadvnsi[m]: is that for station p1?
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Somebody need to fix the html markup
<lanefu> may be a bug in wordpress
<lanefu> it's a theme / plugin that manages all teh devices
<lanefu> i dont see any whitespace in the board
<lanefu> kprasadvnsi[m]: can you tell me how you ogt to that. i'm having trouble reproducing
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I am using Firefox mobile browser
<Tonymac_32> yeah it should be <spam>RK3328</spam>
<lanefu> k.. it's a theme bug. applies to all socs it looks like
<Tonymac_32> firefox desktop does it too
<lanefu> i couldnt even fidn rthe search by soc link lol
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<rneese> ok guys good morning
<rneese> we need real input on the new desktops we have been working hard to get 5 desktops to choose from and use
<rneese> right now we have 5 Desktop Enviroments=de
<rneese> but i am looking for input from more extensive users as to what they would want doe Window Manager=wm and then I will get to Tiling Window Managers=twm
<rneese> are there any power users using wm or twm ?
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<lanefu> okay fuck fixing that. wordpress php is soo terrible
<rneese> ?
<lanefu> igor will have to get the WP designer to fix it
<lanefu> when you search by soc, some html slipts through
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<ArmbianTwitter> @kprasadvnsi (Kali Prasad): New SBC Orange Pi R1+. It would be nice to have @armbian for this board. (21s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): @kprasadvnsi @armbian Support is there: Easy enough since it is just a rip-off of the Nanopi R2S. Due to lack of hardware in the lab the PR cannot be tested though. Feel free to do so. (14s ago)
<martinayotte> IgorPec: I found a fix for the __bad_udelay undefined error. I've told Megous about it, he fixed it directly in his tree ...
<Manouchehri> Stupid question, is there a reason to run armbian on a RPi4 over the stock stuff?
<Manouchehri> oh never mind, the RPi4 isn't support
<Manouchehri> *supported
<rneese> Manouchehri, because of it locked blobs
<rneese> all the boards armbian uses and supports are opensoure
<Tonymac_32> mostly*
<Tonymac_32> Amlogic boards have a small blob that controls DVFS and some power domains
<Tonymac_32> but nothing like the monstrocity that is the RPi firmware
<lanefu> damn... this drive gets a medal of honor
<ArmbianTwitter> @ryjelsum (laboraparty animal): i want to get one of those orange pis to see how well armbian gets along with it nowadays but i have absolutely no reason for getting one considering i have a couple of single board computers sitting around here powered down anyway (14s ago)
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<Manouchehri> blehhh, ssh isn't installed by default :(
<Manouchehri> on this rpi4 anyway
<Manouchehri> that's really annoying, and the SD card isn't working in my cheap reader that I have.
<lanefu> Manouchehri: let us know if you need any tips on how to throgh your RPI4 in the trash
<Manouchehri> lanefu: eh, we already have enough of a landfill problem here ;)
<HerculeP> Manouchehri: ssh is installed in raspbian but must be enabled by putting a file called "ssh" onto the boot partition
<HerculeP> better got #raspberrypi ;)
<HerculeP> goto*
<Manouchehri> bleeeehh :P
<Manouchehri> yeah
<Manouchehri> I instantly regret this purchase
<lanefu> Manouchehri: dude worst case.. do that PiKVM shit
<lanefu> it seems dope
<stipa> i hope you'll find a use for it
<Manouchehri> lanefu: that's why I bought it tbh
<stipa> i wouldn't have anything against 8GB one
<lanefu> I'll probably get oen at one point.. i signed up for the fancy hardware hat mailing list
<lanefu> although i'm forgettign why I even need one now
<lanefu> Oh.. armbian desktop testing
<Manouchehri> weird, my SD card reader is blinking
<stipa> yeah
<Manouchehri> but nothing seems to show up in macoS
<stipa> dunno
<stipa> i deleted osx and installed mankaro on mine
<stipa> manjaro
<Manouchehri> M1 MBA :D
<stipa> oh wow
<stipa> you can install linux on that
<Manouchehri> pass
<Manouchehri> this is my "home" laptop
<Manouchehri> I use an XPS 13 Dev Edition for work
<stipa> but there is a hardware lock, they update it from time to time pr something like that
<Manouchehri> lanefu: ayyy
<Manouchehri> alright, I guess this ain't gonna work.
<Manouchehri> time to head to the office.
<lanefu> yeah I'd never bother putting native linux on it
<lanefu> will never leerage teh hardware right
<lanefu> am I am working on an armbian VM for it tho ;)
<lanefu> my wife got the base model M1 macbook air yeserday
<lanefu> and it plays Obduction better than her i7-3700 hackintosh
<lanefu> freaking intel steam game
<stipa> awesome man
<lanefu> yeah i've been neglating the ole PBP lately
<stipa> but the idea of Armbian supporting apple is
<stipa> interesting
<stipa> what's "ole PBP"?
<lanefu> Pinebook pro
<lanefu> stipa: whoa whoa
<lanefu> no supporting apple
<lanefu> I've just been working on an arm-qemu friendly image
<stipa> lanefu: too late i told everyone
<stipa> lol
<stipa> [TheBug]: too late...
<stipa> people are already complaining that it don't want to boot...
<stipa> black screen
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<aleph-> Hmm for those who use the helios64 NAS/board. Once you've installed to eMMC, how does one go about booting from an insertable micro-SD card again? I've inserted one but it defaulted to booting from eMMC.
<aleph-> I have not.
<aleph-> Guess I'll give that a read
<stipa> yeah, maybe there's something of use to you
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<lorbus> hi all!
<lorbus> I was wondering how often you folks upstream the patches you carry for u-boot
<lorbus> I'd like to use my Helios64 board with upstream u-boot, but the commit that adds support for it in armbian hasn't made it there, yet
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<lorbus> If it's not done regularly by anyone from the armbian side, I'm happy to send that in with upstream
<Werner> You should get in touch with gprovost and aprayoga on forums since they are lead maintainer for this board
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<lorbus> I hadn't seen the forum - excellent, will do that! thanks
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<ArmbianTwitter> @realCWolpert (Le Dahu): @DieZuckerbude Yes strange that it worked for you several weeks ago. I just retried with armbian_21.02.1_Orangepizero2_buster_current_5.10.12.img.xz, but still no luck (no IP). I'm just applying the same steps as with opi zero lts. Let me add perseverance to patience, next attempt in 1 month. (17s ago)
<lanefu> Tonymac_32: omg you have some cables to get rid of
<Werner> Nobody shall get rid of cables!
<lanefu> Werner: that twitter post gave me an idea
<Werner> Should be take cover? :D
<lanefu> you know how we have that /boot/armbian_firstrun.txt
<lanefu> haha no
<Werner> s/be/we
<ArmbianHelper> Werner meant to say: Should we take cover? :D
<lanefu> would be cool if we could put a trigger in tehre.. or something (I don't have this figure dout entirely)
<lanefu> to like dump an armbianmonitor output to a USB storage device
<lanefu> to help with headless debugging when no ip
<lanefu> mayube its dumb i dunno
<Werner> Hm not necessarily
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<DezoHC4> lol I'm playing with Prometheus Node Exporter ... this issue is awesome
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<Tonymac_32> lanefu you'd only have to worry about paranoia
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> what's about those windows guys wanting me to buy for an unlock code for a ISP router...
<stipa> that's scam, right?
<stipa> they all have fancy instructions, software to do it and i have to buy an unlock code
<stipa> something stinks
<lanefu> DezoHC4: this is epic
<lanefu> also node_exporter is pretty great..
<lanefu> i've been also using blackbox exporter to track some of the armbian web hsercers
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<stipa> imagine that, i went on to cut two usb cables to make male on both side and after all that planning and cutting and measuring.., the shielding wire that goes around the cable is not of copper and solder doesn't stick to it...
<stipa> it's od aluminum or something
<stipa> the good thing that data and power wires are ok
<stipa> what a shitty cables
<stipa> shielding wire isn't even connected to the shield metal on the connector
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