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<[TheBug]> Sweet my Terracube 2e arrived today!
<mangix> android phone?
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<[TheBug]> Yeah
<stipa> someone is having a fun weekend!
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<Tonymac_32> For anyone who has never had a proper set of headphones, I bring a warning: I can not listen to any set of earbuds anymore. They sound like I'm listening to mashed potatoes
<Tonymac_32> And I didn't even get "high end" headphones
<stipa> yeah, cones simply have to be big if you want bass and sub
<stipa> it's nature
<stipa> physiscs
<stipa> best i've heard are beyerdynamics
<stipa> they're little less than 200$ on average
<stipa> dt 770 pro is the most popular model
<stipa> but that's not for wearing outside, it's pro, for audio related work
<stipa> which one do you have Tonymac_32 ?
<Tonymac_32> Audio-technica ATH-M50x
<Tonymac_32> it's not really the lack of low end that bother me in the ear buds, it's utter lack of definition. They try so hard to get some bass they ruin everything else
<Tonymac_32> I hadn't seen the beyerdynamic, looks like the same basic design/target use/price
<stipa> yeah, it's Audio Tehnicas competitor
<Tonymac_32> being able to choose the impedance is nice
<stipa> yeah, a guy i know has those Technicas
<stipa> they're fine
<stipa> very hifi
<Tonymac_32> haha reading some reviews, I just replaced the pads on mine with some velour ones XD
<Tonymac_32> so I agree with that critical point
<Tonymac_32> :D
<stipa> pads are fun
<Tonymac_32> this dude wrote a review directly comparing the two sets, and yeah, the soundsatge is a tad narrow I'd say, but then again I was using complete trash before, so no complaints
<stipa> yeah, pads can be trash
<Tonymac_32> these pads are a bit thicker than the ones that came with them, your ear could hit the driver
<stipa> on mine Sony MDR7510 pads are to shallow
<stipa> yeah, ears hit the driver problem
<stipa> i had to buy some deep ones
<stipa> but my beyerdynamics have much much better sub than sony's
<stipa> it's totally different flavour
<stipa> i have to buy*
<stipa> but i like them both
<stipa> they're suable
<stipa> usable*
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<sandelinos[m]> <Tonymac_32 "Audio-technica ATH-M50x "> Great headphones. I got 2 pairs of them.
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<locki> Hello there ... i have one stupid question why? I have thin on forum?:)  You have reached the maximum number of posts you can make per day. When i am sthoot something it is great!:D
<locki> I cant even send PM :(
<locki> help
<ArmbianHelper> Check out our awesome documentation! It's tremendous, promise!
<locki> You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later.
<Werner> Whats your nick there?
<locki> Locki
<locki> if somebody can unblock this ... <3
<Werner> your got a like on one of your posts. should lift restrictions within 24h
<locki> omg :D
<locki> thank you
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<lanefu> help
<ArmbianHelper> Check out our awesome documentation! It's tremendous, promise!
<lanefu> .wrt
<lanefu> ,searchissue wifi repeater
<ArmbianHelper> Nothing found.
<lanefu> ,searchissue repeater
<ArmbianHelper> Nothing found.
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<IgorPec> lanefu sunday chat with our helper ? :)
<lanefu> haha yeah was wanting to change its help response
<lanefu> to be a bit ore informative
<IgorPec> aha, you have /su armbianhelper ?:)
<lanefu> i don't think i do... but i have ssh access lol
<IgorPec> haha
<lanefu> anyway i'v used up my attention for that
<lanefu> IgorPec: you catch in our server channel that i got netbox installed... bug and i were spamming hte channel so its way back in the history
<IgorPec> i didn't get there yet
<IgorPec> wall of text i tend to avoid :)
<lanefu> no worries
<lanefu> yeah
<IgorPec> do i have access to that?
<lanefu> yep
<IgorPec> which credentials?
<lanefu> IgorPec: I also added a bunch of nginx optimizations for the forum last night... turns out we weren't doing anything at all to encourage browser caching of like css and java script etc
<lanefu> or gzip compression
<IgorPec> great, and i though we were fully optimised :)
<lanefu> haha far from it it turns out
<Tonymac_32> lol
<lanefu> at a glance hourly outbound traffic looks like its about 400 megs lighter
<lanefu> already
<IgorPec> i added transmission to stuff a week ago
<IgorPec> but its heavily limited
<IgorPec> we are reaching like 50% od the traffic tier
<IgorPec> so the idea is to make use of spare
<lanefu> IgorPec: can we talk to lauri about spinning up a small VM.. i want to revist this rsync-minio nonsense
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<IgorPec> i think we can talk about that, yeah. but its not ok by now?
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<lanefu> i guess i can do more testing wtihout a VM over there actually
<IgorPec> last time i tried to convice him, he convince me back :)
<lanefu> just sounds like we've got some work to do on mirrors
<lanefu> haha
<lanefu> IgorPec: oh idea wasn't that i needed a bunch of disk.. just gonna use it as a local front-end to minio
<lanefu> with fuse n stuff
<IgorPec> yeah, understant
<lanefu> anyway i'm naturally worrying / thinking about too many things at the same time
<lanefu> so.. i'll stop lol
<lanefu> what's top priority for me these days?
<IgorPec> it depends. if we have critical problems on infrastructure?
<IgorPec> bug had some issues on mirrors, but i din't catch up what was it
<lanefu> IgorPec: haha yeah.. we talked i detail... I think he's got a solution that solves his personal pain
<IgorPec> also regarding desktop we are waiting on myy's last fixes. due end of month
<lanefu> generally it sounds like we shouldn't refer people to dotsrc
<lanefu> fro rsync
<IgorPec> ahaa, ok
<IgorPec> i think i only told bug to use it
<IgorPec> but anyway this script for checking mirrors health could be probably finished and put to action
<IgorPec> bug was doing some improvments on that as well
<lanefu> okay makes sense
<IgorPec> like two things are here critical ... once i build images, it would be nice to run md5 check on all images. just in case
<IgorPec> then automated way of enabling mirrors when release is pushed out.
<lanefu> yeah thats where i think bug and i were going back and forth
<lanefu> but.. anyway he's basically gonna do the md5 checks on his mirrors
<IgorPec> and there is one scrap of my script in /scripts on stuff
<lanefu> obviously for our othe rmirrors, we cant really do that
<IgorPec> i think checking at source is most important
<lanefu> right your
<lanefu> lemme look at it
<lanefu> lord.. i'm gonna have to turn my brain on to understand it
<lanefu> what's it do lol
<IgorPec> in short
<IgorPec> we know which files we need - we have a file list
<IgorPec> and all URLS are predictable
<lanefu> oh! okay
<IgorPec> it runs on the list and check files
<lanefu> oh shit this is easy then
<IgorPec> it can use both purposes. check also md5 for local files
<IgorPec> and it check existance on remote
<IgorPec> once all files are checked, it enables mirror
<lanefu> k... i think the easiest way to leverage it, will be make its only job to validate whatever mirror is given to it as a parameter
<lanefu> and then I'l have a seperate tool that's responsible for invoking and updating config
<lanefu> so that its outptu is just a pass fail..
<lanefu> i may need to add a disabled key or somethign to the yaml to make this more managable
<lanefu> will try to think simplest first tho lol
<IgorPec> addin a hash infront is also just fine i guess
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<IgorPec> werner: forum updated
<IgorPec> theme
<Werner> which one?
<IgorPec> haze
<Werner> ah
<Werner> well seems like it did not brake anything but also did not fix anything ^^
<IgorPec> yeah, looks like
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<stormchaser3000> I am running slackware-current, but I wanted to see if a fix for this issue could be found from the armbian project and applied to Slackware
<stormchaser3000> does anyone on here use a DVI 1600x900 screen with an rk3399 chip and the panfrost driver?
<stormchaser3000> I am having some odd graphical distortions as well as the bottom of the screen being cut off
<stormchaser3000> I was wondering if the Armbian project had come up with a fix
<lanefu> haven't heard of anyone coming accross that
<stormchaser3000> it has happened every time I have ever tried using the RockPro64 with my 1600x900 DVI monitor :/
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<stipa> stormchaser3000: Have you tried "Auto adjust" on monitor maybe?
<stipa> maybe there are some video processors engaged in the monitor
<stipa> fancy stuff for video material and such
<stormchaser3000> hmmm... I will have to check if that is a thing on this monitor
<stipa> i lost few days and it was a fancy feature engaged in the monitor at end
<Tonymac_32> yeah resolutions outside the typical ones act funny on all SBC's that I'm aware of, my 7" waveshare is a bit temperamental when it comes to newer devices whose drivers aren't completely ironed out yet
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<stormchaser3000> my monitor doesn't have those fancy features apparently XD
<stipa> bummer
<stipa> at least you're sure it's not monitor to blame
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<stipa> maybe
<ArmbianTwitter> @bryan_paget (Bryan Paget): @omgubuntu Pop and Armbian. (17s ago)
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<jschwart> I just had armbian on my tinkerboard trigger its shutdown procedure for the first time with the message it was overheating at 90 degrees
<jschwart> I wonder if maybe I should consider getting another board...
<jschwart> I also have the aluminium case, but I need to remove the existing heatsink for that and I have no clue how to do that, if anybody has any tips, I'd appreciate it :)
<Tonymac_32> perhaps, or double check that the heat sink tape hasn't dried out
<jschwart> Tonymac_32: how can I check that?
<jschwart> maybe it has
<Tonymac_32> the existing heat sink is just taped, so it should be able to (carefully) peel it off
<Tonymac_32> that heat sink was about 25% the size it needed to be
<jschwart> I just pulled it with some force, but it seemed rather stuck
<Tonymac_32> I put a 25x50x10mm one on mine with a 25mm fan
<Tonymac_32> what's the workload you use it for?
<jschwart> alright, I'll look into that when it is a bit cooled off, maybe I can put the other heathsink on it after all
<jschwart> I'm just not sure how I can switch between eMMC & SD booting then
<jschwart> I'm mainly using it for UltraStar DX lately, it's a karaoke game
<Tonymac_32> you have this case?
<jschwart> Tonymac_32: loading... not sure it seems to load slowly
<jschwart> why^
<Tonymac_32> unknown
<jschwart> it's still loading, but I have the official aluminium case
<Tonymac_32> ok, then it should be *very* difficult to overheat it
<jschwart> so I should install that then
<jschwart> I never go to it
<jschwart> got*
<Tonymac_32> yeah, do that first, like I said, their stock heat sink was one of their worst decisions on that board
<jschwart> alright, I'll see if I can get it off
<Tonymac_32> the micro-usb power is next, but thankfully unlike a Pi they actually have a PMIC which keeps things stable
<jschwart> but do you switch between eMMC & SD booting sometimes?
<Tonymac_32> use a touch of alcohol maybe
<locki> Tonymac_32 yes!
<jschwart> yeah I'm using a raspberry pi 5.1 V power supply
<locki> @tonymac
<Tonymac_32> for the newer Armbian images the device should always look for SD first even if it boots eMMC
<locki> Tonymac_32 but i cant add another info because  You have reached the maximum number of posts you can make per day.
<Tonymac_32> so if you pop in a bootable SD it should just load u-boot off of eMMC, uboot checks SD, then goes from there
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<jschwart> Tonymac_32: ah that is really neat
<jschwart> but how does that work?
<Tonymac_32> Locki I think I saw Lanefu or Igor repsond to this about the forum, correct? I think it takes 24H for it to check and see who's gotten likes/etc
<jschwart> I thought the device would only do SD boot with the maskrom jumper?
<Tonymac_32> well it is booting the eMMC, but the u-boot has been told to check and see if a bootable SD is present
<jschwart> ah, so this works when armbian is on the eMMC?
<Tonymac_32> haha ok,if Armbian isn't there then yeah it won't work
<locki> Tonymac_32 it is probably good for block spam but not good to block regular users this way :(
<Tonymac_32> #ArmbianAllTheThings
<jschwart> yeah I have now some Android on the eMMC and Armbian only on SD
<jschwart> I'll look into switching that around
<Tonymac_32> you could probably rig up a super classy toggle switch
<Tonymac_32> single pole double throw :D
<jschwart> yeah I'm not that good with those things... ;)
<Tonymac_32> mount in that Wifi antenna hole in the case
<Tonymac_32> come to think of it I should do that
<Tonymac_32> :D
<jschwart> but it seems I can see use that Tinkerboard for a while then, that's nice :)
<Tonymac_32> where did you get the case btw?
<jschwart> I ordered it long ago, but I only always used the bottom part cause of the heatsink...
<jschwart> let me see if I can find where
<Tonymac_32> I see it on Amazon
<Tonymac_32> I couldn't find the thing forever
<jschwart> I ordered it from a Dutch shop
<jschwart> but I can't find the order anymore
<Tonymac_32> it's like $32 from Asus Amazon store. I was just curious
<jschwart> found it
<Tonymac_32> I also have one of these, which I'm a huge fan of
<jschwart> € 22,10 I paid
<jschwart> nice yeah
<jschwart> do you know if any packages in Armbian already support the V4L2 request api?
<jschwart> I understand it's necessary to make use of the VPU acceleration
<Tonymac_32> JMCC is the man for that question
<Tonymac_32> As to future boards, there is a Tinkerboard 2 coming, I'm working with it now to see if it's a fit for Armbian build system, there are also the Rock Pi 4's, NanoPi M4V2, etc, all RK3399 (2 Big, 4 little core, 64 bit)
<jschwart> yeah I am aware of the script using the rockchip drivers, but I'd like it to work with mainline
<Tonymac_32> the VPU on mainline is not quite there yet as far as I know
<Tonymac_32> and they've been focusing on the RK3399 more than the RK3288
<jschwart> ah nice, is asus supporting armbian now?
<jschwart> the VPU drivers are there
<Tonymac_32> sending gadgets isn't quite support haha
<jschwart> I get a device and it's shown in dmesg
<Tonymac_32> but there is dialog and tech tips/feedback anyway
<Tonymac_32> right, but it's functionality/buginess is :/
<jschwart> that's good, I wrote on their forum they should just support Armbian instead of what they're providing now
<Tonymac_32> ROFL
<Tonymac_32> Honestly, if I could get VPU working smoothly in mainline and jettison that Rockchip kernel into a black hole it would be done tomorrow
<jschwart> Tonymac_32: I'm pretty sure Armbian has the VPU drivers already
<jschwart> check /dev/video*
<jschwart> and dmesg|grep -i vpu
<jschwart> with a recent Armbian 5.x kernel
<jschwart> found my post on their forum, I didn't mention doing Armbian specifically, but also looking at mainline instead of that old stuff:
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* stipa RISC-V: How much is open source? Featuring the new ESP32-C3
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<locki> Hello there i thing something is wrong with armbian forum ... i can post only one post per day? Why? It is like go to pub for one beer whyyy?:D
<locki> No PM no posts .... this is relly sad story :(
<[TheBug]> prevent abuse, if someone likes your post you can also get past this, otherwise you need to earn ability to more than one
<[TheBug]> people have a habit of making a bunch of pointless threads instead of searching forum for existing
<[TheBug]> this is to help prevent that and convince users to look around
<[TheBug]> if there is a specific urgent topic you need, you can ask here or state why you need to post more and maybe an admin can help you out, but generally, yes one per day
<[TheBug]> till you earn the additional
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<locki> understand
<locki> but also no PM meassages that is really bad ...
<locki> there are my posts
<locki> some + can help me? :)
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* lanefu becoming less sympathetic
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<locki> yes it is noob bulletproof :')
<lanefu> Try starting the lightdm service instead of startx
<lanefu> But FYI you're working on stuff that few ever have clear answers for
<locki> i just want user my old orange pi one with touch display for my 3d printer, i am not regular user... but iam leraning fast, i know i probably need some light version of GUI
<lanefu> Locki: paste your xorg configs here please
<locki> just rewrited memory card and starting debian distro ...
<lanefu> Is the errror to solve for
<[TheBug]> yeah I was about to say the same
<[TheBug]> seems it is expecting a driver which you have not provided
<lanefu> Try changing driver from fbturbo to "modesetting"
<lanefu> But probably more than that
<lanefu> Or just fb
<lanefu> Actually insteax of fbturbo
<lanefu> All i got for now
<locki> yes this is my problem :)
<[TheBug]> Locki: I think if I understand he is suggesting try the generic framebuffer instead there and see if that at least has results
<[TheBug]> Locki: so did you actually ever install the drivers for that display in the kernel or build the modules for it?
<[TheBug]> I know they exist because searching that board they are in mainline
<[TheBug]> but that only looks like regular framebuffer 'fb'
<[TheBug]> There is probably also a DRM version of the module somewhere for a Legacy kernel I would expect
<[TheBug]> depending on what image your running
<locki> i run Armbian_21.02.1_Orangepione_buster_current_5.10.12.img
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