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<stipa> mangix: whit what are you going to connect to that router?
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<stipa> there's space for more, i wonder why they didin't put more
<stipa> amateurs
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<stipa> bots are getting good
<stipa> i can feel emotion
<stipa> and very good mental manipulation
<stipa> the thing i noticed is they don't want to give an answer if they don't know it, they stay silent
<stipa> at first contact the code trys to find the imilarities with the subject
<stipa> and spit them out as soon as possible
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<stipa> [TheBug]: my man, is it possible to make a game that will run on all Android versions?
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<stipa> like in a middle of Africa and in Slovenia
<stipa> like
<stipa> ona all android phones ever made
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<stipa> and could you do an optimization
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: did you ever fix your pinebook
<stipa> hmh
<stipa> is there something wrong with the pinebook?
<stipa> i tought it's an hacker machine
<stipa> like all hackers of the world could fix it if it sux
<stipa> well, the phone isn't even better, i watched a video yesterday
<stipa> like ok
<stipa> pinephone phone is 17 years on the market
<stipa> and it's still unusable
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<stipa> why o why?
<stipa> let me guess
<stipa> there's no datasheets
<stipa> or silicon bugs
<buZz> 17 years?
<buZz> its available since july 2020
<stipa> buZz: don't be a smart ass
<stipa> it's 3 years
<stipa> one
<buZz> my butt is briliant, dont diss my tush
<stipa> ok one
<stipa> i have a feeling tha pinephne iso n the market at least ... years
<stipa> it seems like it's old to me already
<lanefu> i meant pinebook pro
<buZz> if pinephone had a qwerty keyboard i'd have bought it already
<lanefu> anyway his bootloader stuff was borked
<stipa> fuck it man lanefu
<stipa> if it's open source there's datasheets
<stipa> if it's not behaving as per datasheets
<stipa> than it's silicon bugs
<stipa> and a bunch of them if it doesn't work after two-three years
<lanefu> mine's working great
<lanefu> on it right now
<stipa> maybe nekomancer[m] is rocking some old kernel
<buZz> the non-pro pinebook is kinda fragile, i understood
<lanefu> yeah i mean the non-pro is kind of a toy
<lanefu> IMHO the pro is better than i expected
<buZz> hmhm
<buZz> the pro is 150?
<lanefu> 200
<buZz> hmhm
<lanefu> in ameribucks
<stipa> 200 is oke in croatia
<stipa> i would dare to say dirt cheap
<stipa> for a machine like that
<stipa> like low end HP... stuff is around double that
<buZz> i use a exynos 5800 chromebook as 'main laptop' nowadays
<buZz> with 4gb ram, kinda ok
<stipa> fancy
<stipa> i have been on linux for month or two
<buZz> heh welcome
<stipa> and i have hard time hitting 8GB of ram usage with firefox
<buZz> i've been mostly linux since around WinME
<sunshavi> I live with 2 GB. Xp was my last version
<stipa> buZz: win me is 2000
<buZz> millenium edition yeah
<stipa> year 2000
<stipa> thats' long
<buZz> i'm old
<lanefu> I tried to get by with 2GB on an atomic pi desktop but couldnt quite pull it off
<buZz> :)
<sunshavi> lanefu: I work on an opi+2e
<stipa> at 200 i was playing quake, researchin posrts, and killing myself with drugs and alcohol
<stipa> 200*
<lanefu> dug deep into browser tweaks
<buZz> quake 1 to 3 had native linux versions available
<lanefu> sunshavi: great board...
<lanefu> yeah quake3 on linux in college with my voodoo3 card
<sunshavi> Yes. great board. I would like 4 GB or ram And I would be happy on this SBC for the next 5 years
<stipa> buZz: at that time Q3 was coool, online multplayer was like oh, man
<buZz> i played more Q1 online than Q3
<lanefu> sunshavi: you use a web browser with it?
<sunshavi> I avoid firefox the most I can. But I can open 7 tabs with it
<stipa> buZz: i have to admit that i never got Q 1-2 to the end
<stipa> i was half life guy
<stipa> but i have a wish to play q2
<stipa> idk why
<lanefu> sunshavi: the opi+2e uses fast emmc
<sunshavi> emmc is almost full. sometimes I need to uninstall some sw for installing another one
<lanefu> sunshavi: what did you use as a computer for the opi+2e
<lanefu> /s/for/before
<stipa> i get panick attack when i start iostat on my SBC
<lanefu> s/for/before
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: /s/before/before
<sunshavi> lanefu: toshiba m35x
<lanefu> lol
<sunshavi> lanefu:
<stipa> sorry, not iostat, iotop
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<sunshavi> lanefu:
<stipa> man sun
<stipa> are you running a porn site?
<stipa> why do you need a 12GB of memory?
<sunshavi> stipa: that is emmc. emmc=hdd
<lanefu> sunshavi: you could try btrfs root and mount with compression...
<sunshavi> lanefu: no this machine is very slow as it is. So that would be too much of a trouble for the SBC
<lanefu> sunshavi: zstd is pretty lightweigh
<stipa> well
<stipa> i think
<stipa> there's no point
<stipa> just get yourself a bigger disk sunshavi
<stipa> maybe a USB stick
<stipa> well, if you have an usb port
<buZz> udoo quad has a sata port :)
<stipa> you can stick many things in there
<sunshavi> stipa: I have an external pata-ssd. I have arch on that hdd too. When I want to inspect emacs source code on git
<lanefu> plus2e[s usb is awesome each port is its own USB host
<sunshavi> or I just chroot to it
<buZz> i just got 21gb free of the 80gb disk now
<buZz> dogecoin blockchain is 49gb nowadays :)
<lanefu> so even tho its usb 2.0 you get the full bandwidth of it with and can use UAS
<sunshavi> for me memory is more important. I compile packages on /tmp
<stipa> sunshavi: emacs is to conservative whatever it is
<stipa> sometimes you just have to invest in hardware
<stipa> at least a little
<sunshavi> I know. But working on lower-end machines gives a different perspective also
<stipa> theres' middle gorund in everything
<sunshavi> s/gives/gives You/
<ArmbianHelper> sunshavi meant to say: I know. But working on lower-end machines gives You a different perspective also
<lanefu> FB console and GDM
<lanefu> all ya need
<lanefu> s/GDM/GPM
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: FB console and GPM
<sunshavi> lanefu: Right. At this moment I am in fbcon
<lanefu> sunshavi: how fast is your internet connection
<stipa> sunshavi: i have some old machines but they don't boot, i'm still not giving up on them
<stipa> but i see
<stipa> there's that trens
<stipa> trend*
<sunshavi> lanefu: sometimes when I am alone I could get 6Mbs. But when all people has turned on their equipment just 2 Mbs
<stipa> about power consumption
<sunshavi> stipa: I have a compaq n600c. It still works
<stipa> old machines just waste bunch of energy compared to the new arm stuff
<stipa> and offer the same or more
<sunshavi> I also have an x220 for cross compilation to x86
<sunshavi> stipa: Right this machine is always on without problems
<stipa> a laptop?
<sunshavi> yes. Just turn x220 when required
<stipa> win 09 days
<stipa> 98*
<stipa> but the screen is big
<stipa> it runs debian for sure
<sunshavi> no thinkpad x220 is 64 bits machine. It comes with Win7
<stipa> oh wow
<stipa> 512MB of ram
<stipa> hm?
<sunshavi> 512 on my toshiba m35x
<sunshavi> on n600c 256 Mb ram
<sunshavi> stipa: that's the one
<sunshavi> it has arch32
<stipa> oh right
<stipa> i'm there
<sunshavi> it has a pataSSD
<stipa> in the channel
<sunshavi> It boot quite quick
<stipa> was trying to
<stipa> boot my machine with arch
<stipa> AMD k6 or something
<stipa> no ram
<sunshavi> now for old hw. I think debian or netbsd is the right place to be
<stipa> not enough ram
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<stipa> also tiny core and micro core linux
<stipa> sub 128MB
<sunshavi> 32 bits is being deprecated for the distros managers
<sunshavi> 32 bits hw is going to be left on their own
<stipa> yeah
<lanefu> i wish i had better uptime to brag about, but we had some power outages those are all plus2e
<stipa> lanefu:
<sunshavi> lanefu: How Do You usually solve it?
<stipa> i cant's what board is it?
<lanefu> sunshavi: solve what
<stipa> sunshavi: propbably some huge amount of experience
<lanefu> stipa: OrangePi Plus2e
<sunshavi> the power outage. You need to wait for the power to be back. And restart those machines
<stipa> looks like older hardware lanefu
<lanefu> If i power up my generator and plug in before my UPS drain i stay up
<stipa> ?
<lanefu> stipa: yeah, but its specifically the model that sunshavi is using as a desktop
<stipa> oh
<stipa> ok
<stipa> got it
<sunshavi> ok. lanefu. no more distractions. Do what needs to be done. We cheer You
<sunshavi> lanefu lanefu lanefu
<lanefu> lol
<stipa> well
<stipa> whenever to dwell in something devs didnt you'll find a bug
<stipa> it's not impossible but it's har do try aout all combinations someone could find himslef in
<lanefu> stipa: what are you talking about?
<sunshavi> sw development. I think
<stipa> bugs
<stipa> you won't know there's a bug if you dont try to find it
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<stipa> even if there is a bug
<stipa> if you choose to beleive there isn't
<stipa> it wont me
<lanefu> k i assume there was some philosphical conversation on bugs earlier that i missed?
<stipa> it's never about the bugs
<stipa> it's about having good time
<sunshavi> explain yourself please
<stipa> well
<stipa> some time ago
<stipa> i spoke with a coder
<stipa> we wre taliking about
<stipa> analog vs digital
<stipa> and low level vs hifgh level coding
<stipa> he told me
<stipa> 90 % of my job
<stipa> is fixing bugs and 10% of it is actually me coding
<sunshavi> regressions happens a lot
<stipa> sunshavi: it does
<sunshavi> stipa: r You sw developer?
<stipa> sunshavi: nope
<stipa> i'm a failed musician
<stipa> or srtist
<sunshavi> lol. my eldest children plays music
<stipa> artist*
<stipa> oh
<sunshavi> he is playing 'resistire' those days
<stipa> who's the original
<sunshavi> which is the sw do You use for composing music?
<stipa> performer of what is regressions
<stipa> 'resistire'
<stipa> sunshavi: i go low as
<sunshavi> resistire - el duo dinamico (those guys where from Spain
<stipa> you know
<stipa> i do really deep
<stipa> go*
<stipa> like opamps and stuff
<stipa> oacillators
<stipa> samples
<stipa> whatever it takes to earn some
<stipa> wait'
<sunshavi> ok
<stipa> i'll listen to the
<stipa> resistire - el duo dinamico
<sunshavi> listen to them. there is a new version (a cover) from 2020
<stipa> i
<stipa> guess i'm at the right place
<stipa> spain
<stipa> or south America
<sunshavi> Spain
<stipa> ok
<sunshavi> I am sure about that. I heard them when the song was a hit
<stipa> well
<sunshavi> resistire perdido frente a todo
<stipa> you're an old timer sunshavi
<sunshavi> me volvere de hierro para endurecer la piel
<sunshavi> anuque los vientos de la vida soplen fuerte
<sunshavi> soy como el junco que se dobla pero siempre sigue en pie
<sunshavi> sure.
<stipa> -- me volvere de hierro para endurecer la piel
<ArmbianHelper> I will turn to iron to harden my skin [es~>eng]
<stipa> -- anuque los vientos de la vida soplen fuerte
<ArmbianHelper> let the winds of life blow strong [es~>eng]
<stipa> -- soy como el junco que se dobla pero siempre sigue en pie
<ArmbianHelper> I am like the reed that bends but always stands [es~>eng]
<stipa> -- sure.
<ArmbianHelper> sure. [en~>eng]
<sunshavi> resistire erguido frente a todo
<stipa> -- resistire erguido frente a todo
<ArmbianHelper> I will stand upright in front of everything [es~>eng]
<sunshavi> resistire para seguir viviendo
<stipa> -- resistire para seguir viviendo
<ArmbianHelper> I will resist to continue living [es~>eng]
<sunshavi> y aunque los sueños se me rompan en pedazos
<stipa> -- y aunque los sueños se me rompan en pedazos
<ArmbianHelper> and although dreams break me into pieces [es~>eng]
<sunshavi> now listen the 2020 version
<stipa> sunshavi:
<stipa> sens a link
<stipa> sned*
<stipa> Ibiza
<stipa> how far are you from it sunshavi ?
<sunshavi> I am GMT-5
<sunshavi> I think Ibiza is GMT+1
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<stipa> looks far away
<stipa> looks like your at the west of the Spain
<sunshavi> I am in South-America
<stipa> oh
<stipa> that's far
<stipa> i see you there keep connections with the Spain
<stipa> after more than 100 years
<stipa> Americans think they have no any connection with the England at all...
<stipa> or North Americans*
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<stipa> i haven't been aware of that fact
<stipa> that South Americans
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<stipa> still have strong connection with Wurope
<stipa> still have strong connection with Europe
<stipa> sunshavi:
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: are you here?
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<lanefu> okay yeah sorry i advised you to change wrong fike
<lanefu> file
<stipa> lanefu: maybe it's time to resign
<T2K> I am resigned it didn't help
<stipa> try HARDER
<T2K> I tried so hard I retired instead.
<lanefu> T2 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list
<stipa> well
<T2K> i donut think there is much in there one moment
<lanefu> right just 1 line
<lanefu> so the majority of your packages come from ubuntu reboots (sources.list)
<lanefu> armbian has repos for armbian-specific packages.. ex: kernel
<lanefu> and thats /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list
<stipa> so
<stipa> what's the problem
<stipa> i don't get it
<lanefu> stipa: sorry T2K and i were talking in #fosshost and moved here
<lanefu> T2K is having issues with the fastly mirror
<stipa> no need to sorry
<stipa> i'm just asking
<lanefu> i'll crush you
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<stipa> ok lanefu but you don't have acces to the mirrors
<stipa> i guess
<T2K> phx busted
<T2K> must be using limelight
<lanefu> T2K: okay so 2 things... 1 revert your /etc/apt/sources.list back to the default. 2. update /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list to use the tna hosting mirrioro
<lanefu> then apt clean && apt update
<lanefu> stipa: right... i dont have access to most mirrors... and the fastly mirrors are a caching proxy to fosshost's servers
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<stipa> lanefu: then don't kill yourself over stuff you can't control
<lanefu> stipa: i still have a lot of control
<lanefu> for example i can control what mirrors armbian redirects our users to
<lanefu> and with the debug info t2k provided we can tell fosshost specifical what fastly pop isnt working
<stipa> armbin is "boards atha run Armbian"?
<stipa> that*
<T2K>   Clearsigned file isn't valid, got 'NOSPLIT' (does the network require authentication?)
<T2K> I have not seen that before
<lanefu> thats f-ing weird
<T2K> from tnahosting
<T2K> ok i saved out put will paste it in a second
<stipa> <h3>Guru Mediation:</h3>
<lanefu> stipa: funny eh
<stipa> no guru can fix bugs
<lanefu> T2K: change the https://armbian.tnahosting to http://
<lanefu> is this stuff on like a crazy MITM proxy?
<[TheBug]> ?
<stipa> ?
<lanefu> [TheBug]: t2k having issue witih fastly mirror.. i pointined them to tnahosting mirror
<[TheBug]> I see
<lanefu> but new weirdness now... but need to make sure configs are kosher before further troubleshooting
<T2K> my configuration files are from the original image loaded they have been wrorking until last week ok
<stipa> T2K: where is your server?
<T2K> wroking hmm... working too.
<[TheBug]> is it posible you using a proxy like in the first example?
<lanefu> T2K: have you reverted back to this config?
<stipa> idk
<stipa> governments are doing shit nowadays
<stipa> to the netwok
<[TheBug]> actually T2K can you check date/time by using ntpdate to update time/date
<[TheBug]> ntpdate
<[TheBug]> then run same
<[TheBug]> and someone noted it had to do with date/time on board
<[TheBug]> would be nice to exclude that
* stipa Carpenter Brut - BLOOD MACHINES OST (Full Album) [Dark Synthwave / Cyberpunk]
<[TheBug]> also can you make sure you have no typo
<[TheBug]> The repository ' bionic-upda/tes (<---- the '/' here seems wrong) InRelease' is not signed.
<T2K> as i said it was working ine last week on all 66-nodes.
<T2K> s/ine/fine/g
<ArmbianHelper> T2K meant to say: as i said it was working fine last week on all 66-nodes.
<lanefu> T2K: yeah thats not helpful
<lanefu> T2K: okay you said you have 66 ndoes
<T2K> yep 66 seperate systems
<[TheBug]> T2K: you are talking to two of the people that maintain the repos and web stuff, so we can help to work through this but we actually need to do some testing and feedback so we can find the problem -- we have made changes on our side as well, so maybe is a problem, but we need to test and find it together.
<lanefu> please copy /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list from one of yoru other nodes to the node we're debugging
<lanefu> i think we've messed up some thigns in the rpocess of troubleshooting
<lanefu> i want to start from square one
<T2K> they are the same
<[TheBug]> Also can I have your IP, if you are not happy pasting here, in PM please so I can grep the mirror log?
<T2K> i added your suggested repo that was all
<lanefu> T2K: correct.. refert that change
<T2K> i commented out everything in /etc/apt/sources/list
<lanefu> roll back to your known "worked last week" config
<T2K> the problem with the nosplit is unique to that repo
<stipa> fuck, it, it's prorbably problem in the line
<T2K> i did. it is the one i first psated
<lanefu> you shouldnt be hitting tnahosting for backports
<stipa> ok
<lanefu> anyway... show me your /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list
<stipa> what is the situation he would?
<lanefu> never
<stipa> fuck
<T2K> this worked last week
<lanefu> okay
<lanefu> and is that is what on your machine now?
<lanefu> now show me /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list
<T2K> that was what was in armbian.list I added the top line after reading the fosshost changes
<lanefu> but they're both commented out
<T2K> not at the time i tried it
* stipa DREDD (2012) - TURBO KILLER
<T2K> just trying to repeat what I tried
<T2K> ok is anyone going to fix the failed host?
<lanefu> right.. what you did original was fine.. wen you were getting those 503s
<lanefu> your config was correct
<T2K> let me add tna back in to another server
<stipa> well fuck it
<stipa> if you serve a servers
<stipa> you're in politics land
<T2K> lanefu everything you said worked
<lanefu> okay.. so do you just have 1 bad node.. and perhaps to bug's point the clock is off?
<stipa> T2K: have you tought about going attelite?
<stipa> S*
<lanefu> btw out of curiosity.. what do you use your 66 armbian nodes?
<T2K> restored /etc/apt/sources.list with the original and then just put the tnahosting uri in the armbian.list file and cleaned then re-ran, this was on a new node so I am going to see if I can repeat it
<T2K> it's a top supercomputer but I also use it to run network simulations and use it to experiment with fuzzing and other network attacks.
<T2K> s/top/toy/g
<ArmbianHelper> T2K meant to say: it's a toy supercomputer but I also use it to run network simulations and use it to experiment with fuzzing and other network attacks.
<lanefu> nice
<lanefu> what do you use for a job scheduler?
<stipa> well
<lanefu> its probably a top toy supercomputer too lol
<stipa> if someone finds a bug in silicone no AI will hel you with that
<T2K> i use gpus to crack now but this one i build in 2013 it doesn't look like this now but it's close:
<buZz> which toy supercomputer?
<T2K> I use mpi and openmpi as the parallel framework
<buZz> 66 node armbian cluster? cute
<T2K> i will take a new picture
<buZz> oh that would be nice :)
<stipa> T2K: what's in the box below?
<lanefu> lets u paste pics too :P
<stipa> idk
<stipa> i could post how handsome i am
<buZz> oh that would be nice :)
<buZz> heh, couldnt resist
<stipa> well, thank you buZz
<stipa> i won't forget that
<buZz> \o/
<stipa> \O/
<T2K> that is what it looks like as of tonight anyway
<stipa> lanefu: ok ok, i get where you're going with that link...
<T2K> i am too old to be handsome
<T2K> maybe grizzled
<lanefu> pretty slick
<Xogium> lol and I don't really know what that even means since I'm blind
<T2K> so this is really annoying i am going to have to install salt to fix this crap or just cheat and use a parallel command to run a script :)
<Xogium> :D
<T2K> I was blind until recently
<T2K> i had the last eye surger a month ago
<Xogium> heh, lucky you
<lanefu> T2K: hang on i can cheat for you
<T2K> s/surger/surgery/g
<ArmbianHelper> T2K meant to say: i had the last eye surgery a month ago
<lanefu> ill change NA default to TNAHOSTING
<Xogium> since birth or ?
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<T2K> is there  a macro?
<lanefu> no, but i control the redirects
<lanefu> also FYI ansible is agentless
<Xogium> hehe I got it, never mess with lanefu ;)
<stipa> Xogium: i have something for you
<Xogium> stipa: oh ?
<T2K> mpi@master:/master/mpi_tests$ mpirun -np 65 -f /master/mpi_tests/machinefile  /bin/bash /master/mpi_tests/cluster-update fun fun
<lanefu> T2K: try now
<T2K> so am not a bad neighbor i use a random delay for each node between 1 and 1800 seconds
<Xogium> stipa: oh wow that sounds very old but nice
<T2K> especially when doing upgrades
<stipa> Xogium: he's blind
<lanefu> ha thats kind.... you'd benefit from running an apt-cacher-ng instance on one host somewhere
<Xogium> oh, wow
<stipa> yeah
<Xogium> stipa: how'd you know it, anyway ?
<lanefu> and pointing rest of nodes to apt-cacher
<stipa> Xogium: i know things
<Xogium> I mean not always visible ;) in my case I have white eyes, and tend to look at random directions
<stipa> sabicas has closed eyes
<lanefu> Xogium: did you like the movie sneakers?
<T2K> TNAHOSTING works well
<Xogium> ah yeah. I guess sighted folks don't do that when playing, they got to look where they're going to place their fingers
<stipa> Xogium: at least when he plays a guitar
<stipa> Xogium: sabicas is a talented musician
<stipa> it's ears
<Xogium> lanefu: don't think I know it
<lanefu> Xogium: its like a caper / heist movie from the 90's. Their main hacker dude was blind.
<T2K> i hate hacker movies
<T2K> or tv series
<Xogium> ah yeah, have perfect pitch too, somehow. Its nice except when you know the tone of *absolutely* every damn thing
<lanefu> T2K: dude Mr. Robot is pretty great
<Xogium> heck even know the difference with 60 vs 50 hz electricity driving me nut
<Xogium> lanefu: hmm maybe its available with audiodescription
<T2K> i have been on the net since the beginning i did everythinga lot of it for the first time ever.
<Xogium> T2K: so, how's it to see then ? I never saw and probably never will… But I don't really mind it, except when trying to do things on boards like connecting wires to pins
<Xogium> you tend not be able to see after hyperoxia blasted your retinas to bits right from the start ;)
<T2K> I had a brief lesson in humility lasted about 3-months. I am so grateful that I can see again
<Xogium> ;)
<Xogium> sad in a way that it takes the real thing for people to realize, somehow
<stipa> i had a guy from IBM asking me about
<stipa> emplyoing AI into my workflow
<Xogium> what for ?
<stipa> music
<stipa> i told him that it's no good for busniess
<Xogium> but AI would not do music the ame way humans would
<stipa> and that i don't want a future
<Xogium> *same
<stipa> in wich AI makes music
<T2K> just alanye on steroids
<stipa> AI
<stipa> whatever it is
<stipa> it needs a teacer
<mangix> stipa: my normal stuff
<stipa> techer*
<Xogium> I think stipa is having a bit of typo trouble
<Xogium> :D
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> i drunk a few beers
<lanefu> Xogium: lol does bad spelling and no punctuation make your ears bleed?
<Xogium> sometimes lol but its okay most of the time. I can understand what peeps meant to say
<Xogium> stipa: lol ! Somehow I had imagined that, but didn't dare ask
<lanefu> glad its beer and not croatian meth
<Xogium> though yeah… I think I'd be scared halfway to death if I woke up one morning no longer blind
<stipa> Xogium: people do nasty stuff to survive
<Xogium> it'd be one hell of a shock
<Xogium> stipa: heh, they do
<stipa> it's oke here in pšem source stuff, but when your interests shift to toher directions stuf get nasty pretty fast
<Xogium> I reckon Id be scared of pretty much everything :p or at least not knowing wth I'm looking at
<stipa> open*
<Xogium> stipa: yeah really why is that
<stipa> in mosta cases people
<stipa> think they're in some kind of a move
<stipa> movie*
<stipa> bunch of it is just fake
<lanefu> crab people
<stipa> yeah
<Xogium> crab ? Huh, I do like crab. But not crab people
<lanefu> look like crabs; act like people
<Xogium> now, that's just weird
<stipa> Xogium: in short, majority of people think they are something they are not
<stipa> in order to survive
<Xogium> what a weird idea…
<stipa> yeah
<Xogium> I'm myself, and I'll stay that way :p
<stipa> i've met some personalities
<stipa> it waasn't nice
<Xogium> yeah, I bet it wasn't
<stipa> the best is to stay cold
<stipa> like not to get to much emotional about it
<stipa> even if you can't see and if you're sucsessful someone will be jelous
<Xogium> ah yeah that part I know damn well how to go about… I did it to protect myself from bullies for years
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> that stuff
<Xogium> though, must say it was rather fun to make them trip
<Xogium> they used to like jumping over my white cane, so I lifted it up each time they were in the midle of a jump
<stipa> the only thing you can do
<stipa> is to enjoy your life
<Xogium> guess you got to have your fun in some way, even if the base stuff ain't funny
<stipa> well,
<stipa> i'm what i am
<stipa> i go with what's around
<Xogium> not much to do except that
<stipa> in reality
<stipa> yeah
<Xogium> sometimes I really crack and get super depressed about it, but I usually never show it, no reason to tempt the bullies
<stipa> bullies
<stipa> are not so intelligent
<stipa> maybe the nature made it that way
<stipa> but if they knew how stupid they are
<Xogium> well nah they aren't but if they spot you shaking all over and just eing down, they'll jump on you like a pack of wolves
<stipa> they would probably kill themselves
<T2K> Thank you everyone
<stipa> Xogium: right , the pack of wolves
<stipa> but
<stipa> what a heck
<stipa> stand for yourself
<T2K> I have not been on irc since old days
<Xogium> T2K: hehe been on it for the past 7 years now, same time I started linux
<stipa> 7 years
<stipa> Xogium: you're around 25?
<T2K> lanefu tried to /msg you but server won't let me unless i log in and I don't have a login
<stipa> T2K: nothing changed
<stipa> from the old days
<Xogium> stipa: right on one ;) will be in a few days
<stipa> people stayed the same
<stipa> Xogium: ;)
<T2K> I doubt it is much like the old days ;)
<stipa> Xogium: i lost the count
<stipa> Xogium: i'm about 36-7-8
<Xogium> :D
<stipa> T2K: it is
<Xogium> will probably lost count too at some point
<stipa> Xogium: yeah
<Xogium> but, that's alright
<Xogium> :p at least I won't have to look at my aging face in the mirror every day
<stipa> it depends
<stipa> i lost the snse of time
<stipa> and i don't count years
<stipa> i'm aware of it but i dont
<stipa> kill myself over it
<stipa> it's unimportant sutff
<stipa> and thinking about it could be invested in something important
<stipa> "important"
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<Xogium> well yeah
<stipa> Xogium: to be honest time is human's invention
<stipa> and futher exploatation of it just leads to stress
<stipa> not healthy at all
<stipa> ok it exist
<stipa> but it should be all
<stipa> it's crap
<stipa> in big quantities
<Xogium> indeed
<Xogium> I don't like having pressure in time, like deadlines
<stipa> for sure invention that doesn't work well with psyche
<stipa> Xogium: yeah, deadlines
<stipa> you just feelsomething stinks
<stipa> it's all about the feelings
<stipa> there's a cool tune
<stipa> it's little synthetic, ok all of it...
<Xogium> :D
<Xogium> I like cool tunes
<stipa> that one is sick
<stipa> synthetics all the way
<Xogium> that's fine though I like a lot of musical genre
<Xogium> synth, ethnic, rock, hard rock, dark rock, classical… I just don't like rap and usually not hardstyle/hardcore/dubstep
<stipa> yhave you heard a melody at 4:30 ?
<stipa> well
<stipa> especially new dubstep is very gressive
<stipa> agressive*
<Xogium> hehe I call it noise
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> it's main goal is to induce
<stipa> authority
<stipa> because it's loud
<stipa> at least well engineered one is
<stipa> but it also has to be good tune
<Xogium> yeah
<stipa> bud bad tunes with top engineering also go well on the marker
<stipa> because they're loud
<stipa> but
<stipa> in global
<stipa> even if't shittiest tune on earth
<stipa> and it's on tv 70 times a day
<stipa> for 100 years
<stipa> you'll remember it
<stipa> it's all about moeny
<stipa> money*
<Xogium> hehe I make it a point not to listen to radio or tv these days
<stipa> whenever i try i get mad
<stipa> tv and radio media is just to agressive for my taste
<Xogium> I get bored out of my mind, usually
<stipa> well
<stipa> it's just made to generate some profit
<stipa> there's probably no logic in it
<stipa> internet and adblockers destoyed that market
<stipa> those peeps are mad like hell now
<stipa> and write whatever to survive
<Xogium> adblockers ftw :p
<stipa> hehe
<stipa> yeah adblockers
<stipa> when you enter a apge
<stipa> webpage
<stipa> left and right
<stipa> is all filed with ads
<stipa> if you don't have adblocker
<stipa> in the middle is a wbpage you want
<stipa> ads usually slow down the connection
<stipa> since, you know it needs to load
<stipa> ads take bandwidth
<stipa> and they distract you of what you actually want toread
<stipa> eyes like naturally
<stipa> scan all the time for
<Xogium> yeah I'm himune to that lol
<stipa> danger
<Xogium> I'm like, fuck off stupid ad
<stipa> ads like
<stipa> to the eyes
<stipa> like they waant to kill you while you want to concentrate to the text in the middle of the screen
<stipa> so you just install adblocker and you're all set
<stipa> it blocks the ads
<Xogium> yea
<Xogium> bye bye shitty youtube ads
<Xogium> lol
<Xogium> too bad pihole can't block 'em too
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> pihile
<stipa> pihole*
<stipa> i have no idea why it doesn't do that
<Xogium> simple, in fact
<Xogium> the video you want to watch and the ads have the exact same url and domain
<stipa> ok
<stipa> but
<stipa> browsers like firefox/chrome
<stipa> have plugins/extensions that do it without hte problem
<Xogium> I think they filter on urls components, not on domains like pihole
<stipa> don't know bro
<Xogium> all pihole can do really is block dns requests
<Xogium> afaik
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> but from the point of browser and me browsing
<stipa> pihole has no
<stipa> any
<Xogium> hm. I don't know either
<stipa> browser adblockers work fine without pihole
<stipa> i don't see benefit pihole brings to the table
<stipa> literally none
<Xogium> but ublock and friend can block individual components from a page or domain. I made it block the js thingy that shows ipv4 exhaustion on hurricane electric website
<Xogium> well… only case where pihole would be useful would be on phones, where you can't just install ublock or similar
<Xogium> since youtube is not in your browser but in a separate app, anyway
<stipa> ah, yeah
<stipa> if someone comes to your network and don't have an block on his machines
<stipa> it could block some ads
<Xogium> exactly
<stipa> eah
<stipa> yeah*
<stipa> but it's not like
<Xogium> now imagine installing ublock network-wide
<Xogium> lol
<stipa> it's not blocking all the ads
<stipa> ublock origin
<stipa> well that would be fine
<stipa> idk why it's not available yet
<Xogium> sure would be nice
<stipa> very nice
<stipa> but you have some people that
<stipa> like to watch ads
<stipa> or
<stipa> you know
<stipa> they work on the developement
<stipa> of the webpages
<stipa> and want to se how ads work with what they are doing
<stipa> but
<stipa> you know
<Xogium> yeah
<stipa> ublock origin is made for people that just don't want ads
<stipa> just install it in browser and surf
<Xogium> yep
<stipa> but a linux cli version of that same system would be a killer
<Xogium> doesn't eat all your cpu either
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> it just
<stipa> works
<Xogium> yeah :D
<stipa> :D
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<stipa> but i don't dare to turn adblocker in a browser
<stipa> even though i have pihole running
<stipa> in the lan
<stipa> maybe i should tunr noff apihole, it's just wasting my sdcard by running into the database and i can't turn that off
<stipa> writing into the databa...
<Xogium> heh
<stipa> yeah, i wrot about it pihole forum but i was
<stipa> like
<stipa> you know, noone wanted to to deal with it
<stipa> and it stayed like it more than two updates after
<stipa> so it serves nothing and destroys sdcard
<stipa> at least for me a stupid user
<Xogium> well sd cards are less resistant than eMMC for sure
<stipa> tbh i never went with na sd card to it's end
<stipa> but some guy few days ago he has 120-something days
<stipa> uptime
<stipa> on opi and the card dided
<stipa> died*
<Xogium> oh I killed a couple
<Xogium> sandisk, mostly
<Xogium> kill the last one so bad it was doing random kernel panic, lockups, not finding the gpt partition table 5 times out of 10
<stipa> fun
<Xogium> yep
<Xogium> not so much since it was on the router
<Xogium> lol
<stipa> ah yeah
<stipa> if you want some fancy software running
<Xogium> I got it to be stable with another card, but then I bought a few industrial grade, micro sd with slc flash. Cost a lot more but at least they ain't gonna die on you prematurely
<Xogium> it wasn't even much fancy, the thing just died after a couple of system upgrades flashing 30 mb each time
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> they cost more
<stipa> and also have less GB
<Xogium> the whole thing was read-only with a tmpfs layer to allow for volatile storage
<stipa> yeah it's tricky if you want logs
<Xogium> indeed
<stipa> especially ones that can survive power off
<stipa> i personally don't care
<Xogium> the worst part is that even if you put a rootfs read-only, and you have a writable overlayfs on top, one day, your system might stop booting
<Xogium> wear leveling will eventually shift your rootfs to the more heavily used blocks
<Xogium> you're only delaying an unavoidable thing
<stipa> i've lost you
<stipa> are we taking about sd cards?
<stipa> a ok
<stipa> you're taking about chip inside of the sd card?
<Xogium> well, as time goes by, the more you write and write and write on your overlayfs, the more wear leveling will move the underlying rootfs toward the worn out blocks, to make room for yet more and more and more writing on the writable partition
<Xogium> and one day, it will refuse to work
<Xogium> yea
<Xogium> the chip
<stipa> yeah as i know
<stipa> there's a chip inside of the sd card
<stipa> that takes care of
<stipa> how much times
<stipa> is written to sam blocks
<stipa> same*
<stipa> and tries to write at all blocks same amount of times
<stipa> in order to
<stipa> card last longer
<Xogium> yeah, and then it makes a list of eventual bad blocks and can shift data around to avoid them and let you write… but will kill off your nice read-only rootfs that you thought could never be impacted
<stipa> i din't know you can acces that chip
<Xogium> also I once worn out some micro sd so bad that it could only retain information while powered on. That is, when electrons and stuff could do their job, with a high voltage. Shutting it down, the flash was so worn out that the information litterally decayed in a matter of days
<Xogium> you can access thhe chip of some, yeah, pro ones like the slc
<Xogium> some have smart data a bit like hard drive health
<stipa> cool
<Xogium> but eMMC is better for that at least since 5.0 came around
<stipa> so
<stipa> regarding sd card
<stipa> if it's dead
<stipa> you applay power to it
<stipa> install for example os on it
<Xogium> they have generic health status specs defined in the standard, life time in steps of 10%, 0x01 is 0 - 9%, 0x02 is 10 - 20%, and so on
<stipa> and it'll work untill you cut the power to the card?
<Xogium> yeah
<stipa> sick
<stipa> ot acts like ram when't its dead
<Xogium> well nothing making sure you're booting off sane data, though
<Xogium> as time goes the bit rot will set in, and fuck everything sideways
<Xogium> lol
<stipa> never give up
<Xogium> making files unreadable, making them disappear, making them have strange name
<Xogium> as bits get flipped
<stipa> sounds like fun
<Xogium> weirdest I saw was becoming lijux-arexf.qo.3
<stipa> he he
<stipa> i guess it ok for some audio and video effects
<Xogium> so systemd went like, WHAT file did you ask me for ?
<Xogium> bam kernel panic
<stipa> lol
<Xogium> and then the whole data structure fell apart in a mater of hours after that
<Xogium> dd now only returns i/o errors on this card no matter if I try to read or write
<stipa> i mean
<stipa> sd card is small and compact
<stipa> it's awesome for photocameras
<Xogium> yep, telling how much it is that you can somehow fit 128 gb easily on them these days
<Xogium> I wonder if micro sd vs sd makes a difference
<stipa> judging by your stories
<Xogium> in sd the physical cells should be a lot less close to each other
<stipa> sd cards a re not for runing os
<stipa> Xogium: maybe they should but that means less memory
<Xogium> well, they an do, but I sure wouldn't send a critical system in space with one ! Except for data
<Xogium> *can
<Xogium> then again if it is the only option you have, not much to do about it
<stipa> well ok, it's ok for loading os into the memory
<stipa> armbian can do that
<Xogium> these days thee's all kind of flash, slc, mlc, tlc, and qlc. Slc is smallest but most resistant and probably fastest, as it has only 1 bit per cell. Mlc is 2, tlc 3, and qlc is 4
<stipa> but you know, there's a bunch of fancy software
<stipa> that has need to write to the sdcard
<Xogium> more bits per cell means wearing out faster but greater capacity
<stipa> idk
<stipa> have you heard ybout the "mram"
<stipa> everspin
<Xogium> some eMMC are fancy and can emulate slc, pseudo slc, by storing only one bit per cell. But of course there's the tradeoffs, 3.6 gb in mlc become 1.8 gb in pslc mode
<Xogium> nop, don't think I did
<stipa> fast as ram and not senile
<Xogium> heh that does sound nice
<stipa> aha
<stipa> it keeps state on poweroff and doesn't war off
<stipa> wear*
<stipa> the problem is
<stipa> it works and there are chips
<stipa> the problem is they can't make a lot of it on small area
<Xogium> but ultimately I think it all amounts to one thing… Program/erase cycles count. Slc has up to several hundred of thousands of those, mlc is between 10k ~30k cycles, tlc is 2k to 3k, and qlc is 500 ~1000
<Xogium> and woah this looks cool, even if not all powerful yet
<stipa> heavy shit
<stipa> it's based on the first memory
<Xogium> neat
<Xogium> I can see that being widely used one day :p
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> super fast boot times
<stipa> like it's waking from sleep
<stipa> and no power needed for sleep
<stipa> "sleep"
<stipa> read and write seeds
<stipa> like those of ram
<stipa> speeds*
<stipa> so no disks anymore
<stipa> memory will be directly connected to cpu
<stipa> something like bunch of cache
<stipa> terabytes of cache
<stipa> that doesn't loose state on power off
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<jschwart> stipa: it was about 6 euro on aliexpress, if you search there, you can find multiple sellers selling the same button for around that price, it arrived here (Netherlands) in less than 2 weeks
<stipa> jschwart: fancy
<jschwart> yeah I was happy when I found it :)
<stipa> jschwart: do you have a link ?
<jschwart> I also ordered two wifi antennas
<jschwart> yep, sec
<jschwart> well, I ordered a wifi antenna, but they're shipped in pairs
<stipa> antennas are important these days
<stipa> the bigger the better
<Xogium> speaking of wifi, did you solve your issue with wifi repeater ?
<stipa> all those antenas in laptops, phones and tablets are complete shit
<stipa> Xogium: i didn't, i guess i'll use two seperate machines, one for AP and one for client that will conect to the AP that "repets" the signal and connect those two machines with ethernet cable
<Xogium> damn
<jschwart> stipa: I don't have such bad experience with antennas, but what do you use?
<stipa> Xogium: yeah, damn, why would it be cheap when it doesn't need to be
<Xogium> heh heh
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<Xogium> just to annoy you, I guess
<stipa> Xogium: nah, all fucks that could take a look at it told that they run wire
<stipa> you could find them cheaper maybe
<Xogium> hm
<Xogium> I guess its not doable any other way then
<stipa> Xogium: maybe it is
<stipa> but brains in linux comunnity run wire or optics and it's not in their interest to get it working
<stipa> wifi is "slow"
<Xogium> I never really liked wifi myself. I much prefer wired
<Xogium> but, as it is I'm forced to use wifi
<stipa> i like wifi
<jschwart> stipa: ah nice, indeed easy to use as replacements for antennas that don't seem powerful enough
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> they go through two walls without a problem
<stipa> and it supports both 2.4 and 5.8 Ghz
<stipa> i have a bunch of stuff on 2.4 still
<stipa> and i'm not planning to part with it any time soon
<stipa> Xogium: i'm was fascinated by putting an antenna on the roof and networking with a friend few streets away
<Xogium> ah ah, yeah, then yeah I can definitely understand why you like wifi
<stipa> yeah, it was a decade ago
<stipa> ap congestion is fun as well
<stipa> when few of us is connected to it
<Xogium> my experience with it was nothing but cool. Shitty hardware from the isp, shitty hardware on any machine I ever had
<stipa> yeah it sux
<Xogium> like right now, in fact. 0.5 mbit/s upload
<stipa> only way it'l wokr with linux on ap
<stipa> Xogium: yep, wifi is a bummer to mkae right
<stipa> make*
<stipa> what i'm relizing right now is that a bunch of gear has wifi ac compatibilty but antennas are for 2.4 ghz ant not 5.8 ghz
<stipa> especially in laptops, tablets, phones and that stuff
<Xogium> heh
<Xogium> 5 ghz is even worse, imo
<stipa> so you literally have to have ap+s all over the place
<stipa> repeaters*
<Xogium> 2.4 is longer range, 5 ghz lose strength quick if you move away too much
<stipa> not because 5.8ghz sux
<stipa> but beacuse of the shitty hardware
<Xogium> yeah
<stipa> in laptops, phones, ...
<stipa> Xogium: i guess it's shittier range with 5.8Ghz because stuff that connects to it has 2.4Ghz antennas
<stipa> they have ac tech
<stipa> but not ac antennas
<Xogium> yeah, must be that
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> it's a mess as always
<stipa> good thing there's linux
<stipa> without it
<stipa> life would be total crap
<Xogium> ;)
<Xogium> embedded linux is even more fun
<stipa> it has i't uses
<stipa> it's fun compiling it
<stipa> when i saw what i have to do to copmile an openwrt for a laptop from 2000
<stipa> i gave up
<stipa> maybe i should return to that
<stipa> i do it like a real macho man
<Xogium> mmhm I prefer buildroot to openwrt but of course buildroot is more general use than openwrt
<stipa> i didn't hear for buildroot
<stipa> so i guess the "Buildroot" is the linux distribution
<Xogium> not really buildroot is a firmware generator more than a distro
<Xogium> it makes up a good linux system but you don't have this concept of packaging and stuff like upgrades with a single command like apt
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<Xogium> so you have to do firmware upgrades the real way, unless you fancy dd-ing an image to the board over and over
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<Xogium> using rauc for example, setup symetric a/b rootfs that rotate between each update
<stipa> so
<stipa> what's the shittiest hardware it can run on?
<stipa> like
<Xogium> hmm
<stipa> for example lowsest amount of ram it can run on
<Xogium> I'm not exactly sure but I know it can run on stm32f407 discovery kit
<stipa> can it run on x86?
<Xogium> with a very minimal rootfs mind you, mini kernel, and minified busybox
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<Xogium> sure
<stipa> ok
<Xogium> its more usually for embedded but it can be used on typical bios and uefi pc
<Xogium> I know someone managed to make a buildroot system fit in 4 mb of flash
<stipa> that's fancy indeed
<Xogium> I see it a bit as the lfs
<Xogium> except instead of having to do it yourself it gives you a bunch of menuconfig and makefiles that does it all for you
<Xogium> in fact, openwrt was forked from buildroot a long time ago
<stipa> yeah, some help is always welcome
<stipa> through friendly menus
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<Xogium> these days though they are so different from each other that you barely can tell it used to be buildroot
<stipa> idk the history of it
<stipa> or what it is
<Xogium> I think they forked from buildroot about 10 or so years ago possibly more
<stipa> hmm
<stipa> buildroot forket from buildroot?
<stipa> who is they?
<Xogium> ah no in 2004
<Xogium> no openwrt forked
<stipa> oh
<stipa> ddwrt and openwrt?
<Xogium> ddwrt I don't know
<Xogium> but openwrt was forked from buildroot in 2004 or or 2005 and already heavily customized
<stipa> oh ok
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<plntyk> Xogium, correct
<Xogium> huh about what ?
<Xogium> openwrt stuff ?
<mangix> Yep
<Xogium> oh no not another kingston eMMC… I hate them. They are good hardware but too closed so you don't even know what enabling enhanced user area might do internally, this makes me too uneasy to enable it. Especially since it's permanent
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<jschwart> stipa: interesting about the lack of 5GHz compatibility in antennas, I never imagined that, btw. I use a Turris Omnia here, its wifi seems quite decent
<Xogium> damn omnia
<Xogium> that's one hell of a priced router…
<Xogium> last time I checked it was like $330 on amazon
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<jschwart> it's maybe 100 euro more expensive than a fritzbox but has a lot more options
<jschwart> so it seems to make sense
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<buZz> hehe
<buZz> this udoo quad is kinda slow
<buZz> or maybe the datastorage is the slowness
<plntyk> buZz, well its 1GHz and "old" 32bit
<buZz> heh yeah
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<kayterina> hello. Are the camera modules(ov5640) between orangepi-bananapi-nanopi interchangeable? Or with everyboard I try Ihave to get the matching module?
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> I need to dump the registers from AC200 codec used in H6 SoC
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Any ideas how can I do it?
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I2c-tools are no help
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Driver is using regmap but doesn't show up in debugfs
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<ArmbianTwitter> @never_released (Longhorn): @blu51899890 @armbian @NVIDIAEmbedded On Tegra X1, Nouveau is perfectly well-supported today. (4s ago)
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<stipa> jschwart: that's a fancy router
<jschwart> stipa: yeah so far I'm quite happy with it, maybe it could help you too regarding wifi
<stipa> jschwart: i beleive you, it's way over my budget but i wouldn'z have anything aginst one
<stipa> it's like all you need in a one box
<Xogium> woohoo hail storm happening right now here
<stipa> those can be nasty Xogium
<Xogium> yeah
<Xogium> quite big from what I hear
<stipa> they usually destroy food crops and cars
<Xogium> yea
<Xogium> luckily nothing seems to de damaged nearby
<Xogium> *be damaged
<stipa> good to hear
<stipa> kayterina: i guess if you can plug that camera somewhere on all boards you should be good, the other problem would be if there is working driver for that camera
<stipa> and if the board has working driver for that connector where you would plug the camera
<stipa> interface*
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: that's some heavy hacking
<stipa> does it even has a memory?
<kprasadvnsi[m]> <stipa "kprasadvnsi: that's some heavy h"> It's more like staring at the code and cursing.
<stipa> looks like asic
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Yup, it an hard IP used in H6 but datasheet suggest that a 64 pin IC should also be exist but I haven't seen it yet
<kprasadvnsi[m]> AC200 is a audio codec + RTC + TVE+Ethernet phy chip
<kprasadvnsi[m]> It is controlled by SoC via i2c bus
<stipa> so
<stipa> can it send out i2c or it just receives it?
<kprasadvnsi[m]> It has a 16 bit address space and 16bit data
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Which is a problem because standard i2c don't include 16bit addressing mode. So I need perform some Black magic to make it work.
<stipa> there's a datasheet for it
<kprasadvnsi[m]> Yah, I have that datasheet
<stipa> AC200can support two series control interface protocol for writing to or readback from registers on SCK and SDA pins . One is TWI interface, the other is RSB interface. RSB is top-priority for higher efficiency and lower power consumption.
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I need a register dump from a working bsp image to know which registers value are being set.
<stipa> well i guess you'll have to write a program to do it
<stipa> i see there is a list of registers
<stipa> and their names
<stipa> amd you can use TWI to fetch them to the pc
<stipa> is TWI available on the GPIO?
<stipa> hmmm
<stipa> do H6 cpu core and that asic even share the same TWI?
<stipa> i don't see ac200 in the H6 datsheet
<stipa> oh ok
<stipa> the cpu is controlling the ac200
<stipa> i doubt that same interface is available on the GPIO
<stipa> but
<stipa> you could use H6 cpu to fetch that registers for you, right kprasadvnsi[m] ?
<stipa> since CPU is connected to it already
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I will try to get regmap to work. That way I can R/W registers from the userspace
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<stipa> awsome
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<iwkse> hi, I've installed armbian on an orangi pi zero, do you know on which file are saved the network informations? I see it uses nmtui for setup, I would just like to disable/remove network manager and just use ifupdown and set my static configuration to /etc/network/interfaces
<lanefu> iwkse: sounds like you know what to do
<iwkse> lanefu: tried to uninstall network manager and set the info on interfaces but didn't boot
<iwkse> lanefu: I'm searching now where it's saved the information from network manager
<iwkse> because it's not pinging
<lanefu> you have to enable the interfaces scripts
<iwkse> oh ok
<IgorPec> you just enable /etc/network/interfaces and that should override network manager
<IgorPec> if not, then its a bug
<iwkse> IgorPec: from armbian-config?
<IgorPec> manually
<IgorPec> or from there, armbian-config is just a wrapper
<lanefu> you want to switch to scripts you don't know how to use? :P
<iwkse> I need to do that manually as now I have access to the card mounted on the pc
<iwkse> lanefu: sure
<IgorPec> this classical way should work
<IgorPec> unless we have a bug
<IgorPec> in network manager. i would not be surprised
<Werner> Let's simply assume that and blame it :P
<lanefu> IgorPec: I do think we need to rework it.. so we have some explicit scripts to assure networkmanager, networkd or the interfaces scripts (which are deprecated in ubuntu)
<IgorPec> yeah, long term solution should go such direction
<lanefu> another thing for armiban config RFC
<lanefu> i guess i'll commne ton that thread
<IgorPec> yes, network config is very important part and has to be rock solid
<IgorPec> actually current is not that bad. network manger for easy / newbie manipulation and old school ifupdown for old farts
<IgorPec> but yeah, its getting deprecated ...
<IgorPec> current way is not the best and relinking doesn't change much in term of maintaining perspective
<iwkse> IgorPec: that's what I did, I though I had to enable something from init.d. I wrote an interfaces file, removed network-manager, result with a no ping
<IgorPec> you don't need to enable anything ... we have a bug
<iwkse> ok
<IgorPec> can you use network manager until then?
<iwkse> I would like to do without reinstalling :)
<IgorPec> reinstalling what?
<iwkse> can I manually edit the nm file?
<iwkse> well I could access with serial consol
<iwkse> I need to find my serial to usb adaptor
<IgorPec> you can do everything from CLI interface
<iwkse> can't ping, can't access thoguh ssh
<iwkse> orange pi zero doesn't have hdmi exposed
<IgorPec> serial console is the only way
<iwkse> seems so
<IgorPec> or via micro usb console
<iwkse> ah
<IgorPec> i think its also enabled on those small boards
<iwkse> I have to check
<iwkse> so network manager doesn't same on some config file?
<iwkse> where I can just manually adjust
<IgorPec> nmtui-edit
<IgorPec> nmtui-connect
<IgorPec> its menu driven
<iwkse> yes but I mean, I have the sd mounted
<IgorPec> ahaa, oh
<iwkse> It would be could if I could edit
<IgorPec> that i don't know
<iwkse> like for interfaces
<IgorPec> check in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections
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<IgorPec> if connection was established, there you find settings of that one. more then this i don't know
<iwkse> thank you, will give a look
<iwkse> cool, connections are there
<iwkse> it's working again :)
<IgorPec> great!
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<Wizzard> hello
<Wizzard> is there any Armbian armhf version? :)
<Wizzard> my point is to run Retroarch on it, but it does not run on Arm64, when I use armhf version
<Wizzard> and arm64 version does not support core download so I need to use armhf
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<Xogium> there's a couple armv7 boards but its board specific afaik
<Xogium> not sure about armv6, if that's the one you actually need
<Wizzard> it us up to board? I use RockPro64
<Wizzard> there is Armbian arm64 version
<Xogium> for armbian yeah they might just package arm64 if the hw is arm64, you should check
<IgorPec> no activity / enough interest in creating 32bit rootfs option
<Xogium> not actually using armbian myself so can't be of much help
<IgorPec> even you would use it, it would not be much difference
<Wizzard> I guess it should also support armhf, but I have no idea how to convert arm64 OS to armhf
<Xogium> not always
<Xogium> some SoC aren't backward compatible with armv7
<IgorPec> its some work, which is why this issue was never done
<IgorPec> kernel can run in 64 bit
<IgorPec> probably that is not a problem, depends on the use case
<IgorPec> but wizzard probably only needs 32bit userland
<Xogium> well I'm thinking of trying to run armv7 resulted in ExecFormat error, then it does look like the SoC don't support that
<Xogium> *if
<Xogium> on the other hand if all it said was some cryptic 'no such file or directory' then it probably means you're lacking the lobs
<Xogium> *libs damn
<Xogium> some SoC only support running 32 bit armv8, while other ones support going down to armv7
<Xogium> for instance I never managed to run an armv7 binary on an espressobin
<Wizzard> when I just added armhf architecture and installed retroarch armhf, it does not run correctly, it cannot find some driver
<Wizzard> it seems like I need also armhf kernel and all the drivers
<Wizzard> or just userland, I do not understand it perfectly
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<lanefu> I've had good luck running armv7 in containers on 64bit arm hosts because typically all the appriorate libraries are packaged taht way
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<[TheBug]> :facepalm:
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: good one
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