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<ArmbianTwitter> @rasp_ap (RaspAP 📡): Big new feature update: Create a #WireGuard VPN tunnel in 20 seconds (or less) with RaspAP 🐉 It really is just that easy. More info here: #armbian #raspberrypi (29s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @rasp_ap: Big new feature update: Create a #WireGuard VPN tunnel in 20 seconds (or less) with RaspAP 🐉 It really is just that easy. More… (21s ago)
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<linux_party> iLinux OS rocks and a Raspberry Edition is on the way!
<[TheBug]> ?!
<[TheBug]> why would that matter here?
<[TheBug]> is there a ARM edition that supports other SBCs?
<linux_party> Dunno… Ask the Developer…
<[TheBug]> hmm ;/ so no real discussion, just spam huh?
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<linux_party> What spam dude?!
<[TheBug]> you do realize Armbian isn't for RaspberryPi right?
<linux_party> I just use iLinux...
<[TheBug]> and reason it exists is to support other ARM boards
<[TheBug]> so your advertisement here is kinda silly?
<[TheBug]> at minimum offtopic
<linux_party> I guess that since they develop an Raspberry Edition maybe thet will do an Armbian Edition too…
<linux_party> Maybe I’m wrong...
<kprasadvnsi[m]> You do realise the RPi edition is for Raspberry Pi boards and there is no such thing as Armbian board
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<stipa> sounds like something from apple factory
<stipa> could anyone know why my usb nic overheats when plugged in one lte with ethernet cable but not when plugged in another
<stipa> lte modem
<stipa> seems to me like it's something on a hardware level
<stipa> did anyone had anything similiar?
<binarym> does an ifconfig report more error prior/during overheat
<binarym> is it the same MTU size in both case ?
<binarym> is temperature of operation is the same for both modem ?
<stipa> i'll have to check the mtu size
<binarym> i guess heat of the modem can propage throught the RJ45 cable, especially with short cables.
<stipa> it's long
<stipa> around 10m
<stipa> meteres*
<binarym> not hot while touching ?
<stipa> it's not hot while touching
<stipa> usb nic is running hot on idle
<stipa> mtu 1500
<stipa> what solved the heat was me removing wires that usually run POE
<stipa> but then it runs only at 100 Mbs
<stipa> but lte modem is not providin POE
<stipa> there's no any power in the eth cable
<stipa> i can't go into the modem, it's under warranty :(
<stipa> seems like i isolated wrong wires
<stipa> yep, i have isolated brown wires instaed of the orange ones
<stipa> there's hope
<buZz> the 'mainline' kernel for H3 on armbian
<buZz> is it without any patches?
<buZz> i banned that spammer from #devuan , would recommend you do similar
<buZz> its a GPL violating proprietary distro thats only promotion seems to be spamming irc channels by this one .gr host
<Werner> I see
<linux_party> Wow! If it’s illegal I will stop using it! I am quite interested to see the Legal Proof!!! How does it violate GPL?! Care to elaborate?!
<Werner> I have my doubts that anybody wants to waste precious time in doing that, especially answering this question to somebody whos biggest accomplishment is abusing public chats to do blindfolded advertising. So do both of us a favor and simply leave. Thanks.
<linux_party> Wow! Solid Legal Proff!!! Yeah!
linux_party was kicked from #armbian by Werner [linux_party]
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<sunshavi> Does rpi has got u-boot support lately?
<buZz> tnx Werner
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<HerculeP> sunshavi: nope, raspi firmware still sits in /boot (1st FAT partition)
<HerculeP> legal proff, ROTFL
<sunshavi> HerculeP: thanks. their lima gpu driver was unexpected. But it should be great for them and also for the lima driver which is the one H3 SBC's use
<sunshavi> s/lima gpu driver/mesa gpu driver/
<ArmbianHelper> sunshavi meant to say: HerculeP: thanks. their mesa gpu driver was unexpected. But it should be great for them and also for the lima driver which is the one H3 SBC's use
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<hieppo> Hi, just to continue trying to boot armbian on an s802 provider box
<HerculeP> better ask in#raspberrypi , armbian doesnt support any rpi
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<hieppo> it is a iptv provider, their bootloader does not freely allow booting off usb/sd
<HerculeP> ^@ sunshavi
<hieppo> any any input on overriding this and allow free boot sd/usb?
<Werner> Barely anyone here tinkers with tvboxes. You might have more luck digging through tv boxes club forums
<chewitt> hieppo there is an experimental kernel for meson-8 hardware, see
<chewitt> but it's one of those "if you need to ask for help, best give up now" situations
<chewitt> there is no nicely written up howto, and your box almost certainly doesn't have a device-tree in Martin's source so you'd need to make one
<hieppo> thanks. i gave it a shot just incase someone out there was playing around with something similar
<hieppo> these crappy provider box is practically useless if you unsubscribed to their service
<chewitt> and there is zero u-boot support for Meson-8 hardware, so you're at the mercies of the vendor bootloader which is hideous
<hieppo> that is what I suspected. was trying to cheat by having recovery try to boot sd/usb but stuck at wrong image format for autoscript
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<chewitt> Meson 8 uses different load addresses to S905 and up
<chewitt> "32-bit SoCs (Meson8b / S805 or older)"
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<diederik> sunshavi: I haven't tried it, nor do I know what the advantage of using it are (u-boot newbie here), but Debian does have an u-boot-rpi package (for RPi 3 and 4):
<IgorPec> armbian also have packaged u-boots for all boards
<sunshavi> diederik: thx. I just was trying to have an answer on my mind about the openness or rpi's
<IgorPec> rpi can't be open
<IgorPec> but can boot u-boot if this is the case
<diederik> why do you say that?
<diederik> (can't be open)
<IgorPec> because linux is boot inside RTOS
<IgorPec> linux / boot / loader / whatever
<diederik> ah ok, that part. I've heard of it, but don't know anything else about it
<Xogium> hardware isn't open, either
<sunshavi> IgorPec: As I said before the v4c-mesa driver for rpi's gpu has give some advantages to mesa-lima. so I think now rpi is a little bit more open than it was in the past. This is just for my reminding
<IgorPec> we can't know since its not open source :)
<[TheBug]> the underlying code needed to get Linux or the boot loader to run is not free. That is what he is saying. So the underlying code needed to load Linux is not free nor open source.
<Xogium> the rtos that runs on there is threadX
<Xogium> it is the one that display the lightning bolt icon when your pi has overvoltage, and any other icons like for thermal
<Xogium> among other things
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> it have full control over linux
<Xogium> because of the really truly strange way the pi boots up
<Xogium> booting up the gpu first… what
<[TheBug]> the whole thing is just a fancy GPU with CPU cores glued onto it
<IgorPec> yeah
<IgorPec> basically
<[TheBug]> thats why
<sunshavi> Xogium: that's good info 'booting up the gpu first'
<IgorPec> that gpu is propriater
<IgorPec> y
<sunshavi> sure. In th morning was a guy here talking about rpi's. And he asked the question 'why rpi's violate GPL's?'. I was trying to answer that question to myself. thx for the contributions
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<[TheBug]> yw
<diederik> a while back I mentioned a problem with NFS and linux-image-current-rockchip64 version 21.02.1 (5.10.12 kernel). Very likely the same issue got reported to Debian:
<[TheBug]> whats the issue?
<[TheBug]> also why you running 5.10.12?
<[TheBug]> just cause you wanted latest and greatest?
<sunshavi> I am curious. why armbian has not moved yet to 5.11?
<IgorPec> it is
<IgorPec> just not with current branch
<IgorPec> dev branch
<[TheBug]> If you are using rk3399 for NAS you should use 5.8.6 IMO as it is most stable - Linux rockstorage 5.8.6-rockchip64 #20.08.1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Sep 3 18:03:42 CEST 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<diederik> I'm running bullseye and that version came by. But it gave problems, so I asked how to install an older version
<sunshavi> ok. I am trying to run maemo-leste on opipc (H3). So I was trying to create a kernel for the reste of the tools. And just found 5.10 for downloading on the web page
<[TheBug]> I was pushing 200M/sec to a 7 disk raid5 + luks on my RockPi 4c Last night
<[TheBug]> rk3399 running 7 drive sata mdadm raid5 + luks (ext4 filesystem) and receiving 192M/sec over 2x Gigabit nic (one USB 3.0)
<diederik> did that and did 'aptitude hold <pkg>'. But the latest version (21.02.2) has 5.10.16, so it should be fixed there as well
<sunshavi> I wanted to pikc kernel and modules from armbian and putting it on a 5.11 image of maemo-leste
<[TheBug]> diederik: did you paste the right thing ?? shows an x86 system
<[TheBug]> ohh that isn't from your own report your a referencing something else
<[TheBug]> how about showing the actual issue you are hitting and providing some logs for it
<diederik> A while back I mentioned/asked about that problem on this channel. Just saw a msg come by on debian-kernel ML that it was closed. And noticed that the problem was VERY similar.
<[TheBug]> Well do you have your own logs of the issue, like dmesg output, output from armbianmonitor etc?
<[TheBug]> like do you know your not getting the chip too hot when it has issues
<[TheBug]> also there is a lot more info needed, such as how many drives?
<[TheBug]> how are they connected
<[TheBug]> are you hitting io contention?
<diederik> [TheBug]: At the time, nothing showed up on the logs. I just noticed some weird things with the videos (subtitles not send with it f.e.)
<sunshavi> IgorPec: thanks 'just not with current branch'
<diederik> So what I did then, was go back to an earlier version of linux-image-current-rockchip64 (version 20.11.4, kernel version 5.9.14) and that made the problem go away
<[TheBug]> diederik: to give you an idea while I test I am running: '/usr/bin/armbianmonitor -m' , ' watch -n1 iostat -k 1 2' and htop or top
<diederik> But it looks like I can now upgrade that package again as it seems to be fixed upstream in 5.10.15
<[TheBug]> yeah there is likely some regression in some driver, was it fixed in newer kernel?
<[TheBug]> diederik: I still suggest if you are running some type of storage platform 5.8.6 is probably a long term stable point as far as Armbian goes, newer stuff will likely have various issues -- so if you need stable thats what I would use
<diederik> it was a kernel regression that happened in 5.10.12 and seems to be fixed with 5.10.15
<diederik> I've been running Debian Sid for 10+ years, so no, I don't need stable
<[TheBug]> diederik: I ran into some odd memory issues in some of the newer versions as well -- could also be related to the NFS issue, where there is some weirdness in the DMA driver under high load
<diederik> and 5.10 is a LTS kernel release and is also what will be shipped with Debian Bullseye. 5.8.x is from upstream's POV just a random kernel
<sunshavi> I have been running maemo from 2009. :p
<[TheBug]> You are pretending all is equal, I am talking about what kernels are stable from Armbian from anecdotal use -- as our kernels have a lot of patches that fall outside mainline -- so you can't really compare the two exactly
<sunshavi> I know. maemo is 2.6.28 based on debian gutsy (probably)
<sunshavi> or lenny
<sunshavi> maemo kernel have not been updated from 2009 until know
<diederik> I know. That's why I am running Armbian on a Rock64 as it appears that upstream/debian kernel doesn't provide proper power to an attached USB disk (red light), while I get a blue light with armbian
<Xogium> ewww
<Xogium> 2.6
<Xogium> yuck
<sunshavi> the 'one an only' linux-phone nokia n900.
<[TheBug]> not true
<[TheBug]> Motorola Droid 4 also can run linux very similar to n900
<diederik> Even though I get a blue light, there are still some issues. Transferring large amounts of data result in an 'ssh authentication' error (while there is no ssh problem)
<sunshavi> true for me. a smart phone (for being smart). It should run emacs. any other phone that does not run emacs is not Smart. :)
<[TheBug]> in fact its called maemo-leste
<sunshavi> yeah. THat is going to be my future. I hope
<[TheBug]> yeah I see you idle there lol
<[TheBug]> I have 2 Droid 4s here hoping soon to convert one to Linux, just haven't had the time
<sunshavi> d4 kbd is not as good as n900 kbd. I have one d4 (in really bad condition) It dropped and battery separated from the rest
<[TheBug]> diederik: Rock64 is CSC for a reason -- there are a lot of known bugs with it and it is also VERY dependant on ther revision of the board you are running -- there are v1, v2 and v3 boards out there if I recall and each have different issues
<[TheBug]> we at least tried to patch it to working before we changed it to CSC if I recall
<diederik> yep, I know. I'm not blaming anyone. Nor complaining about it
<[TheBug]> ;)
<[TheBug]> didn't say you were, just filling you in in case you didn't know ;)
<[TheBug]> "The More You Know"...
<diederik> iirc IgorPec told me a previous time
<[TheBug]> diederik :)
<[TheBug]> diederik: so you still didn't say what board you actually have and what your storage setup is?
<[TheBug]> am curious to know
<diederik> Rock64 4GB and it was/is a single 1TB USB3 drive
<diederik> I've now setup a normal pc/server for storage though. The workaround I enacted with the Rock64 didn't work out for me.
<sunshavi> diederik: ext4?
<[TheBug]> ahh so you are talking specific about Rock64 not rk3399? Earlier I was a bit confused as my references have been for rk3399 not rk3328 - so I then will say I don't know if 5.8.6 is the stable kernel for you on that board -- why being specific is important ;p
<diederik> on the Rock64, yes. On the 'new' pc/server I've set it up with btrfs to try that out
<diederik> I'm indeed talking about the device with the rk3328 chip/cpu, not the RockPro64
<sunshavi> 2 or years ago it tried btrfs on archlinux. It was not stable at that time. But now in 2021 who knows
<diederik> The data (media files) on that 'new' server is (just) a copy of the data on my 'real' server, where it's stored on ext4.
* nekomancer[m] use btrfs for armbian root and docker for 2 years on odroid n2 and rock64. smooth.
<diederik> so if it breaks (or sth like that), it's annoying but nothing else
<sunshavi> nekomancer: thanks for the info
<Xogium> heard that btrfs on spinning disk is absolutely awefull
<sunshavi> my S a m s u n g tv does not understand ext4. Just fat32 and ntfs. ntfs is buggy on the tv
<Xogium> don't know about flash, I'd tend to think it could be wearing it out faster than ext4
<diederik> ha, I'm using primarily spinning disk (in 'new' server). OS is on SSD though
<Xogium> but I don't know btrfs that well
<nekomancer[m]> maybe, exfat?
<nekomancer[m]> exfat for tv
<diederik> me neither, hence me want to experiment with it. I also want to experiment with ZFSonLinux
<Xogium> I personally didn't ever see the need to switch to other fs unless absolutely necessary, and on the most part ext4 does a good job
<[TheBug]> Xogium: its okay but the problem is when you try and use BRTFS for raid -- they actually published in the most recent release there is a very big warning to any user whome tries to use it for raid5/6 that it is considered unstable / alpha / do not use code
<sunshavi> exfat supports more 4 gb file sizes?
<Xogium> oh boy
<Xogium> like that rc1 of 5.12 kernel XD
<diederik> sunshavi: my router, which runs linux, only supports HPS+/FAT/NTFS for attached drives, not ext4 *facepalm*
<nekomancer[m]> <sunshavi "exfat supports more 4 gb file si"> yes
<Xogium> that Linus himself tagged as 'DO NOT USE'
<diederik> haha, yeah, saw that too
<sunshavi> me comprendo castellano
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<sunshavi> exfat. I am going to tag it. perhaps in the future I could use it
<Xogium> basically they fscked up swap file handling pretty bad and if you did use swap file, not *partition* you could get your whole fs filled in with random swap data
<Xogium> ain't that great !
<[TheBug]> diederik: thats because the device doesn't use ext4 at all, if you were to check the router its self probably runs jffs2 or some other jinky overlay based filesystem
<[TheBug]> therefore they likely do not even supply modules for ext4 as they didn't need itg
<[TheBug]> and built modules only for what they expected to be attached
<[TheBug]> whichi most people doing that are not intelligent enough to know to reformat it so they assume it will be NTFS/Fat
<Xogium> yeah, it wouldn't make any sense to run ext4 on a router unless it's some non raw flash device
<Xogium> like mmc
<diederik> it does use jffs2 and '/' is readonly. Still, supplying modules for foreign FSs and not native ext4 is weird imo
<Xogium> not so weird… They assume most peeps run windows and are probably not even knowing how to reformat anything
<[TheBug]> they wanted to keep kernel small to reserve ram as more ram you use on those routers, less you have for buffer
<[TheBug]> so it they likely built the very minimum
<sunshavi> diederik: thx. which one is your model for not buying it?
<Xogium> we got a super old asus router running a 2.4 kernel
<sunshavi> router btw
<Xogium> it got ext2 support, woohoo !
<diederik> I would totally understand if they supported those (other) FSs too as indeed most ppl would use windows/apple
<diederik> I have the source code, but it'd probably be a major undertaking to add ext4 support
<[TheBug]> Xogium: yeah there are some nicer router implementations for sure -- I know what diederik is talking about all to well though as I have root on my TP-link n600 and its setup very similarly
<digraph[m]> I was reading the forum on the odroid c2 eth0 issue, it seems u-boot commit causing this might be
<Xogium> good old 2.4 kernel
<diederik> sunshavi: what do you mean with the 'for not buying it' part?
<sunshavi> It was about your router that 'does not support ext4'
<diederik> router is an Asus BRT-AC828 and that one does not support attached disks with ext4 partitions (and wants to reformat it)
<Xogium> mine was asus rt-ac750. Some shitty one at that, buuuuut it did have ext2
<[TheBug]> sunshavi: a lot of the older models are all the same, your really not going to get many devices that support ext4 out of box for the same reason Xogium mentioned above
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<[TheBug]> they make an assumption that most people are not intelligent enough to know how to use ext4 whom are their customers
<Xogium> besides ext4 is fairly recent, isn't it
<Xogium> certainly not in a 2.x kernel
<diederik> lol
<[TheBug]> they expect people whome need that are going to by a mikrotik router or use something a bit more powerful
<digraph[m]> when looking at the commit, it changes `eth_phy0: ethernet-phy@0` and this seems to coincide with IRQ trigger on the eth0, more info
<[TheBug]> it may be supported in some of the extravagant new 800$ routers but your not gonna find it in some 50$ router
<Xogium> and like… why is it that companies always use a shitty old kernel, anyway ?
<sunshavi> ok. guys. nice chat. letting You talk about armbian. nice afternoon for me. For You guys nice day
<diederik> first part of 'uname -a': Linux BRT-AC828-0018 3.4.103 ;P
<Xogium> oh, wah that's more recent than I thought it would be
<diederik> yeah, I'm lucky LOL
<Xogium> I expected the common 2.6
<[TheBug]> Xogium: vendor provided BSP -- a lot of the chinese companies do not actually keep the BSP / SDK updated at all or provide newer SDKs/BSP for that chip, therefore the vendor buys and deploys what they get
<Xogium> yuck
<[TheBug]> same thing happens in SBCs but groups like Armbian exist..
<stipa> my router runs Disklabel type: dos
<Xogium> yeah
<Xogium> stipa: only means its mbr
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<stipa> i have no idea, it ended like that when i put Armbian on micro sd with etcher
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<stipa> i'm not even sure if there would be any benefits by having ext4 instead
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<[TheBug]> not really
<stipa> but, seems like it's ext4 judget by 'parted'
<stipa> Number Start End Size File system Flags
<stipa> 1 0.00B 15.5GB 15.5GB ext4
<[TheBug]> yeah as Xogium, you were only showing the mbr before
<stipa> yžright
<stipa> right*
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