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<ArmbianTwitter> @NicolasDorier (Nicolas Dorier): @_7hacker_ @BtcpayServer We did with the lightning store you can buy on or assemble yourself on build with (19s ago)
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<PPA> Are there any H3 boards with inbuilt 5GHz WiFi or do I need to get a dongle?
<IgorPec> afaik no
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<PPA> alas
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<ArmbianTwitter> @helpwantedbot (help-wanted-bot): mirror-selection uninstalled dependency #Shell #opensource (23s ago)
<lanefu> OMG helpwanted bot ftw
<Werner> It wasnt me
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<IgorPec> haha, what's that??
<Werner> Seems like it crawls Github issues for "help wanted" tag and creates a tweet from
<IgorPec> yeah, but sadly not have millions of followers to have some impact
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<buZz> whats the default hostname for a armbian udoo quad to boot with?
<buZz> :)
<IgorPec> udoo?
<buZz> ah, indeed :D
<buZz> JUST found it
<buZz> dangit, and default root pwd? :D
<buZz> not 'armbian' 'toor' 'admin' or 'password' , it seems
<buZz> ty, 1234
<buZz> :D
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<lanefu> udoowhatuwant
<buZz> :)
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<stipa> seems like nasa geniuses never heard for audio clipping, they could at least find someone who would design them a proper audio recording system for mars rover...
<stipa> lets save some money and record farts
<lanefu> they used ffmpeg
<stipa> wow
<stipa> spare no expense
<stipa> but audio clipping could have been solved in electronics
<stipa> ffmpeg is fine
<lanefu> the audio component was also a low-priority last-minute add
<stipa> what goes into it is not as it seems
<lanefu> so it was a nice to have
<stipa> it is
<stipa> better a bunch of farts than nothing
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<stipa> could it be that ethernet nic chips heat more/use more power if ethernet cable is longer?
<stipa> like, they need to pump more power to into the signals
<stipa> to cope with the cable length and loses in order to maintain speed?
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<HerculeP> hehe, put in the ethernet cable
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<stipa> some people don't even have a printer
<stipa> or computer
<stipa> maybe a phone
<lanefu> yeah phone is primary device for a LOT of people
<lanefu> which is why mobile-first design is so important these days
<stipa> yeah, i even see it as a future since it can be docked
<stipa> if you need a bigger screen or something, but VE glasses should come by then
<stipa> VR*
<stipa> so small computers like phones an VR/AR stuff on a head
<stipa> so phones and glasses
<stipa> big, bulky computers could go out of fashion
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<stipa> well
<stipa> i guess i'll have to do it myself
<stipa> i'll have to walk 10 meteres and i'm not really in the mood of doing that
<stipa> but
<stipa> i'll survive
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<stipa> no, shorter cable didn't help with the heat
<stipa> i suspect the problem is in the modem
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<stipa> but i noticed there is difference in resistance betweene rj45 pins on modem that overheats the nic and one that isn't doing it
<stipa> the one that overheats the nic has bigger reisistance
<stipa> few ohms
<stipa> maybe that bigger resistance tells the usb nic that connections is poor and it pumps more power into the cable
<stipa> a wild and only guess i have
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<stipa> instead of 1 ohm they put ones with more ohms and it's fucking up the connection somwhow
<stipa> resistors*
<stipa> maybe they serve as fuses
<stipa> but i can't go in the modem and see
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<stipa> it's killing me, what a astupid problem
<stipa> stupid ISP modems
<stipa> i'm afraid of what they'll sell me when the 5G becomes available
<stipa> probably some crap that will crash every 30 minutes
<f476> no plans add option in armbian-config for autologin in shell with root or non root user?
<f476> ok, thx
<stipa> f476: someone here told it,
<IgorPec> we are assembling a team for armbian-config rework
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<IgorPec> f476 moved to "feature reqest". In RFC ideas we are seeking for your help
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Do you want to run debloated Linux on @NVIDIAEmbedded Jetson Nano? Go and say yes! Apply as a board maintainer! It already boots but there are some rough edges to polish. #NvidiaJetson #NvidiaJetsonNano boots #armbian #kernel 5.10.y (21s ago)
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<nekomancer[m]> stipa: starlink will save you soon
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<stipa> it's not the long cable
<stipa> :(
<stipa> i suspect that the modem with what usb nic doesn't overheat lowers it's link speed after the speed has ben negotiated betweene the nics
<stipa> to 100Mb/s or something
<stipa> but the other modem with wich it overheats stays at 1000Mb/s
<stipa> it's bummer when you can't shell itno the modem and see what's going on
<stipa> i give up
<stipa> but i have a software trick that could work
<stipa> trick that would switch speed from 100Mb/s to 1000Mb/s whenever the throughput is for example over 90Mb/s
<stipa> and switch link speed back to 100Mb/s when the throughput is less than 90Mb/s
<stipa> that way the usb nic will stay cool most of the time because it's in the 100Mb/s mode
<stipa> poors mans ethernet nic power saving which should work in hardware but it doesn't for some reason
<ArmbianTwitter> @blu51899890 (blu): @armbian @NVIDIAEmbedded What about the gpu stack? (13s ago)
<stipa> too bad i don't knw bash scripting, i'll have to make a frankenstein of python code i find online
<stipa> i hope python won't eat all my cpu and memory
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<ArmbianTwitter> @ThePCBDesigner (Jorge De Castro): @arturo182 Which tool did you use to compile the Kernel?? Yocto? ARMBIAN? (28s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @A13_technology (∆13🏳️‍🌈): @armbian @NVIDIAEmbedded I am getting a Jetson Nano, what a timing 👀 (10s ago)
<stipa> Mediatek is Taiwanese, i told it's Chinese a while ago,my bad
<stipa> am i the only one who thinks that wifi ax is the wifi ac with bunch of antennas?
<stipa> AC which works on 5.8Ghz per antena can practically get 150MB/s
<stipa> those APs pn the market have 7 antennas
<stipa> wifi ax
<stipa> that's 150 x 7
<stipa> 1050 Mb/s
<stipa> but, fucking
<stipa> putting on every station/client seven antennas has no sense
<stipa> to get 1Gb/s
<stipa> especially phones and tablets
<stipa> and antennas on those ax routers are shitty as hell
<stipa> and not detachable
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<stipa> guys get no signal through 2 walls
<stipa> must be 2.4Ghz antenna in the phone
<stipa> wifi marketing was a mess from forever
<stipa> but now it's turbo
<stipa> also, i guess there's no point in changing the gear from ac to ax
<stipa> ax just has more radios per interface and same througput per the antenna
<stipa> as the ac
<stipa> idk where this "bunch of antennas" will lead
<stipa> probably some uberfast multiplexing
<stipa> or a bunc of antennas at single point
<[TheBug]> ax is ia different protocol and I am sure as part of that it makes use of more antennas
<[TheBug]> if you have range issues, try a different type of antenna
<[TheBug]> such as a parabolic antenna
<[TheBug]> not sure exactly what your going on about at this point :Z
<stipa> i have no issues
<stipa> i have awesome antennas from the ebay
<[TheBug]> liar
<[TheBug]> no issues at all? I don't believe this.
<[TheBug]> When will lightning strike in same place twice?
<stipa> i'm just
<stipa> trying to adapt to the new trends
<stipa> it strikes more than twoce at tall metallic objects...
<stipa> at antennas for example
<stipa> man
<stipa> [TheBug]:
<mangix> stipa: umm ax increases throughput per antenna
<stipa> mangix: yeah right
<stipa> how much did you get through eifi N antenna?
<stipa> wifi*
<stipa> i did 100 Mb/s
<stipa> through AC antenna 150 Mb/s
<mangix> should be more with ax
<mangix> i don't have ax equipment yet. it's on the way
<stipa> right
<stipa> N and AC should have been more
<stipa> great
<stipa> mangix: tell it when it arrives
<mangix> the proper way to test is to test the same device and just change the mode
<mangix> different devices have different power characteristics
<stipa> if you can get more than 150Mb/s per antenna with ax
<stipa> i'll say that i'm stupid
<mangix> should be possible.
<mangix> just need to be at a close distance
<stipa> if it were possible there wouldn0t be so much antennas on the ax routers
<[TheBug]> now now stipa, those things we don't say out loud, we just think them loudly to our self
<mangix> I bought the TOTOLINK X5000R
<mangix> 4 antennas. 2 for each radio
<mangix> it's the only thing supported by OpenWrt so fzr
<mangix> also an intel ax card since...only intel makes ax stuff
<stipa> never heard of it
<stipa> will take a look
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<stipa> yeah
<mangix> stipa: only available at aliexpress i think
<stipa> mangix: the first thing i don't like about that router are non detachable antennas
<stipa> i hope you have an soldering iron...
<stipa> but ddwrt on it is a huge plus
<stipa> how much is it?
<stipa> you should get half of gig with it
<stipa> at line of isght
<stipa> it's pricey
<stipa> it's for elite rich
<stipa> people
<mangix> everything ax is pricey
<stipa> there are intel ax
<stipa> mpcie cards
<mangix> that's a wifi card with no AP mode support
<stipa> sub 20$ i guess
<mangix> only client and monitor
<stipa> bummer
<mangix> also weak TX power output
<mangix> so not suitable anyway
<stipa> i also saw a mediatek
<stipa> card
<stipa> 35$
<mangix> which one?
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<stipa> last one
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<mangix> stipa: I'm asking where you found this? The TOTOLINK uses this chipset but I don't know of any minipcie or m.2 cards
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<mangix> that's a driver and chipset listing...
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<stipa> oh sorry
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<stipa> search for MT7915 on google
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<mangix> that's an ODM website
<mangix> meaning shipping is awful
<stipa> ODM?
<mangix> original device manifacturer
<mangix> also, you need to buy those cards in bulk
<stipa> well, at least it exists
<mangix> notice how it says bulk price
<stipa> yeah, maybe it's better to buy a router you did
<stipa> les hassle
<stipa> but the card exists
<stipa> is it soldered to your board or?
<stipa> you actually get a card from ODM in that router?
<stipa> that's plugged into the mpice sport?
<stipa> port*
<stipa> yeah, soory,
<stipa> there's no teardown of it i guess
<stipa> i haven't found any teardown of ax routers either
<stipa> but
<stipa> linux driver is probably the reason it can run ddwrt
<stipa> driver for the wifi*
<stipa> i guess it'll be a popular router to hack
<stipa> maybe the price will go down
<stipa> with a 10-15$ of investement it could have better range
<stipa> but with linux on it
<stipa> it's sick
<stipa> 95$
<stipa> it's not that bad